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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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seconds count when you've got kids around you've got count when you've got kids around water.. one valley mom learning the hard way.. over the weekend. ??bryan teases ???jimmy teases a memorable weekend for arizona olympians.. we've got a recap of what happened.. plus three of today's must-see events. gabby douglas' mom has had it.. why she's speaking out.. on behalf of her daughter.. we've got that and more.. in the morning juice.
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???toss weather
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now... as firefighters rush to knock down the flames at a home near 64th avenue and van buren. team 12's nico
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a woman in a wheelchair is dead after she was hit by a car. the driver.. taking off. team 12's bryan west
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now let's get a check of today's hot headlines... this morning.. 2-year-old twins are in serious condition.. after nearly drowning in tempe. police say the toddler's mother.. lost track of them for a short time yesterday afternoon. they were found under water.. in an above ground hot tub. it's been one month since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared.. and buckeye police are whether the boy will be found alive. yesterday... authorities stopped asking for volunteers to help search for the boy. they say -- at this point -- they believe the search is turning into a ?recovery? operation. despite this.. police say they're still hopeful the boy will be found safe and are doing everything they can to find him. criminals are getting better at stealing your credit card information at gas pumps. investigators removed 12 skimmers in just the first 12 days of this month. they
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glendale, phoenix and yuma. authorities say criminals are making the skimmers harder to find -- by attaching them to the circuit boards. they've found 40 since the start of this year. we have more specific locations.. on our webiste -- 12-news-dot- com. axl rose.. has kicked the arizona cardinals out of their own stadium for a big concert tonight.. and that means the cards will be practicing outside this morning.. team 12's jen wahl is live from the university of phoenix stadium... the arizona cardinals are practicing outside today... right in tid sizzling desert summer.all because of a guns n roses concert that will be held inside here tonight. not the most comfortable of places to practice... as temperatures will jump to between 90 and 96 degrees... while the teams plays outside this morning.they usually
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the united states dominating out in rio.. we start the second week of the olympics.. with 69 medals.. 26 of which are gold. china comes in second.. with 45 medals.. followed by great britain with 38 medals. it was a big it was a big weekend for arizona olympians.. the valley's own alex naddour won bronze on the pommel.. ending a 32 in that event. and team 12's vanessa ruiz was there to
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on the agenda today.. u-s-a super-star simone biles competes in the balance beam.. as she goes for a fourth gold
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on brazil.. in the men's beach volleyball quarter-finals. and like vanessa mentioned.. the valley's own devon allen will make his olympic debut in the men's 110 meter hurdles. that at 3 o'clock. and don't worry -- because if you miss an event.. we've got everything you need to know on 12-news-dot-com. exclusive rio content is just a click away. they may be small.. but they're certainly not harmless. the dangers of using earb they were once the celebrity couple envied by all.. but now justin beiber and selena gomez are heating up in a different way.. the war of words.. that was exchanged over justin's new girl. that's still
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###break### this week.. louisiana officials are urging the president to declare the severe flooding there -- a natural disaster. officials say four people have already died. more than 20-thousand people have been rescued from their homes or vehicles.. and more than 10- thousand people are living in emergency shelters. chaos erupts at john f kennedy airport in new york after a report of gunfire. officials say several witnesses reported hearing gunfire. terminal eight and terminal one were placed on lock down.. but no shooter
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were found. a law enforcement official says cheering and clapping from people watching the olympics may have led to the mistake. this morning.. the f-a-a is updating their radio system. before today.. controllers and pilots communicated using analog radios.. which have several issues -- including a higher potential for misunderstood messages. now with the push of a button.. controllers will be able to send routine instructions.. directly to the flight deck. the f-a-a says this will reduce work- load and lead to fewer communication errors. listen up -- may be hard to. doctors are noticing a trend that people are losing hearing earlier in life. the theory is that headphones -- specifically the ear buds.. might be the source of the problem. team 12's haley hernadez has more.. in your
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???adlib ???toss morning juice she was the golden girl in the 20-12 london olympics.. but this time around.. gabby douglas is facing loads of criticism.. the two- time olympian has had to deal with people bashing her hair as well as accusations that she bleached her skin.. or had plastic surgery. and who could forget the social media storm -- after gabby did not put her hand over her heart during the national anthem. well now.. her mom is coming forward -- saying enough is enough. she told people
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being bullied. she says gabby is heartbroken and really struggling with life in the spotlight this year. justin bieber also facing a wave of criticism online.. including from his ex- girlfriend selena gomez.. selena gomez.. right now.. the beebs is in japan on tour.. and he brought along his ?rumored girlfriend -- sophia richie. she's the 17-year old daughter of legendary singer lionel richie. after sharing pics of the two on instagram.. ?fans lashed out.. and bieber struck back.. saying in short -- if they don't knock it off.. he would make his account private -- essentially blocking his 77-million followers. well, guess who chimed in on the threat? his ex.. selena gomez.. who many of the angry fans want justin to still be with... she commented on one of the photos saying.. "if you can't handle the hate.. then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend." she added "don't be mad at your fans. they love you." selena
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but we all know nothing really dies after it's been on the internet. now time for your juicy question of the morning... some studies show that this happens five times in your life. and it can happen to you at any age. what is it? give us your answers. ???adlib
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weather weather weather weather weather traffic ?? traffic ???? traffic ?? traffic ???toss ???adlib weather walmart might be doing away with price-matching..
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donald trump takes his war on the media.. to a whole new level. what he said.. that has critics questioning his knowledge of the constitution.
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you might you might think donald trump.. would be a fan of freedom of speech.. but his latest campaign stunt suggests the opposite. we know by now.. trump does not approve of what he calls "dishonest" media.. but he took his animosity to a whole new level yesterday.. when he threatened to take away press credentials. trump also sent out a
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freedom of the press when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want.. even if it is completely false." this morning.. many americans are calling trump out.. saying the exact definition of "freedom of speech" is the right to express any opinions without fear of government retaliation or censorship. hillary clinton is gaining ground in important battleground states.. that's what the results of the latest n-b-c news -- wall street journal poll say. in colorado.. the democratic nominee is ahead by a staggering 14-points.. and in virginia.. clinton is also up by double-digits.. with a 13-point advantage. clinton holds smaller leads in florida and north carolina. if clinton wins all four of these states in the general election.. trump will have a difficult time collecting the 270 electoral votes needed.. to win the presidency. a dragon takes flight.. and food comes to life.. team 12's jay taylor is in with his take.. on the weekend's box office hits.
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competition.. so what do you eat when it's all said and done? i've got the answer in the morning juice.. more 12 today coming your way... ###break### maybe almond breeze tastes so good
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but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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right now - police investigating a deadly accident involing a woman, a wheelchair and a car. donald trump turning his focus from attacking hillary a different target...the media. ?? ad lib ?? when you're done with your olympic competition...what do you do?if you're this badminton pig out. the epic post games mcdonald's meal.. in your morning juice.


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