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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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hopefully you had a fabulous i'm tram mai, matt mauro, emma jade and krystle henderson. >> reign of the forecast but not for today. >> it will be down and out probably by wednesday better shot on thursday friday right now 72 sedona prescott 66 lake havasu 92, show low, hebrew, overgaard into the 50s cool in the high country already. white e chances for rain not great for today. 103 today 2108 today bright skies and dry weather. >> homicide detectives on scene of early morning stabbing, nico santos near seventh avenue camelback with all the info. >> reporter: updates as we go along we have an update when we expect more from a lieutenant
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meantime we know there is one person who died at about 4:00 two hours later investigators are on scene trying to figure out what happened in the parking lot. there's one person they detained for questioning and he's in the back of the unit here but without handcuffs. not clear what his involvement is. we know there was a fight between a number of homeless men on scene and that's times taken to the trauma center because of the injuries he later died. they were fighting over personal property. there's an officer who got out not clear what the shield is used for or the need is right now so active scene as they continue to investigate. the fight originally was over personal property and the
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stabbed multiple times. working on getting more information on what happened here. we are told the lieutenant will talk to us in a few minutes. nico santos 12 today woman in a wheelchair is dead after she was hit by a car and the driver took off after that. brian west near 48 street mcdowell with details on another top stories. >> reporter: we are told by phoenix police this happened around 11:30 lasgh are no baja -- police officers but a few hours ago video of officers telling us woman in her late 50 was in a wheelchair crossing the road when she was hit by a car and then took off and police tell 12 today she was in the bike lane try to get on the sidewalk paramedics rushed her to the hospital and we are told that when she died and now the search is on for the driver. this is under investigation, investigators are looking for dark-colored pick up truck and
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police or silent witness. along fleet street brian west 12 today arizona cardinals guns and roses telling them you don't have to go but you need to get the heck out of here. live in the university of phoenix stadium with the excitement. >> reporter: cardinals forced out to practice in the heat but the good news is they are head practice and that is where they will practice the rest of this week. let's talk about today. usually the cardinals practice around 2:00 in the afternoon university of phoenix stadium comfortable temperatures inside with the air-conditioning but today they will jump out side where temperatures will be between 90 and 96 degrees but coach giving players kudos on a solid sunday morning practice which was also outside.
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and a concert fans that would never happen. 21 city national tour marking out the union of the original members for the first time in 23 years. not a list lifetime tour tonight glendale 8 pm gay couples 6:30 parking lot at 3:30. i much more favorable weather the next preseason game night arizona loss to oakland and their all about -- preseason home opener 31-10 at the head coach says he's not concerned as they get ready to play for the season home opener on september 11. so just keep in mind that this afternoon and evening with rush- hour traffic it's going to be a mass because of the concert
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alternate routes for your commute, krystle gates opening at 6:30 and it's obvious they're going to rush to the stadium and that's coinciding with rush-hour. expecting longer lines westbound on the 10 slowdown to 75th avenue and picks up again and everybody's jammed at the exit trying to get to the stadium. earlier is better to dodge rush- hour. leaving is to take the streets further. do not go on the freeway entrance because that's the idea everyone else has so take one extra mile or two. downtown durango curve highlighted orange, 10 eastbound east valley looking good now. let's break down the problem spots 10 eastbound past 101 traffic is seeing speeds
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southbound averaging 40s between the stack and split. 5:06 am. hot headlines this morning, look at this, police say he's a serial street shooter and need your help finding him. if you have information to help phoenix police catch the shooter resembling the man of the sketches call police and remain anonymous by calling silent witness. condition after they nearly drowned in tempe. the mother lost track of them for a short time yesterday and they were found underwater. the twins are in the hospital this morning. large airport in the u. s. last night scare, hundreds ran for cover evacuated after some reported hearing gunshots and seeing a man with the gun. some people did here loud booms but officials say no one was armed and size at jfk airport
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olympics may have caused the confusion. what in the world is going on, 500 hardback first editions of harry potter philosopher stone the by jk rowling has a rare. typo on page 53 in which one want is repeated twice in the list of supplies for sheer wizards to bring to hogwarts. books with a misprint expected to fetch more than $33,000 each. olympians. alex the door won bronze. vanessa ruiz was there to catch the reaction following the historic performance. >> good morning 12 today team and arizona happy monday everybody what a way to start the week the valley's very own
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medal a bronze in his signature event pommel horse and moments after the big win we had a chance to catch up with him and could not wait to send a big message of thanks to the folks back home. >> thank you for your support it means a lot i remember the faces at my going away party i did everything i could in my power to come home with the medal and they should feel a part of getting the medal so thank you, love you guys >> reporter: it is the first time the u. s. men's gymnast medals in the event since 1984. our own alex the door did it. -- alexander naddour everybody is proud of you, alex. full day of competition including devon alan. signing off and rio back to you in
