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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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check out rio, umbrellas for the most popular fashion accessory of the day and olympic park. athletes indoors had to dodge rain drops, some events delayed because of rain but the rain could not dampen the olympic spirit of tempe's own sam dorman. >> sam competed in the 3-meter synchronized springboard, no spoiler since it has been on tv but he and his teammate mike hickson shocked the diving world tahe the competition happening in the diving pool that has turned a very strange shade of green. >> vanessa reese joining us live. the valley could not be prouder of sam. >> >> that is right good evening, indeed coming to you once again live from rio. a very proud day for all of us from the valley, sam dorman
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3-meter diving competition along with his partner, michael hixson. so incredibly proud of him. as you mentioned they weren't the only thing buzzing out of the aquatic center. the water creating its own bought -- own buzz and out for the right reasons. if you're looking at right now that is why. the water, check it out turning green, schreck green, in did not bother divers who happen to finish seventh in women synchronized diving. >> i think it was -- it really was green. >> the that mess you up? i swam in a green pool when i was five practices the olympics. the first date was green summer not sure why but funny. >> it was blue this morning. >> entertaining.
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>> i know many of us in phoenix know exactly what having a green pool is all about but this isn't the same thing. we are talking about the olympics here but nevertheless organizers putting out a statement saying it wasn't algae, some reports said maybe it was lg turns out they ran out of pool chemicals they were using to treat the pool. so that is what caused the ph level to shift and that in caused the water to turn green. they said it was safe and athletes competed. >> did any countries express concern if they run out of the chemicals to keep the water clean, about having athletes dive into that water? >> there were some concerns expressed but nothing officially. i would tell you many athletes we got a chance to speak to says it does not matter the color of the water, we are going
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guarantee you they meant it. >> crazy. >> water is water. >> i guess so but i don't know if i would diving it. the big unsolved mystery is how do they wear those skinny bikinis? volleyball players? while eating delicious looking food like this. >> we are all wondering that. a look at eating and drinking going on in rio. coming 6:30. >> new developments tonight after the brutal murder of a toddler at the hands of his teenage brother, now facing charges as an adult. a little boy's grandfather cleaning out the family home in youngstown where the tragedy happened. dee dee gatton spoke with him today and joins us live. >>reporter: for the family this is no longer a home filled with
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boy was tragically murdered by his teenage brother. >> when he walked in the room, and he was at her home and i would come home from work his armed -- arms raised and body slammed in my legs until i picked him up he was absolutely the most loving little child i have ever been blessed to know. >>reporter: he remembers happy memories of his grandson, princeton. the three -year-old with special needs and in a vicious attack stabbed multiple times allegedly by his 16 -year-old brother, using a carving knife. >> nobody should have to go through with this family is going through right now. the only thing keeping me standing here talking with you is my lord and save your, jesus christ. >>reporter: today friends helped clear up the home where the unthinkable happened. >> love does not stop because of the single act and i am not going to stop loving my grandson.
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regarding shane holloway. >> can you tell me your name? >> shane holloway. >>reporter: he admits to the killing but does not explain why. there was another sibling inside the home who witnessed the murdered. princeton's nine -year-old sister injured trying to stop the attack. >> my granddaughter is in shock physically she is okay. she is at the center of everything that happened and she is ju spoken about the incident to anybody. >>reporter: after the move they want nothing to do with the place. a tragic end for an innocent life. candles lit in princeton's memory. >> when i close my eyes i see his smiling face and i remember those hands reaching up. >>reporter: as you can see there is a growing memorial right outside the home. i see teddy bears, candles, cards. his family has also set up a go
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pay for expenses. we posted a link on our website, 12 we also learned 16 -year-old holloway being tried as an adult. we do not know if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of this brutal murder. a gruesome investigation underway after a woman was shot and run over multiple times outsider home in north phoenix. horrific scene 12th street and thunderbird today. police say the 42 -year-old woman fighting with one of her neighbors outside her home early this morning. two men came up and try to break things up but before they could she shot each of them. officers say he shot the woman several times and ran her over four times with his car before taking off. he is still on the loose. >> proceeded to unload four rounds and by that time i was
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control and that is when my roommate got shot. >> the female victim taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition where she later died. two men remain in the hospital. police meanwhile on the hunt for the shooting suspect 35 -year-old who could be driving a 2015 white four-door chevy sonic. license play number b m z 7484. if you see him don't approach hi the latest on the cereal street shooter investigation is phoenix police search for the man in the sketches. >> 12 news has obtained documents detailing three of nine shootings linked to the suspect. charly edsitty has been pouring through documents and joins us live from the newsroom. what have you seen? >>reporter: several factors that seem to indicate the three incidents are tied together one
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day the shootings took place in the bullet casings collected at each crime scene. with a serial killer on the loose these public records of the closest look we have had at some crimes believed to be committed by the suspect in marysville including two murders. let's begin in march when a 16 -year-old boy survived being shot twice from a gunman driving a for quick door sedan with a blue light. the driver pulled up near a pedestrian bridge, shouted something in spanish and began firing. the boy said he a rest of his face was obstructed. 21 -year-old diego sanchez shot to death april 1 outside his girlfriend's mothers home near 55th avenue and camelback while washing his car. one woman said she saw i had with the gun hanging out of a rear driver side window as the vehicle drove off. two weeks later 55 -year-old krystal white's body found shot multiple times, line by a road near 32nd street and fillmore.
