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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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are jealous of this guy, his personal phone call from jordan is your heart-warming shot of the morning. welcome everyone on this tuesday morning, to 12 today. jimmy and emma jade and how is forecast. >> pretty warm. it is kind of boring for today but it will change a little bit as we move into the next couple of days with more humidity and a chance of rain, still in the forecast, pretty exciting. this is our monsoon. it goes september, and there you have it, outside, nice, clear skies, a couple of high clouds, the moon set was just gorgeous a couple of hours ago coming in. it was nice but we do have red skies, scattered clouds and 87 degree currently. the dew point is 58, winds are east-southeast at 9 miles per hour, humidity is 37%. so, expect 52 degrees for flagstaff, 65 for winslo.
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thank you. 6:00, ben, still the night, the phoenix police department will work to keep the public alert and individual lent when it comes to the serial street shooter. it is a deadly crime spree that has gripped much of the valley. that meeting is schedule today happen at 6:00 p.m. tonight. it is a chance for public the to police -- for the publess to speak to the police, connect street shooter case. one details surveillance video they took from several businesss and homes. it mentions a person seen in one of those tapes as one police want to identify. the other report detailed the incident around the murder of penya. he was just getting home from work when he was shot outside of his house. the 31-year-old worked as a care giver for people with disabilities. we talk today his twin sister
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>> i know he will be proud of me hopefully. i know he will. i'm a twin without a twin. that's hard to accept sometimes. >> the reward for this case is up to $50,000. again, the meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight at 20th street and maryland for the public to come and talk to police tabulatest in this investigation. we are live in phoenix, 12 news. brian, thank you, meanwhile n morning at 6:02, one man in critical condition after getting hit by a tow truck. we will go live now to scottsdale with the latest from there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what make this is case kind of interesting is that police early this morning saying that cold may have been a factor in this case but it was likely the pedestrian's alcohol content which is what caused this crash here today. we're on scottsdale road, just hours ago the road was blocked off at least on the southbound lanes after that person was hit
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morning. police say the man was trying to cross the street but he was not using a cross walk at that hour. it is very dark outside the driver was not able to stop in time heading south on scottsdale ran into him the driver of the truck did stop and cooperate. they're saying the drivers impairment is not an issue in this situation the man was take on the hospital, listed in critical condition. thank you. 6:03. let's check in with crystal henderson who's d.o.t. command center. >> reporter: it may be the top of rush hour but no need to rush here. it is smooth sailing on the highways and biway, no crashes, in fact we are look at a pretty view here, a burst of sunshine greeting you therefrom another nice site there at the 60 and 101. we are seeing building volume here on the 10 eastbound, at 27th aver but it is the same old same. there's no shocker; right? let's check out some of the travel times here, we're ton
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bees to 59th avenue. if you are heading somebody, it is 11 minutes to durango. if you are taking it to 10, it is 10 minutes and on that camera there, on the 10 at wild horse, do you see how crummy the air looks? today there's an ozone high pollution advisory in place so ifs not too late you may want to think about calling your buddy at work and doing car pool or perhaps take the bus or light rail here this morning. but right now if you are going to be hopping on the hov lane. we're expecting things to get busy pretty soon. thank you for the update. it is now 6:04. let's look at the hot head lines. we begin with a new push to get registered for november election at the 1 arizona coalition, kicked off there. the goal is to get 75,000 had you voters registered across the -- 7thousand new voters register add cross the state. the man charged in the oregon stand off.
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conspired to impede federal officers with force and intimidation and threats. he faces more than three years in prison. google is one of several auto makers rolling out self driving vehicles the company actually picked the chandler area as one of four testing sites. so after finishing a map of the city, googles cars are already out cruising the streets of chandler and -- google hasn't announced a day for then self driving cars will be release today mass market t >> speaking of cool, is apple going water proof in the company was recently granted a patent that shows they might be planning a water proof or water resistant gadget. it highlights technology to edit photos taken under water on an iphone or ipad. they have been behind the trend of water proof gadgets while sam sung has offered them for
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arizona native is going for the gold in the triple jump. he's already taken home olympic bronze and silver medals but he first broke records at mountain point high school. team 12 crystal henderson has his story through his former coach's perspective. >> it is you against the clock. >> push, push, push. >> okay. >> it is you against the tape measure. >> there may be some sort of magic on this track field. >> that fire and desire to get better. >> or. >> lift, lift. >> >> track is my sanctuary. >> lift it quick. >> this a place where records are set. >> i expect that report will probably stay for at least another decade. >> and limp januaries are made. >> as a coach you have to be willing when you find someone who has that desire to learn, you have to feed it. >> before will clay set this record becoming the first student athlete to triple jump over 50 feet, he needed a little inspiration.
