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tv   12 News Today Sunday  NBC  August 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning and thank you for joining us. i am tricia hendrix. it is a beautiful outside. temperatures in the 80s but they will change. we will see how closely it will get.>> things are going to change very quickly out there. the high temperature yesterday was 108 and sadly that is where we will be today. temperatures will warm up. look at the current temperatures around the state. the place you want to be in the high country. 46 in flagstaff.
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and not a clou t been pushed to the east and here is a breakdown on the forecast later today 97 by noon and the wind at 10 to 15 miles per hour. temperature 108. not too bad since the record for this time of year at about 115. it will take the 108 and enjoy. a quick check on today's -- during the take down the
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mesa police identified a man killed by officers friday night, the shooting happened near country club dr., south of mcallen. the suspect it is unclear if he shot any shots. that the officer involved shooting in phoenix, police shot and killed a man early yesterday morning. he was wanted in connection to a recent homicide. police told a quarter the suspect he drew a knife and cut an officer in the officer fired and that will be okay. he is on administrative leave. fire got a home in buckeye on saturday afternoon. the flames started in the kitchen and moving into the attic. the heat from the fire destroyed the roof causing extensive damage and thankfully no one was hurt. annual olympic record in
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, that's how michael phelps will and his olympic career in spectacular fashion. the gold-medal is the 23rd for him who is considered the greatest olympian in history. plenty of nbc action starting 7:00 am. in basketball united states women face china but for horse lovers we have equestrian coverage and with indoor volleyball team usa coming off back-to-back supplementals on the co the united states is running away with the medal
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. in hopes to save precious lives. the. >> is yesterday si story is that my husband and i please wanted to adopt a baby. we went to an agency, did all of the classes and got different than we thought. >> before the adoption i didn't know about the program. >> arizona safe baby haven is a 501 c3 nonprofit staff, completely volunteers. >> we work to not only inform it will public of the existence of the law but to work with the safe haven providers, the fire
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hospitals. >> it's based on the law passed in 2001 that allows a woman to relinquish her baby within 72 hours of birth.. now the drawer is pulled out and they know a baby is in this drawer and shut the-. they use the draw. once thecl for them. >> i really don't know how we were chose done and i've asked. they say they can't tell us. we got a call saying there was a baby ready for us. i called nicole and she teaches so i texted her saying the best
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mom and have time to prepare. we got the phone call and rushed down to meet our son. they said what are you going to name him? we had like 20 minutes to come up with a name for him. things that people don't think about when, all of a sudden, a baby come interests your life. we had a year a couple years ago that there was a record number of safe placed. we have babies with mothers and fathers and they're growing up growing up. >> a new survey find asthma jorge lopez ti of home sellers are saving money on the
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realest statement agents. 60% of people who sold a home got a discount on what they paid the agent. among buyers, 46% say they received a refund of more than $100. chipotle is still dealing with the fall out of the incident last they're giving discount ons their drinks through september. chipotle has been struggling to entice customers to their restaurants. >> who are the worst hotel guests. expedia asked.
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in room revelers. >> you've been watching the olympics. do you know what you need to know about rio? we have five smart facts about
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welcome back. what do you know about rio de janeiro? if you want to sound smart lesson up. we have five easy nuggets to drop in a conversation. >> there is a place that may look vaguely familiar.
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unique nuggets about this place about rio de janeiro. first, it's got an ambitious nickname, marvelous state, the title of a song written in 1935. take a few flans of the beach or mountain and you'll likely agree. the city is home to one of the new seven wonder of the world, the statue atop the that is 124 feet tall. it joined the taj mahal and more on the list. it bet out the statue of liberty and aviles tower. brazil makes more coffee than any other country. they suffer add crisis in 201 when a drought forced the coffee to plummet.
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football, our soccer. brazil's indigenous tribes played tug of war with the vines. the fifth and final fact, these steps. they started tileing them originally to take care of steps in front of the house. you may recognize them from a video, snoop "beautiful". winter will soon be here. >> nice. we can all look forward to that. >> right.
