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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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valley overnight, rain is falling this morning, where you could see wet roads on your drive to work. rainfall all over the valley, writing up on the radar, complete team coverage straightahead. some like butter on toast others like it on the starship enterprise. the out of this world display at the iowa state fair you have to see. anything but toxic, britney spears says yes, when you can see her do carpel karaoke with late late show host james corden on. >> good morning to you. i matt mauro along with tram mai jimmy q. and krystle henderson. >> let's take you outside, a live look from sky 12 as it
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look at this flooding right here. this again in the mesa area, we are awaiting word on what intersection this is, but you can see the mess. as this car is going through this intersection very very bad idea. it does not take much for the car to be swept away or get stalled, again a couple of cars here we don't advise drivers to obviously very dangerous, you don't know how deep the water is. but we are keeping our eyes on the roads from the ground and in the air and obviously people are just not taking heed to the warnings. about these flooding intersections, but again, jimmy one of the hardest hit areas in the valley, east valley.>> getting big-time in the mesa area. right now more water in the
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your car getting water in the engine on top of that then you could need a water rescue. the storms are continuing to develop this morning, starting overnight 2:00 in the morning. more rainfall just feeding up. we have been waiting for this all day yesterday, mother nature finally sorry to answer the call to the south we have can develop into bigger amounts of rainfall near gilbert up toward the 202. a lot of it moving away from the downtown area, scottsdale a few showers. right along the 202. we will see more widespread flooding as this continues to develop throughout the morning. more rainfall and more storms, the ground is completely saturated, it cannot hold any more water looking at 87 look at the rainfall. these storms will continue we will have more on this along with rainfall totals for this
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coverage for monsoon 2016. we go to mesa right now. >> reporter: we are in the scottsdale area for a while as you saw earlier we had the news camera set up we had that heavy downpour, there were some sections of the 202 with no power. we came up to this, this is is blocking luckily the driver is okay. he was in the slow lane of the freeway headed eastbound. he hit some kind of a puddle and he said he is familiar driving in this weather but his car hydroplaned he lost control coming across this rock section swerving into the wall the on ramp. there is a unit blocking the
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a tow truck pulled up to get the car out of the way as quickly as possible. this is in the opposite direction of rush hour. check out all the side airbags -- airbags deployed. this is the driver walking, he is okay, no scratches he is basically just counting his blessings. after this crash we saw another car lose control ahead. and there is another car up the freeway on its side. >> so incredibly dangerous when the rain is falling down, a lot of cars hydroplaned. we are giving you a live look again at an area in mesa where you can see so much flooding. obviously when you have got this much rain coming down so fast, the ground becomes saturated and it cannot handle it and it spills into the roadways. of course, it is hard not to
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the other, but we obviously do not recommend it, obviously there have got to be alternate routes. if you look at that house that could possibly have a lot of flooding as well as the water has just spilled into the front yard. we just got word this is mesa drive, a very dangerous area. if you can id please do. again, possibly some houses even flooded in the area. the land nearby to the right of that street, it looks like a mini lake. flooding obviously really really bad in the area. krystle how can drivers get around this area? >> you can seek out mcdowell also brown, university. perhaps maybe you can use stately, if you are trying to
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freeway or country club. so again, avoid the area, it seems like the northeast mesa section of the east valley was the bull's-eye of the strongest and heaviest of the rain. we have had a number of crashes on the 202. right now you're looking where nico was live moments ago they are pulling the car up to the tow truck. in the meantime, the on ramp heading eastbound it is blocked, you will need to use greenfield in that case. earlier we had a rollover. the trout -- tow trucks are ready doing their due diligence to get these crashes out of the way. this is down the field that greenfield, 202 westbound not blocking off to the side but certainly you will be seeing quite a few of these as you drive into the 60 and the 202 san tan.