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be a hurdler and a sprinter but as we went through doing some drills i saw some that told me he was going to be exceptionally good so a approached him and told him, you know, i think you can be pretty good in this triple jump. it is a very technical event. i call it the power ballet, you have to be graceful. you have to be explosive. you have to be power can feel you have to be fast. be quick. >> it is like getting attempts every time you do it. it is one jump, and so you have to really be on and the timing and rythm has to be right there for everything to click. >> gold was never part of the goal but now it is in reach. >> it is something to watch. >> he's also chasing the world record. >> he still, to this day, still contain that is same drive to get better. >> his best yet over 58 feet,
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long shot. >> just incredible. on the road to rio this morning the u.s. has raked up 75 medals, 26 gold, china and qualifying great britain. >> here is what coming gymnastics wraps up in rio, and at 3:00, will go for gold the men's 110-meter medal. april ross take on brazil in the women's semifinal. that starts at 7:00. >> so much to look forward to. >> don't worry. if you miss an event, for some exclusive rio content. it is only a click away. >> still ahead, it is being called the most iconic picture
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rio. guess what? it has never happened and kim gets injections in her big old booty but it is not what you think. what she told fans about her most famous asset coming up in the morning juice.
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a live look from rio near the stadium here. 10:12 is the time there. back here in valy, couple of stories we're working for you. a man hit by a tow truck. bryan is covering the serial street shooter. there's a meeting to night at 6:00 to alert and inform the public and also jen is covering an apartment fire in mesa. right now though, we want to get to the trivia question for you here. only, who is the only american athlete to win medals at both the summer and winter games?
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eddie egan. >> back in 1920 he won a gold in boxing and then in 1932 he won gold in bobsled. >> congratulates to him. >> i know. >> 6:13 right now. emma is here with your morning juice. we're talking two for different things. -- and kim kardashian. >> two really funny stories. it is being called the shot of the olympics. this morning, we have learned it will be entered for a -- prize. we are talk races past his competition in the 100-meter semifinal on sunday. it is the best. >> this picture was a split second decision to capture by australia photographer cameron spencer. he told the hollywood reporter he has been flooded with congratulations after getting what is being called one of the most iconic shots of the 2016 summer game, the picture almost never happened. spencer was there to cover field events, decided at the
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assignment, go snap a slow motion picture of the world's fastest man. as you can see, that decision paid off. it is by far the shot of the olympics. i mean, wow. wow. >> all right. from that to this, another big wow, kim k admits she gets injections in her rump. booty, if you will. but it is not what you think. she admitted yesterday during a live stream sh infectionjs because of her psoriasis. kim came chain to reports her booty is fake after showing a dent on one of her cheek sos kim told fans she went to see a dermatologist who recommendsed it shot who is said there's a one in a billion chance it will give you a huge indent in your behind. she said of course, she got the indent which photographers snapped in pictures leading to
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easy, she really is bootylicious as if we all could doubt it. i mean come on. now time for your second juicy question, surveys show 7 out of 10 women find a man, dare we see a little more sexy, if he has one of these. now, rumor has it, -- and matt morrow both have one. >> don't mind if i do. >> question is, what is it? what do you think it you have something in common, i am trying to figure it out. >> that might be the big breaking news this morning. >> i was thinking nice car. >> jamie says a suit. >> oh. >> somebody -- i thought -- >> that's a very got guess. >> why would the producer hint rumor has it. i mean i am saying butt injections like kim k. >> i got that. you called me out. >> i got the indent on top of
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pain in the you know what, that's why you got one. >> all right it is 6:15. crystal is at the a d.o.t. command center checking your traffic and missing the -- here in the studio, hi, crystal. >> look what happens when i am out of the studio. nobody is there to put you in order. we are live at the traffic center: it doesn't matter which camera we throw up here, you are not going to find any surprise, it is just the same old same slow down ton 10 eastbound and the avenue, looking rats 27th and man, check out the big bright burst of sunshine you will see in the rear-view mirror, as you are heading westbound, there's the 101 and intersection, did you guys know each of these is blown up on four 55-inch flat screen, we're getting a big picture of the morning drive here this morning, all is well to be 10 near downtown, 101 in scottsdale looking at the 51 in mcdowell and it is smooth
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heading southbound, 11 minutes to durango. if you take it to 7th on the 10, that's ten minutes and 10 westbound, come prosecuting wild horse pass, looking good there, we're seeing a little bit more of a crowded commute there once you pass the 202 and spoke of the 202 red mountain, we're look at 52nd street. we will throw up the big picture traffic map at the studio for you so you can see specifically where we're starting to see some of the slow downs there for you and going to be closed in both directions just to east of superior, this one of the last closures here. it will wrap up the project here pretty soon. it is from 9:00 to 1:00 today, you want to avoid traveling on the 60 during that time: if you need alternate, the 87 and 260 will do the trick as well as the 77 and 177. >> live here at a d.o.t. traffic operation, back to you in the studio.
