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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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>> we're about to see a high, high level. >> no man has ever won a global championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic
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12 news tracking the big picture. super swimmer michael phelps returning home and they're already doing something very arizona. >> the new developments is running the summer and his teammates held up at gunpoint. >> the olympics bringing new life to the world famous ipanema beach.
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the valley, some fans think she's giving them the cold shoulder. >> bruce arians health scare. of man who gave a little girl ice cream every cop cruiser slammed into her. dangers flames turning 30,000 homes. arizona firefighters heading to the hunt lions. day 12 of the olympics a day full of thrills in rio first let's talk about michael phelps. the most decorated olympian of all time back home in the valley along with his fiancie. we get a chance to catch up with him as they arrive at sky harbor airport stepping up from his
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his family after the long flight. once more catching phelps by the baggage claim as well. there seems to be no commotion. >> a few hours later, the super summer instagram this picture with nicole amukamara same is nothing like being back home. great way to spend my first day in retirement. phelps winning five gold medals and a silver in rio making a total of 28 medals altogether. the world's best swimmer announcing his retirement saying he swam his last race. i am done competing but by no means is this mean it's the end of my career. it's the start of something new. >> we expect to see him continue worked to help reduce the drowning rate around the world. he will also be joining longtime coach bob bowman and asu as a volunteer coach.
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happy you're staying in the valley. now we get to his longtime friend and rival ryan lochte. this new development in the case involving ryan lochte and three other summers involved in an alleged armed robbery at gunpoint strange story of ryan lochte street robbery is taking more twists and turns. >> tonight pulled to american summers off a flight bound from rio. a judge ordered the summers to turn over the passports while investigators asked them about alleged inconsistencies in their story. >> the summers are jack harbor and better bets. video the daily mail shows before casually returning to the olympic village on the
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lochte tonight. he sees inconsistency in their story. i said, he was placed on your forehead and caulked. he said no, that's not what happens. i think he feels is more of a dramatic mischaracterization. >> ryan lochte back in the us. sources say misery and investigators will likely hold them long enough to try to figure out what really happened. night 12 of competition officially over in rio and was a thriller. if you happen to miss anything during our prime time coverage, nbc's brian moore has highlights. >> the us swept the hundred hurdles. torey we won bronze in the 200. tonight on the track bolt will run the 200 for another record. american justin gatlin did not make it.
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watching bernard reach another olympic milestone. he's considered a super runner. he lives and trains in tucson. >> he's a five-time olympian and is the oldest american to run at olympics but you wouldn't know it. he is moved out from the 1500 m an event in which he won silver and bronze medals while competing for his native pe?a to the 5000 but he's come back us outdoor 5000 title so even reaching that age, 41 is taking a minimal toll. >> is every reason to believe his olympic days were done in 2008 when he didn't reach 1500 and he was ninth in the 5000 but yet, here he is, still amazing and defying that ticking clock. >> he lives and trains in tucson and will compete for the
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there. the olympics shining a spotlight on the world-famous ipanema beach. will catch back up with you later. we have an entire section on our website dedicated to ask is if real coverage. just the 12 news got -- i will reschedule and smash it for you. i'm really sorry. >> adel posted this video apologizing for his postponing her second concert in phoenix for the >> she performed last night but says she just can't push through being sick to take the stage tonight. >> a lot of people are upset. we're joined us live from the arena were some people flew in to the valley just to see the show.
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your tickets to the most anticipated concert of the year and four hours before it set to begin, the show was called off, disappointing thousands of fans some who came as far away as brazil. breaking down, packing up, postponed before it darted. how is this? a last-minute notice reading concertgoers adel postponing the show her fans not happy. >> i want her to get better but it's sad because you waste a lot of money. check that nobody loves this news, music icon taking to twitter, apologizing and explaining. >> michael has gotten the better of me. even if i did the show, it wouldn't be good.
