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tv   Arizona Nightly News  NBC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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gold to their collection tonight. >> some of the biggest names in swimming are back in action, a look ahead to tonight's ents is coming up. >> but first vanessa is live in rio with a preview. >> reporter: hey, guys, coming to you from rio once again. in just a few minutes, we'll be talking to the first african-american female swimtory win a gold medal in an individual competition. you won't want to miss what she said she did not mince any few minutes. >> all right. now to our big story, just a day after making it on the ballot, arizona' recreational marijuana initiative is in jeopardy. >> a judge hearing arguments today on whether voters will get a chance to decide the issue, but time is running out. >> brahm is here what it means. >> reporter: it means a spot isn't guaranteed.
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the printer in 20 days. but this fight could drag on. the initiative is a scam and attorney for supporters says there's nothing the judge can do to keep it off the ballot. >> one day after secretary of state michelle reagan approved a statewide vote on legalizing marijuana, opponents were in court fighting to knock it off the ballot. their focus, this legally required 100 word summary of proposition 205. the text they claim is it doesn't say a 50% tax covers more than just pot sales. duis from marijuana users are written out of state law and workers places might have a harder time staying drug-free. >> i think every single sentence, every single provision of the 100 words has a fault in it, is problematic. i think every -- the summary in the statute -- the summary in the ballot statement is problematic and fraud leapt. >> reporter: the backers say the courtroom attack on legalizing
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logicalment their lawyer death the judge she doesn't have the power to block it even if the language were fraud leapt. >> it's not fraudulent, misleading or confusing. as i made clearing at the hearing today, it is really up to the voters to decide whether the statute is too confusing for them or too overreaching for them. >> maricopa county judge said she will rule next week on whether to block the initiative or throw out the right up to the deadline for printing prop 205 ballots. >> thank you. switching gears, football fans, the wait is finally over, the cards back in action tonight. here's a live look from sky 12 over the university of phoenix stadium. fans now filing in with kickoff almost here. the cards are taking on the oakland raiders tonight in their first preseason game.
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can expect. cam, talk to us. >> reporter: what is going on, good evening everyone, welcome live inside the stadium. we are about 40 minutes away from kickoff. you just saw all the fans coming in the building. they have let them in here. i will say this, there was a lot of black and silver here. let me step out of the way so you can get a picture. the cardinals and raiders right now live warming up getting ready for tonight. tonight is all about the young guys. most starters will only play between 10 and 12 plays, so it's the young players, it's their talented teams in the nfl, especially for the rookies. this will be their first taste of live game action. christian out of mid western state this is izz his first pro football game tonight. he tweeted i've never attended a nfl game in my life but tomorrow i will be suiting up in one. crazy thought. yes it is. he is one of many young players
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nickname "little smoke", he will kep lots of reps. one player we're all wanting to see, third-round pick brandon williams. he's the owner starting cornerback. he says it's job to lose even with justin bethel comes back from injury. williams is impressing everyone at camp, including one of the vets including carson palmer. >> he plays as advertised, as far as the physical specimen, but you just see him get better and better and get more and more comfortable of there's not a throughout college. but for a guy to come in a very complex system and play extremely well, especially for a rookie i think has shocked a lot of guys. >> reporter: what is quite the complement from quarterback carson palmer considering williams has really ohm played one season of full cornerback when he was at texas a&m. another guy i'm wanting to see d.j. humphreys. tonight will be his first taste of real live game action.