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police she was a prostitute. a used condon seized as evidence found by her body. and clear if it has anything to do with the crime. phoenix police say the victims appear to be random and the motive is still unknown. the silent witness award is $50,000. heading back to school, sharing the story of a valley crossing guard who really cares. his big surprise moment earlie today and minutes. before you decide to replace the roof on your home, call 12 for action has a warning about how quickly repair cost can skyrocket. social sound off question today a new list out of best places to get fried chicken. which restaurant claims the top spot in arizona? you must have a favorite, let us know the answer on social media using the hashtag #social sound off and we will give you
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don't forget to join us for the prime time olympics competition later this evening.
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. taking advantage how i mesa consumer felt when she realized the price that her new roof was more than she expected. >> she decided to call 12 for action. >> nancy did not realize her new roof would cost so much. should try to stop the work and
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when the company refused she decided to call 12 for action. one of our volunteer investigators took her call and started working the case. he pointed out estimates for similar projects and got the company to reduce the price by half. saving her $5000. if you have a big home improvement project here is what you should know. >> the advice is simple get at least three estimates before you sign up for something of that magnitude of a >> sometimes you need a little back up, that is what we are here for. if you have a consumer complaint call 12 for action. volunteer investigators here to take your call monday through friday 11:00 a.m.-1 p.m.. call 602-260-1 2 1 2 or go online right now and file your complaint a call 12.12
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school yet? if so there are plenty of dedicated crossing guards making sure they get to and from school safely. brian west introduces us to one who is extra special. >> arguably one of the nicest crossing guards in the entire valley every morning he greets thousands of drivers. one driver reached out to us. she had a surprise, she wanted to thank him for the impact he has made on her life. >> what an awesome person, standing in the heat, making he makes everybody else's date. >> sometimes little things make a huge difference. he is a crossing guard for conley elementary. every morning he wades to students and cars but what tim does not know is what his kindness means to those behind the wheel. >> i take the road every day instead of going a different way just a way to him. >> she lost her dad, she takes fry road in chandler to work because tim reminds her of her father. >> i came to talk to you i pass by you every day and i wanted to give you a hug. >> and tell you thank you so much. >> you're welcome.
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and you didn't even know it. >>reporter: to strangers thankful for the other. >> your you go this is just a gesture from me to you you take it. >> thank you. >> something as small as saying hello and waving can truly mean the world to someone you don't even know. several apps out there to make back-to-school time a little easier. >> all three focus on shopping. il ads and offer coupons. >> check them out, download them every on your smart phone. we have our eyes on the skies this evening at the potential for more thunderstorms developing around the valley. i have to say i was expecting to see a downpour this morning. >> plus it was muggy. >> it was but it just never materialized, the intensity we were expecting.