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we had a disabled vehicle and an earlier crash causing a ton of slowing on the 101 eastbound between the 17 and 51. also where you are seeing the blue is where we showed you sky 12, high water in some cases, very wet roads. back to you. we are following breaking news as arizona has issued an amber alert authorities trying to find this woman. ledwina yazzie last seen in pine springs northwest of holbrook. 5'2" 145 pounds was last seen wearing a tan shirt and dark brown pants. she has a tattoo of a cross on her left arm. the navajo police department believe she has taken a four- year-old girl named liliea walker , the girl was last seen wearing a pink shirt with blue leggings, shoulderlength hair with bangs. reason to believe the two may be traveling into the city. if you see them call
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news we have been following all morning long. police are investigating another deadly shooting, another one of our top stories and jen wahl has the very latest from your 21st street and osborne. >> reporter: police have been out here since 2:00 this morning, that is four hours investigating the shooting, part of the neighborhood blocks off with caution tape and the here is what happened early this morning. the call first came in as a burglary, when officers got on scene they found a man shot. emergency teams took him to the hospital where he died. the person who called 911 was the victims roommate, he heard a knock at the door and then gunshots. police have the mobile command unit and they are expected to be out here for the next few hours. we have been talking with
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around-the-clock activity outside of the house going on all of the time. they have reported that to police a number of times, they are questioning what exactly happened early this morning. as soon as we have more information we will bring that to you. police have also been working on warrants to search the house. live from phoenix jen wahl "12 today". >> arizona at the games brought to you by valley hyundai dealers. >> olympic diver sam dorn from tempe medal home to the valley the highest one ever earned for the u. s. in the men's synchronized springboard dive. fantastic performance by him and his partner. nailing their final dive to lock down second place. and a nearly stole gold finishing just four points behind the first-place team from great britain. fantastic. speaking of arizonans, vanessa
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exclusively for us. we ran into a couple from scottsdale who is taking in all of the action. >> reporter: good morning, listen to this, i got a chance to chat with a valley couple who did not think twice at jumping at the chance of coming to rio de janeiro, not just as a spectator, but as a volunteer. they tell me they are having a ball. she found it on the internet. >> they applied in december 2014, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. fast-forward to today and they are part of the 70,000 volunteers keeping the olympics going. >> nancy controlling the scoreboard during the handball competitions. >> it is a lot of fun. i am learning all about handball.
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the wrestling venue, both of them say their adventure so far has been absolutely wonderful. >> sharing the experience and seeing the athletes and what they worked on to get here, and meeting and making new friends. i have made a lot of new friends. it is a whole learning experience. >> jim and nancy and their adventure is far from over they will be traveling to patagonia and they will also i am kind of jealous. super cool and happy for them, so far their adventure has been absolutely amazing. we are super happy for them. for now that is it. we will see you guys back here tomorrow. time to check the medal account. the u. s. looking unbeatable, 32 medals topping the scoreboard. china in second place with 23 followed by japan with 18.
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real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound) your word is milk. m-i-l-k milk wins. ingredients you can spell. good thursday morning to
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today". a gorgeous shot of the clouds breaking up and the sun peeking through. other parts of the valley particularly the east valley the rain is coming down quite hard leading to localized flooding, we are on top of that. we will have the latest in moments. >> let's check the morning juice. we have an update for you. the hollywood juice from yesterday new ta and vin diesel on the set of fast and furious eight. according to page 6 in tmc diesel is the target of the rocks instagram rent. he has a reputation for being difficult, he shows up late keeping people waiting and he is disrespectful to people on the set. duane lost his patience. that is the quote. other sources say it is the rock who was always late.
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may be over, the two met face- to-face hashed it out and all is well. the rock took to instagram saying all families have conflict and by working to resolve it, they are better for it. it is happening, britney spears going for the ride that fans have been waiting to see and hear is the proof. she posted this picture coming up on social media, she said she took a ride with james corden did a little carpal karaoke, watch the late late show on august 28. we will be covering the right here in your morning juice.
