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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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set fire to the rain.... sex... or food?simple question...with some revealing answers.we're talking about it... in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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breaking news as a hazmat fire sends six firefighters to the 12's nico santos
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mcdowell... are these
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???adlib traffic an apparent biker gang fight ends with two men shot... one of them have died this morning. team 12's bryan west is live in tempe near mill and
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right now
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right now police are investigating an overnight murder in maryvale.this one happened around ten o'clock last night near 53rd avenue and mcdowell.police do not have any information on a suspect.the victim's identity has not been released.the shooting happened in the same area... as several incidents linked to the serial street shooter.police say it's too early to tell if this murder is linked to that crime spree. checking hot headlines this morning - here's a new look at a sketch of a ma a woman in flagstaff. he was wearing a hat reading "police" -- and identified himself as an officer, before allegedly luring a 23-year-old from her car to a secluded area. she tells police she'd been out with her girlfriend drinking.. and walked back to the car-- when he approached. cardinals coach bruce arians is back to work.. after spending tuesday night in the hospital. arians started complaining of stomach pains before practice on tuesday. it got so bad that he had to go the hospital. after
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nothing serious.. and he just has to make some minor changes to his diet. a bummer for local adele fans.. the singer had adele fans.. the singer had to cancel her concert last night.. because she was too sick to perform. adele posted a video.. apologizing to everyone who bought tickets. she says she will reschedule the concert. reschedule will reschedule the concert. fans with ticket vouchers can either attend that concert.. or get a full refund. food... or sex?food... or sex? pretty simple question...with some very complex answers... tram has that.. in your morning juice... this first for the ladies.and the question is... would you choose dinner... over sex?well - it turns out that 42 percent of you... would!at least that is what one very unscientific survey by a couple of advertising and marketing companies just discovered.havas worldwide, and market probe international asked nearly 12-thousand
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and half women if they though eating could be as pleasurable as sex.and then - they asked respondents to pick between incredible dinner at a fantastic restaurant.well... nearly half of the women said... food!while 26 percent of the guys said they would rather eat than ?get it on!?? ad lib ?? disney is ?? ad lib ?? disney is creating a ?live action version of the little mermaid--- and the star of broadway's hit show "hamilton" is going to be a huge part of it.lin-manuel miranda will help write the songs for the
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disney animated classic movie as well as some new ones. miranda says he has always had a soft spot for the little mermaid--- even naming his son sebastian, after the crab in the movie. now time for your juicy question of the morning... one survey shows that about 75 percent of women like to do this. only 15 percent of men like to this. some people like to do this in public... let others see them do this. final guesses..... second juicy question of
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second juicy question of the morning.question of the morning.women tend to have about 10 to 12 of are more likely to have one or two.both men and women.... say these are a women.... say both men and one or two.likely to have men are more to 12 of these.have about 10 women tend to the morning.question of second juicy second juicy question of the morning.women tend to have about 10 to 12 of are more likely to have one or two.both men and women.... say these are a lot of fun. it must be nice to be as fast as usain bolt and andre degrasse.when you are you can do things like this...the newest olympic ?bromance... is lighting up social media. and when is a human jump rope acceptable?when it's part of the olympic gymnastics gala... still looks pretty dangerous though...your olympic
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morning.could watching 12 today during breakfast.... be bad for your health? ####break####
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????anchors pause for animation???? he is the star of the games in rio...we're talking about jamacia's usain bolt.the guy is electric... and he's incredibly fastso fast that nobody can catch him...last night... in a 200 meter qualifying heat... canada's andre de grasse kicking off a pretty cool ?bromance at the same time... take a look...bolt... raced out to the lead...but degrasse closed in on him and caught up to him just meters ahead of the finish.the two of them... slowing down and smiling at each other while they cruised home ahead of the field. twitter and social media are blowing up over the photos
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this morning this morning this morning we have a twitter mystery solved... when it comes to a special helmet.if you have watched the decathlon at all... you've seento eaton rocking a bright blue, gladiator is a special cooling helmet that he worked with nike to design. he says it's kind of like a head shaped ice parkeaton said the idea for the helmet came from his quest to replicate the refreshing sensation of pouring a bottle of water over his head.maybe it's something we should wear during the
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finally... with gymnastics over... the gymnasts get to have a little fun.the gymnastics gala was held at the rio olympic arena wednesday. olympic arena wednesday. the gala is a non-judged performance where the athletes have fun.and the chinese gymnasts won the hearts of spectators with their human jump rope routine. maybe we can rope routine. human jump rope routine. maybe we can try this one morning on 12 today? today?morning on 12 today? ??? ad lib??? time for your olympic trivia question of the day.what is the total number of olympic medals to be awarded to athletes topping the podium in rio
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time for our secret tip of the morning. the morning.secret tip of time for our weather weather weather
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time for our secret tip of the's secret has to do with weight loss.if you are trying to lose a few pounds... trying to lose a few pounds... avoid multitasking during should try to stay mindful of every bite and
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your level of fullness and satisfaction.dieticians say we tend to eat more when talking on the phone... watching t-v or doing work. big changes coming to target... and it's got everything to do controversy. and we are monitoring that huge hazmat fire in phoenix... six firefighters taken to the hospital...taken to the hospital...we are live with the latest....
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####break#### let's get a quick check on your morning's hot headlines... and we start with word of another recall... mcdonald's voluntarily pulling the "step-it activity trackers" from its happy meals. the fast food giant making the decision over concerns of skin irritations
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customers may have been affected - but one parent complained on facebook that her child was burned by the happy meal toy after playing with it for eight minutes... at least three people were killed and more than 50 were wounded in a car bomb attack on a police station in the eastern turkish city of elazig happened hours after a similar bombing killed three people elsewhere in the region. no one immediately claimed responsibility for that attack. former chicago police officer jason van dyke is due back in court today. van dykes october 2014 killing of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald... who was shot 16 times. when video of the shooting surfaced.. it spurred protests in the city. a special prosecutor was appointed earlier this month to handle the case. and here's a story that has people talking. target will soon add single-stall bathrooms at all of its stores. they're meant to accomodate customers who don't feel comfortable with their transgender policy. target announced ealier that customers could use whatever
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police in tempe - working on a deadly shooting...that ?might involve biker gangs.the latest at six... and ryan lochte -not helping his case after this video surfaces of him with his wallet...?after he says wallet...?after he says he was robbed.the latest in our next half hour...
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coming your way on "12 today", a dangerous fire at a store sending firefighters to the hospital. how they are doing this morning in a live report. a deadly overnight shooting inside of a tempe bar spills into the parking lot, we hear from a witness who saw what happened. the radar lighting up green. how long will the storms stick around? details in your forecast. the united states has 93 so far, but you know how many total medals will be handed out before the games are over? the answer headed your way in 20 minutes. was he or was and he
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to stay in brazil. a lot more coming out about that. we will show you more in a minute, good morning to you, welcome to "12 today" on this thursday morning it is 6:00 and some folks are waking up with rain, jimmy. >> a few showers trying to rain off to the west but they are moving in. you can see a lot of green in the radar across the region, let's get closer to where the valley locations all across central phoenix on and dissipating, it has actually broken up to the south of sun city, sun city west some areas having storms and lightning right now, there is a good chance the storms could move in in an hour or so, in the meantime light showers minus the storms, shower activity around peoria, deer valley and down along the 17th for us. a couple of light showers as well, so, tram the monsoon


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