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sedona as the meteors move over the red rocks. use the hashtag be on # and send us your photos. things are starting to thin o.we want the dew point at 55 or higher to consider it a monsoon. hot spot in yuma coming in at # 0. these are going to trend downward. the monsoon chances are moving we could be very unhealthy for the sensitive group. you may want to spend more time indoors. 1.92 inches official luigi officially at the airport. .37, we're above average that
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in monsoon so we could add to that total. not a cloud in the sky is left. all of that moisture is pushing off in new mexico. other parts of the country is dealing with flooding. in louisiana they have seen record amounts. some locations have seen over 20 inches a to come down. 109 coming in on monday and the other monsoon storm chances return wednesday, thursday and friday. not looking like a lot of moisture but we'll take the cooler temperatures and slight chance of rain. >> absolutely. thank you matt. >> coming up on 12 weekend toe day, if the arizona cardinals could have one olympian who
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their take in just a minute.
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. football is become to where it all be gone. driver's license las returned the opening kick for a td. la comes back to win it 28-24. it is a sweet homecoming for football in la. the olympics were held in that building twice. all of this olympic talk got me thinking. if the cardinals send one to
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my vote is david johnson. no matter if it's a real game or just probing tase, david johnson is -- he is a freak. >> breaking ankles in the pre: season. >> trying to do what i can to help out the team. >> he's humble to the core and trying to help out the team. >> he sat back a little bit and i knew i had >> it's not fair. >> he is a big buff guy. he can't make a move and then he breaks the corner. >> what guess through your mind when you see johnson one on one with the defender? >> we hold out high expectations for each other, me him and chris. >> chris johnson, david johnson and andre ellison all on the same team. that's starting run become and
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that's a blessing. >> yeah it is. put another ring on it. 12 sports mvp, the rat lehrs, are heading back to the arena bowl. they beat the gad gladiators last night. they'll host the bowl on the 6th and they're going for the fifth more coming up later on to day and 1 news after the olympics. they'll practice one more time here in the valley and head to sunday. they'll have a closed practice ons wednesday and the next preseason game is friday. 12 sports will be there bringing you the best coverage.
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avalley high school student makes waves in rio.
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good sunday morning thanks for joining us on 12 news weekend today. first we wta it will get in the valley. the first take it in, rio de janeiro, look at that shots. max, that is gorgeous. >> you cannot beat that shots. temperatures in the 80s. even their winter right now, the temperature doesn't change too much there. let's get out of here and go there.
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the valley. no chance of storms . all the monsoon moisture worked its way out to look at the temperatures around the valley 80 what apache junction 82 gold canyon and maricopa 78. 79 in cave creek but the moisture is quickly moving towards the east and that is dry air off the coast of california that is why the thunderstorm chances of the next few days will be nothing. for today 108 is the gh the winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour and the sun will set at 7:15 pm good 105 by 6:00 pm in the by 9:00 pm 97 degrees out there. a doing anything make sure you stay hydrated because it will be very warm. we will do that. let's get a quick check on the hot headlines. unrest in milwaukee wisconsin after police
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but this was the seat at a gas station. police say someone set the building on fire due to gunfire. a police officer was hurt when a public was thrown through a window hitting him in the head. struct residents evacuate from record floodwaters in louisiana . about 24 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period. officials said more than 1000 peopav flooded homes and cars. so far three people have reportedly died from all of the flooding. the rate is expected to continue to read today. he is still out there and police need your help finding hampered the serial street shooter. if you have any information that could help people catch the shooter who resembles the man in his photo sketches -- police catches you can remain anonymous and call silent winter
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it has been nearly one month since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared from his home in buckeye. police continue to get tips daily. if you have any information they would like to hear from you. just call 623 they would like to hear from you. just call 623394 they would like to hear from you. just call 62339462334 they would like to hear from you. just call 623394623349 -- 6411. check the swimming events at the real olympics are now history is the drama is the olympic journey of michael phelps is one last gold-medal, one must record and a legacy unlikely to be matched anytime soon. here is brian moore. >>reporter: michael phelps swims for gold one last time and is victorious earning a record from help from his teammates in the 4 x 100. he stands alone with the 23
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history. >> it's not the end of a career is beginning of a new journey. simone manuel one another metal --medal. looking ahead men's basketball against france and the women against china final round of golf sprinters. so much fun to watch. plenty of nbc action starting at 7 o'clock so much fun to watch. plenty of nbc action starting at 7:00 am first in basketball the us women face china and for horse lovers we have equestrian coverage including qualification of the individual jumping event and an indoor volleyball. team usa coming off back-to- back silver medals back on the court. united states is running
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right now team usa has 16 metals 24 of them are gold and china is a distant second with 41 great britain 30 japan russia rounding out the top five. michaela skinner landed in phoenix this weekend and caleb was an alternate on the us women's gymnastics team and watched three unfold this week. monique caught up with michaela. last night w and what you plan to do next to >> these are really nice trip >>reporter: fresh off the plane she is back open, reflecting on her whirlwind trip to rio de janeiro. >> the different cultures and being around everyone to meeting all the other olympians was great. set maxey placed fourth in the trials but missed making the team. to travel to realize an alternate which meant training just as hard every day and take
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>> knowing i had a chance to go in there and it's my last shot to give it my all and if they need me i would be ready. >>reporter: when the team had the floor she was there cheering him on. >> we're all shaking up and we do the best he could. >>reporter: and they did. they came out with a gold medals and that was great. i took pictures of them and they were so excited. >> she never got to where her it was still a once-in-a- lifetime experience in >> think about it i kind of miss it. after years of training and dedication and chasing olympic training is also looking forward to some free time and a few indulgences. you want to watch what you eat but at the same time i said i am going to pick out. i love franchising catch up. i will eat a lot of that. >> plans to attend university of utah deciding how much wants to compete for.