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and rio. started the second with with 69 medals. 26 of which are gold. china has 45 great britain, 38. on the agenda today we have usa superstar simone biles who compete in the balance beam and she goes for fourth goal medal starting at 10:00 and this afternoon team usa takes on brazil and the beach volleyball quarterfinals and like mentioned, devon alan makes is debut in the 110 meter hurdles at 3:00. if you missed an event we have everything you need to know go to exclusive content just a click away. ahead on 12 today rumors are true, adel turns down super
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tell me to get on the ground. >> u. s. olympian ryan lochte and three others robbed at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. details in three minutes.
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live look from rio 6:13 our time here. 10:13 in brazil and we look forward to talking with jay jay gray about the festivities. time for trivia questions of the day right here where the 4 pieces of equipment used in rhythmic gymnastics. are you ready?
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you get that? >> 2%. >> scare story with brian lochte. >> also big news out of rio de janeiro not surrounding an event. sunstar ryan lochte and other american swimmers robbed at gunpoint sunday by people posing as police. the today show spoke with lochte. listen to this. >> and then the guy pulled out his gun cocked it put forehead and 2nd down and i was like whatever took our money, my wallet. >> no one was hurt. you can watch the full interview on the today show at 7 am after the show. before that we would talk with jay gray for any new developments. keep you posted. , adele confirms rumors as if the nfl with perform at
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night she told the crowd that, yes, nfl asked and she finally said no. jonah monroe crowd, come on, the show is not about music and i do not dance. they were kind and asked me but i said no. >> pepsi has some different reports about how it went down but it's like when you ask a girl on a date and then you deny you asked her, like that. just a question of the morning. you grab 100 people they would be freaked out. if you grabbed over 100 people and asked 50 would love it and 30 would hate it and 20% would be scared. what is it? >> no-hit? >> no hint? >> no.
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>> once as lightning. >> i scared of a good storm. >> keep the guesses coming in guesses and a half hour but first krystle any ideas? >> that is tough. roller coaster, yeah good stuff. >> talking traffic the same sluggish drive on the 10 eastbound taking a peek and at the traffic maps with slow spots not only on the 10 eastbound by the 17 model slowing on the 101 for the 51 and the 10 westbound past 202. mile by mile drive since we have the longest low stretch here on the 10 eastbound starting out at the 101 three minutes to 75th avenue and after that we will let off the gas 12 minutes to the stack downtown, 60 minutes. pass 75th avenue minor slowing, 51st is jammed and you will get
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you hit your brakes than for the rest of the drive downtown. 45 miles an hour on the speedometer and 60 minutes for the drive. let's talk 7:00, 45 minutes from now things are going to be picking up in the lines get longer 51 you will get in on the slowdown in the east valley, so far so good in the east valley. certainly everybody will be joining on the drive around 7:00 especially on the 60 and 101 and stop and go westbound. if you want the cool spots this morning he will have to go to the north in the high country the sun is picking up coming up later every day. and earlier another month it will be significant but there's the superstition mountains in the back flagstaff 53 show low 59, lake havasu 92 and 72
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today 103-1 a degrees above average this is where we walls fit phoenix climate watch 115 degrees the record set on the state last year and of course as far as rainfall we are good in a deficit going -- doing that for monsoon but the year where we should be down one inch. right now current temperatures around the valley 84 fountain hills, 89 peoria and surprise 83. satellite radar no major lows if you head state or the region if you back off should be good and if you head to lone star state scattered storms good rain around austin, houston mine flooding severe weather louisiana having a rough go this past week and the amount of rainfall they have had two feet of rain, two feet of snow instrument about the two feet of water it continues for a few
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and rainfall cloudy, cool summer days for those folks clear across the northeast and monsoon meter 1 for the valley, three for the white mountains northern arizona at 2. temperatures across the rest of the nation cool spot 58 seattle san francisco 55. pocket of dry air, dark area in the case of dry air humidity pushed off to texas so they have a showers and thunderstorms but the dry air comes across los angeles we see that today dry air warms up so that's why we will be above average for temperatures and then can -- things come down. 94 winslow 80 show low, lake havasu 14 -- 114 bullhead city 113. 108 today 109 close to 110 for tomorrow we will not be a record territory just warmer
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back in and temperatures start to drop better shot of rain will be in the forecast for thursday and friday. tram, matt. >> ahead on 12 today do like listening to music . it could be hurting you how to impact your hearing and the reason earbuds make it worse. >> usain bolt, one of the greatest athletes of all time? we will discuss that next on 12
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back live from rio de janeiro we will go in a bit and talk with jay gray about events happen today like simone biles going for gold. first shot of the morning. >> here comes both. still unprincipled usain bolt.
