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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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you a sneak peek exclusive, to watch a team usa and men's basketball practicing in their quest for the gold coming up in a few minutes. arizona voters will decide in november whether to legalize recreational marijuana. >> an initiative generated enough signatures to get it on the ballot. take a look at this shows the 25 states in green that have currently legalized marijuana. >> the four highlighted states washington, oregon, colorado and alaska regular and tax marijuana like alcohol. if the ballot initiative passes, arizona will join them. >> joe dana joins us live with how voters are trying to sway your vote. >>reporter: largely about credibility right now for the prop 205 pain as organizers are
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marijuana use is no longer relegated to the fringes of society and safer than alcohol. the yes on 205 campaign joy not support from a former dea agent and experienced valley physicians. marijuana is safer than alcohol. cirrhosis of the liver, doesn't cause dementia, dozen co- -- cause cardiomyopathy. >>reporter: a practicing general surgeon of 40 years. opponents counter with studies sh to cancer. prop 205 but allow adults to possess limited amounts of marijuana, establish a system to regulate it like alcohol and at a 15% tax on sales. dea agent argues yes is about police efficiency. >> we need more emphasis on enforcement of other drugs. opiates, other synthetics, heroin, methamphetamine.
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effect. >> a report commission the colorado the year after that state legalized marijuana stated, it is too early to tell what effect legalize marijuana will have on crime and public safety overall though it noted colorado law enforcement officials have observed concerning transit drug use most notably with youth and young adults. revenue from tax marijuana we go largely to schools. the nonpartisan budget committee estimated to generate more than $123 million a year. new tonight senator john mccain's republican primary opponent is making a last-ditch bid to rally her supporters. a new poll shows kelly ward faces an uphill fight. brahm reznik takes a closer look at a race that word is taking very personally. >>reporter: kelly ward socked by more than $1 million the negative ads. she doesn't have the -- to respond said today she made a rare public appearance in phoenix to rally veterans.
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because it is clear we are winning. >>reporter: the former state legislator's longshot primary fight against john mccain is getting personal. >> she is weak and doesn't have the guts to take the fight isis. >>reporter: ward's husband, dr. michael work, an iraq veteran, outreach by those at this one rated as misleading by a 12 news fact check. >> disappointed in the attacks on our >>reporter: more told the veterans town hall thursday she would let them ditch the va for a doctor of their choice. it sounded much va reform mccain has back. >> the most important part of the change is that the veteran determines if they have to wait too long rather than a bureaucrat in the va system. >>reporter: mccain fielded more questions about donald trump and kelly ward. he doesn't like answering them. >> i have said everything i want to say.
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outside groups backing mccain are outspending ward's allies 20- 1. a defiant word issuing a challenge. >> man up let's have a one-on- one debate. >>reporter: kelly ward may want to debate but when i asked her and her campaign manager whether they formally invited john mccain to debate the answer was no. parts of the valley drying out after another round of look at what happened in mesa this morning some tennis courts flooded. >> several seat -- streets turned into rivers. workers spent the day trying to clear out storm drains and all that water so it could move out. will we see more rain tonight? matt pace here with the first check of your forecast. >> always the question during monsoon looks like we should be in the clear tonight still tracking some thunderstorms towards the east in fact just
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river era thunderstorms but quickly weakening as the sun begins to go down, you lose energy. yesterday we were tracking a large area thunderstorms over casa grande, nonexistent today. we are not expecting anything to move into the valley. your forecast tonight especially if you're going outside, to see the perseid meteor shower. you will be humid, a few clouds, warm 92 degrees by 9:00. make sure you stay hydrated. in a little bit i will show you the big warm up in the forecast. turning to the olympics a battle of two swimming greats. michael phelps and ryan lochte facing off in what could be the final race against each other. >> simone biles and aly raisman looking to win big in women's gymnastics individual all- around. all the action right here on 12 news starting at 7:00. team usa also on track to win golden both men's and women's
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from rio. she got to hang out with the teams today at practice. so exciting. >> it was really cool. as you know team usa always one to beat out for the goal. let me tell you this year it is no different than in years before. although these guys are some of the most well-known, famous athletes around, turns out they too actua the olympics. check it out. >> some of the biggest names and the nba coming together under the gym roof at flamingo park, all plane for one team. usa. or mel anthony participating in his fourth olympics. >> every time i get a chance to come out here it is that much
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>>reporter: these basketball superstars becoming fans themselves one kevin durant and company left them aside for night to cheer on michael phelps and watch him win another gold-medal in rio. >> we all got egos because we are professional players but that your ego to the side when watching greatness and you can appreciate greatness especially at this stage you just don't get this i can't just say i'm going to watch michael phelps, people the year but we can't's watch michael phelps so. >>reporter: a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. >> always been a fan. >> not so much year after the sad attempt to play basketball with the players. >> i have to work on my game. much better when i was playing ladies not so much today. with some tact i told him a lot of people still think he is the
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>> they like me in arizona? >> they like you in arizona. >> i will ask you about that during the season. i appreciate the love from everybody i love playing, it has always been intense fun playing their -- there. >>reporter: i don't want to hear anything about that sad attempt i made today to try to play basketball. gave it a shot. i have to tell you team usa is going to have to step it up a bit because last night's game against australia was a little too close for comfort. they are facing serbia tomorrow so we will see how that will go. >> were there any attempts to get you to join the team after they saw your shooting skills? mark curtis.
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>> open the door. >> that's true she gets a gold- medal. >> that does not mean i have coordination. >> clearly. just getting thanks, vanessa. stay with 12 news for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories from the games don't forget our special olympics and show coming up at 6:30 the place to get the best olympic coverage all month long. still to come an all-out search for jesse missing boy? >>reporter: today is the social sound off which spots of the valley make the list of the most pet friendly cities in the country?