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best moments, highlights live, cameron cox. >> all right. thank you. cooper a year ago, i think most people would have said the road to the super bowl would either go through carolina or through seattle. this year, most people are saying the road to the super bowl probably goes through glendale. >> well, very well could be. let's not discount seattle or carolina just yet. but i do feel that it will come down to eithertt arizona cardinals. i think whoever wnz the nfc west division which would grant them home field advantage will be the winner. i do like the cardinals here. i like some of the upgrades with the addition of tanner jones. >> russell wilson like that. >> you need somebody like that. >> cam newton can't like that. >> absolutely. >> coop, thanks. all right. let's go over to caribbean station. >> well turning now to the reyae games it's another big night in
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gold in what could be his final individual olympic race. >> and katie ledecky will defend her title in the 800 meter freestyle. you can catch all the action right here starting at 7:00. these olympics have been about breaking down barriers and setting new records. >> team 12's vanessa ruiz joins us from rio. she spoke with simone manuel. the first african-american woman to medal in an individual swim e you know after -- guys, well after yesterday these are now officially known as the owe limbics of the simone. simone biles the gymnast and simone manuel the african-american swimmer for team usa who as i just said, made history and now everybody knows her name. simone manuel defying american's swimming history in 52.70 seconds thursday night when she became the first african-american woman to win
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and let alone, the gold. now she died for first -- tied for first place setting a record with a canadian swimmer. but manuel also recognized his historic victory isn't a way tied to the justice for police violence and the country she represents. >> i kind of tried to take the weight of the black community off my shoulders which is something i carry with me, just being in this position. but i do h goes away. i'm super with the fact that i can be an inspiration to others and hopefully diversify the sport. but at the same time, i would like there to be a day where there are more of us and it's not simone the black swimmer because when that -- the title "black swimmer" makes it seem like i'm not supposed to be able to win a gold medal or i'm not supposed to be able to break records, and that's not true. because i work just as hard as
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sport, and i want to win just like everybody else. >> reporter: again, some very compelling comments coming from simone. i got a chance to just speak with her mom today, and she basically said that they raised simone to always speak her mind. and as you just heard there, that's exactly what she did. guys, back to you. >> all right. great story. thank you. stay with 12 news for exclusive behind the scenes stories from the games andt show coming up at 6:30. it's the place you'll get the best coverage. still to come, tracking the race for the white house. which candidate now has the edge in the key battle ground states. >> plus, today's social soundoff, a new list is out of the 30 most fun places to live in the u.s. so do any valley cities make the you can cut? >> and in fact, some valley cities saw some rain today. we were tracking very strong thunderstorms just to the northeast of the valley.
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i let's take a look at our hot headlines. a woman is facing charges after a deadly shooting at a phoenix hotel. phoenix police say hartly shot her boyfriend in the face killing him. she's been charged with negligent homicide. >> in the race for president, a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows hillary clinton gang ground.
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trump in florida, north carolina, virginia, and colorado. nbc reports that if clinton can win all those states, trump would have a slim chance of getting the electoral votes needed for victory. a vigil is planned tonight for a local veterinarian who died from a tragic accident in north phoenix. william tryon and two other men were trying to drain water from an underground grain silo. firefighters say there was barely any oxygen inside. they died. a third man i we have information on tonight's vigil at still ahead on 12 news at 6:00, all the olympic action in rio may be inspiring you to get up and moving again. but hold on if you're a weekend warrior, what you need to know
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he is time now for today's social soundoff. a new list is out of the 30 most fun places to live in the u.s. so do any valley cities make the cut? well according to u.s. news phoenix comes in at number 14. the city earned the spot because
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the outdoors and it's also great for sports fans. and we are not too far for the number one city on the list, san diego. so what do you think? should phoenix rank higher or lower? head to our facebook page and sound off. watching the olympics can bring back a lot of memories for people. but maybe to the time when you were a little more active than you are back into that favorite old sport, there are some things you should know in today's medicine of the games. >> the weekend is here and it's time to play. basketball, soccer, hiking and biking. the weekend warriors are out in force. first, there's the fun, then sometimes the pain. >> so if you're doing an activity on saturday, monday when you go to work, you're still having a lot of discomfort or pain, you probably overdid it and need to back off your activity a bit.
