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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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monsoon 2016 -
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monsoon 2016 - not done with us just yet.we are tracking all sorts of rain across the valley... it takes a lot of skill to eat nachos and catch a foul ball at the saim doesn't have that skill.. but he does have a face full of cheese.we've got that in your morning juice.
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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breaking news as arizona has issued an amber alert. authorities are trying to find this woman -- 33-year-old ledwina yazzie. she was last seen in pine springs.. which is northwest of holbrook. the suspect is five foot two.. weighs 145 pounds.. and
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she has a tattoo of a cross on her left arm. the navajo police department believes that she has taken a 4-year-old girl named liliea walker. the child was last seen wearing a pink shirt with blue leggings. she has shoulder length hair with bangs. there is a reason to believe the two may be traveling to tuba city. if you see them... call authorities immediately. breaking news as police investigate a deadly ot team 12's jen wahl is on scene near 21st street and
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checking hot headlines this morning... one man is behind bars.. accused of shooting three people police say adam blomdahl shot his neighbor then ran her over multiple times. she later died. blomdahl is also accused of shooting two other men who tried to stop him. both the men are in critical condition. glendale police - investigating an overnight happened at an apartment complex near bethany home road and 61st avenue. investigators say the victim... is in serious condition and in surgery.they said it could possibly be gang related.
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the first time tonight -- we're seeing the 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing and killing his 3-year-old brother over the weekend.police say shae holloway was seen runnning from the family's home, covered in blood. three other children were also found at the scene ... and police say a 9-year-old girl had also been assaulted by him. new this morning... it looks like you will get to vote on marijuana this 12's bryan west is live with an issue that has been argued for years... a news conference is scheduled to be held here later this morning... by the ca prop 205"they plan to highlight what they call the benefits of marijuana.the news conference will happen as the secretary of state is expected to certify a petition to get the measure on the ballot. the arizona regulation and taxation of marijuana act would legalize marijuana for anyone over 21 years old. arizonans would be allowed to have six marijuana plants in your house.marijuana sales would be subject to a 15 percent looks like the group fighting to legalize marijuana did get the 150,000 signatures to put the measure
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happened in a couple states over the last few years.recent polls show the majority of arizonans though... are against the idea. the argument over legalizing pot could end before it does hit the ballot. there is a court challenge to the initiative set to happen tomorrow.12 news will be at that court hearingbryan west... 12 news. ?? ad lib toss
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?? ad lib toss to emma ?? talking about booby traps... and your morning juice... ladies.. before you head out for your morning run.. there's a bra that's gaining popularity. it's a line of sports bras with built-in self-defense features! and its gives a new meaning to concealed weapons. booby trap bras are basically sports bras de weapons for protection.there's a 'just in case pepper spray bra' and a 'just in case knife bra'. both are specifically designed for physical activity.. they feature a pocket sewn into the lining where you can hide pepper spray or a knife. sales have increased lately... as attacks against women who run alone.. have increased. the sports bras range in price from 50 - 55 dollars. what fits inside the bra is sold separately. some baseball fans will
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of reach. one fan at a padres-pirates game last night tried to take home a foul ball while holding a plate of nachos and it didn't turn out so well. here he is, with a hand in the sky and his nachos about to say bye-bye. but they weren't going far, just straight to his face. how about that for a messy cleanup. he might not have caught the foul ball but at least he got a free t-shirt for his effort. it reads 'i caught the t-shirt toss like a boss.' ....except he missed that one too. you can call that a consolation prize for the souvenir-ball hope now time for your juicy question of the morning... this is something that everyone says they have faked with a significant other. up to 70 percent say they can tell when someone is faking this. occasionally we receive a occasionally we receive a viewer email or two.... with people thinking
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what is this? ???adlib for your juicy question of part two. surveys show that part two.for your juicy ???adlib now time for your juicy the morning... part two. surveys show that most women have three things they would want to change about their man. what are those three things.... the answer is coming your way in an hour. and maybe... tram and myself will give the three things we'd change about our husbands.
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husbands. gaby douglas taking home a gold medal from rio...and getting a lot of heat for what happened.... or ... didn't happen during the national you know the final five are pretty they need special uniforms to really sparklehow much do these things cost?the answer in four minutes.
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four minutes.the answer in four min
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this morning, some controversy surrounding gold medalist, gabby douglas. douglas won gold with the u.s. women's gymnastics team on tuesday, but this morning some
5:46 am's all because of this.during the national anthem at the medal ceremony, all four other gymnasts placed their hands on their hearts, but douglas stood with her hands by her side. some say this was "un-olympic" and disrespectful douglas says she always stands at attention out of respect and apologized
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baltimore fans are in sports heaven tonight. michael phelps going for gold in the 200 meter individual medley final... and the ravens preseason opener is at home...but fans won't have to make a choice...that's because the ravens say they'll show phelps' race on the big screens at m&t bank stadium. it's not the first time the team has done this.. in 2008, wh gold medals, one of his races was shown on the stadium boards just after a preseason game. phelps is a big ravens fan... ?? ad lib ?? the u-s olympic women's gymnastics team is not only sporting its flashiest uniform ever... but its priciest too. those leotards that "the final five" are wearing cost a whopping 12- hundred dollars.that's because the shimmering red... white
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and they have a total of 8 of them for competition. so why all the sparkle? the designers say they worked their whole lives to be out there. the crystals help add confidence. ?? ad lib ?? this morning -- have an olympic trivia question for you:can you name medaled in at the summer olympicswe'll reveal the answer in 30 minutes
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???adlib weather
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the rock...and vin diesel... two big time hollywood stars... hollywood stars...and two guys who are apparently clashing on the set of their new movie. cooking??? and they are the one thing you think of when you think of the air force.but could that branch of the service actually have a shortage of fighter
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federal judge weighs in on twitter..and isis.that tops our look at hot headlines this morning... a federal judge in san francisco dismissing a lawsuit accusing twitter of supporting isis. the families of two men killed in jordan saying twitter had contributed to their deaths by allowing the group to sign up for and use twitter accounts. the judge deciding twitter can ?not? be held liable because it only offers a platform for speech - it doesn't create it. snapchat is sparking outrage on social media about racist stereotypes of asian people. according to snapchat, the "yellowface" filter was inspired by anime cartoons, but some say it pokes fun at asian features. as of this morning, the company says the filter has been taken down and will not be used again. the u-s air force is short about 700 fighter pilots.even as the united states battles three air wars against the islamic state group in iraq, syria and libya.the secretary of the air force is looking for the authorization and
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bonus to encourage pilots to stay in the service.the air force has struggled with pilot retention, particularly as airlines look to hire them, promising higher salaries and benefits. starbucks popular pumpkin spice latte has new competition this year.. mcdonald's.and mcdonald's won't be waiting long...the golden arches will start service pumpkin spice lattes at the end of this month at all 14-thousand u-s locations. analyst told cnbc that he believes we still haven't hit the pumpkin peak with consumers.. sales show consumers.. sales show they love it. olympic silver...on its way to the valley.the low down on sam six... and dont' forget...the answer to this morning's olympic trivia this morning's olympic trivia question... coming up
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