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6:17. let's check your forecast. here is jenny. >> forecast, bright skies, oh look at this. this is just great. a plane flying around out there. temperatures for today, starting out 80s and 90s. it is going be a muggy one for all of us today. of course the skies just looking great, bright out there right now. we will need the sun glasses whether you are going into or away from the sun. from you going away from the sun, you can get the reflection of the car in front of you. that's always tough too. 58 that's the dew point, satellite radar, look at that a little bit along the thick clouds around. there's a lot of moisture near the atmosphere and we've had showers to the north early on this morning, flagstaff just pretty quiet too. showers mainly up toward the northwest and a little shower activity coming in toward -- lee. okay, satellite radar for the big region, pretty quietment texas, scattered storms for the eastern half of the state. phoenix climate watch, 110- degree, your average is 105, rain, we're down still about an
6:19 am
should be. we are doing good for the monsoon but not so good in the totals. i'm dreaming of this record low. 64-degree, we don't see those lows anymore. we don't get record lows the city is too big. it holds too much heat. that was in 1918. , if you go back, it is end of world war i. that's way back, one for the valley, northern arizona a 3-4 for the white mountains and a 1 for southeast arizona. the web cam showing high clouds out there, this a big pocket of dry air, all the dark colors and the brown really troy air and there's the water vapor around new mexico and to northern arizona a few showers too. follow me on twitter at james, love shooting out the -- 1:10 for today. south central arizona is along with western arizona. 91% -- 90 and 77 for flagstaff. 7-day forecast, 110 today, tomorrow, we will dip a little
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a chance of scattered storms on thursday and friday. welcome it. thank you, jimmy. 6:20 still ahead on 12 today, digging for gold or chasing ghosts? we could find out later today when researchers break ground. >> plus. like mike, i want to be like mike. >> and one man's dreams of being like mike became a jordan himself did for his biggest fan you need to see to put a smile on your face. it is coming up in your shot of the morning. you are watching 12 today on
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welcome back everyone. it already looks hot. 6:23 is your time and boy is it going be hot today. above arch. >> let's go to the shot of the day.