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clinic. he sees a lot of patients who decided to jump back into a sport or hobby after taking some time off. >> everybody has a limit and that limit it's not a fixed point, it changes as we go along. >> reporter: so before you get going again, here are three things to know. start slow. >> make sure half your activity is, go out and start once a week, switch it to twice, three times, and four times and increase as your body allows. that means more than just stretching. >> before doing any activity, shower be breaking a sweat. that means your heart rate is up a bit. stretch a little bit with it. that's okay. . and most importantly, if it hurts, don't do it. >> pain is a signal that something is wrong. and years ago, the old adage is no pain, no gain and we don't use that anymore. now if it's you're having any paper, ear overdone it. >> reporter: remember, our
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too. >> i have people come in, i'm an avid runner, i run 12 to fitch miles a week and on saturdays i run another 5 to 7 miles for my long run but my knees are hurting. i say take up biking. >> reporter: why? because biking can take the pressure off your knees and joints and maybe even give you a new way to enjoy the outdoors. >> so have you been inspired to take up any sports after watching the olympics? >> we were that and saying -- >> ridge knick gymnastics. >> not really. normally i am. but i can't get myself in that mode. >> i will say this, you watch those swimmer in the pool and you're like, man, i've got to get out to the pool. and the weather is good for that. >> am i the only one that's decided to take um rhythmic gymnastics. >> i don't think so. why don't we do a team? >> i love this idea. >> we'll try it right after the show. but the weather we have quite a bit to talk about.
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near fort peek. if you're planning any travel up there, could you see some running washes and then look down here, near gilbert, chandler, there is a very isolated thunderstorm that's popped up in the last ten minutes. that's going to quickly move down to the south. not expecting a very heavy rainfall out of that. you could see a few drops of rain. up toward the north, look at this thunderstorm is dropping down off the rim. a strong thunderstorm there. that will continue moving down toward the south. watch out for maybe some small il but the rest of the state, fairly clear, especially up near flag stuff. you had a little thunderstorm activity earlier this today. this is now focused on eastern side of our state. that's where it's going to stay tomorrow as well. but out here in the valley, the sun it was right at where we should be this time of year. 105 was our high temperature, the record 115 set back in 2012. you look down the yearly departure from average rainfall, we're not doing too bad. so we desperately need some
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get some rain tomorrow. no chance whatever. this weekend, things are going to warm up very, very quickly. look at your seven day forecast, 107 on sunday. 108 on monday. it looks like that monsoon moisture will return by the middle and end of n week. all right. the main gate entrances to the stadium at phoenix -- university of phoenix stadium open fans are starting to file inside. it is a sellout, every game sin the stadium opened since 2006. we're talking 105 straight and counting. let's check in now with our cameron cox who sidelined for the game. and cam, the cardinals secondary will have a new look to it. rookie third round pick brandon williams will start at right corner. and dj. swearing jer starts a strong safety.
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here, cam? >> well, coop, right off the bat i think there are some growing pains. tyrone matthew he's out with april injury. he's still 2 to 3 weeks away. they're going to miss that. a lot of new young parts to this secondary like brandon williams. tie von branch. they brought over from the chiefs in the off-season. he is new in this system. you do have tony jefferson. you have patrick peterson, pains. that's what the preseason is for to get all these pains out of the way. but it's still anchored by the quarterback defense who takes over that role. so as long as peterson is there to get this defense in check, they'll be fine. >> one word to you, cardinals acquired marte barkley just before the start of last season. he gets his first chance to play in front of the fans for the first time tonight. coker battling barker.
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out. this is his fourth year. it is his time to shine. coker does not look very good at camp. barkley needs to show he can be the third quarterback in this offense. the quarterback of the future talk is done with carson palmer, signing that extension to 2018. so matt barkley shows he needs to deserve to be on this team. in a pinch if they need him, they can go to him. this is his time to shine, coop. >> all right. cam, good job out there. we'll check back in with you tonight. cardinals and raiders 7:00 kickoff. mark curtis. >> get that first w tonight. >> it really -- >> it doesn't matter. i still rather get a win than a loss. >> i'm just happy we have 248 football back. >> it's time. everybody is pumped. >> woo woo. >> highlights at 11:00. >> highlights at 11:00. well time to point out the observe. olympic weight lifter kendrick farris is a pretty strong dude.
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look because it's way beyond just eating your wheaties. sees what's on the plate of the merge's great weight lifting
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. >> reporter: once again copping to you from rio. so tonight after prime time we'll talk of course about michael phelps. is it really his lasso limb pick swim? and also i'm going to introduce to you the only woman on the
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she latino and she's from arizona. her story you will not want to miss. that's after prime time. see you then. >> thank you, vanessa and thank you for watching. >> don't go anywhere. we have some great stories come
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welcome to the olympic zone, i am joe dana alongside killer bee divine -- caribe devine and the soccer team loses for the first time ever, the american women have won the previous three golds in soccer


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