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high school teenager for the valley won her first olympic medal even though she is putting for canada between roots are well-established at the aquatic five. brian west caught up with some of her best friends who were thrilled to watch her compete on the world stage. >>reporter: she may be a junior at the hot -- high school but she is making a splash on the international stage for the six- year-old is planted a bronze medal in rio de janeiro after team canada raced in the freestyle of say they were watching when she crossed the finish line. >> i was screaming and crying the whole time in which he dove inequitably she was racing against other olympians. it is crazy she is at their level and racing against them and keeping up with them. >> i was jumping up and down and screaming and crying. that was the most exciting i ever got over anything. i was losing it. >>reporter: she brought some
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today she has a good excuse for missing classmates that as her friends they still see taylor winning is surreal. >> should plan on winning a medal and she came home with bronze it is crazy. >> think i will joe with her and say bronze, that was okay. i think you could've done better. that is the first thing i will say encircling and hundred >> i texted her many times richard so excited that we have so many family and friends that cheering her on. wins the gold medal for the third consecutive olympics. sara shookman reports. >>reporter: the us is rowing team arrived in real confident in putting the 11 year unbeaten streak and olympic and world
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rio with that streak intact after they struggled again on saturday. the victory marks the third consecutive olympics in which the americans have stood on top of the podium expect every race we try to find a new level and the better rhythm and research. >>reporter: the boats from netherlands held an early lead. united states finished with a time of six minutes and 1.49 seconds the team from britain.>> no margin is big enough. no stroke is hard enough. but the most important thing is that we did it together. >> and win was the only option. start coming up on transiting we head out to rio for a look
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in the water.
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estrated team... to help patients be treated well. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. we are your home for the olympics and we can live in rio de janeiro and that is great team usa find gold before the americans take one last final lap in the olympic pool when they have been just about unbeatable. j is live in olympic park with a closer look. >>reporter: team usa continuing to collect metals at near record pace and the man who has
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athlete ever in history and the games as one were gold as he walks away. michael phelps his goodbye is golden. he is emotional ending his career with his 23rd gold medal. >> it is something special something that is a perfect way to end. >>reporter: the women's medley that gold as well. on the water where the women's won gold olympic gold. that getting the early jump track and field took gold. my last jump, it's like a drink come true. >>reporter: the dream is still alive for these and simone biles look for her third gold of the game when she repeats the gymnastics involved final. a handful of track and field
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contenders including jeffrey, hundred meter dash to find out who the fastest man in the world is. that is the latest life. bolt looks unbelievable. when gatlin did as well yesterday. >> it should be terrific to see. these two guys i think really don't care for each other a lot so it's always good when they get on the track and can do without.>> it is interesting through the finish line and looking around. it's just a normal day for them. you can understand that. you can keep up with them on the track. >> no problem. phelps and more phelps. we can't get enough of him. >>reporter: a lot of people think maybe we haven't seen the last of michael phelps but he
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what a way to go out. instantly he didn't get a medal and he was begging the coaches to be on the relay team. he closes it out with a metal here when he was 15 denarious 31. does he go again four years later? what was friends -- one of his friend said he will swim again. if he hasn't let them be. >> definitely. so much fun to watch. all eyes on him. thanks so much. i'm a tt >> is kind of nice here. >> enjoy your time there and looks beautiful. did you catch any water polo at the olympics? if you did didn't have a clue what was going on we are here
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>> the sports of men's water polo. in 1900 olympics in paris after an absence of the 1904 games and appeared in every other olympics since the women's water polo became a medal sport at the 2000 olympics in sydney australia. each team has seven players in the pool at the same time that includes a goaltender and six additional competitors. scoring happens when the ball completely crosses the goal line. the equipment has a ball, different sizes for men and women, covered swim caps with two white swimsuits to make it harder for opponents to grab on. the pool is 20 m wide. 25 m long for the women's game. there are two goals in each and that are 3 m wide 5.9 m high and the pool is adept at 2 m to prevent players from touching the bottom. there's also a 5 m line and to meter line in front of the goal. the only time off as a player can swim inside the 2 m line is that he has possession of the
