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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a three year old boy is dead -- his brother accused of murdering him.. but today.. new details about what happened before the incident.. are unfolding. ???jimmy teases it's day six of the summer olympics.. and things are not slowing down just yet.. we've got the three events you don't want to miss today.. some people daydream about how they would quit their jobs.. and ?this? guy.. found a way to get the last laugh.. we've got that and more.. in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome welcome???adlib ???adlib welcome breaking news as arizona
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this woman -- 33-year-old ledwina yazzie. she was last seen in pine springs.. which is northwest of holbrook. the suspect is five foot two.. weighs 145 pounds.. and was last seen wearing a tan shirt and dark brown pants. she has a tattoo of a cross on her left arm. the navajo police department believes that she has taken a 4-year-old girl named liliea walker. the child was last seen wearing a pink shirt with blue leggings. she has ld to believe the two may be traveling to tuba city. if you see them.. call authorities immediately. now to monsoon 2016.. a relatively calm monsoon last night.. the storm bringing a lot of lightning.. but not so much rain around the valley. buckeye and the sierra estrella mountains saw most of the action.. but in the east valley.. folks in scottsdale had a little excitement.. when a lightning strike caught a palm tree in the area on fire. one of our viewers sent this
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and right now.. the east valley is getting some rain. this is a look near the loop 202 and gilbert... ??near 32nd ??near 32nd street and broadway
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breaking news as police are beginning a death investigation. it's one of our top stories this morning. team 12's jen wahl just arrived on wahl just arrived on scene near 21st street and
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now let's get a check of today's hot headlines... new details this morning.. in the murder of a 3-year-old boy. police the boy's 16-year-old brother -- shea holloway -- threw him down a flight of stairs.. before stabbing him to death with a large knife. court documents reveal holloway admits to killing his little brother.. but won't say why. prosecutors intend to charge the teen as an adult. this morning.. a man is behind bars.. accused of shooting three people outside a home in north phoenix. police say adam blomdahl shot his neighbor then ran her over multiple times. she later died. blomdahl is also accused of shooting two other
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a man is in a man is in custody today.. after he allegedly told police.. he would have raped a woman he saw on the light-rail.. if no one stopped him. the victim says steven matlock was touching himself.. when he asked her what time it was. she says she got off on the next stop.. but he followed her and pinned her down. at some point.. she got away.. returned to the light-rail.. and used the emergency call box to get help. supporters of an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in arizona.. say they've been told the officials say the initiative received more than enough signatures.. but they have yet to make it official. the initiative would allow adults -- ages 21 and older.. to possess limited amounts of marijuana. it would be regulated like alcohol.. and taxes from it would mostly go to schools. happening today.. some community organizations are calling for a boycott of discount tire. the boycott.. is motivated by politics. team 12's nico santos is live with the latest...
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boycott say discount tire has chosen to 'campaign for hate' there are some discount tire locations throughout the valley that have signs saying 're-elect sheriff joe arpaio' in the windows carlos garcia the director of the puente movement says the group will not support a business that quote "funds and supports a candidate that is synonymous with racism and hate towards our people."a statement released by the group cited what they call "racists policies" like s-b 10-70.arpaio was recently found in civil contempt of court for violating a federal maricopa county sheriff's office. a demonstration against this support for arpaio will be at this discount tire location in south phoenix on baseline road and jesse owners parkway. it starts at 10 a-min phoenix
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can the united states be beat?! right now in rio.. we have 32 medals.. and continue to top the scoreboard. china is in second place with 23 medals.. followed by japan with 18. the top medalists right now for team u-s-a -- katie ledecky and michael phelps. olympic diver sam dorman is bringing a silver medal home to the valley... that's highest medal ever earned for the u-s.. in the men's synchronized spring dive. look at this fantastic performance by dorman.. and his partner michael hixon... from rio to a restaurant right here in the valley.. dorman's friends and family rooted him on. his grandfather told us.. he
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team u-s-a is hoping for more medals today on the sixth day of the summer games. the first of three events you don't want to miss -- at 11 a-m.. u-s-a superstars -- simone biles.. and aly raisman.. will compete against other top gymnasts for a chance to be named the best in the world. then at 2:30.. golf returns to the olympics.. for the first time in more than 110 years. look for vo rickie fowler.. and more on the green. and last but not least.. michael phelps and ryan lochte will compete in the men's 200 meter individual medley final today at 5 o'clock. and don't worry -- because if you miss an event.. we've got everything you need to know on 12-news-dot-com. exclusive rio content is just a click away. it's something most of us are guilty of.. but maybe ?not? after hearing this.. the simple task that could be causing us to work an extra
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the bro-mance is alive and well between robert downey junior and tom hiddleston.. we've got that.. plus your juicy question of the morning.. in the morning juice. you're watching 12 today... today...watching 12 you're the morning the morning.. question of your got hiddleston..and tom downey junior robert between and well mance is alive the bro- it.even realizing day without work an extra causing us to could be task that the simple this..after hearing maybe ?not? guilty of.. but most of us are something