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>> usain bolt wins 100 meters, taking the gold in three olympics. no sprinter has ever done this. he has 200 meter race and four by one meter relay which they are figure -- favored to win. this picture is all over the internet from his semifinal race when he seemed to be laughing at the competition. the love is real. the world cannot get enough of you same lightning bolt. announces at the end of the race for saying this guy needs to go in the same relm as mohammed ali and michael jordan . when you agree? >> absolutely. >> global, the fact he has his
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is. i find it funny there are so many memes on the photo he was rubber necking. do they as an athlete head straight. but he was saying nobody's around me, now. >> he owns the world record. i did not think it would be broken so when you talk about this, maybe 40 years down e road, he is in that conversation you think about carl lewis, he was long jumper one, 200, four by one long jumper but he's dominating, usain bolt. >> at the gun. >> at first you get a break because he is a slower starter
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rest of them and it's fun to watch him in action. >> something about this was interesting last night. they said they didn't expect anybody to be this fast this early, 30 years down the road they would expect somebody to break the world record but 9.5 and this early, it -- is a normal? >> is normal. >> you talk about somebody's growth process and how he came on the scene. slowly systematically but it five. >> he is so tall. >> you will see bigger guys getting faster and faster especially 200. excited to see that. >> lucky to be alive to watch this amazing.
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please try to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing outside of a bar in phoenix. >> temperatures are on the rise but there is rain in the forecast a look at the details. >> like lightning the world's fastest man strikes again as america's simone biles another
6:30 am
minutes. >> pop stars on instagram selena gomez goes after justin bieber after he goes after his pants. what sparked social media war of words. juicy question, second one in a couple minutes but we want to welcome you on 12 today. i cannot believe how humid it was of the weekend. >> last part of summer where we are tired >> we have a way to go. >> september as well. >> a bit of october. >> them back to paradise. outside dry skies, clear conditions to the santa ana mountains clear conditions there. santan mountains.
