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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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himself from staying out of trouble.and now hillary clinton - is heading down the same path... body body shaming...apparently it's not just for your average person at the gym.another olympian in the social media spotlight this morning. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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breaking news as arizona has issued an amber alert. authorities amber alert. authorities are trying to find this woman -- 33-year-old ledwina yazzie. she was last seen in pine springs.. which is northwest of holbrook. the suspect is five foot two.. weighs 145 pounds.. and wa shirt and dark brown pants. she has a tattoo of a cross on her left arm. the navajo police department believes that she has taken a 4-year-old girl named liliea walker. the child was last seen wearing a pink shirt with blue leggings. she has shoulder length hair with bangs. there is a reason to believe the two may be traveling to tuba city. if you see them... call authorities immediately. breaking news as police are beginning a death investigation. team 12's
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new this morning... it looks
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marijuana this 12's bryan west is live with an issue that has been argued for years... a news conference is scheduled to be held here later this morning... by the campaign leaders of "yes on prop 205"they plan to highlight what they call the benefits of marijuana.the news conference will happen as the secretary of state is expected to certify a petition to get the measure on the ballot. the arizona regulation and taxation of marijuana act would legalize marijuana for anyone over 21 years old. arizonans would be allowed your house.marijuana sales would be subject to a 15 percent looks like the group fighting to legalize marijuana did get the 150,000 signatures to put the measure up to a vote.the legalization of marijuana has already happened in a couple states over the last few years.recent polls show the majority of arizonans though... are against the idea. the argument over legalizing pot could end before it does hit the ballot.there is a court challenge to the
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that court hearingbryan west... 12 news. taking a look at hot headlies around the valley this morning - one man is behind bars.. in kingman... accused of shooting three people outside a home in north blomdahl shot his neighbor then ran her over multiple times. she later died. blomdahl is also accused of shooting two other men who tried to stop him. both the men are in critical condition. one man is in custody this morning -after he admitted to police he would have raped a woman on the light rail if he had not been stopped.the victim says steven matlock asked her what time it was - and followed her when she got off at the next stop.she said he followed her and pinned her
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and one group is working hard to help create a law in honor of 12 year old cody flom.cody died while hiking in phoenix last month.the group's raising money for a state law that would ban children under 18 from being taken hiking when temperatures reach 100 degrees. happening today.. some community organizations are calling for a boycott of discount tire. the boycott.. is motivated by politics. team 12's nico santos is live wit boycott say discount tire has chosen to 'campaign for hate' there are some discount tire locations throughout the valley that have signs saying 're-elect sheriff joe arpaio' in the windows carlos garcia the director of the puente movement says the group will not support a business that quote "funds and supports a candidate that is synonymous with racism and hate towards our people."a statement released by the group cited what they call
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found in civil contempt of court for violating a federal judges orders to stop immigration sweeps through the maricopa county sheriff's office. a demonstration against this support for arpaio will be at this discount tire location in south phoenix on baseline road and jesse owners parkway. it starts at 10 a-min phoenix nico santos 12 today 12 today body shaming is far too common lately...and it's even hit the olympics... big time.emma is here with that... in your
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first it was first it was body shaming female gymnasts.... but apparently the olympic haters... aren't keeping it confined to just the ladies.oh ethiopian swimmer... facing the body shaming wrath this morning... for his ?dad bod.morning... for his ?dad bod.his name is robel kiros habte - and at robel kiros habte - and at 5-foot-9 and 179 pounds he doesn't have the physique that michael phelps or ryan lochte have... was swimming in the 100 meter freestyle heats earlier this you can imagine - he didn't exactly post the fastest fact - he finished dead last among the three people in the pool.and it wasn't even close - a full 17 seconds behind the winner. habte is catching a lot of heat ethiopian news site called him out of shape.. called him out of shape.. others called him much worse.but say whatever you want about his body....habte is sitll swimming in the olympics... and pretty much
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first it was ghostbusters... now... you can add oceans 11 to the remake with an all female cast list.several reports out say warner brothers is planning on an october start date for the remake of the 2001 movie starring george clooney, brad pitt and a whole bunch of others... that was actually a remake of the 1960's classic with the rat pack.sandra bullock, cate blanchett, anne hathaway, rihanna, helena bonham rt are set to star in this latest version...?? ad lib ??