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but i'm sure there was a lot of dancing. surveys show that many women have three things they would like to change about their significant other. we want to know what are those three things? in your opinion or maybe what you think the masses believe. the first two things can be changed but only when she is around to supervise. the third one often keeps a man from growing up. >> videogames? stop playing video games. >> maybe too much football. >> there is no such thing. my initial reaction was just three things on that list? keep your guess is coming in, we will have the answer in 25 minutes. in the meantime it is 6:18. team 12 is all over the latest monsoon. here we are scanning the
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val vista, the tow truck has left the one crash that was blocking the on ramp so you are good to go there. let's check in on the westbound side at greenfield, we have also wiped the slate clean their. we are good to go in terms of the crashes, another one reported on the 60 westbound near mesa off to the side, that crash icon there. but we still have the aftermath affect of wet roads wherever you see green, 202, 60, 101, where you see blue there is standing water on the roadway, just use caution, if you run into something turn around, don't drown. we saw a flooded intersection in mesa. use steeply, country club perhaps mcdowell or brown roads. as we look at the other section, the west side we had a big-time slowdown on the 101 eastbound.
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is a long stretch and it has been sluggish, traffic between the 17 and 51 average speeds in the 20s. that route is slower than usual, give yourself extra time, the weather is to blame for a rockfall near 24 mile southwest. close that milepost 314, use caution, just be watchful. okay, this traffic trivia question goes really well with the weather today. we will reveal the an question is with 5.8 million crashes each year in the country what percentage of those is weather-related? >> we have had a lot of crashes this morning probably weather- related. the rainfall down across the area, some big storms starting to pop, this line goes from phoenix down to tucson, it is the storms to the south with the watch now, a lot of the
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a nice southwesterly flow so we will not rule out west valley, glendale or peoria. these are moving out of the south and the southwest. a couple of light showers in glendale, avondale area. let's go back to scottsdale along the 101, indian bend, paradise valley, arcadia, a few showers pushing to the other side of paradise valley. a little bit of rainfall in the watched the yellows and reds indicating heavy amounts of rainfall coming down. right along gilbert road collecting the beeline highway 87 to the 202. a pretty good spot of rain right there. further down the 202 toward eastern valley it is going to be a what one for a lot of folks. light showers in gilbert down toward the south at sun lakes and then we look to the south to see if there is more
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coolidge along the 10 this will be pretty rocky out there. the big concern now will they make it to the south or will they pushoff to the north northeast? val vista expects from samaria and the san tan valley. scattered storms around today once the round is done it could go another couple of hours, the storms could regenerate with flash flood advisories across much of the area. localized flooding we have seen curb to curb flooding, they problems out there. today we do try out, to fix the leaky roof you'll have to wait until tuesday. another shower coming wednesday. coming up next, we are taking you live to rio de janeiro talking with silver medalist sam dorman who is from tempe. and his parents who are there right now.
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be right back.
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welcome back to "12 today", and unexpected but pleasant surprise we are joined by olympic silver medalist sam
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less than 24 hours after he won the synchronized three meter springboard silver medal. good morning to you. congratulations. has everything sunk in yet? >> good morning, everything is beginning to sink in, a beautiful day today we are out at the today show and i am blessed to be here and spend this with my parents. >> you are with marla and paul your folks. we have to hear their reaction knowing that their son just le medal ever earned for the u. s. in this sport. what is that like for you guys?>> we didn't realize it was the highest ever in synchronized. that is the first we are hearing it. it has been really exciting. when they hit the water we realized they had earned a medal it was amazing. both kids looked up at their
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it is a dream come true. >> okay we know the water has been the talkback here a lot of people talking about the green water. did you have any hesitation diving into a green pool? >> you know, i had hopes my turn would turn out. i saw shrek run out of the pool, no, we really weren't worried about it. it is out of focus on our diving. we knew that there were no issues. we took it one at a time and ignored the water. >> it definitely increases your weight. how much sweeter does this make it coming from the injury two weeks ago.
