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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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brazil and rio de janeiro has achieved despite all these difficulties you mentioned. they have managed to transform a metropolis for the better. you have now a much better infrastructure with public transportation. you have a better communication network. you have renovated city center which created thousands of jobs. and so appreciate what the brazilians managed under these very difficult circumstances. >> my conversation with thomas bach continued from there with more on rio as a host city as well as the future of the olympic games overall, the russian doping scandal and other topics. you can watch the interview in it entirety at and you can also find more of my interview with michael phelps
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count, brought to you by mcdonald's, supporting athletes on their journeys toward olympic gold. the americans continue to lead in both overall and gold medals. meanwhile, jamaica won its first two rio golds last night and tonight with elaine thompson and usain bolt claiming the titles of world's fastest woman and man. and south africa won its first gold tonight with wayde van niekerk's world record performance in the 400 meters. it was also a tremendous sunday for great britain da across gymnastics, sailing, cycling, and tennis with andy murray winning a second straight singles title. and there was goal from justin rose in golf's return. and we'll leave you tonight with the first olympic golf medal ceremony since one was presumably held at glen oak hill country club in st. louis back in 1904.
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justin rose with the gold. sweden's henrik stenson wins silver. and america's matt kuchar wins bronze. ?? ?? ?? >> so that'll do it for us. ryan seacrest coming up in late night. and tomorrow on the "today" show two of the biggest american stars in rio, michael phelps and
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for now, good night from rio.
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moms know their kids need love. and encouragement. they also know milk is a nutrient powerhouse. with 8 grams of natural protein, plus 8 other essential nutrients. it's no surprise 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk. . you're watching 1 news, arizona station. >> # news at 10:00 wmark, vanessa, caribe and coop starts now. >> we're tracking the wig picture. >> a big day for arizona
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day and i got a chance to speak to him moments taft big win. >> i could spring. alex's family and friends cheering him on from near the valley. the four time national champion, is now an inspiring young gymnast. >> he teens om member of the cardinals organization that has olympic gold medalist on his reid may. >> what we're learning about ryan lochte being held up at gunpoint. >> 12 news starts right now. good evening, we're your home for all of the olympic coverage. bethany maddox taking gold in the mixed doubles tennis. >> alex winning bronze med
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>> vanessa reese talked to alex after his long-awaited victory. alex missed making it to the london games and since then hens spent everyday working to get to this day. he brought home the bronze. alex was emotional on the stand. he reflected on all of his hard work and minutes after that moment i was able to speak to alex. >> he has here -- >> it was an olympic medal finish. alex clenched the bronze tonight tcu finals. it's team usa's first gold med neil rio in gymnastics. >> i'm trying to take it on and realize i'm not dreaming. i actual lip went on and doing this.
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know that it's real. >> reporter: amazing indeed and a result of years of hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifice. >> i went out and had the highest score i've ever scored in my entire career internationally. the stars aligned and it was meant to be. >> reporter: his blessings include his fe their baby lilah. >> it's on the uniform. >> i can smell it. >> i'm sure. >> is it weird if i can smell it. >> tell us that story. my wife surprised me and she was washing my clothes and it was with drift de terp jent for my daughter and i went and
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why i'm here. i told her before i left, can you make sure you do that, i made the olympic team and she laughed and said it's being country. >> reporter: it clearly worked. you're an olympic medalist now. >> reporter: as i mentioned, alex's wife and daughter were not with him today here in rhea i but they back home with friends and family. >> reporter: today was alex's last chance to win a medal at the olympics in rio. anxious doesn't begin to describe it. . it's hard to describe it. >> reporter: his wife, daughter
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tv screen at home and other fans cheered him frontline tv buffalo wild wings. we want to see alex. it's crazy to see how many flips he can do. >> reporter: alex didn't disappoint. >> before he did his dismount i knew he could hit it. that was true hit. the routine was really good. our range of emotion and i think i was jumping up and thanking god and it's just amazing. >> reporter: alex nailed the routine and took home the bronze medal for team usa. >> i teared up myself. incouldn't handle it. it was really emotional. >> reporter: after watching her son work so hard and sacrifice, the moment a bit overwhelming for sandy as well.