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most of us are guilty of.. but maybe ?not? after hearing
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task that this..maybe ?not? most of us are something just a click away. ###break### ###break### let's get another check of your hot headlines... multiple people were injured after a possible explosion at an apartment building in the d-c area. officials say people were trapped on the second and third floors.. and some firefighters were injured trying to rescue them. it's still not clear what sparked the fire.. but officials say the debris
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a couple attempting to cross the border into mexico was stopped after authorities discovered a toddler's body in their duffle bag. officials say the child was around two years old. both suspects -- who are u-s citizens -- were deported back to the states.. they are facing counts of first-degree murder and child cruelty. a man is in serious trouble after he climbed about a third of the way up new york's trump tower.. using suction cups. police had to remove windows.. in an attempt to grab the man. eventu pull him in.. against his will. the man claims he wanted to speak to donald trump. he has been taken to a nearby hospital for a psychological evaluation.. and could face charges later today. officials will give an update on the fight against the zika virus today in washington, d-c. while on the campaign trail.. hillary clinton has urged federal lawmakers -- who are currently on summer recess break -- to return to the nation's capitol to pass a funding bill to combat the zika virus. florida is the first.. and
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a mosquito bite. there are now 22 cases in the state. now to your 12 today health check.. a new study finds if we cut out just two air pollutants in the valley.. we could save hundreds of lives each year. scientists at n-y-u estimate stricter guidelines could save more than 9-thousand lives every year.year. they also found it reduces serious health episodes by 21-thousand and decreases missed work days by over 19-million each year would benefit the most.. followed by riverside.. new york city and phoenix, arizona. do you check work emails when you're off the clock? if so.. you could be if so.. you could be working an extra full day without even realizing it. researchers found -- on average -- people spend eight-hours per week answering emails ?after? they've left the office. and to make matters worse..
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emails on their own time.. tend to have difficulties detaching from their job.. making them feel more emotionally drained.. morning juice job.. take a note from this guy -- literally... instead of a formal letter.. he decided to use a sympathy card to put in his two week's notice. the caption notice. the caption reads "i just quit my job the best way i know how." no word on how his employer took the news... tom hiddleston -- who plays loki in the avengers movies -- recently got an
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trolling him.. and by someone -- we mean his co-star and friend.. downey junior... the iron man the iron man actor.. posted this photo of actor.. posted this photo of hiddleston wearing a "i heart t-s" bro tank. clearly the initials were meant to stand for "taylor swift" but downey junior took it a different direction.. by calling hiddleston the biggest ?tony stark? fan of them all. and then because.. it's robert downey junior.. he posted ?another? photo. tony stark in a bro tank.. that reads "i heart loki." now time for your juicy question of the morning... this is this is something that everyone says they have faked with a significant other. up to 70 percent say they can tell when someone is
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donald trump takes aim at president obama.. and hillary clinton fights back.. we've got all your decision 2016 coverage in just three minutes. you could have a new favorite girl scout cookie.. the two new options.. that
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you're out this fall. watching 12 today...
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###break### ###break### donald trump donald trump launched an attack at his rally yesterday in florida.. taking aim at president obama and his foreign policy agenda. to a crowd of supporters.. trump suggested that the president and rival hillary clinton..
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terrorist group... this was not the first time that trump has connected the president and his democratic opponent to isis. yesterday.. hillary clinton publicly responded to trump's comments on the "second amendment." on tuesday.. trump suggested that quote -- "second amendment people" could possibly stop clinton from nominating
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president. yesterday.. she told a crowd of more than 16- hundred supporters that trump's comments crossed a line... today.. clinton will be in michigan for a speech on working families. if you have a peanut butter allergy -- it's not the end of your nutty days. scientists have found a way to get over it... first it was ghostbusters.. and now another classic is getting an all- girls remake. that's just ahead in the morning juice.. 12 today will be back in two
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marijuana and the ballot box.
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soon...and why its important to you. donald trump just can't stop himself from staying trouble.out of just can't
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marijuana and the ballot marijuana and marijuana and the ballot box. how the two are set to collide soon...and why its important
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himself from staying out of trouble.and now hillary clinton - is heading down the same path... body body shaming...apparently it's not just for your average person at the gym.another olympian in the social media spotlight this morning. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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