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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a woman shot and run over by a car overnight, police are trying to find out who did it. plus, we are tracking rain in the valley, with your 12 news tracker, some is coming down in the north valley, grab
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door. where is that retelling? i will pinpoint the forecast for you in just a minute. a furry friend not quite an olympic swimmer trending this morning. how a group of voters rescued a dog stranded at sea. i'm from norway and i don't really have a question. i just want to say i really love you, man. >> when you are in rio to do a job but you just can't seem to help yoursel we have your video of the morning. just, the greatest reaction ever. to when this guy meets his dream , usain bolt. >> we all get a little starstruck. welcome everyone thank you so much for waking up with us. >> jimmy is tracking rain that has moved into the valley this morning.
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what a great shot, the skies are read this morning with scattered storms across the state today. moisture content way up there. the dew points are high so it is human, we need a few storms to start popping and that is already happening early on. a little bit of rainfall in eastern arizona translating into more rain moving in our direction and just to the east of the valley some bigger storms closer to the east valley right over here where most of the rainfall is, deer valley it will continue to make its way mainly toward the east, deer valley road moving down 35th avenue and happy valley road there are some showers, the bulk of it to the north of the one-on-one. scattered storms today, pop-up thunderstorms and of course the flash flood watch in effect for
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to meteorologist >> reporter: where we are it is dry, but we hope to get to show you the rain in just a second on the i-17 northbound around 70 avenue. we should cover around and get a great shot of the north valley in a minute. the valley this morning for the most part has remained mostly clear but the humidity is popping up. continue to have that chance of storms. check out this video from yesterday, it is a shot with his drone over old town scottsdale, you can see the massive walls of dust hitting the valley early tuesday morning affecting a lot of commuters, there was some flooding in the east valley as the skies opened up around apache junction and mesa. the city of mesa is ready for when the rain comes again.
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there was a nice little cell getting ready to drop rain, the city of mesa offering free sent and empty bags available at five mesa fire stations, the mesa transportation department also has employees on standby around-the-clock just in case anything happens. on our website, we should have a list of those five fire station locations, where you can pick up the sandbags if you get them ahead of time it is always great to be prepared. when the monsoon hits we can deal with power outages and things like that. back here live we are on 17th the north just passing guy wrote and i'm hoping we will be able to get you a shot of this nice cell north of the valley, kind of like yesterday we could see clearly across the valley and then everything kind of disappears.
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if you are coming in from the north valleys keep in mind it could be a wet commute around the 101, 35th avenue. that continuing to head into town, grab an umbrella and be prepared depending on when you are leaving for a potentially slower commit. back to the studio. >> that was jen wahl. thank you for the information, our team 12 coverage continues. >> raindrops falling on the lens. when you get closer to the one- on-one that is when you need to put on those windshield wipers, i first showed you the rain coming down near 35th avenue this is a slow-moving shower general moving toward the east and that is why we have a wet commute at the 17 and 101. we use the road weather index, all around the one-on-one north
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and so this will be catching up shortly with more rain in the area, notice what it is doing, we usually do not see slowdowns yet, it is naturally slowing down traffic for a couple of myers -- miles right before the 17. expect to add about five minutes to your drive, as we zoom out rush hour is doing its thing downtown on the 10 and 17. 21 minute drive on the 10 eastbound the 50s and the 17th southbound things will be dropping on the speedometer. back to you guys. let's get back to the breaking news we have been tracking all morning long, three people shot overnight, one of the victims is a woman in critical condition. bryan west is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: we just got an update from phoenix police on
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shooting. you can take a look just how spread out the crime scene is. stretching across the road. it appears after midnight a 40- year-old woman had a dispute with her neighbor who is a suspect in the case. the suspect assaulted the woman when two other men came to the aid. at that time the suspect shoots the woman multiple times and hits her with his car before leaving. the three victims were transported to the hospital, the woman was in extremely critical condition. the two other men did have stable vital signs. as we look back out here the investigation continues, officers have been talking to neighbors and witnesses throughout the morning. the shooter is believed to be on the loose. live bryan west "12 today". time to check the big board the official medal count updated after a full slate of events yesterday. the united states dominating in
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gold. china comes in second place with 17 total followed by japan with 14. russia has 12 and australia with nine. >> the u. s. team will be looking for another metal -- medal in the women's relay. katie ledecky will be competing in that, be sure to watch that. michael phelps trying to advance in the men's 200 medley will be coverage of early round beach volleyball as the top u. s. women's duo battle the swiss in the sand. don't worry, if you miss an event we have got everything you need to know on exclusive rio content one click away. a quick check of your morning headlines, a second man has died after falling into a 20 foot underground storage facility.