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tomorrow must dropping into the 50s and 60s and high country 50 flagstaff and gorgeous in the high country currently cannot complain. 103-108 degrees another hot one. ray to tell you about when we come back. >> we will take it. >> detectives on scene of an early-morning deadly stabbing. nico santos live near seventh avenue camelback with the top stories. >> reporter: it happen 4 am, of one man and later investigators are try to figure out a piece together what happened in the parking lot. they are questioning witnesses and there was at least one person detained for questioning in the back of one of the units and without handcuffs. his involvement is not clear. the main victim was a man cut during the fight and this happened with a number of
6:32 am
personal property so the victim in the incident has died as a result of injuries, stabbed multiple times. we see the expensive crime scene where couple hundred yards back this parking lot in front of a bar of related to what happened is blocked off with police tape. quite a morning ahead of them as a figure out what happened. full story on nico santos 12 today today. hot headlines this morning and 6:32, it's been o since 10-year-old jesse wilson disappeared and buckeye police doubting whether the boy will be found alive. authorities stopped asking volunteers to search for the boy they say at this point they believe the search is turning into a recovery operation. despite this, police say they are still hopeful the boy will be found safe and doing everything they can to find him. more than 10,000 people in louisiana spent most of the weekend in shelters trying to escape massive flood waters brought on by rain the national
6:33 am
a danger more flooding as workers toward -- drain toward the gulf of mexico 20,000 had to be rescued from homes as rivers flooded their banks. 11 wildfires burning california right now. national weather service warns triple digit temperatures in southern california present an increased risk through wednesday in the north the fire jumped highway 52 lower leg destroying at least 10 homes there. thousands had to leave homes because of the fires. 6:33 am, axl the cardinals out of the state of for a concert and that means cards will practice outside this morning jen wahl live at university of phoenix stadium with what is going on. >> reporter: we have fan club here, blake shelton night guns and roses, it has to be something big to force the arizona cardinals out of their home for practice this morning which means they will hit
6:34 am
this morning. they usually train inside university of phoenix stadium by guns and roses trump the team and a concert fans thought would never happened. 21 city national tour will mark a reunion of the original band members for the first time in 23 years but not unless lifetime tour hits the stage and glendale 8:00 gates open at 630 many seats at the stadium are filled and it will be jampacked. head to san diego for joint practice with the chargers and more favorable weather the cardinals play the chargers in the next preseason game on san diego friday night at arizona loss to oakland friday night in the present home opener glendale 31-10 the coach says he is not worried about the loss and he's getting them ready for their season home opener at cardinal stadium against the
6:35 am
much like friday night when we had a busy concert plus the cardinals game tonight you will have the concert and rush-hour so it could be a mass especially on the 10, 101 and sidestreet in glendale so make sure you give yourself some extra time and i know krystle henderson has been keeping us up-to-date all morning on what the commute will look like. live in glendale jen wahl 12 today more on how to get around that tonight. >> we have traffic futurecast all the way drive surrogacy to westbound is slowed. you have a rush of everybody heading to the concert so be mindful and expect you might be at home later than usual in the west valley. parking lot is open at 3:30. as always the best advice is to get there early gates opening at 6:30 in the midst of rush- hour start time is at 8:00.
6:36 am
less traveled one way to dodge delays take the streets further perhaps all the way over to grand avenue or 17. especially if you leave the concert and you see long lines trying to get on the freeway do not take the first freeway entrance. 60 westbound wreck heads up general slowing in the area as we typically worked at 6:36 i do not think it is reinforcing and miss all over. looks like 101 eastbound is getting slammed but since we have the crash on the 60 let's look at the drive only dropping into the 50s past gilbert road 10 eastbound first to get slow and the slowest of the bunch now. speed into the 20 between 101 and the stack. they just turned red 90 minutes for the drive 30 minutes overall. ahead on 12 today, will they ever move on justin bieber
6:37 am
what sparked this feud. another exciting weekend for team usa at the olympics. we will get the coverage including ryan lochte been robbed at gunpoint. jay gray joins us live from rio
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welcome back 6:40 in the valley 10:40 in rio de janeiro where the cauldron is burning. jay gray is live in rio right now. good morning starting with the fastest man in the world seems like everyone in the stadium was rooting for usain bolt. >> at what he had some of the last eight years the fastest man of the world three straight gold medals in the one meter -- --. never been done before. >> reporter: showboating as we came over the finish line but you can when you have the speed and you know you're going to win. if you wins to gold that's what is shooting for he will have the three gold in three
6:41 am
who has a few more, 23. >> another history maker in rio simone biles leaving little doubt she's the best gymnast in the world and going for more gold today. >> reporter: overwhelming to see what she is doing in these olympics. she's a rock star. she comes back last night and wins another on the vault, the first u. s. gymnast to win gold female gymnast for team usa to win three olympic medals, gold medals and what olympics a shot at another we tonight on the balance beam and at least one more so she is bill having more to do. excited to do that. >> no doubt. submitting her place as the best gymnast funeral in history. seriously, j, what have we been able to learn about the situation including ryan lochte who apparently were robbed at gunpoint this weekend.
