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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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a hit and run a hit and run accident...leaves a woman in a wheelchair dead...and police looking for the truck that hit her. ??? ad lib ??? he's the fastest man on the planet.and this.. just might be the most ?usain bolt
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blake and gwen...the perfect hollywood couple?their latest love struck moment on stage in your morning juice.
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???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather breaking news this morning as a man is dead after being stabbed multiple 12's nico santos is live near
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this morning a woman is dead after a hit and run crash. after a hit and run 12's bryan west is live near
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???adlib traffic
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here's a check of your hot headlines this morning... the maricopa county sheriff k-9... tt dog during a standoff is recovering this morning.the dog -named marco - required stitches and will have to rest for several days but is expected to be ok. officers opened fire and killed the dog that attacked marco. it's been one month since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared.. and buckeye police are beginning to doubt whether the boy will be found alive. yesterday.. authorities stopped asking for volunteers to help search for the boy. they say -- at this point -- they believe the search is turning into a ?recovery? operation. despite this.. police say they're still hopeful the boy
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doing everything they can to find him. ready for ski season?ready for ski ready for ski season? snowbowl... up in flagstaff... says it expects to open up on november 11th.if it happens, that would be the earliest opening date so far for the ski area.last year was a good one for snowbowl.they had the second highest number of skiers in their history. a big day in glendale.... involving football and a rock 12's jen wahl jos
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?? ad lib toss to emma for morning juice ?? gwen and blake...celebrity judges on the voice... superstar performers in their own right..and apparently... the perfect on stage couple. fans at gwen stefani's dallas show on saturday night... were treated to a surprise duet when blake shelton joined her on stage.thosuands of her on nuts...grabbed their cell phones and started rolling. they sung their "go ahead and break my heart" duet....?? ad
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love - olympic style.right after winning a silver medal-- one chinese diver got the surprise of her life.he zi of china won silver in the 3-meter springboard-- before her boyfriend- who's also an olympic diver- surprised her by popping the question on the podium!along with her medal and her favor from the rio olympic organizers-- she got a ri- glass..?? ad lib ?? now time for your juicy question of the morning... some studies show that this happens five times in your
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it probably happens more like a dozen a dozen times.if you're olaf... this would make you melt.huey lewis says this is a curious thing that make a one man weep and makes another man singso what will happen five times in your life... ???adlib second juicy question of the morningsurveys show half of us surveys show the morning surveys show half of us
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percent of us can't stand it. and 20 percent of us... are flat out scared of it.what is it? all the talk is about usain bolt and simone biles...but the valley's alex naddour.. making a little history of his own in rio... getting your pumpkin spice latte bottle at a starbucks plans on dropping the addictive drink in your fridge...
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????anchors pause for
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one of... if not ?the marquis event of the summer olympics... is the men's 100 meter race... the all out sprint to see who is the fastest man in the world.and once again... it's jamaican runner usain bolt.he sprinted to glory last night winning his thrid straight 100 meter gold medal.but it was his semi final run earlier in the evening...that just might go down as the most ?usain bolt photo ever.yes... field smiling as he ran by them...almost taunting them to
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?? ad lib ??
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medal of the games... earning her latest in the vault final, by a wide margin. biles is the first american to win three golds in female gymnastics, in one olympics. she remains on pace to win an unprecedented five gold medals, with beam and floor events coming up early this week. and a huge shout out this morning to the valley's own alex naddour.the team usa gymnast won bronze on the pommel horse.that's america's first pommel horse medal since's also the first medal for the us men
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?? ad lib ?? time for your olympic trivia question of the day.what are the four pieces of equipment
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???adlib & toss jimmy
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watching and waiting.flood waters in louisiana rising and so is the danger. the cardinals getting ready to get out of town...we're heading out live to glendale for a look at one very busy day at university of phoenix
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####break#### ####break####
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####break#### at least one person was shot in milwaukee late sunday as protests over a fatal police shooting turned violent for a second night. at
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far from the gas station that was set on fire in the first night of protests. demonstrators gathered several times over the course of the weekend, after officers killed a 23 year old who fled a police traffic stop on foot. flames and embers of the fast-moving clayton wildfire continue to rip through parts of northern california this morning. the fire, which sparked saturday, has already burned dozens of homes, ravaged more than 3,000 acres, and forced mandatory evacuations. no injuries have been reported in the lake county blaze. in louisiana. so far, it's sent ten-thousand people to shelters. the flooding from extreme rainfall over the weekend is responsible for four deaths. the federal government has already declared a major disaster in four parishes following widespread flooding. fans of starbucks' pumpkin spice latte--- get excited. you will soon be able to get the drink at your local grocery store. starbucks is launching a bottled version of their pumpkin spice lattes. a starbucks rep says the bottled drinks should be hitting
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to do the super bowl halftime show.but she cleared things up over the weekend.things up over the weekend.her response ... at six. and the answer to our morning olympic trivia question... coming up in 45 minutes....
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hopefully you had a fabulous i'm tram mai, matt mauro, emma jade and krystle henderson. >> reign of the forecast but not for today. >> it will be down and out probably by wednesday better shot on thursday friday right now 72 sedona prescott 66 lake havasu 92, show low, hebrew, overgaard into the 50s cool in the high country already. white e chances for rain not great for today. 103 today 2108 today bright skies and dry weather. >> homicide detectives on scene of early morning stabbing, nico santos near seventh avenue camelback with all the info. >> reporter: updates as we go along we have an update when we expect more from a lieutenant


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