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critical condition. the first man who died fell while pumping rainwater out of the whole. the other two fell in trying to save him. police reports say investigators have recovered bullet casings from some of the serial street shooter crime scenes. they were given vehicle descriptions in three attacks. in all seven people have been killed. a couple has been indicted for leaving their two-year-old son alone to go play pokimon go. they are both facing one count of child abuse, the couple was arrested after a neighbor found the boy crying outside of their home. still ahead, the rock wants to drop the people's elbow on a fast and furious costar. who the people's champ has in his sights. i want to say usain bolt you are my favorite guy. i'm loving your moves and your feet and your style.
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man in the world grooving at his olympic press conference. coming up in your morning juice. but take a live look from sky 12. james quinones is going to break it down, where it is and
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welcome back, team 12 all over the latest monsoon storm rocking the valley a look rain is coming down hard. jimmy is checking that for you and krystle is telling us how it is affecting traffic. the time 6:13, right now in the morning juice it is about usain bolt and a starstruck reporter. >> has this ever happened to you guys? if so, with whom? anyone you have been starstruck over.
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spot this is great, usain bolt spoke to the press in rio monday night and was promptly serenaded by a norwegian reporter who admitted he is his biggest fan. >> i am from norway i don't really have a question i want to say i really love you, man. and, i just want to say, usain bolt you are my favorite guy, i'm loving your m i hope that you win, i hope you get the golden ring. and i hope you get to go and not get followed by a segue okay thank you. i hope that you will win, i hope it is your day, i hope you will go even though you get hit by a segue. hey, thank you.
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starstruck by? >> honestly we have interviewed a lot of celebrities. we try not to get. >> i interviewed scarlett johansson and i probably got a little flustered but nothing, i did not seem to them. >> oprah. in college i met oprah. a quick refresher for you guys, about i hope you don't get hit by the segue he was talking about this in 2015 when he was taken out by a photographer on a segue after winning the world championships. in beijing remember this. as for the man behind the beats, he is nikolai a 27-year- old who said wrapping for bolt is the sickest thing he has
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he also said when he first started he feared it would be a total failure. but, thankfully it went the right way and it was so well received. you love to see even usain bolt was getting into it, that was the coolest thing. lets get to your juicy question of the morning. the second juicy question. a recent survey shows that 50% of brides say the thing they dread the most wedding is this. the question is what is it? what do 50% of brides dread the most? no matter how much she prepares she doesn't feel like she has any control. how about people getting drunk and ruining it. >> how about the weather? >> that is a good one, you have
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also people getting drunk you can't control that. the thing with the weather if it is indoor that doesn't make a difference. keep your guess is coming in, we will have your answer in half an hour. in the meantime krystle is tracking traffic. could the weather be to blame for this crash we are showing you in the same spot where the rain was coming down. looking at the 101 at 17 it is obstructing our view. this crash here, it looks like into the landscape they are trying to move that over it was blocking the right lane. so, expect conditions that could be hazardous where it is raining and we have seen the rain come down specifically on the 101, our road weather index are showing what roads are wet.
