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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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republican party leaders are meeting with his campaign today in florida. 'rumor has it'... adele will 'set fire' at super bowl 51 in houston this year.plenty of bad puns in your friday morning juice... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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right now crews have just put out a warehouse fire... near 43rd avenue and van 12's bryan west just arrived on scene... what have you
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for the first time since losing in the n-f-c championship game... the cardinals are back on the football 12's jen
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time to get the tailgates ready...the cards ready... tailgates time to get the time to get the tailgates ready... the cards preseason home opener kicks off tonight at university of phoenix stadium. cards are playing the raiders. all of the tonight at 7 p-m. gates open at 530...and the great lawn will be ready for tailgaters at 300pm... av park and other parking lots will open as early as 3 too.if youre still thinking about checking out the game... there are a limited number of tickets.remember... the team sold out all 104 games they have played at the stadium since 2006.tonights game makes 105.the team is offering its usual pregame activities.the big red brew haus will offer drinks and screens to stay cool inside and watch more from the nfl.we heard from head coach bruce arians this week... and heres ehat he says
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kind of surprising to hear he will be taking somewhat of a break... if you can call it that... while the players are on the field. drivers... evening commuters. give yourself extra travel timr this afternoon because rush hour and game day traffic is expected to slow 101, 10 and surface streets in the west valley around the stadium. live in glendale... checking hot headlines this morning -hot headlines checking checking hot headlines this morning - one man is behind bars - after allegedly stealing a tow truck and leading police on a chase across the valley. d-p-s deployed spike strips in
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after that.. the stolen truck caught on fire. the driver jumped out and ran off.. but a k-9 officer tracked him down. new details on a deadly crash we told you about last week, involving two teens.police say this man -- 19-year-old victor cepeda was driving over 100 miles an hour, just seconds before hitting another car, killing a 21-year-old man. sky 12 flew over the scene near 51st avenue and osborn road, right after it happened. cepeda and his 15 year old passenger were both wearing told police they were driving around the were driving around the speed limit and the victim failed to yield.but data inside cepeda's dodge ram pickup -- shows he slammed on the brakes and -- at impact -- was going 82 miles per hour! he's now facing assault and manslaughter charges. arizona voters will decide in november whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. an initiative generated enough signatures to get it on the ballot.four states already regulate and
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including washington, oregon, colorado and alaska.if the ballot initiative passes -- arizona would join them. adele - super bowl 51 halftime singer?and the surprise exits from saturday night live... not so surprising after all. emma has after all.emma has those stories in this morning's juice. earlier this week we told you about the surprise exits of jay pharoah and taran killam from saturday night live. won't be with the show next year...and its not that bad! turns out both pharoah and killam have lead roles in their own upcoming pilots... both set to debut next year. pharoah gets the lead in ?white famous.. a half hour comedy show about a black comedian rising star.jamie foxx came up with the idea... and plays a recurring character.killam.. will star in mating... a half hour comedy about a divorced guy who isn't prepared for the current dating world.both guys seem pretty happy about the
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football season hasn't officially started... but the n-f-l is already looking into who will perform at the next super bowl halftime show. and rumor has it... it's adele. several news outlets... including the washington post, are saying that adele may be part of super bowl 51... taking place in houston. if she does agree... there are reports that she'll be joined by one republic. so far... adele nor the have confirmed the reports. now time for your juicy question of the morning... everyone knows someone who has done this... many of us do it each week or month. but surprisingly... 30 percent of people who do it... because they want to make other people jealous. a survey of our producers show they think tram would be more likely to do
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this?start sending us your answers... answers... ???adlib the republican party - meeting with donald trump's campaign in florida today. we're tracking the develpments in that story this morning... no doubt about it.this is the movie of the year already... and it's not even out yet. another sneak peek at rogue one: a star wars story... in five five minutes.
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a couple big movies coming out this weekend... trying to take weekend... trying to take down suicide squad.our movie expert jay taylor is here...first off... reviews our soaring for pete's dragon... pete's dragon...
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dragon...///// the next dragon...pete's soaring for pete's dragon...///// the next one might make you think before you eat.critics are saying critics are saying sausage party is as raunchy as movies get.... sausage party is as raunchy as movies movies get.... as movies is as raunchy as movies get.... //// several reports out //// several get....//// several get....//// several reports
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million dollars... there will not be a ghostbusters be a there will not dollars... there will not be a ghostbusters 2.does it surprise you this movie lost money//// new star wars rogue one trailer dropped during the olympics in during the dropped one trailer wars rogue //// new star moneythis movie lost surprise you this movie lost money this movie lost money//// new star wars rogue one trailer dropped during the olympics in prime time last night.we've got a small part of the two
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weather weather weather while republican leaders meet with his campaign in florida, donald trump digs in.. on his claim that president obama founded isis.the latest from the campaign trail. ####break#### in politics this morning: in politics
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####break########break#### ####break#### ####break########break#### in politics this morning: donald trump's team sits down with the republican party today. one staffer's reportedly calling it a "come to jesus meeting" about his campaign. team 12's tracie potts is live in washington with that.. plus the latest on whether a state department official crossed the line working for the clinton foundation. ?? ad lib intro ??
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the campaign insists she trip to new york out of call allegations of interest "absurd."potts in washington, now back to you. q: back to trump: he's q: back to trump: he's speaking out now on zika... and guantanamo bay? guantanamo and now on zika... speaking out trump: he's q: back to you. now back to washington, potts in i'm tracie interest a conflict of allegations of call york out of trip to new paid for that insists she the the campaign the the campaign insists she paid for that trip to new york out of pocket. they call allegations of a conflicof tracie potts in washington, now back to you. you. q: back to trump: he's speaking out now on zika... and guantanamo bay?a: tba a: tba another airline has
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in-flight entertainment... for free. american airlines says all movies, t-v shows, music and games through its in- flight entertainment will be complimentary. the airline began making the changes this month. previously, some of american's programming was free, but it charged for new release movies and other premium offerings. american's move follows that of delta air lines... which began offering all in-flight entertainment for free last month. love champagne? it might be harder to find bottles of bubbly this year. it's the worst champagne season since the 1980s -- season since the 1980s -- thanks to mildew and frost in europe. industry experts say wine producers will have to dig into their reserves to make up for the shortage. are you ready are you ready for some football?the cardinals kick off pre-seson action tonight in glendale.we are out there live with a preview. swedish fish and's not the combination of a late night drunken kitchen raid. .... or... is it?the latest
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near you... at 5:30.shelves
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a brutal a brutal
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one day after getting pot on the there's a movement to make sure you can't vote on legalizing marijuana. swedish fish.oreos. debating this mashup all morning long...weigh in and give us your thoughts on whether you would eat this.... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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weather weather???adlib weather one day after we learned that the we learned one day after one day after we learned that the legalization of marijuana is set to appear on the ballot in arizona -- there is a challenge to block the 12's nico santos is live downtown with


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