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tough to predict. >> you have systems down toward the south, we don't know what is there because there is not much moisture or data coming out of mexico this is what you're left with isolated showers moving to the region the closest storm in buckeye west of buckeye you can see it is impacting the i-10, could put down heavy rainfall. further south we continue to track a grouping of thunderstorms really beginning to come together southwest of casagrande moving northeast, would not be surprised if we a traveling the next couple hours use caution if you're traveling i-10 or i-8. the bulk of the moisture moved to new mexico. you can see a system starting to work its way toward arizona that could provide a little thunderstorm development as we head into the evening hours that is why we are keeping the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. tomorrow the chance drops quickly a 20% chance in the valley. temperature about 100 degrees,
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especially with a white mountains coming in only three in the valley and 1 southwestern arizona. here is how things will shape up the next couple days. they will dry out quickly. left over activity we could see showers overnight but then stuck between two areas of high pressure. this weekend the area of high pressure will move over arizona resulting in another warm up and we will drive things out 107 by sunday >> still early but starting to get the itch tired of going against the same guys especially your own teammates but part of the grind we have enough competition here. we are getting better every day. >>reporter: cardinals will get a chance to do hitting friday night when they host the oakland raiders in their preseason opener and an area of improvement from last years record-setting offense figures to be the tight imposition.
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thomas slowed by injuries the first two years now could be a breakout season here in your 3. >> looking at the player we drafted and wanted. >> nice of him to say it. >> he had those injuries and bad luck knock on wood. >> he has matured into the position, the next defensive player to move to tight end, just such a specimen, where'd you put them. >> he is where be, locking well, catching the ball well. >> such a big target you could throw the ball anywhere and he will use his body. he has made strides using his body, getting his body in between the ball and defender. >> look forward to continuing to improve. >>reporter: i like it. not even time for the territorial cup and the wildcats are already in tempe. we will tell you why after the break and as we head to break
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athletes in rio. remember 12 news is your
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. >> todd graham normally puts asu through a morning practice however not the case today the devils pushing their scheduled morning practice back to this afternoon. devils four new faces on the offensive line and a first time starter a quarterback, neither sophomore manny wilkins or brady white and competition. devils kickoff the season against nau. we will have more the devils and leadership coming up at 6:00. something you don't see too often university of arizona football team practicing in tempe. rain and flooding in tucson made it difficult for the wildcats to get in any quality practice time. bruce arians and the cardinals offered their training facility to the wildcats. they accepted, scheduled practices here today and
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wildcats here now because they kickoff their season of phoenix stadium september 3 against byu. >> wow. >> absolutely. >> tonight on 12 news at 10:00, mexican gymnast alexa marina trending on twitter not because mexico usually isn't represented in the sport of gymnastics but because of her body. tonight at 10:00 we will talk to misty hyman about the body shaming and damaged that has on athletes at thisel 12 news your olympic station. we we'll be right back. 2xez zvpz if you home is in the lane on the bench or on the range there's only one place to go.
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hi, i'm dana from aarp in downtown phoenix to tell you about all the real possibilities happening
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when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." we are volunteering with fitphx meet me downtown walk-run program. join us every monday in downtown phoenix. helping build community through fitness and keeping our city in motion. get to know us and see all the real possibilities at . nationally with a rapidly growing make a church in washington. but forced to fold after allegations of misspending church funds and plagiarism. now this past are hoping to his career in scottsdale. we take a look at his new church and ask him what his intentions are with the new flock in scottsdale. the story tonight at 10:00. coming up at 6:00 the
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best in the world. >> they may want to wait before committing to one sport. >> by doing multiple sports you are helping your kid become a better athlete. >> why dr. say focusing on one sport it hurt your child's chances of becoming the next olympic star coming up on 12 news at 6:00. now to our social sound off question a new list out about the best places to get fried chicken in each state. which restaurant im let us know what you think the answer is on social media using our facebook #social media sound off. we will reveal at 6:15. >> i need to know now before dinner. >> me to.
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tonight a shocking fatal mistake, an elderly woman shot to death by a police officer while playing an intruder during an academy drill. why did the gun contain a live round? tonight a graver stricken family and an investigation into a horrific accident. trump defiant, strongly denying he was trying to incite violence while saying second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. and hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. and late tonight, high drama at trump tower. police emerge as a man suddenly scales the building. >> police, the american gold rush continues in rio. michael phelps makes history in dramatic fashion and america's golden girl from


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