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>> we aired this. oh excuse me. wearing a -- that's my fault. wearing a full michael jordan uniform. his name is jeffrey harrison. harrison is unable to work because he has autism. he watched lots of videos of michael jordan and he plays in local pick up game where is he always wears one of his two jordan uniforms. his airness caught wind of harrison and his love of pick up basketball and all things jordan. he surprise him call. listen to this. >> thank you for calling me. i am going be watching for you. >> all right. i love ya. >> love you, man. >> bye. you know what it didn't just end with a phone call. mj also sent jeffrey two boxes packed with enough jordan gear to leave any basketball fan speechless and a letter from
6:25 am
this was coming. >> but this has got to be the best part about being a celebrity that you can make someone's life. >> yes. >> just by being yourself, you know, just by calling someone. >> some don't do it. those who do it set an example just to brighten up that. it is a world of a difference. i mean to that guy. >> yes. >> my gosh. chill. >> and that letter, mj told to yourself. >> what a great heart. >> in the phone call i guess he was saying, i think five or six times i love you. i love you. >> as if that wasn't enough. >> i know. >> just amazing. bravo to you. >> 6:25. still ahead, the cardinals head west to set up camp in san diego. 12 sports has what's on tap for the bird gang this week. will he sprint to another gold medal? he runs the favorite race tonight. team 12 jay gray live from rio coming up right here on 12
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today. >> phoenix police call on the community to help catch the serial street shooter. more on what's planned for
6:29 am
forecast. i will tell you more about that straight ahead. diving for gold, a dramatic end to an event that has us wondering is it fair? we are live in row owe for action. >> the superman snap that has comic book fans all giddy. we have details in the morning juice. >> can't wait to see what that's about. >> welcome in. it is just about 6:30 on this tuesday morning. hope you are off to a great start. jimmy you said rain. >> chance of downtown area, and temperatures will start to heat up. get your stuff done, hiking, whatever you do, air quality is not going to be pollution advisory for today. 87-degree, your dew point is 58. winds are east-southeast at 9
6:30 am
go. clear skies right now, but a couple of showers we talked about just up toward the north right around flagstaff. so temperatures for today, rain fall toward the north, it will be nice and cool, pretty comfortability but down to the south, close to 110 degrees. >> all right. thank you, jimmy. this morning, one man is in critical condition after being hit by a tow truck. we will go live now to scatsdale for the stories. niko. >> they're telling thus morning that alcohol may have been a factor for the victim in this car crash which is not typical here, this crash happened about 12:15. if you look at the scene, as road was blocked at least on the southbound lanes of scottsdale road, near fillmore street. police say the man who got hit was trying to cross the street but he wasn't using a cross walk. he was just south of philmore crossing mid block the driver of the tow truck was heading in the southbound lanes. he was not able to stop in time
6:31 am
that truck actually stoped and cooperate window the investigation and detectives on scene earn asking him a few questions. there's no suspicion of driver impairment on the tow truck drivers at least, but for the victim here, that's not the case, i suspect he was under the influence of alcohol. he was taken to hospital in critical condition this morning. in scottsdale, 12 today. >> ? thank you. 6:31. let's check the roads. here is crystal at a d.o.t.'s command center. >> hey there. it has been calm and collected it morning but now we have a crash mountain westbound near mesa. the sun glair is not working in our favor but it is off left here. it doesn't look like the hov lane is being blocked but look at the long lines here of traffic just scooting by this. just expect that it will be reenforcing the breaking here as long as it is sitting off to side. looking at the 10. it looks pretty jammed court see of rush hour. they're maybe hitting the gas there and not slowing as much
6:32 am
plenty of sunshine greeting you on the 60 right now, and we're looking good in terms of travel times as we go over to the 17, and northern if you are heading southbound 12 minutes to durango street. if you are taking that to 10, it is 11 minutes, what's really cool about the a d.o.t. traffic operation center, you are actually seeing each of these cameras blown up on four screens. there's actually four of these screens and it can as 160 cameras displayed. we're keeping an eye on your traffic here this morning. we will continue to bring you updates. back to you. 6:32. tonight the phoenix police department will work to keep the public alert and individual lent when it comes to the serial street shooter. it is a deadly crime spree that has gripped much of the valley. we have the top story. >> let me get started at 6:00 p.m. tonight, here at the mountain view precinct, with phoenix police, this coming after 12 news obtained documents connected to two of the murders so one report details surveillance video that police
6:33 am
and homes. it also mentions a person seen in one of those tape, as one that police want to identify. the other report detailed the incident around penya. penya was just getting home from work when he was shot outside of his house. the 31-year-old worked as a care giver for people with disability, they talk today the twin sister who now working at the same home that her brother used to. again, there are nine case, there's a lot of information and this is a chance for the public to be able to talk with phoenix police and -- phoenix police and learn about the latest at the information. it starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight at 20ing and maryland. we are live in phoenix, 12 today. >> thank you for the update. it is 6:33. let's check your hot head linnies cross the state this morning. a sex assault suspect is on the run in flagstaff after police say he fooled his victim into thinking he was a cop the man allegedly approached it woman while wearing a baseball cap with the word police on it.