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compete, to be here it is a blessing. i have to thank my trainers back home. jeff ruiz, clark scott, terry robinson, they have helped me through this. it takes a village for me at least two villages to get here. i have to thank everybody for their support.>> sam, a huge congratulations to you and your folks. you have all worked so hard to get you where you are. have fun, they are jamming out behind you. enjoy the rest of rio. meanwhile, we are tracking monsoon 2016, team 12 all over the rain falling in the east valley specifically in mesa. the very latest in a few minutes. developments happening in buckeye where the search for
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the monsoon strikes again many parts of the valley getting walloped by mother >> round 2 for this morning, more storms developing, completing coverage on the way. get ready for more michael phelps in prime time, a race for the ages as he and ryan lochte go head-to-head one more time. >> when they come, and they will, they will come for you. >> they battle on the big
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how iron man trolled his first day on instagram. >> welcome everyone to "12 today". a busy morning for you. we are tracking monsoon 2016, flooding on the local streets and accidents on the freeways, first let's go straight to jimmy with the latest on monsoon 2016.>> more of the showers developing round two. seeing more to the south down by maricopa and they are again. where we see the sunshine we will have more rainfall potential for more building to the south. the big question, how much of these storms will make it into the valley? we are starting to see a line moving off to the west closer toward hawkeye giving a better shot. moving south southwest, it is a southwesterly flow. avondale a light shower, no major problems just yet, that
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and scottsdale on lincoln road this will be tatum the arcadia area, we are looking for the yellow and red indicating heavier amounts of rain potential for localized flooding which we have had a lot especially around mesa. some leftover showers coming in that could continue to develop from gilbert and these are the storms around maricopa, they will continue to build and bring in some more maricopa the storm leaving the area. remember just to the north you could be getting some rain. this is what we have seen so far, over one inch of rain in mesa and gilbert 4.3. -- .43. we have a flood watch in effect going until 7:00 or 7:00 later on today, 94 to 99 scattered storms with wet roads, krystle
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>> there have been more crashes. >> we will take it from here and then get to traffic, first off 12 news your complete coverage for monsoon 2016. >> nico santos checking the weather in scottsdale. nico. >> reporter: right now we are at the intersection of mesa and i want you to walk with me, earlier there were reports of localized flooding this is the intersection ahead of us g traffic is flowing once again. there is still flooding along the side of the roadways even in this bolero gas station some cars in shallow puddles. evidence there was at one time some rain in the area but it seems to be okay. i don't know if the camera can pick that off in the distance there is a rainbow. this is what happens after the
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and things like that but for now in this area things seem to have come down quite a bit. >> all right nico, thank you. let's check your roads with krystle. >> there have been more crashes than you can count this morning likely due to the wet weather, all of the crashes have been pulled off from tow trucks are basically they are off to the side. right now we are looking at leftover residual moisture left on the side of the roads a in the high country. you might be running into some reduced visibility is around the state today. right now we are left with a lot of standing water in the northeast mesa area. likely nico was in the middle of the blue spot. the 202 under that category which is ponding a lot of wet roads including the 60 and the 101. some surprises this morning,
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semi-flipped on its side near tonopah. and then the beautiful beautiful treat there, a rainbow on the 202. that is likely what nico saw. you need to be on your toes this morning. over to you. 6:36 we are following breaking news, a huge police presence in buckeye be in relation to the ongoing search of missing child jesse wilson. bryan west just a rhymed -- arrived on scene. >> reporter: we are told by buckeye police to come here because shortly after 7:00 we will get an update, this could be related to jesse wilson who went missing four weeks ago. we have sky 12 over the scene of the field. you can see buckeye police and
6:37 am
old jesse wilson. police asked us to come here for a news conference happening sometime after 7:00. this field is a couple of miles west of jesse's home where he was last seen on sunday, july 17. his mother reported him missing. it has been 24 days. his disappearance rattled the community, a large search effort has happened over the past couple of weeks having hundreds of volunteers looking for jesse. the fbi was brought and both agencies are at the location. jesse was supposed to start fourth grade this week. students return to school on monday. the school made a desk with his name on it hanging ribbons. again we are life back at the police station. we will bring you the very latest coming up at 7:25 this money.
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the very last time you'll ever see ryan lochte and michael phelps competes in an olympic games. jay gray live in rio with the latest. plus. casino can security cannot be beaten. >> exactly. >> a new highest for a whole new crew. who will be starring in the oceans 11 spinoff coming up in your morning juice.