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words. sometimes things are just an amazing, amazing feeling. i'm so proud of him. are alex won bronze and made olympic history. he was the first american to win a gold on the horse in 32 years. >> all right monique, thank you. i'm so happy for alex. >> i know. >> i'm so proud and happy for him. as you know he trained a father's gym in gilbert. a lot of young athletes also train there. you can bet they're looking up to alex and rooting for him in rio. tricia hendricks caught up with some wishing to be just like him. >> reporter: alex is now inspiring young gymnast. 15-year-old brandon started
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years old. he's taken place in state and regional meets. >> i won future star national three times. >> reporter: he's been on the junior olympic team twice. >> it's exciting. it's fun to do what i love outside of school. >> reporter: practicing 20 hour as week is paying off. his 8-year-old broth ever dillon is also a gymnast. dillon start add few years ago too. i feel like i'm [ inaudible ] >> reporter: fourth all around for his level in 2014, third in 2015 and this year second in state earning his way to regionals. both inspired by team usa gymnast, alex, who they get to watch train at this gym.
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accomplished it >> reporter: brandon and bill lon condition only dream of going to the olympics one day. >> i'm on track to be a college gymnast or world medalist or olympic >> go team usa. >> reporter: simone bile won her third olympic gold medal, this time on the woman's vault. cheetos last to go and beat her come pig by seven tenths of app point. she has two events repaining, balance beam tomorrow and floor exercise tomorrow. madison took the silver in uneven barson and gabbie
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scottsdale bethany maddox is a first time olympian. she won the gold and won against an opponent who has won as many gold medals as any. venus williams seeking her fifth olympic gold medal, couldn't hold off the bethany maddox fans. they lost the first set 6-7, rall and trailed 6-3 before winning six straight points to win the gold medal. [ inaudible ] major props to scottsdale's own bethany maddox. she will frame her stars and
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medal a man named socks helped heroine. >> probably not many people knew her game before the games. now many wild. bethany mattek-sands did it. caribe. >> thank, guys. all of these amazing athletes are racking up the medals. take a look at the medal count. gold, 28 silver and 21 bronze. >> next up, a scary moment everyone is talking about today ryan lochte held up and robbed at gunpoint. what he had to say about the insurance debt. severe flooding in louisiana. an update on the conditions
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze.
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liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. . >> 12 news tracking the big stories around the state. here is is a look at today's hot headlines. today marks one month since 10- year-o disappeared. the search could turn interest a recovery operation. >> tonight twin 2-year-old remain in the hospital after a near drowning in tempe. police say the mother lost track of them for a few seconds and then found them submerged in an above ground hot tub. they were rushed to the hospital in serious condition.
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no injuries or arrests have been reported. >> president obama hasdy claire add majordy bam -- has declare add major disaster for louisiana. four deaths have been reported and 7000 people have been rescued and these flood waters are in response 3 rainfalling in four days. absolutely tremendous rainfall. back here in the valley we're dealing with something different. we're dealing with a record set back in 1996. remember this storm that moved through the northern part of the valley. this was recorded at deer valley airport this. is the strongest wind gust ever measured in arizona. it brought $116 million in
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towards buckeye. a very powerful storm. today nothing on the radar. our monsoon moisture is pushed down to the south. that's where it's going to stay. the temperatures are going up quickly. 109 for tomorrow. the average this time of year siting at 105. no chance of rain in our forecast. make sure you do all of your exercising before the sunrises. monsoon meter shows e threat over in the white mountains. there is a very isolated chance of storms up to the north and east of the valley but nothing should make it into the valley. look at our temperature over the past year. we've seen 28 days above the 110-degree mark this. is the third most we've seen on record.