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something that everyone says they have faked with a significant other. up to 70 percent say they can tell when someone is faking this. but few of is faking this. but few of us will actually call someone out for faking... what is this? give us your answers on the social media platforms. ???adlib right now investigators are going through the remnants of an apartment complex near washington and an explosion ripped through it last night.the latest in 2 minutes. and we've got cookies...girl scout cookies.the newest s'mores ... coming up.
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####break#### s'mores ... cookies.s'mores ... ####break#### taking a quick look at some hot headlines this morning - overnight we've been keeping an eye on an explosion that injured several people - including firefighters - near the washington d-c area. officials say the fire caused significant structural damage and part of a building
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not clear what may have sparked the fire or triggered the possible explosion... a man climbed about a third of the way up new york's trump tower yesterday before being captured. he used four suction cups to slowly make his way up the side of the building, reportedly in an attempt to speak to donald trump. police removed windows in an attempt to grab the man. the climber eventually got close to two officers who were able to grab him and pull him inside a window. the 20 year old from virgi w nearby hospital for a psychological evaluation. big changes coming to girl scout cookies...they are offering not one... but two versions of the new s'mores variety. one is a graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallow filling... seen on the left of your screen. the other is a graham cookie double dipped in a creme icing and coated in
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hillary clinton - and donald
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themselves and stay away from controversy.the latest from washington d-c .... in two minutes. and chipotle..offering free beer...ok...its not free ... but it's close...and they're using it to bring customers
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####break#### decision 2016 now....and hillary clinton makes a major economic speech in detroit comes amid new questions about ties between the state department and her foundation... and about the orlando shooter's father attending one of her rallies. team 12's tracie potts has the
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while clinton talks about jobs today, trump speaks to homebuilders in miami - both tr to fix got the right voters they've convince trying to homebuilders to trump speaks jobs today, talks about while clinton while clinton while clinton talks about jobs today, trump speaks to homebuilders in miami - both trying to convince voters they've got
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frozen is better than fresh ... when it comes to implanting embryos in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. that tops our morning health check. the condition increases the risk of pregnancy complications, especially in women who undergo in vitro fertilization. a recent study found women who got frozen embryos during their first in vitro cycle had more live births than those who received fresh embryos. scientists say it's because the ovary can recover from stimulation before the embryo is implanted. if you have a child with peanut allergies, listen up. slowly introducing nuts appears to be a safe and effective treatment for pre-schoolers with peanut allergies. researchers at the university of north carolina tested the method. they exposed children to small, gradually increasing amounts of peanut protein each day. two years later, nearly 80-percent were able to have peanuts with no allergic
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just two air pollutants ... could save thousands of american lives each year. scientists at nyu used a computer model to calculate the health benefits of lowering ozone and fine particulates -- to levels below those set by the environmental protection agency. stricter guidelines could save more than nine-thousand lives. los angeles would benefit the most ... followed by riverside, california, new york city and - the valley rounds out that list.. a new survey finds a majoty commissions they pay their real estate agents. that survey showed 60 percent of people who sold a home in the past year got a discount on the commission they paid their real estate agent. among home buyers, 46 percent said their agent gave them a refund or closing cost contribution of more than 100 dollars. chipotle still dealing with the economic fallout from its food poisoning outbreak last now the chain is is offering some ?alcoholic drink specials in an effort to
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about 300 locations are adding half-price and two-for-one alcoholic drinks to their menus through september. chipotle has been struggling to entice customers to its restaurants, following a series of foodborne illness outbreaks. who are the worst hotel guests?expedia asked travelers to expedia asked travelers to share the behaviors they find most aggravating.the top one?? inattentive parents. most irritated by parents who don't keep their children in line.rounding out the top three aggravations are loud hall-way guests, and in-room revelers. she won gold... and now she's apologizing for what happened afterward.the gaby douglas controversy at 5:30. all this guy wanted was some nachos.and a foul ball.and a foul ball.the two... don't go together very well
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morning juice.
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