6:34 am
area and assault. >> a man's post is going viral. kim is questioning why that officer stopped him and his 7- year-old daughter in their rental car. they say it had a stolen license plate but it was not stolen. they blame the rental car company and criticizing the man's decision to post it on facebook which has generated death threats toward the office. >> the search continue for ten- year-old jesse wilson. it has been a year since the bo she continue to receive tips but so far no sign of jesse. 6:34. a guns n roses concert last night at the university of phoenix stadium forced the cardinals to move out of building but a nice consolation is practicing in san diego. the charger, cameron is in san diego the cardinals, he has more. >> reporter: no mader what time of day it is in san diego, the party never stops so far native
6:35 am
on. >> san diego won't disappoint you i promise. >> welcome. we are in heart of the city in front of the famous gas land quarter. there's so much to do in this city if you are not an nfl team but the cardinals perk is something you can't buy. >> we have got good weather right now. it is our. >> perfect weather and perfect tour guide. >> oh yeah, everybody has been asking me. oh, where do i go? just follow my lead. i will take you to promised land. humphreys to the beach. >> i don't like the beach. the sand is hot. it burns my feet. i don't like it. i'm not a big fan of the beach, you know, but i will go if my guys want to go i are go. >> the beach excursion not on the agenda for this week. >> the cardinal 50s rifing this afternoon and these joint practices with the chargers are exactly what they need in camp. >> compete against some other guilt or innocence, after a while you get to know your teammates so well that you almost kind of anticipate
6:36 am
-- starting a little later on today at the stadium. it will be open to public. they will practice tomorrow before the preseason game on friday. in san diego with the cardinal, 12 sports. >> sounds good. thank you. >> still ahead on 12 today, he may be 90, but he is still moving and grooving to the beat of life. >> dick van dyke's magical for poor mans at din while simone goes for number four. we will go live coming up.
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>> good morning to you on this tuesday. welcome back. 6:39. the olympic is still burden of proofing and the games for today have started. we will talk about them in a minute, and as you know, 12 news is your home for the olympics. jay gray is live in rio right now. let's start with the one and only bolt he's back in action. as expected most people think he's going to win.
6:40 am
most think he will win this 200 as well. he will have a chance at one more gold medal looking for three here in rio. >> also today, excited about this. walsh and april, they take on brazil on the beach in beach volley ball. that has to have a huge crowd down there with the home team. >> oh. it is going to be overwhelming hawaii venue has come to define the city and games here in a sense. it is going to be a ruckus gold medal game. allotted at stake there, it should be a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to that. >> we are too and curious, what are people saying about the controversial dive for gold in womens 400 from last night. a lot of people are asking is this even legitment and it is; right? >> yeah, it is legitment but it is outside spirit of the sport a lot of people are saying. look, allison felix leading, looks like he's going win the gold and tall sudden from you
6:41 am
i mean she gave it all up, dove across the line. she get 50s cross first, bringing the debate of what's a win, do you have to get your head across, hand, torso, either way she has got the gold. we have allison with the silver, the most decorated track and field. she ran a great race. she is with the silver in that, a lot of confusion though as you talk about end of that race, kind of like i was this morning. i got thumb morning and pulled a jackut i looked down and it has got canada on it. i couldn't believe it but no canada, nice enough to loan us their jacket to show off some of the athletes gear here, make believes on the side, canada across the chest. u.s.a still in my heart. that's why i have to show you one more thing here. >> the one they will wear with the stars here. the skirt a little more
6:42 am
wrapping around the skirt, also a look at the spikes here. nice soft spikes a little hint of pink and looking if i show you anything else from the women's golf collection, it could be a little creepy and weird because that's tall outer clothes they have. >> it really is. >> keep the outer wear, jay. >> keep it clean. >> just wonder, how good of a night did you have, jay? how good was that rum, when you woke thumb morning pulled a is canada. it is like oh. >> what am i going to wear this morn something i don't know what i am going to do. >> all right. jay gray having a blast. >>ly be back to u.s.a tomorrow. more american gear tomorrow. >> good stop. >> let's see what you can pull out of the hat down there. thank you, jay. 6:42. emma is here with the morning juice. >> i don't see why you couldn't have just done the golf skirt. it would have looked good on him, maybe. >> speaking of looking good.