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sing but she has a cold. she's feeling bad.>> i was best. >> reporter: people came from all over, virginia, georgia, utah. the show is not going on. the reason, a cold and in phoenix. >> reschedule but as you heard it doesn't matter to many of those who came out here tonight. refunds are available but it's small consolation when you missed a chance to hear arguably the best singer in the world right now perform live. developing new details, in the case of a phoenix police cruiser slamming into a three- year-old girl. her grandparents telling our
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her side in the hospital tonight. >> the little girl ran in front of an ice cream truck and into the street just as the officer was responding to a call went around that truck and hit her. >> we have an eyewitness account from the driver of the ice cream truck. >> reporter: this was a devastating and traumatic incident for many people. obviously the locals loved ones , neighbors who witnessed the accident and the officer who was said to be overstated by what happened. >> investigators reconstructing the scene after three-year-old girl leaving this ice cream truck darts into the street and is hit by a police cruiser. >> i was going this direction and the officer was going the same way.>> reporter: the truck driver said he saw the officer's car coming from behind. if she began passing into the left, the local where from in front of his truck in the street. >> the officer didn't stop. the little girl was underneath
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there was no movement or anything. >> reporter: police saying the officer stopped anyway but could not avoid hitting the child. witnesses watching as she tried to help save the field. >> the officer was there, she was still in the street trying to revive a little girl. >> reporter: the ice cream truck is covered with science morning to watch her children. there are no laws restricting drivers from passing an ice cream truck. >> people need to be careful. my guess is she wasn't paying attention, little kids want to get their ice cream and go home. they are not thinking about danger. >> reporter: the local has suffered massive head trauma. we're learning more about what happened the first time 10-year- old jesse wilson ran away. fortunately, he was found that time but now, he has been missing without a trace more
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>> do you know we live? >> that's body cameras video the first time they encountered jesse. they blurted for privacy concerns. it shows what happened the night when jesse climbed out of his window. a neighbor found him wondering the street. police knocked on his mother's door at 4:30 am. >> officer fletcher. to have a child >> he's out front here. >> i just saw the window. >> jesse's mother says jesse has a history of running away. she said she changed the locks eventide a harness to him to keep him from leaving the she said jesse could escape the matter what. now buckeye police fear the worst and say they are search has turned into a recovery effort. >>
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in any shooting case. lawyers involved in the stephen case meeting this afternoon. jones is accused of shooting for a new frat members, killing one. johnson is lawyers calling in from the valley. state says it's working quickly together with his testimonies. the judge releasing him into his parents custody while he awaits trial. tonight will get a look at a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in flagstaff. he was wearing a reading police and identified himself as an officer for allegedly luring a 23-year-old from her car to a secluded area. she said she had been out her girlfriend drinking and walked back to the car when he approached. a maricopa county board voting to talk to buyer offering $60 million for the stadium. diamondbacks it'll start conversation with potential
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diamondbacks can be to any sale. firefight is on as people living in more than 30,000 homes are forced to flee. arizona firefighters are headed to the front lines. simone biles with her celebrity crush, zac efron. now we see the video of him surprising team usa. the real games shining a spotlight on ipanema beach of those not located anywhere near any of the olympic venues. camp after a short stay in the hospital. a big congratulations to kerrywelsh dennings in april ross, beating brazil, winning bronze in women's volleyball.
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back in real, maybe some of you have heard of ipanema beach. it's truly one of the most well- known occasions here in rio is narrow and we have a chance to go check it out and i have to tell you, what a special spectacular gorgeous day it was. >> ipanema whenever rio's most iconic beaches was packed as thousands of locals and tourists enjoyed brazil's version of winter. >> >> reporter: one of the hot spots it's attracted beachgoers for decades. >> it's colorful mix of vendors, sunbathers and visitors all such a stunning backdrop which makes the ocean and mounds . it's difficult to resist even from other for science. look at this, it's a very beautiful.