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[ted]i will call you donnie! [woman}who's donnie?
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. a look at our hot headlines a renewed search for 10 -year-old jesse wilson. the fbi, sheriff deputies and police spent the morning near i- 10 and wilson looking for any authorities are not said if they found anything. phoenix police releasing new surveillance video from a deadly armed robbery. >> the victim's family pleading for help to track down the killer investigators say the man you see in the video held up a 711 near 16th street and souther on monday. he also shot and killed 8306 -year-old. there is an 11,000-dollar reward
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department store plans to close 100 locations by next year. the company reported a drop in profits and sales. the exact store locations to be closed have not been announced. still ahead, running as a great way to stay in shape. find out the hidden health risks it is -- if it is your only form of exercise. cardinals pre-season opener a showcase game for a number of players including one player who hopes to evolve to
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. time for today social sound off. a new list of the most pet friendly cities in the country. where in the valley do people love their pets the according to wally hope, scott still ranks number five in the country. you are right, creepy. the website look to the number of factors like most pet businesses and dog parks for capital. hilbert came in at number 19 with the top slot going to orlando florida. running is a great way to get exercise and burn off steam but
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manned up doing more harm than good. krystle henderson shows us why in medicine of the games. >>reporter: for some running is an addiction. >> runners are a different breed. runners are people we all know and love to run for miles and miles. not only a physical exercise but also a mental exercise. >>reporter: he is seeing more runners in his office at the mayo clinic. >> everybody trying to become more fit and active and easiest way to do for that reason we are seeing more running injuries and we have in the past. >>reporter: mainly because runners are doing the same thing over and over. >> if your training the same muscles every day eventually you will get imbalanced which will lead to increased stress on tendons and bones that lead to injury. breakdown and overuse, chronic problems like tendinitis, shin splints, aches
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us, myself included taught to push through pain because no pain no gain. we hear about it all the time. unfortunately with chronic overuse injuries that is not the right mentality. it will take longer to recover. >>reporter: how to stay healthy. he has four tips. first, don't over train. know when to rest. secondly cross train. >>reporter: do things other than running. swimming or biking can sw overworked muscles and joints. change your running shoes more often than you are. fixture advice get a new pair every three to 500 miles depending on how often you run that can be every two or three months and be flexible. >> we are seeing a big push i think those are great exercises not only for recreational athletes but high-level competitive athletes who are now incorporating yoga into
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. >> running is such a good form of exercise. it lifts your mood. >> put on your headphones and just work out your issues. >> a good moment this morning for running weather out there. >>reporter: a little cooler, not too hot. >> sure was. things drying out a bit. >> that is good. a struck out with dr. matt. >> unfortunately very quickly out there. you will see that as early as tomorrow. today i you could feel it. 98 degrees, that is where the temperature topped out at phoenix sky harbor. the average 105. look down here toward the bottom, below average as far as rainfall is concerned for the year .87 inches. definitely need more rain. as far as the monsoon, 1.92 inches so far at phoenix sky harbor. that all came down in seven days. has been fairly spotty but the
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why we definitely need more rain for the yearly average, the monsoon has been pretty mild. tomorrow most activity in the white mountains. the monsoon meter at 3. in the valley it will stay at 1. a very slight chance of thunderstorms two in northern arizona. over the next couple days all that moisture unfortunately will stay towards our south. what will happen is the jetstream will slowly lift north but high-pressure will that means dry air dropping from the north, basically shutting down monsoon storm chances the next couple days. 106 sunday, no chance of thunderstorms 107 tuesday, thunderstorm chances are supposed to make a return by wednesday and thursday. . thanks dr. matt.
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two years ago in the playoffs, the third string quarterback can be a very important insurance policy against injury. matt bartman gets his chance against the raiders the first time to showcase this skill set in front of cardinals fans. keep in was acquired from the eagles this before the start of the regular-season last year. >> it will come down to who is the best player. not the position. show what you've got. >> during the ball, getting completions what a quarterback should do. should be good. >> this is the first test to show everybody else what he's got. >> excited to get back, put some together show the coaches i can move the ball. it is like riding a bike, get back up again and take right back off.
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for 2015-2017. the phoenix suns open the regular-season at home against sacramento kings october 26. four days later steph curry had here the spurs here just over 15 and lebron james and the cavaliers come to town january 8 don't forget the suns play two games in mexico in january. that means two less home games this year. 39 home games instead of the usual 41. >> all >> oh, darn. >> a little delay there. >> i will get you on that. >> soon -- jerking moments at the olympics happened when they show proud parents and the crowd and the olympic zone has a story that may require extra tissues.
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. vanessa who finished up her basketball practice for team usa. live in rio with a look ahead to what she is working on for 12 news at 10:00. >> burn. earn. burn, mark. here is what i've got. it is going to be a huge night in rio for both gymnastics and swimming.
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neighbors in the valley. they tell me what it is like to live next to the most decorated olympian of all time, right after our olympic primetime cover. >> do they ever come come over for a cup of sugar? >> don't listen and vanessa. thanks for watching 12 news at 6:00. coming up with the olympic zone next. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know."
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on the olympic zone, she got to the olympics things to coast of leaving her. and olympic generation of track and field stars inspiring her. rookie, claiming the metal every time. -- medal every time employees for record job in brazil. the anticipation and excitement, and the election, this is what being an olympic parent looks and sounds like, we follow one family on their trip to rio next on the olympic
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good g we have caribe devine and joe dana, in the olympic zone in rio, and setting the stage for the night. you may need some clean next. >> we have plenty of stories to draw out your emotions, and we start with the relationship, if you experienced the dynamic


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