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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a senior citizen.. stabbed to death outside an la fitness gym. we've got the details in your hot headlines.. ???bryan teases ???jimmy teases another arizona athlete makes history at the olympics. and we're the only station in town.. who got the chance to talk to her.. a riptide of drama for american swimmer ryan lochte. how people are reacting to the scandal.. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome let's get right to our
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involved shooting. team 12's bryan west is live near
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plenty of weather rolling in from the west valley late last night. this is what it looked like out at 339th avenue and i-10. you can see 10. you can see the rain and wind blowing plenty of lightning out there as well... the skies all over the west side of town were lit up.. ???adlib roof cam & toss weather ???toss weather
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as jimmy said.. we have storm chances all weekend long.. team 12's jen wahl continues our monsoon 20-16 coverage -- from the 12 news
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now let's
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now let's get a check of today's hot headlines... a woman is in extremely critical condition -- after being shot multiple times outside a phoenix apartment complex. the shooter -- is still on the loose today. sky 12 flew over the scene near cave creek road and peoria avenue. police say the two may have been in a relationship. chandler police are ig parking lot of the l-a fitness near dobson and warner roads. he's now been identified as 84-year-old shivas-wamy hosa-kote. police are checking for surveillance video in the area. the f-b-i needs your help figuring out who this bank robber is. investigators say he robbed the chase bank near central and osborn around lunch-time yesterday.. by showing a note demanding money. no one saw a weapon -- and no one was hurt. a sad update to a story we brought you over the weekend.. 12 news has
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twins found underwater in a hot tub on sunday.. has died. according to tempe police.. the boy's sister is improving . police say their mother lost track of them for a short time before finding them in the hot tub. right now.. three children are in the hospital.. after crashing their a-t-v's into each other. officials say the children were riding a four-wheeler and a three- wheeler when they collided in surprise. all children suffered minor injuries and are expected to be okay. who's currently trying to make the san diego charger's squad.. is welcoming the cardinals this week for the preseason. team 12's cameron cox caught up with mike bercovici ahead of
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just three days left until the closing ceremony out in rio.. and the united states is light-years ahead of everyone else. we start the day off with 100-medals -- 35 of which are gold. china comes in second with 58 medals.. britain with 56. another arizona athlete has made history out in rio.. tempe's helen maroulis became the first american woman to win a gold medal in freestyle wrestling. team 12's vanessa ruiz caught up with her.. just as it began to
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freestyle wrestling action continues in rio on day 14 with another top wrestler from the united states in action.. defending olympic champion.. jordan burroughs will compete this morning with hopes of becoming a legend in his sport. also today.. it's the semi-finals in men's basketball. team u-s-a takes on spain at 11-30. and in track and field.. the 4 by 100 meter relay could be the great -- usain bolt's last olympic usain bolt's last olympic race ever. you don't want to miss that.
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because if you miss an event.. we've got everything you need to know on 12-news-dot-com. exclusive rio content is just a click away. the cereal the cereal aisle tends to be a no-no for health nuts -- but not anymore.. we have four cereals that are actually good for you.. in your 12 today health check.. every olympics has its scandal.. and this time around -- ryan lochte is at the center of it all. how the world is reacting to the news -- that's in the morning juice. 12 today will be back in 2 minutes.