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took us some tourists say their expenses of real and its beaches so far have been good contrary to what was said leading up to the olympic games. >> the media stuff portrayed in terms of the zika virus, in terms of crime and violence, i haven't seen any of that. >> there's a very special flavor you can see and taste and feel when you're on the sand at ipanema beach. we're signing off today, day 12 of the rio olympics. tomorrow will have so much more for you, see you then. simone biles has won five medals, for gold at these olympics. it's safe to say she is still in the show. >> is someone else who is stealing her heart. last night we should you smells
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tonight, we're seeing how it all went down behind the scenes. >> what's going on right now? >> i'm the one with butterflies. i was nervous also. >> he was watching on this big monitor, every move. >> i didn't do my signature blank. >> you can do it ow >> you are the best. so fun to watch. >> thank you. >> i love it so much. you have to watch the whole thing because man has the saxophone has a life-size cutout of zac in her bedroom. i had a new kid on the block in my bedroom. someone had surprised me with one of those guys, i would've
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>> i think grown women act like that also around him. time for our olympics medal count. us has 93, 30 goals, 32 silver and 31 bronze. >> china is second with 54 followed by great britain with 50. we're happy to report, there's nothing to worry about with the cardinal healthcare from last night. he was joking around about it today. >> will then take the team on the road. it's as part of it? >> i did it on purpose.[ laughter ] >> he's cool uncle we all love. he returned to practice a day after being hospitalized with diverticulitis.
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back where he belongs. >> he says his condition is treatable with the right meds and change in his diet. cardinals team got a healthy diet charge of practice today in san diego. cameron cox was there. >> i'm going to listen to the doctor by told him i'm going. >> reporter: the hard to beat is back. he didn't stay the whole practice but long enough to catch everyone's attention.>> he has a presence. we need to step it up. >> reporter: he has eyes everywhere. you can't hide. he always watches weather is in a hospital bed or here at practice. >> we don't want coach to come back and we took steps back. don't be that guy. >> i feel like we got better.
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better situation. former cardinals head coaches back with san diego chargers, this time as offensive coordinator. >> it's a little bit different. all the people that have worked so hard with us when we were there, it's good to see them. >> willsie who has more success friday night when players can do this. >> are trying to hit him and knocked him out. practice, he didn't stay for the full practice. he went back to the hotel, that's a much-needed rest. there's a walk-through tomorrow and then gameday on friday. i expect to see him strolling the sideline. >> i'm glad he's pacing himself playing it smart.>>
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to burn thousands of acres in southern california. it has scorched more than 25,000 acres since it began yesterday. authorities say nearly 35,000 homes and more than 80,000 people are being effective by evacuation warnings. not all are mandatory. there are more than 1300 personnel battling the blaze. including three maricopa wildland firefighters on their way to help tonight. california to use monsoon moisture headed our way next seven days. they could use rain here in the valley we could use rain as well. some locations start to see rain in the valley. a lot of activity in the high country, look was starting to happen. we have a lot of wind moving from the west toward the east through the valley. wind gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour, zooming into the west valley, you can see some rain coming down from -- back toward little
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. not expecting a whole lot of stimulation that we see more activity strength of former on casagrande which will make its way toward the northeast. only expecting a few sprinkles, some brief heavy showers. those could last through the morning hours around the clock, 89 degrees, 106 is where the top out with another chance of rain. this is all in response to a nice pattern set up with a little moisture coming out of mexico. that's going to drop in towards arizona and increase our chance of rain drastically. that's why the monsoon mater hey seven in northern arizona, a seven and white mounds as well. there's a three minute because of blowing dust and the chance of rain coming in later in the evening. as far as the weekend, it looks like a slight chance of rain continued for the next seven days but temperatures by saturday and sunday down to
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so get ready to take off ... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day! book your low fare now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. (clap, clap, ding) he is. >> i'm not just giving it to one person. we're talking about the team and clean sweep. the women's 100 m hurdles, america's breanna rylance, christie cason and the only finishing 12 and three in the race, gold silver and brass become the first free open from the same country to sweep the metals. they are the mvp of the night.
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night and take two or three from chase field. if the mets number. rickie weeks, beginning starts tonight. hot pair of home runs and rbi 24th and 25th of the year finishing with six rbi. they beat 13-5. thanks to the amazing olympic success of simone biles and slow manual, name simone is spiking. >> the gold medalists are inspiring baby names already. the search, simone baby name has spiked 230% just this month. are shot of the day after the break and let's just say it's the thing nightmares are
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here's our shot of the day. it hasn't been all recovered. this is that's. and athlete shared this picture of a large rat, calling behind a toilet in the gym. >> we think it's a rat.
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poop rat. >> that ashley telling us they believe the rodent lives under the gym floor and came up for a drink from the toilet.>> i can't breathe. >> can you imagine being there and that comes up out of the toilet. >> pardon me sir, do you $.50.[ laughter ] have a great night.
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