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avenue looking around to the 17 taking a little bit further on the 17 as well. naturally slowing down traffic. we have a several mile stretch here where we get into the yellow and orange zone, speech will be dropping in fact we do out and that is our trouble spot more so than what rush hour is doing to the 10 eastbound. let's break down the 101 eastbound, that crashed just happened, this has got more time to catch up for you. you can see the slowdown in 17 right now a 20 minute drive, about a 20 minute drive from 75th avenue to scottsdale road. when you're past the 17 use caution and you are back to top speed past the 51. picking on the 51 looking good polling off top speeds in the 11 northbound in great shape, no wrecks or worries there. using our traffic futurecast at
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alert, we are on monsoon watch for potential blowing dust and the rain showers. other than that it looks like stop and go traffic will be reserved for the 10 in either direction, third east and the 101 eastbound.'s -- eastbound. it is pouring toward the north showers and range from sky 12. raindrops on the lens, at the 101, deer valley area more ground-level you can see the clouds and the crowd driving down there. drop your speed limit five miles per hour just in case you hit a puddle. there is a little bit of curb to curb flooding but not too bad right now, a nice good shower the ground will absorb that. we will see more of this played out across the state all day long. for today.
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quiet but there are a few showers and storms in that direction. 84 degrees, your dew point is 68. lets go into the radar i will show you where the showers are. a big batch of showers from the eastern part of the state around the wilcox area. to where the valley you can see some big cells as well. but more of the consistent rainfall will be around glendale on the 17, the 101, deer valley, shower activity up toward the north, road, 35th avenue and west deer valley road. not done yet, way down to the south a little more there is another cell on the 17th and north platte canyon highway and northern avenue a little bit more rainfall. another shower on the 101 just to the north of indian school so there is going to be a wet commute for a lot of folks.
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go all day long at least until 11:00 tonight continuing tomorrow possibly. but right now most of this across all of the state except a couple of counties. we have great skies out there as a result of the clouds. your monsoon meter at a six in the valley, nine for northern arizona, night for the white mountains. stormy conditions for today continuing tomorrow, our churches for rain go down by friday and we're back to reality, drive saturday and sunday, we need the rain hopefully it will continue to catch up we are about one inch behind. still ahead, the cdc says forget the flu mist this season the best vaccine comes from a needle. that is not an olympic swimmer gone off course, boaters had to rescue a dog in the middle of the ocean.
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welcome back it is 6:24, in your morning healthcare check, much attention on zika, doctors are preparing for another virus, talking about the flu. the first shipments of vaccines
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recommends the flumist saying the spray doesn't do a good job protecting you. the vaccine will have to be given with a needle instead of a nasal spray. experts recommend everyone over the age of six months get vaccinated against the flu. >> teenage pregnancy on a steady decline the past few years according to a report from the national center for health statistics, birthrates in girls 15 to 19 years old have decreased sfi be due to the improvements in birth control technology such as long-acting reversible contraceptives. staying healthy doesn't necessarily mean you have to join a gym. instead, just go on a daily jogged. every other day. really do that researchers pulled the results of physical activity and found simple things like walking or biking even gardening or vacuuming
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active. doctors recommend 20 to 30 minutes of activity a day that could really help. >> i husband would love it if i vacuumed 30 minutes every day. time for your shot of the morning come to your screen and look at this, the catch of a lifetime. passengers aboard a ferry help rescue a dog. take a close look. you can see the dog paddling away i off the coast of massachusetts. ferry passengers rescue the pop but they couldn't because issue was too high so they flagged down a nearby fishing boat and the fisherman scooped up the dog and he is okay. thing goodness. >> how on earth did he get out there?>> it is in the middle of nowhere, maybe he was on another boat and fell off. >> he does get the gold in the
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threat against hillary clinton? reaction to the fallout over donald trump's latest comments. what do you get when you mix red white and blue? gold. we are talking women's
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investigators identified
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three-year-old brother to death. two people found shot in phoenix, police are investigating, the details coming up. we have storms right now in the valley, i will show you when the rain is coming. when you miss the opening ceremony, you improvise. how a flagstaff olympian took part. a friendship made in hollywood hitting rock-bottom. why dwayne johnson with vin diesel. >> welcome everyone to "12 today", the big story is the weather. let's take you outside where we have been following the weather all morning long. as we take a live look from sky 12 rain has been hitting in several parts of the valley as we speak. >> team 12 all over this storm also on the ground at 35th