6:43 am
they stopped in a dennies for a fite eat after appearing on a local morning show when everyone there got their own private performance. >> bang bang. >> oh. >> ever, i don't know what is. dick van dyke. back in black, superman fans check this out the man of steel posted on this instragram, a
6:44 am
the black superman costume. it may or may not be in the upcoming justice league film. the cooperation simply reads # superman. . >> that's all we get. >> get your second juicy question of the morning. surveys show, 7 out of 10 women find a man just a little more sexy if he has one of these. one of our hints earlier in morning was that -- and matt have one of these. what is it, guy ins file guess. >> i am thinking a bicycle. >> a bi he tweeted me. >> i am thinking what do they both have in common? not a lot. >> suit is. >> suit is too easy. >> a cat. >> a teddy bear. >> a stuffed teddy bear. >> oh my. >> wait. first of all, is this matt 12 years ago? what's going on here? what's that picture of.
6:45 am
>> it is new mexico. the hot spring the bear. >> it is from there. >> oh, okay. i take the back. that looks awesome. >> there you go. of course it is. you go up up there to relax. >> you have a teddy bear. >> no i have a dog. >> that's because he's teddy bear in the relationship. >> oh yeah,. >> of the stuffed variety. >> oh, the tender side of matt. >> that's my cuddle buddy. what can i say. >> you have been working out. >> there you go. oh my god. >> crystal is doing traffic now. we are live at traffic operation center and oh my a d.o.t. cameras. look at these, there's 160 cameras here on this big screen. chances are at least a portion of your ride into the office this morn as good up here on the board and you know what, i think you are going like what you see here because on most of these camera, it is smooth sail
6:46 am
spots. let me begin with a couple of snags here. you will notice on this 202 red mountain camera, heading westbound there's a crash to side there. it is not blocking but notice traffic is just creeping by. it is reenforcing the slowing. then we will make our way over here to the 10 westbound. the camera may have changed on me. it is hard to find. i spy with my little eye. oh there it is 10 westbound at elliott. did you get that? that's off left t. certainly can have some gawkers there hitting the brakes and slowing down even more. heavy traffic here as we bring it straight down to the 60. this is at stapley. you will find this at mesa drive, a nice solid wall of traffic creeping by there too. there's a lot of images here coming up of the 60 where you are seeing a job as you make your way toward the 101. here dobson and way up top,
6:47 am
the avenues coming in from the west valley. it is all the usual slow there. the fact where my hand is here, it is 51st avenue. so, when we take a look at all of these cameras here you would expect your usual travel times here for you. if you are about to back out of the driveway here, keep in mind, today there is an ozone high pollution advisory. so you kind of get a two for. you tote take advantage of the hov lane and also if you maybe call up a buddy before heading to work and car pool with them. live here at a d.o.t. back to you in the studio. >> thank you for bird's eye vow of everything. 6:47. jimmy is tracking the weather where it is just hot. >> temperature also heat up so quickly, it is that dry air. we have a high pollution
6:48 am
today. is, you look off toward -- 58 is that dew point and for today, 1/10 of a high: again, we have an ozone, so the best, so we do have pretty quiet sky, a little the highway. and showers around flagstaff, rain fall, county, and up toward investigator show county too. flagstaff had a lot of more
6:49 am
morning. your forecast 110, and the record is 113, that was set back in 2013. overguard this morning, here is what it looks like out there. and more storm for today, and 61 there. 73 for -- and a nice cool 52 in flagstaff. parker you are starting out in the 80s this morning. the monsoon meter tells the story, it is al across the area, but a 4 in the white mountains falling into the country in northern arizona with about a three. there's the pocket of dry air. most of moisture, the water vapor up toward the north around northern arizona and in toward new mexico. they will have a better shot. follow me on twitter at james. temperatures today, 110 for phoenix, 9 for presscot and 102, the big picture, a slight chance of rain tomorrow, it
6:50 am
thursday and friday but still low chances of rain but we will take it at least our temperatures come down, it will be less warm on friday and saturday. >> thank you, jimmy. let's check the hot head lines this morning a man is in critical condition after getting hit by a tow truck. he was hit near scottsdale. he was not in a cross walk and may have been drinking. >> >> firefighters fight to knock down a fire in mesa. it happened near university and stapley. the people in one apartment no one was hurt. the search is still on for a hit and run driver in phoenix. police say a woman in a wheelchair was crossing the road near 48th street and mcdowell when she was hit and killed the driver sped off in a dark colored truck. >> doctor a california man under arrest charged with arson for starting numerous fires in lake county in the past year. he's accused of sparking a fire that exploded over the weekend
