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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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right now - police investigating a deadly accident involing a woman, a wheelchair and a car. donald trump turning his focus from attacking hillary a different target...the media. ?? ad lib ?? when you're done with your olympic competition...what do you do?if you're this badminton pig out. the epic post games mcdonald's meal.. in your morning juice.
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jimmy ???adlib a busy morning for firefighters as they knock down a blaze near 64th avenue and van buren. team 12's nico santos is live at the
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this morning police are working a deadly hit and run crash.the victim a woman in a 12's bryan west is live near 48th street
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checking hot headlines around the valley this morning... right now 2-year-old twins are in serious condition.. after nearly drowning in tempe. police say the toddler's mother.. lost track of them for a short time yesterday afternoon. they were found under water.. in an above ground hot tub. take a look at this guy... police say he's the serial shooter... and he's still out there. they need your help finding him. if you have any information that could help phoenix resembles the man in these police sketches.. you can remain anonymous by calling silent witness at 480-witness. a 50-thousand dollar reward is being offered. criminals are getting better at stealing your credit card information at gas pumps. investigators removed 12 skimmers in just the first 12 days of this month. they found them at pumps in tempe, glendale, phoenix and yuma. authorities say criminals are making the skimmers harder to find -- by attaching them to the circuit boards. they've found 40 since the start of this year. we
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on our webiste -- 12-news-dot- com. football outside this morning... and paradise city inside tonight.jen wahl is looking at two big events out at university of phoenix
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???adlib traffic on friday - it sounded like
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up as the sounded like on friday - it sounded like adele might wind up as the next super bowl halftime show. today... a different story. emma is here with the morning juice.
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bowl this winter..but singer adele is putting those rumors to posted video online from one of her concerts-- where adele said there's no way she'd be the halftime performer at super bowl -51-." she said she'd maybe think about it in the future-- but as of now, the answer's a hard no.. it begs the question... who could it be this year?? the n-f-l hasn't given us any hints yet.. when olympians are done competing... done with the years of training and clean eating..what do they do?if you're austrailian badminton
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gorge on absoultely obscene amount of mcdonalds.he posted this on his facebook page...a feast of ... four packs of chicken nuggets, six burgers, six fries, and six slices of cake. because, in brazil - they eat chocolate cake with everything. ?? ad lib ?? question of the morning... some studies show that this happens five times in your life.many people say you can't live without it.others say it. others say life is better and easier without it.what is it? give us your answers on the social media platforms.
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pete's pete's dragon...the original... back in the 70's.. pretty cheesey.but the remake? how many ?jay's did jay taylor give it?the answer in two minutes.
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fighting...donald trump taking
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new level. blame game to
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new level.
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solid weekend at the box office.... with suicide squad winning again.winning again. suicide squad winning again. but let's talk about pete's are dragon. reviews are great for this one.... what did our jay
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of the weekend goes to sausage party,industry analysts say they had no idea it would be such a hit//// what are you looking forward to next
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?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic traffic???adlib traffic
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he's getting weather he's getting ready to make a major speech on his foreign affairs plan.but all donald trump can seem to talk about? blaming the media for his from d-c... in two minutes. google with a big oops?what the tech giant says now about its plan to put high speed internet... everywhere. ####break#### donald trump's giving a major national security speech today. and he's shifting focus from hillary clinton to what he calls clinton to from hillary shifting focus speech today. a major
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donald trump's giving a major national security speech today. and he's focus from hillary clinton to what he calls the "crooked what he calls clinton to from hillary shifting focus and he's speech today. security national a major trump's giving donald
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####break#### ####break#### ####break#### donald trump's giving a major national security speech today. and he's shifting focus from hillary clinton to what he calls the "crooked media". tracie potts is live in washington with the latest on decision 2016.
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a: tbdvotes win georgia - deep south in we're hearing potts in i'm tracie potts in washington. q: tracie- we're hearing clinton may be putting the deep south in
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scranton's democratic stronghold, pennsylvania, a swing state. potts in washington. q: tracie- we're hearing q: tracie- q: tracie- we're hearing clinton may be putting the deep south in play, trying to win georgia - which typically votes
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campaign by the government to reduce the number of children lost to sudden infant death syndrome, many parents are still putting their babies at risk. researchers at penn state studied video from familes with infants. even when they knew they were being recorded, most parents did not follow safe sleep practices. many placed babies on their stomachs or sides; surrounded them with loose blankets or stuffed animals; or put them in an adult bed. a new study reveals a litw researchers looked at ?seven health behaviors of 66-thousand people across 22 jobs -- including smoking status, physical activity, diet and blood pressure. those in the forestry, farming, arts, sports and - surprising to us - ?media industries were most likely to have a heart healthy lifestyle ... while truck drivers and social service workers were least likely to be heart healthy. listen up... though it may be hard to.doctors are noticing a
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theory is that headphones, specifically the ear buds... might be the source of the problem. .audiologists warn the volume of your music should not be more than 50 percent of what your device is capable of.your ears cannot handle noise above 85 decibels for an extended period of time. a google oops? google parent alphabet rethinking its high-speed internet business, after initial rollouts ende time consuming than anticipated. the wall street journal reporting google fiber is now hoping to use wireless technology to connect to homes. the decision coming even though it has already spent millions of dollars to install fiber optic cables in several major cities. wal-mart may be doing away with price matching at hundreds more of its stores. price matching allows customers to bring in competitor ads, and if the price is lower, get the item at the cheaper price. wal-mart has not said which
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affected, so customers don't know until they get to the store. all fourth graders and their families are granted free admission to national parks and other federal lands for a full year... with a fourth grade pass. the pass is valid for the duration of the fourth grade school year through the following summer... beginning in september and ending in august. to get your paper pass, just visit the web site... every kid in a park dot gov. summer heat is still here..but it's never too early to start skis up at snow bowl... how fast is usain bolt??this fast!looking back at the field as he blows past them on his way to another olympic gold.
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert!
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life is eating, laughing, loving
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a hit and run a hit and run accident...leaves a woman in a wheelchair dead...and police looking for the truck that hit her. ??? ad lib ??? he's the fastest man on the planet.and this.. just might be the most ?usain bolt


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