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12 news is your home for the olympics, jay gray joining us live in rio de janeiro. good morning to you. let's start with the most exciting event of the game. competition between michael phelps and ryan lochte going on today. what is the energy like for that? >> hey there, great to talk to you. this is over the top everybody exciting what will likely be the olympics finale between these two. as far as the olympics are concerned they may not compete against one another. they started out not liking each other they really did not like each other, as they have grown and moved through this
6:42 am
could be. and they have become close friends. it will be exciting to see what happens tonight. and then you have got katie ledecky, i don't know if you have heard of her, 19 years old. unbelievable. last night australia and usa fighting it out neck and neck, australia in the lead, ledecky is swimming the final leg, she surges ahead and wins. her third gold medal of these games. back in the at just a qualifier. the 800 meter free. she will probably do okay. she owns the world record in the distance. spot they call michael phelps superman, she would be wonder woman. let's talk about golf. the first time it has been in the olympics for 112 years. bubba watson and rickie fowler teeing off as we speak. >> people are really excited
6:43 am
very excited because they feel like it will expand the sport, the guys here came overthinking it is a tournament but then the patriotism kicks in and they are thrilled. one of the shirts that they will be wearing during the tournament, we have also got the spikes, red white and blue. usa right there stitched in the side. these are need right here. when we start e it to be positive with good vibes and energy going on. i can tell you positively, without a doubt, it is a very good thing that i am getting to show you all of this golf attire because despite the constant texts, i refuse to go with the other option which was the thing that the divers wore for the silver medal.
6:44 am
>> i know they are not showing your lower half for a reason right now. he is wearing them right now, i know he is. >> i have got a big parka. i got nothing for that. you have left me speechless, that may be the first time. >> i hear the water down there in the pool is quite cold. lookout. see you tomorrow morning buddy. >> tram. olympic trivia question, can you name the five sports that the u. s. has never meddled in at the summer olympics? >> the answers, badminton, handball, rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, and trampoline.
6:45 am
>> we will be okay without the trampling. let's talk about the morning juice. >> we are starting off with something really cool. warner bros. announcing they are planning and oceans 11 spinoff. it is called oceans ocho this time all about the ladies. seriously that is what they are calling it? already signed on for the film we have got and hathaway, helena bullock. the director said he will be taking on the role as producer for the film. they plan to keep the budget low after the ghostbusters reboot failed resulting in a $70 million loss for sony. i don't know, we will see if they can do it. if you have sandra bullock you will do good. >> welcome to instagram.
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you know you have made it if that is your title. finally giving in, signing on to instagram he already has someone trolling him. ironman. robert downey jr., take a look. he posted this photo, clearly the initials were meant to stand for taylor swift. ro he posted another photo this one of his character wearing a tank top rating i heart loki. let's get here just a question, many women have three things they would like to change about their significant other. this morning we want to know what you would change. what three things could that possibly be.
6:47 am
it a dose they don't ask a woman to change because the answer would be no. any final guesses?>> who they drive out with, driving and watching sports. >> he did not change those three things. >> look at these answers and change these things. clothing diet and friends. >> that is our very own jimmy how dare you? >> for the record we had nothing to do with this. that is from our producer. >> if it makes you feel better that is a picture of me in the middle. >> that suit cost over $105. >> panama jack called and wants his shirt back.
6:48 am
that is why i have those colors. >> all right. it is 6:48, a lot of traffic out there. >> that looked familiar, go to the adot cameras. the guy pushing the shopping cart down the eastbound was wearing that same suit. i'm not kidding. okay. just ahead, i'm not kidding. it just left the screen but there was a guy pushing a shopping cart and it looks like he's making his way on the offramp. sticking by to make sure he gets off safely. just a heads up i was wondering if he was looking for the 10,000 pounds of potato chips that was spilled near the i-10. so many bizarre things
6:49 am
on the 10 at wild horse pass. more storms on the way. jimmy q. has that coming up. be prepared for a wet morning commute perhaps rain later on this morning, right now we have the aftermath issues of standing water on the 202. wet roads all over, the 60, the san tan. regular rush hour , no leftover crashes blocking at the time. 30s for speed readings before the 101 time for traffic trivia thursday. do you have your answers? okay jimmy? we have got them all covered and really quickly, the answer is b. okay jimmy, your current. rain totals this morning, they are adding up, mesa, 1.14 inches of rain.