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commits a file inside the 5 m line which prevents a probable gold the defensive player is charged with a personal out an opposing team is awarded a penalty shot. a combination of basketball, soccer and hockey sport of water polo is arguably one of the most demanding sport at the olympics are therefore there are a number of rules in place to help enforce fair play. players will be called felt if they pool, kicking opponents, push off an opponent to gain space strike the ball with a fist, holding opponents head under the water hold the ball under the water. in rio de janeiro the women will love to defend her gold and the men will try to improve on their eighth place finish. coming up next on 12 news weekend today, he is arguably
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the first sitdown with carrie cox talking football, his foundation and maybe a little
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one preseason game in the books for the cardinals and the coach called it od spoke with the media about fund- raising dinners at the end of the month that will benefit his foundation. cameron cox caught up with him arguably the biggest sports star in the valley. >> i know the seasoning and the temperatures that you have to seem at first and then put it on the stove. >> i don't know what the comes
6:51 am
>> and prepare this one here and i will try after little bit. hopefully, the practice you will know something went wrong. >> construct a minute made a difference. suck my hair is longer.>> got a couple grades from here to hear -- you to hear. the basics of stay the same. i still enjoy go guys i go to the patient getting ready to play. you get to go out and play for 70,000 people at the university of phoenix stadium. it's like being a kid every single weekend. but that has not changed. i really enjoy that part. >> one of my favorite lines, your son told you have to be nfc championship, why did you drop 70 balls? what has your son told you so
6:52 am
here's his classmates are a talking and he relayed the message to me. whatever the people are saying on the streets he has his ear to the streets. i know what they are saying that i think, son, you have to formulate your own opinion. i am not doubting the football player i am just dad tell you that your homework done. >> do your homework. >> that looked delicious. >> seems like one of the nicest genuine people think that he is like a big teddy bear. >> but the weather some people are not liking that. >> what are we in for? >> 108 today. for some of this may come back by the middle of next week. check out this photo that stephen sent us, lightning up and valley health last week and we could start to see some
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about the heat out there because high pressure is moving in from the west and you can see no clouds or ring around the entire area but if we zoom out a bit nothing is moving and was because high pressure is right over southern california and that is taking the flow and pushing it down to northern portions of arizona right towards the valley and that generally signals very dry air moving in. keep in mind during monsoon you want the high pressure sitting over the four quarters in a brings all the moisture out of mexico into the state of the in sholow 56 flagstaff 82 casagrande 86 in tucson for the good news is we are in a downward train with -- trends. average high temperature today 105. we reach the peak and pass the peak of 107 and looked we're headed 65 degrees on average by the time we move into the end of december. certainly we look forward to that and it should be here
6:54 am
the grand canyon, 88 degrees out there 87 for your monday and a slight chance of storms in the forecast for the rest of the high country look at flagstaff not too bad for the best chance of storm seems to be over and sholow 86 today and 85 for tomorrow and over the last few days the next few days the pattern continues with pressure blood pressure moving and the kemar 109 forecast high temperature. the financial objectives will come back into the forecast wednesday, thursday and friday and saturday only about a 20% chance of rain but i think we will take it especially since look at the temperatures down to 102 by next weekend. about one month more of the monsoons? >> we are counting down. after the games and rio come the pair games purpose they are in trouble for the
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after the olympics finish in macri out there is time for another set of games. the paralympics. a spokesperson says the games are well below expected. they were relying on excitement and energy produced by the olympics to boost sales but sadly that has not happened. and that is sad. for all those olympians out there. temperatures 109 for monday but luckily the temperatures are going to drop by next weekend. a slight chance of thunderstorms moving back into the forecast. check thank you for joining us
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liberty stands with you.
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?? . it promises to be another warm and sunny sunday here in rio de janeiro as we start the second half of the 2016 olympic games. day nine brings action in 22 sports, 25 gold medals to be won. this morning much of the attention will be outside the venue known for its central role in the celebrations during


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