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getting. 33 set in 2011. we could make to it that mark. there is is a high pressure siting off the coast of california. by wednesday we see moisture building down towards the south. that's why by thursday we have a dep sent chance of rain in the forecast. temperatures will be warm and we start to cool them off. >> coop, you saw how out there to night. today for the first time, despite the heat, bruce arians has the guys practice outside after the loss to the radars. >> bruce arians didn't have the cardinals practice outside as a punishment. there was a guns n' roses concert scheduled for tomorrow
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the workers to get the stadium set up they went outside. as for the outdoor practice, it wasn't too bad. >> felt more like training camp. it was great weather, nice breeze. >> it was fun. it was nice weather so it was okay. it wasn't bad. because the weather was nice and all, [ inaudible ] >> the cardinals will practice outside for the repain der of this week. another practice in the morning before leaving for san diego. they'll get a better feel of where they are since they're going up against a defense who doesn't know their playbook. >> they can tell exactly what's going on.
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the time. they know the route we're going to run. hopefully by the time we get out to san diego we'll have a chance to work on our technique. >> any time you can go against an opponent, it's good to pick their brain. >> the cardinals play the chargers friday night in preseason game number two. >> i don't care about the wins and losses, >> thank, coop. >> reports of ryan lochte getting held up at gunpoint in rio had people talking all day. vanessa joins us with what he had to say. >> reporter: the way ryan lochte describes it, it sounds very scary.
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had spent the night out partying after last night's competition. this shows lochte at a club. after this they were on their way home and pulled over by people posing as police. >> we got pulled over in our taxi and these guys came out with a lights no nothing, just a police badge. they pulled us over. they pulled out their gunshot and told the other swimmers to get done on the ground. they got down on the ground. i refused. i said i didn't do anything wrong so i'm not getting down on the ground and this guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down.
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he took our money, my wallet. >> as you know, security has been a major concern leading up to the rio olympic games. i have to tell you, from personal experience here, nothing major to report. so far, most of the people i've spoken to, visitors and journalist alike, they have felt pretty safe. authorities are investigate and they'll get to the it. >> thanks, a lot vanessa. the cardinals have their own olympic gold medalist on staff. see how his experience has benefited the players on and
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. speed and perfection is what many athletes strive for. this is true in track and field. the arizona cardinals are fortunate to have a previous track and field gold medalist on staff. cameron x >> it's a moment when time stands still. >> it's one moment in time. the world stops for you. >> roger kingdom tasted olympic gold 32 years ago. >> wow, it's been 32 years. every time i watch the race on tv i get the goose bumps and chills. >> it started as a promise to his mom. >> i turned around and told my
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around again in '72 that i was going there. >> and he did, multiple times. he was the unknown runner who won the gold in the 110-meter. once you win your mind is i have to do it again. >> '88 i was down. >> help wasn't. he successfully defended his title becoming the first man to break the 13 second ri the olympics. 28 years later you won't find him on the track anymore. he now works the cardinals and the assistant strength and conditioning coach. he applies what he learned to nfl players. >> i have to make sure these guys are sound mechanically. a lot of the time i'm just watching them, coming one the drill, how can i make this guy better, how can i help him get
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all of these things run through my mind. i think about all of the explosive drills we did. >> he's perfectly content working in the nfl, passing along his knowledge to the athletes. he still follows track and field closely and sees a lot of similarities to others. >> this young man is a beast. getting he has a hand up. he's moving. this kid is the best in rio. >> kingdom will be watching monday. for the cardinal, cameron cox, 1 sports. >> cam, thanks a lot. it's so genious they've hired an olympian to work on their
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coop, regarded the fastest in the world. when we look at usain bolt, he's the fastest. >> the man is flat out ridiculous. he's the world's fastest man for every ten years h.e's trying to be the first man or woman to win three gold medals in the row in the he takes it again. the 29-year-old jamaican icon is the fastest in the world. usain bolt turn 30 a week from today. that means he'll be about 34 in the 2020 games. give the man a gold medal right
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>> he's incredible. >> stick around. coming up on 12 news at 10:00, we have our shot of the day. the moment that led us to this hug was not just about the silver medal but it was a life
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. ycompetition day nine coming to an end. we're ready for what tomorrow will bring. we'll have our eye on devin allen's olympic debut. he'll compete mr. the 100-meter men's hurdles. his family is make the trip from phoenix. that's it from rio tonight


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