6:50 am
mountain view park in mesa, thomas and 48 street also heavy rainfall. really developing but it is shifting a little bit more to the east. some of these cells will make their way in over southbound, light showers in the glendale, peoria broken arrow, heavier stuff has been mainly east valley, some good rainfall right around scottsdale coming along the 60, the 202, chandler more showers developing. we will be watching to see if we get more of these yellows or reds indicating localized flooding and heavy rainfall. to the south we go most of this here with the lightning, i will call it round two of -- for maricopa down to the san tan valley, parts of southeast valley getting a lot of rainfall over the next hour or so. big-time problems, you can see
6:51 am
toward the sun lakes area coming out of maricopa. we have a three for the valley for the monsoon meter, to where the north a 54 northern arizona and a seven for the white mountains. a flood advisory extended until 7:45 four portions of maricopa county, potential for flooding continues. today scattered storms especially in the morning it will be muggy. very humid out there. pe throughout the day as we heat up and storms continue to redevelop. temperatures for today, double digits south-central arizona, 84 sedona, flagstaff 73 and 103 for the lake. the rain tapers off coming to an end tomorrow and we go into a dry spell heating up i weekend with a chance for more rain. new information on a breaking news story, police are investigating yet another
6:52 am
>> reporter: good morning, police have been out here for five hours. it doesn't look like they will wrap up anytime soon, the street is completely blocked off, investigators walking in and out of the garage area of this house. there are also security cameras all over the property. neighbors are telling us they have noticed around-the-clock activity and a have they are sharing pictures with police they have taken over the last few months. here is what happened, the call initially came in as a burglary when officers got to the scene they found a man shot, he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the person who called 911 was the victim's roommate. he heard a knock at the door and then gunshots. we are working on confirming if there is a suspect involved, we have not received information on that. when we get more we will bring it to you.
6:53 am
today". more breaking news on the search for jesse wilson. bryan west is live, we will
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6:55 am
6:56 am
breaking news at the buckeye police station we are expecting a news conference anytime between now and 8:00 this money. we are told this may be related to the 10-year-old who went missing, jesse wilson. as you can see we are up over the scene near i-10 and miller road. there is a large police presence, police and the fbi are searching and surrounding this field. right now trying to get confirmation if this is related to the 10-year-old who went the 10-year-old was last seen at his home july 17, his mother reported him missing, it has been 24 days since his disappearance. rattling the community, a large search effort that has happened over the past couple of weeks, hundreds of volunteers and police officers looking for jesse. sky 12 over the scene near miller and i-10. we are a few miles east of that.
6:57 am
we will bring you the latest coming up at 7:25 this morning. bryan west, "12 today". it has been a very stormy morning. a look at the radar right now, a big rain cell with lightning, things are calming down across scottsdale but around mesa and gilbert more lightning coming up. another round of storms hitting queen creek sun lakes and san tan valley. a few storms around out friday through the weekend and then we heat up. >> such a busy newsday today. the final take away on a much lighter note, can you believe we spend an extra eight hours checking emails per week. >> sometimes i feel like it is more than eight hours. >> constantly working. jimmy. >> we have never won and olympic medal in trampling or
6:58 am
competing in the olympics. it is going to be humongous, such a great race. >> all the crashes all over the country every year, 23% are caused by the weather. >> i would have thought it would have been higher. >> some this morning doing that. my take away from last night, a country paying its gold you get about $25,000 if you're in the u. s.>> where is that at? just north of iran in the caspian sea. in the middle east peak azerbaijan $500,000 to win a gold medal. we are always on on we will see you back here at
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- you start your day with it, you end your day with it, and it's always there when you need it: water. srp works with partners to restore our northern forests, the source of the water we deliver to the valley. our commitment to protecting our forests from devastating wildfires ensures that water flows,
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good morning. the final showdown. >> lane 4. >> michael phelps and ryan lochte grab the top spots in the 200 i.m. final for one last dual in the pool tonight. katie ledecky digging deep for a golden comeback in the 400 meter free relay. in beach volleyball a close call for kerri walsh jennings and april ross. but escaping with the win. >> that is it! as the leaders of the final five, simone biles, and aly raisman get back to business for the shot at all-around gold,


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