6:42 am
a party at a frat house returning back to their quarters and stopped by what they thought were police and it turned out to be gunman that help them at gunpoint and thankfully no one was injured but they were robbed it's been a concern coming into the games , obviously, continues to be a concern and this really is a reminder of how dangerous things can be for the australian team they are so concerned for their athletes they told them do not go to the beach area or hang out. it's too danger have to and i met up note as bad monday we have been tried to show you behind-the-scenes stuff. this from usa cycling the speech suit cyclists wearing skintight as you imagine and technological marvel. they move the seams molding them to the bicycle i'm told. it is tested in a wind tunnel
6:43 am
it is working kristin armstrong with the golden the time the trials and silver medal for the women's team pursuit to i woke up this morning and thought flag shirt, bike suit and then thought of emma try to bike suitget into the -- we had a crowbar and rubber mallet and could not get into the biking suit. >> are the >> they seem to be because the bike suit is stronger than i am. it is embarrassing. do we keep have to talk about this -- talking about this? >> where do you get the shirt like the one you are wearing. >> i want to shout to garth brooks for allowing me to hurl his shirt. >> jay gray see you tomorrow.
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>> so much more comfortable so much more give. 6:44, we are getting juicy this morning. justin bieber in japan on tour and he brought along his rumored girlfriend sophia ritchie 17-year-old daughter of lionel richie. after sharing pictures on instagram it spans lashed out after nasty comments they do not knock off the heat he will make the account private blocking 77 million followers. dentsu chimed in? this girlfriend on-again off- again selena gomez which many and debris fans want him to be with so she commented on a photo saying if you cannot handle the heat, stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol. it should be special between you only, do not the matter
6:45 am
justin did not take that lying down. a response that read funny to see people that used me for attention and still tried to point the finger this way him and sad, all of. [laughter] after that selena posted pictures with her fans saying my life, you matter most, thank you for letting me do what i love every day. >> you guys i do not know we will move on to this true love, gwen and blake superstar performers got -- perfect on stage couple, fans in the dallas show which would into a surprise when blake shelton joint around stage thousand grabbing phones and you can see the footage. they sang their son go ahead and break my heart and justin
6:46 am
jet ski to. juicy question of the morning. half of us love this, 30% of us cannot stand this and then there is the 20% of us that are just flat out scared of this. what is this, everyone, are you ready? the final guess? >> lightning? >> storm, facetious response of matt mauro's >> okay. >> the answer? >> flying. >> tamara guessed it. >> 50% of people love flying? >> that's when i flew with the blue angels and through up everywhere -- threw up everywhere i love the pilot.
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junction closed for a crash hang tight if you're headed that way we will keep you posted when it reopens. all lanes are off-limits. taking a look at the intersection of i-17, thunderbird do not mine the blurry image or sun glare. there's a crash blocking the light -- right lane at the intersection. if you did not see delays, use cactus o not blocking so we are moving with that without issue. rush-hour is doing its thing on 101 eastbound, speeds dropping into the 30s basically want to hit 75 animal to the 51 pushing half hour to take that to scottsdale and not too bad on the 51 southbound yet, you will be using up off your gas past
6:48 am
26 minute drive from 202 santan to frank lloyd wright and we break down one more here, 10 westbound 22 minute drive from queen creek to downtown. jamie? >> temperature 87 stockstill, fountain hills, 85 degrees for your current temperature so it is on the warm side but what we expect for this time of year and these temperatures are going to continue to rise above average 105 is where we should be popping up to degrees in the next couple of days, 63 now show low, nice weather in the high country. 108 for the high today. it will be monkey and humidity in the atmosphere and most of the moisture on futurecast is going to stay to the south at least until wednesday so some of the moisture slowly making its way up to the region better shot rainfall and storms possible thursday and in toward friday. as far as the phoenix money
6:49 am
doing good for monsoon as far as rain for the monsoon but as far as the overall year, one inch of rain, below that. we have me for rain big time. hopefully we will . some more. satellite radar, clear conditions all across the region showers and storms across parts of texas and louisiana trying to recover from massive flooding they had this past weekend up toward the north and west showers and storms across flying into chicago maybe delays and the northeast partly cloudy boston toward new york. one for the valley, two northern arizona monsoon meter, numbers have gone down as going toward the end of the week. temperatures across the nation no major heat waves are happening there is the dry pocket of air across the southwest so it won't just affect us in phoenix it will move toward western texas. high 94 sedona, 94 winslow, 101