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coming down and more cars driving through it. krystle will talk about how it is affecting your drive but first, jimmy a big question this morning. will this lead to flooding? >> localized flooding always a potential and we will have it for at least the next 44 to 48 hours. if you are watching here in phoenix also other areas northward there is always going to be the potential. dark skies coming in mixing 84 degrees it is humid. more shower activity around the activity, a little bit of activity popping, some bigger storms in the eastern section of the state and up around superior edging so close to the valley. more storms just to the east and a little bit of rainfall, let's go show you what is happening the 101 around peoria to the north, deer valley more shower activity. good consistent rain, not picking up lightning for yellow
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those colors we tend to see flooding. right now just a good garden- variety showers and storms down to the south rainfall on the 17 and scottsdale up a few hours as well. 93 to 98, pop-up storms and a flash flood watch in effect, krystle. we are continuing the team coverage of the rain responsible for a couple of spinoffs on the one-on-one your 35th avenue, looking at a long line as traffic was kept at a haltle of the breakdowns were crashes whatever happened. you can see the roads are sleek with freeway spray we have slowing on the other end of things probably because of gawking action. because of the rain it is slowing you down. another crash, number two into the landscape a car sped off just past the 17. kind of honing in on the 101 and 17 intersection where we
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but look at this having a crazy domino effect all the way back passed 75th avenue, this is our road weather index showing you where the roads are what. every side street between the 17 and 101 grand avenue to 17 near the 303, right now a 22 minute drive on the one-on-one eastbound because of the rain with speeds in the 30s. back to your. breaking news as phoenix police work a shooting scene, jen wahl just latest. >> reporter: police are here and it is broken off, they are investigating trying to figure out what happened a couple of hours ago, here is what happened according to police before 5:00 a.m. officers arrived on scene 21st avenue to reports of a shooting when they got here officers found a man shot, meanwhile phoenix fire was taking care of him a second shooting victim was found in an alley nearby.
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the hospital, police just told me they are expected to survive. investigators are doing work but they believe the shootings are related. we are working on getting suspect information. i was able to ask police if they believe this is connected to the serial shooter and they say there are not indications at this point. live from phoenix jen wahl "12 today". breaking news we haven't following all morning long, three other people shot overnight, and police are trying to figure out what happened. bryan west is live near 12 street and thunderbird. with the latest. >> reporter: matt, we have been updated recently about the triple shooting that happened overnight as you can tell very active crime scene. spread out across the street, just after midnight a 40-year- old woman had a dispute with her neighbor who is a suspect in the case.
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at that point the suspect shoots the women multiple times and then shoots the men. the suspect then hits her with his car before leaving, the victims were transported to the hospital, the woman in critical condition, no word on how she is doing. the men did have stable vital signs before leaving the of the ambulance. the investigation continues and witnesses are being talked to as they try to piece together what happened. live near 12 street thunderbird bryan west "12 today". other headlines, sheriff's deputies identifying the 16- year-old boy accused of stabbing and killing his three- year-old brother. shae holloway was allegedly seen running from the family's home covered in blood, three other children were found at the scene. a nine-year-old girl was hurt in the incident. republican doc -- nominee donald trump facing more
6:36 am
hillary clinton got to choose a supreme court nominee. some say his comments could be seen as a threat against clinton.>> if she gets to pick the justice, there's nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment maybe there is. i don't know. >> clinton's campaign says the comment is dangerous and trump was trying to incite violence, chumps campaign says he was not suggesting violence but referencing the ow rights advocates have at the voting booth. >> today we will hear hillary clinton's plan to give the economy a boost. she will reveal her plan creating an economy working for everyone not just of those at the top. she has promised to make the biggest investments in new good paying job since world war ii. all of this during her first 100 days in office. still ahead, from the pool
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two minutes. plus. if you smell what the rock is cooking. >> what is cooking in the rocks kitchen? apparently beef with vin diesel. details in your morning juice.