6:51 am
lower lake. that fire has caused more than $10 million in damage. stop it is defer station is far from being over. rivers are still rise prosecuting the 2.5 feet of rain in some area, 7 people have been killed in all of this flooding. the search and rescue mission still underway looking for more. more than 20,000 people have had to be rescued with more than half of them now staying in shelters. >> this story is just wild. a major diggings today, uncover a myth cool train fill window gold. this dig happening in poland and rumor has it nazi gemmy hit the train before fleeing the sowf cent red army. two men claim to have spoted it train with radar in a secret tunnel. historians believe the train does exist but it has never been proven. coming your way today, donald trump will be in --
6:52 am
would ban anyone who doesn't embrace american values. trump didn't elaborate on how that would work, how long it would go on or what tax money would pay for it. >> hill i clinton is trying to hold her own campaigning again today, monday she and joe biden with white working class vote horse are leaning toward donald trump. today she will help register voters in central part of the state. am compete for the last time as women's gym mastics wrap up in rio. that starts at 9:00, and then al listen go for gold in the 110-meter hurdles and the big one. we have walsh-jennings and april in the women's beach volley ball at 7:00 o'clock. >> 6:52. self driving cars, semis and now tractor, where cutting the
6:53 am
today show in minutes. . >> good morning from rio. coming up on a tuesday here on today, allison felix joins us live to tuck about the dramatic finish to the women's 400-meter race edged out by the dive of another sprinter but she's also the most decorated woman in track and field. she's the so-called grandma of the final five. we will catch up with alley as she try today dephysician her gold in the floor exercise. thatra how did natalie and jenna pull this off? we will find out when we see you here on a tuesday morning
6:54 am
6:55 am
i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale.
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on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. he's going for the triple jump this morning. also going for gold on the 110- meter hurdles. you will see it all right here on 12 new, now let's check your forecast with jimmy. >> we're in the dog days of summer with temperatures always starting out in the -- we will be in vote here in the next couple of minutes here in the valley shooting up to 110- degree, 108. we're dreaming of cooler places
6:57 am
for thursday and friday but at least it will be around the chances of rain look ma, no hands, the first to become a self-driven tractor. nice music by the way. >> when it is running by itself, the sensors stop it, when it korma's obstacle like a human or an man mall. >> you know who sing this is song. >> no. >> kenny chessani. >> i didn't know you listen to country music in denmark. >> a final take away, besides fact matt has a softer side and owns a stuffed teddy bear, the coffee grounds in olive oil make your hands softer and look younger. >> that was your secret of the morning. >> we will share more of these as we go along.
6:58 am
>> that explains the callus. >> and the rash. >> my take away, speaking of denmark, legos from denmark, they're the number one toy that adults buy for themselves that is are for kids too. >> you guys are working at night now. we know how so say good morning. >> let's get note time. >> in portuguese. >> tonight at 4:00. >> here my take away. >> congratulates to sarah. sh lifter the first u.s. weight lift tore win a medal in 16 years, her final event she won with was the clean and berk 352 pounds. >> which equal. >> two mats and one-half tram. >> there you go. >> she had a great dance after afterwards. >> congratulates to her. 12 news is always on our social media app. >> have a great day. i will see you back here. matt and i will see you at
6:59 am
(jet engine reving up) you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as 69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at nothing to hide. that's transfarency.
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good morning. diving for gold. an incredible photo finish wins the women's 400 meters. >> it will be a dive by miller for the line. >> allyson felix edged out of the g first leap but a silver medal making her the most decorated female track star in u.s. history. >> oh boy. >> in gymnastics, a bobble on the beam dashes simone biles's chance of winning a record five gold medals in rio. laurie hernandez haking silver. biles settling for bronze. she'll have one more shot at gold "today," tuesday, august


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