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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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how many things can you deep fry and eat?they're trying to find out at the texas state fair...and... honestly?some of them look pretty good! ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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we are tracking breaking news tracking breaking news a five firefighters have been taken to the 12's nico santos is live near 32nd
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right now homicide detectives working an overnight murder in's a top story that police will be handling throughout the 12's bryan west is live near mill and baseline. active scene - it appears to be a biker gang fight that turned deadly. this all happened in the final sports bar n grill parking lot. police tell us the shootings happened just after eleven last night. 9-1-1 calls placed described shots heard in this area near mill avenue and baseline. tempe pd says what they can tell us is this started as a fight between two men. when officers came out here they say both of the men received gun shots. one died. another was transported to the hospital. a witness that was on his balcony during the shooting tells 12 news it sounded like a biker gang fight inside the bar that
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investigators still out here gathering information. mill avenue was shut down. it just reopened. the scene now contained to the bar n grill parking lot. live in tempe bw 12 today. rushed to the hospital after being stabbed in the neck. police found the man a couple hours ago near third street and moreland.the victim is in critical condition.police have not made any arrests. let's get a check on hot headlines across the valley this morning - a phoenix pizza delivery man is behind bars.. after police found child pornography on his computer. maricopa county sheriff's detectives say they've been tracking john brunsman for months now. the 38-year-old was arrested in his north phoenix home yesterday. here's an update on a
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almost a year. lawyers involved in the steven jones nau shooting case met to discuss the current status of the case. jones and his lawyers called in from a location in phoenix yesterday. the state says it's working quickly to gather witness testimonies. steven jones is accused of shooting four nau frat members, killing one of them. the shooting took place on october 9th of last year. steven jones was released to his parents custody in april, while he awaits trial. yesterday's meeting set the next meeting for tuesday, october 25, when expert reports, and other reports this morning - chase field is one step closer to being sold. the maricopa county board voted 5 to nothing to move ahead in talks to sell the stadium.the ball is now in the d-backs court... they're ready to talk to ?integral group llc about a potential sale.the deal also keeps the d-backs through the remainder of the contract... in 2028.. with an
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???adlib traffic
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traffic talk about a bad night... thousands of adele fans were superstar canceled her concert last night in phoenix. adele made the announcement only a few hours before the doors opened. the singer says she's been fighting a cold and just couldn't perform. the news was doubly hard for some fans who flew or drove in from out of state. last sot in 10pm adele says she will reschedule
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back to school...takes on a whole new meaning for a couple of roommates...thieir dorm room ... is probably nicer than your living room!tram - has that in your morning juice. college students - back on campus...and that means it's time to decorate the dorm. there's nobody though... who can top what's happening at ole lindy goodson and abby bozeman, freshmen roommates at ole miss.they've gone viral after posting pictures of their extravagantly decorated dorm
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an article.the roomates say the bedskirts, headboards, and pillows all custom made.?? ad lib ??made.?? ad lib ?? there are three "f's" when it comes three "f's" there are ?? ad lib ??made.all custom and pillows all custom made. there are three "f's" when it comes three "f's" there are there are there are three "f's" when it comes to fair food. fried, fried, and fried.these are "deep fried pulled pork funyun dings"... that's a funyun stuffed with pork.. cheese, pineapple and bacon. where do find this crazy concoction??
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also cookie fries, which are deep fried cookies.they also have fried jello, a chicken pot pie pocket, and a deep-fried bacon burger dog slider on a, the arizona state now, the arizona state now, the a, the arizona state fair doesn't happen until october -but here's hoping that we see ?some of that here... now time for your juicy question of the morning... one survey shows that about 75 percent of women love to do this. only 15 percent of men love to this. many women find it to be many women this. many women find it to be intimate and personal. some men think of it as pointless and annoying. tell us your
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answers on facebook and twitter. ???adlib new video this morning -of ryan lochte ?after he was allegedly robbed by a police imposter in rio.this one - the video... is absolutely information this morning - in the fight against the bluecut fire burning near los angeles... ####break####
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####break########break#### taking a look at other hot headlines this morning - the bluecut fire continues to burn thousands of acres in southern california. the fire in san bernardino county has scorched more than 25- thousand acres since it began tuesday morning. that's 40- los angeles. authorities say nearly 35-thousand homes and more than 80-thousand people are being affected by evacuation warnings --- not all of them mandatory. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson will get a first hand look at the devastating flooding in louisiana. johnson will visit baton rouge and meet with state and local officials and review ongoing response and recovery efforts in the affected areas. johnson will later hold a press conference to discuss those
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traffic hillary clinton -going after donald trump in a big way after his latest campaign shakeup.the latest on that live - from wasington d-c... in two minutes. and here's a question for you....does your height... what some surprising new research says...
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####break#### says... ####break#### ####break#### with a new management team and a new focus carolina today trying to sway voters. meanwhile hillary clinton takes aim at the trump campaign shake-up. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence joins us live from washington with the latest. donald trump received his first national security briefing. his advisors say it was professionalstill trump questioned the people in
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for the during this national trump campaign targeted five states with tv north carolina, and pennsylvania edward news washington.q: you said q: you said donald trump received his secret intelligence briefing, when will hillary briefing, when intelligence secret received his donald trump q: you said edward pennsylvaniavirginia, ohio, carolina, ads.. florida, states with tv targeted five campaign trump election, the national during this first
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for the first time during this national election, the trump campaign targeted five battleground states with tv ads.. florida, north carolina, virginia, ohio, and pennsylvania edward lawrence nbc news washington. q: you said donald trump received his intelligence briefing, when will hillary clintove in your morning health check - turns out... your height ... could predict who you will vote for this election. a new ohio state university study of nearly 10-thousand british adults found taller people are more likely to support conservative positions and politicians. researchers say this is most likely to due to a link between height and income. studies show taller people get paid more ... and wealthier people tend to vote for conservative candidates. and then there is
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relationship! a new study from turkey finds people who feel finds people who feel valued and cared about by their partner ... have less anxiety ... which improves their sleep quality. researchers say we need to feel safe and protected to experience deep and restorative sleep -- and romantic tension can threaten that security. there's an important recall football players, coaches and their parents need to be aware of. thousand football helmets are being recalled because their shells can crack, posing a risk of head injuries. the recall involves xenith epic varsity, x-2-e varsity and youth football helmets with a gloss or metallic-painted poly- carbonate shell. xenith has received 29 reports of the helmets cracking... no injuries have been reported. the helmets were sold between may 2015 and march 2016. if you get nervous or paranoid about being followed while you're surfing the web, chances are, you have reason
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university of washington in seattle looked at web tracking over the last 20 years and found at least 75 percent of the world's 500 most popular websites contain web trackers. that's up from fewer than five percent back in 19-98. researchers also found half of those top 500 websites contained at least four third-party trackers. in three minutes... we're bringing you the latest on that huge haz-mat fire....five firefighters taken to the hospital in this one... would you choose?an incredible dinner at an amazing restaurant...or... a night alone with your special someone if you know what we mean....we are talking about that in the morning juice... plus... in our secret of the morning.why you're phone may
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five fireghters hurt...and a massive blaze going on right now in phoenix...we are live with the latest.... adele - called in sick to work
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set fire to the rain.... sex... or food?simple question...with some revealing answers.we're talking about it... in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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