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good morning once again welcome back to "12 today", team 12 all over the latest monsoon 2016 storm this morning. it looks like the storm is breaking out a little bit. jimmy q. will talk about more chances for rain and potential
6:41 am
lyrics. we are live down in rio de janeiro, let's talk women's gymnastics. is it safe to say the final five as the ladies are calling themselves are may be the best ever? >> reporter: i think you really have to consider that. they are fantastic. and really they close to things out chromatic -- dramatically last night, by the se ahead it was a foregone conclusion they would win the gold. they are just overpowering, they are grace, power, they got it all as far as the gymnastics are concerned. and they ran away with it, and eight point win over china. that is staggering in team gymnastics terms. they move on to the individual competition expecting big things, in the pulled the same
6:42 am
his collection of engine a loss from four years ago and adjoining his teammates an hour later winning their gold-medal. katie ledecky back in the water comes out with another gold the 200 freestyle, she should win at least one more. they have just been fantastic. it has been exciting to see, i know we have talked about the same things outside of the olympic feeling today i am so thrilled to be able to introduce to you guys, these two the mascots. these two about $40 each so $40 each, emma and tram these go back to your box, never leaving matt out, we have got
6:43 am
the clappers. thumbs up way to go. you're doing good today. these are the hands and they have so many uses. >> you know if this whole news thing doesn't work out, puppeteering may be your calling. >> reporter: or the home shopping network, i think i could do me hey, emma good job today on the show. good job. >> the many talents of jay gray. >> cannot wait until we see what you have for us tomorrow. >> only week one and this is how he is acting. it is going to be a long olympics. 6:43, let's smell what the rock is cooking.
6:44 am
dwayne johnson laying down the smack down. as he loves to say. there is some bad blood possibly brewing between the rock and fast and furious 8 costar vin diesel, the rock took to social media accounts posting a video of him in a fight scene filmed for the movie along with a rant about his costars in short he said i love my female costars, but made a male coworkers however, are a different story. reports the one he is referring to may be vin diesel. the rock said there will be scenes in the movie that look like he is not acting because his blood was legit boiling. the rock was mad at certain choices that he made for the movie and he is not the only
6:45 am
a little too much testosterone. here someone else not afraid to say what is on their mind, sharon osbourne speaking candidly about plastic surgery, sitting down with julie chen on the talk. she said she has had several rounds of surgery to keep her face wrinkle free looking very youthful. when asked how women get more beautiful as they grow older sharon replied she feels more beautiful on the inside was a struggle to keep the outward appearance at the same level. her costar said she looks the best she has ever looked and sharon joked this is a case -- face, face number three and counting. they look good too. let's get your juicy question of the morning. your second juicy question, a survey shows 50% of brides say
6:46 am
okay, it looks like we have another hint. many say this is the one item they ask the groom to watch over to make sure it doesn't go off the rails. so what is it? >> you had a good guess. the rings. the wedding bands. at first i was thinking the weather. >> the best man speech. the speech from the best man. john, is there something you know that we don't? he got two in a row. if you are guessing good job, if you are googling, don't google. 6:46 a lot of traffic on the roads and a lot of water.
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travel on the 17 being -- visibility being reduced on the 101 also the rain coming down making it a dicey drive we are looking at wet roads from the stretch 101 grand up the 17 and to the carefree highway. look at the slowdown on the 101. a couple of potential spinoffs i don't know if they were breakoff -- breakdowns or spinoffs. my suspicion says spinoffs. we on the 35th avenue. and that solid wall of traffic, speech are dropping to 60 miles per hour all courtesy of the drenching downpour, 202 we are at mountain 35 miles per hour reported on the 202 san tan valley and speech dropping into the 30s on the 101 northbound. over to you. we are tracking
6:48 am
have been for the past day or so around salt river more rainfall, pockets of showers coming down across parts of the valley. hopefully damping some of the dirt. we had a lot of dust blowing in yesterday, the potential still continues. outside a live look from sky 12 you can see the clouds, a mix of clouds and sunshine out there, 84 degrees, we do have a lord -- the south coming in. just south of superior kicking up a few cells closer to the san tan valley, east valley you could have some rain in the next hour or so, opt for the north was people in the valley okay, up toward north phoenix the 17, deer valley road along the 101 you can see a good consistent pocket of rain around happy valley road,
6:49 am