6:50 am
warm weather and not as warm by thursday and friday with more humidity a better shot at thunderstorm activity here and in the car -- high country. 6:50 headline this morning, police are working a deadly hit- and-run crash, phoenix police a a woman in a wheelchair was crossing the street your 40 treatment towel overnight when she was hit and the driver sped off and started -- and a pick up truck. >> stabbing your seventh not made any arrests. it is believed the stabbing may have occurred after an argument several transients. >> overnight fire ripping through mobile home near 67 avenue van buren, flames gutted a unit and a couple of other mobile homes suffered damage. no one was injured. police are searching for this guy who they say is the serial shooter who allegedly killed seven people and if you have information that could help police catch the shooter resembling the main in the
6:51 am
silent witness. vice president joe biden and democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will hold the campaign rally in by his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. he is expected to make the case why hillary clinton understands the challenges facing people where he grew up. some argue why trump is unqualified to be commander-in- chief. donald trump taking his focus off of clinton and attacking what he calls a to blame them for the difficult week he had last week. polling shows donald trump losing to hillary clinton in battleground states. he campaigns today in ohio. help alert this morning researchers of penn state say a number of parents placing babies endangers apartment despite programs like safe to sleep spreading awareness. dangers include placing them on their stomach, side and surrounding them with blankets and animals and placing babies in adult beds.
6:52 am
notice a trend that people are losing hearing earlier in life. the theory is that headphones specifically the earbuds might be the source of the problem. audiologist say the volume of the music should not be more than 50% of what your device is capable of. >> there is a craze at the olympics. crowds are going from beer stands to get collectible cups featuring the color of the games and name and select and two dozen sports. associated press is memorabilia frenzy with people fixated on finding the next target. >> if you have been missing work to watch the summer olympics, you are not alone. according to a survey more than 38 million americans plan on missing work to watch the 2016 olympics in rio. majority watch while at the jobs and others will leave early. heavenly taking time off -- me call in sick to catch begins.
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and the traffic before heading
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i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale.
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6:56 am
letting helicopters right now. in the meantime, hang tight and wait for it to open or if you desperately need a detour the long way out of the way but hop on 69 and can with 169 and take it back to the 17th northbound and we will keep you posted. back to the valley highway and by way, it is stop and go on 101 eastbound between 17 and 51, slowing the east valley. let's break starting with 10 eastbound, slow all morning, usual bumper- to-bumper traffic between 101 and the stack, 36 minutes for the drive overall. same for 17 southbound and speeds drop to the 30s between gilbert and 101. today one of the typical dog days of summer 108, no rain of the forecast same 109 tomorrow, slight chance of a storm on wednesday and then monsoon returns back with 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms thursday and
6:57 am
wanted to show us what they do behind-the-scenes when watching us in the studio. >> hilarious. >> you have to love snapchat. >> they are having too much fun. thank you. >> a lot of free time. >> final take away, huge, huge
6:58 am
naddour the bronze and the pommel has not been done since 1984. >> guns and roses tonight after 20 years. >> portuguese word of the day for thank you. >> justin bieber showing why he is one of the biggest tools in the world. >> digging they do of the have -- halftime show but it's a big no. >> 22-year-old taking 17-year- old to japan is in that statutory in most places? >> congratulations, to the tennis player winning gold. >> michael phelps talks about retirement coming up on the today show.
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almond joy flavored iced coffees. get any medium iced coffee for $1.49. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. unprecedented. good morning. unprecedented. >> invincible usain bolt. >> you vain bolt proves again he is the world's fastest man, the first sprinter to capture three straight 100 meter olympic titles. >> and there it is. >> in gymnastics simone biles nails it, all paking it three golds so far with two events still to go. while the swimmers from team usa celebrate unparalleled medal haul in rio, four for simone man you yeel, five for katie ledecky, six for michael phelps and we get to bask in their glow


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