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2 minutes.will be back in 12 today morning juice.that's in the the news -- reacting to world is how the it all. the center of it all. how the reacting to the news -- mo minutes. ###break### ###break### in your hot headlines.. the u-s state department continues to deny that a
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made to iran earlier this year.. was some form of ransom for american prisoners. spokesman john kriby said yesterday.. that the money was already owed to iran.. but the united states withheld it as leverage until the american hostages were released. today.. two nasa astronauts will venture outside the international space station.. jeff williams and kate rubins will conduct a spacewalk this morning. they'll be installing several pieces of technology that will be used for the arrivals of commercial spacecraft sometime in the future. today former president bill clinton celebres yet on how he and hillary clinton plan to spend the day -- we can hope that balloons will be involved. the two do not have any scheduled campaign events to attend today or tomorrow. and talk about a birthday suit... statues of a naked donald trump are getting national attention today. the group called "indecline" has taken credit for the statues. they popped up yesterday in san francisco, seattle, los angeles, cleveland and new york city. time now for your 12
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cereal is a quick and easy breakfast.. but it's not always the healthiest option. even some of the ones that claim to be good for you.. are still loaded with sugar. so this morning.. we have four types of cereal brands -- that are approved by nutritionists... number one.. the kashi go-lean clusters.. particularly the "vanilla pepita" kind. apparently.. it takes like popcorn. the next one is also good for the family. it's called "puffins." this one has a sweeter flavor at nutritionists rave about "total" rave about "total" cereal. they say it's almost like taking a multi- vitamin. last on the list.. kellogg's all-bran complete wheat flakes. this one is very low on calories so you can have multiple servings -- guilt free. the pressure of bringing home the bacon.. may take its toll on the health of men -- but not women. researchers found as men took on more financial responsibility in
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and physical health declined.. on the other hand.. women's psychological well-being ?improved? as they made greater financial contributions. their physical health was not affected by income. ?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic
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???toss morning juice u-s olympic swimmer ryan lochte is in deep water today.. after he and three other american swimmers ?lied? about being robbed in rio. instead.. investigators revealed the four vandalized a gas station after a night out partying. police say they were heading back to the olympic village when they stopped at a gas station to use the restroom. while there.. they that's when two security guards confronted them with guns.. and the swimmers agreed to pay $50 bucks for the damages. the whole thing is getting a lot of attention online.. with lochte being the brunt of the jokes. this is most likely because.. lochte was very outspoken about the alleged incident.. and was called out several times for changing his story. even after all this.. he still claims they
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right now.. three of the four swimmers -- including lochte -- are back in the united states. the fourth swimmer remains in rio.. and will be forced to pay $10-thousand u-s dollars in order to leave. now time for your juicy question of the morning... if you're getting together with friends tonight to watch the cardinals game.. or the olympics. one out of four of your friends will likely do this. most of us do this while we are alone.. but it can be embarrassing if someone catches you doing it. what
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do you wear contacts? if so -- you could be damaging your eyes. we'll talk about that in we'll talk about that in 30 minutes.. plus... is donald trump a changed man? or is this just another political stunt.. we've got the details in just
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minutes... just 3
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the details in
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stunt.. we've got the details in just 3 ###break### ###break### donald donald trump has made a major change in his campaign. the republican presidential nominee expressed regret last night.. for some of the choice words he's used
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break from his normal style.. trump stuck to a teleprompter script.. he told the crowd.. he feels remorse.. for causing any "personal pain" to others... trump also spoke about the suffering in louisiana.. in the midst of epic flooding. today.. he and running mate -- mike pence will visit baton rouge to see some of the damage first-hand. trump will attend a rally in michigan later in the day. despite their
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nominee -- but he isn't eager to discuss it. mccain -- who's had a rocky relationship with trump -- was again peppered with questions about his allegiance.. at a veterans roundtable in phoenix. mccain says he's supporting trump.. calling hillary clinton a "disaster" as secretary of state... senator mccain made it clear he's running his own campaign.. and not hitching his wagon to trump. it's that time of the week again! team 12's jay taylor is in with his preview of the weekend's big blockbusters. that's in 15
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monsoon storms - rolling into the valley again this morning. we've got team coverage ... police say this guy robbed a valley bank...and they want your help catching him.. the ryan lochte saga -just keeps getting worse.we'll look at what brazilian police say ?really happened. ???adlib welcome right now - a police officer taken to the hospital and a suspect dead... after an officer involved shooting. team 12's bryan west is live with our top story near 20th


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