around deer valley and other areas further to the south look at tatum boulevard around greenway, bell, and also tatum, were showers and rainfall, down toward scottsdale if you look around shea boulevard and the 10 one more rainfall and on the other side as well. it is pretty good, more rain throughout the day, pop-up storms, 93 to 98, we also have that flash flood watch going all day long ou across much of the state meaning conditions are just right for flooding. we could have flash flood warnings, we had one in the valley yesterday with the severe weather. look at these clouds getting darker and darker as the storms approach from the east, we have a six for the valley for the monster meter, northern arizona at a 9. stormy conditions keeping our temperatures in the
6:50 am
today and tomorrow, scattered storms throughout the day including the nighttime hours, 40% chance for thursday. friday we will dip down to 20% chance before clearing out saturday and sunday with bright skies and better weather as far as more centered. jimmy, thank you, let's check your hot headlines, a triple shooting. happening in your 12th street and thunderbird, one woman shot multiple times and run over. she is in extremely critical condition, two other men shot expected to survive. getting closer to catching the serial street shooter, reports of bullet casings from some of the scenes have been recovered and are being analyzed. in all he has killed seven people and hurt two others. a second man has died after a tragic accident, men were draining water from an underground rain silo on monday, there was barely any oxygen inside and the man fell
6:51 am
two man died and a third in the hospital. a vigil is planned for friday night. yet another rough day for people flying on delta air lines, the airline has canceled nearly 200 flights and delayed more than 100 others. the travel troubles come two days after the airline experienced a systemwide computer outage worldwide. >> you will soon be able to watch nbc programming on snapchat featuring original and custom content including the tonight show, saturday night the voice and the news. a tinder spokesperson says matches in the olympic village increased by 129% over the weekend. the trend has continued over the last couple of days. swimming gold medalist ryan locked the -- revealed he is a fan of the site. security is of course still
6:52 am
and british singer rick astley performing tonight in new york singing songs off his new album and i'm sure some old favorites. according to usa today the show will be the first concert he has performed in the u. s. in 25 years. >> we will all be singing that song all they. a final check of your weather and traffic before you head out to start your day next on "12
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure
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y stands with you.
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okay, here we go, more rain across the valley. this is sky 12 you can see the showers and storms by apache junction, we will have a good sh storms will be around the valley and the state, some could produce severe weather and the potential for localized flooding. pop-up storms and a flash flood watch for today. 98 degrees, double digit temperatures staying below 100 degrees, that is a good thing and stormy conditions for the next two days with a chance of storms and krystle i'm sure it is having an effect on the morning commute.
6:56 am
at deer valley, knocking back his abilities here, also adding to the freeway spray on the road. it first hit the 101, these are the delays we are left with, a long line, longer than usual, give yourself extra time this morning. we have got the usual slow spots also. this one is out of the norm, be prepared for a 25 minute drive on the one-on-one eastbound between 75th avenue to scottsdale road, speech dropping as low as 31 miles per hour. some must see video, look right here, flagstaff olympic triathlete unable to travel to rio in time for opening
6:57 am
he and some friends staged their own version while at training camp. >> i want to know where they get those shorts. and how did he miss the opening ceremonies? >> a lot of athletes have to delay. if your event isn't until the second week they don't come out until then. not all the time. final take away, the u. s. women's gymnastics is the best ever. seven back in the day. they rocked it. >> the fierce five. they can sweep the individual events as well. >> michael phelps gold medal number 21. he is six years older than most of the competitors. the portuguese phrase of the morning is good morning.
6:58 am
sometimes unnecessary censorship happens with the divers because they wear teeny bikinis. >> the graphics on the bottom. they cover them up. my take away is a guy in europe suing a movie studio suicide squad saying that he didn't like the movie. if that were the case i think we would all be millionaires. a huge celebrity rooting for team usa anyone want to take a guess? i will give you a hint. all right, all right, all right. he married a brazilian so he is down there rooting on team usa. don't forget 12 news is always on. join us on
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good morning solid gold. this morning, solid gold. the u.s. women dominates the gymnastics. >> we are the final five. in the pool michael phelps is avenging his loss in the pool with a vengeance, adding more


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