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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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monsoon storms - rolling into the valley again this morning. we've got team coverage ... police say this guy robbed a valley bank...and they want your help catching him.. the ryan lochte saga -just keeps getting worse.we'll look at what brazilian police say ?really happened. ???adlib welcome right now - a police officer taken to the hospital and a suspect dead... after an officer involved shooting. team 12's bryan west is live with our top story near 20th
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plenty of
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the west valley late last night.this is what it looked like out at 339th avenue and i- can see the rain and wind blowing through... plenty of lightning out there as well...the skies lit up overnight...?? adlib ??
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team 12 meteorologist jen wahl has been driving across lightning coming into work
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???adlib traffic the monsoon rain can lead the monsoon the monsoon rain can lead to standing water... a perfect breeding space for breeding space for for 12's nico santos is live as the state
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the two are the first to be killed by the virus this year. both victims were over the age of 50.but they weren't the only ones to get the disease. and the recent monsoon rains could lead to more mosquito activity.the county has confirmed 26 cases of west nile this year.last year we had a total of 97 two of which were also fatal.west nile is a virus carried by the same mosquito that could potentially carry the zika virus. it causes severe illness in about 20 percent of the people it infects.symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, weakness, neck stiffness and swelling of the get bug sprayget rid of standing water near your home it's hot and muggy health experts say cover up whenever you're in phoenix nico santos12 today rio is buzzing, today,
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the lochte controversy.tram has that in this morning's juice... this morning -- brazilian authorities say lochte and his teammates... including jimmy feigen... lied about being victims of an armed robbery. but in this new surveillance video... you can see local security guards pull a gun... then you see the swimmers get out. one taking out his wallet. the other holding up his hands. the guards say it's because the teammates were drunk and damaged the bathroom. rio police now want lochte and feigan to face charges of reporting a false crime. kanye west - rapper..celebrity feud artist...and fashion designer.west - taking to twitter to let us all know.. he's opening up ?21 pop up shops for his popular 'the life of pablo' merchandise.the exact locations of the stores will be disclosed on west's website 24 hours before they launch.last march, he opened a pop-up shop in new york city
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dollars in sales of items that included thrift store jackets customized by west for 400- bucks!! now time for your juicy now time for your juicy question of the morning... if you're getting together with friends tonight to watch the olympics or our arizona cardinals.... one out of of your friends will likely do this.most of us do this while we are alone... but it can be embarrassing if someone
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it is one of the all time classic movies...we're talking about ben ?why in the world would hollywood try and remake it?12 today's jay taylor... has hispi and are we looking at donald trump 2-point-0???what the candidate is doing now to try and jump start his failing campaign.
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it's the remake it's the remake of a legendary movie that won 11 academy awards. will the famed chariot race be worth the wait? jay taylor is here... and we have several movies hitting theaters.first - the 1959 "ben-hur" movie, starring charlton heston is considered by many one of the greatest
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remake?///// the other two movies....
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///// the other remake?///// the other two movies.... you have "war dogs", a truie story about guys getting a 300 million dollar contract from
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?? traffic ?? ?? traffic ??
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???adlib weather
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ups and downs during this campaign...what's one more twist?well this one... just might bring him back in the polls..we're live in d-c with that... and disturbing new research... about the zika virus.. and your brain.that's in five minutes. ####break####
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####break#### decision 2016 now - and a very different donald trump north carolina for a very different kind of trump speech. meanwhile hillary clinton met with law enforcement leaders to show she also supports police. nbc news correspondent edward lawrence is live in washington to break down the latest. edward this campaign is getting very interesting. you can call this donald trump 2.0. this was a softer.. even
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donald trump campaigns in michigan today and will start running ads in four battleground states. his campaign will spend about $4 million in florida, ohio, pennsylvania, and north carolina. edward lawrence nbc news washington.q: trump claims clinton is a liar, in particular regarding the classified emails, what is the latest with the the latest emails, what is classified regarding the particular is a liar, in claims clinton q:
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washington. q: trump claims clinton liar, in particular regarding the classified emails, what is the latest with the clinton
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in your morning health check... a new government study reveals the improper use and care of contact lenses ... can cause serious eye infections. about one in five of these infections leads to problems like a scarred cornea or even vision loss. experts say some easy ways to avoid eye infections include removing contacts at night, follow directions on lens labels, recommended by a doctor. while the zika virus is known to affect unborn babies.... there's troubling new evidence it may also affect adult brains. the new research from rockefeller university is just in mice... so it's still early. however -- it suggests zika can damage adult brain cells critical to learning and memory. it's unclear if the cells can recover. the researchers are planning additional studies. mosquitos are the main transmitters of zika. it can
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home the bacon ... may take its toll on the health of men. researchers at the university of connecticut looked at the relationship between men and women's income contributions. as men took on more financial responsibility in their marriages, their mental and physical health declined. their worst health problems came during the years when they were the family's sole breadwinner. on the other hand, women's psychological well-being improved as they made greater financial contributions. but their physical healas a warning for anyone who shops at eddie bauer: all of its u-s stores have been hacked by credit card thieves. the company says there's reason to believe credit and debit cards used between january 2nd and july 17th this year, "may have been compromised." online purchases during that time period were not affected though. if you're in search of a used vehicle, you'll likely find the best value in a small car. prices of used small cars continue to drop, even as overall used car prices
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edmunds dot com. the report suggests the best value for used car shoppers can be found in the subcompact category... where prices are down an average of six- point-three percent year over year. the i-r-s is warning parents, students and schools about a back-to-school's warning taxpayers against telephone scammers targeting students and parents during the back-to-school season, demanding payments for taxes that don't exist... such as the "federal student tax." "federal student tax."the i-r-s will first mail you a bill if yo and next week... we are going to begin money saving going to begin week... we are and next week... we are going to begin money saving monday.we all want to save a little bit of next monday morning... we are going to give you several little tips that you can't start doing immediately... to put some extra cash in your wallet.the tips will be at 4:30... and we will give you a new one, each half hour. rain, wind and rain, wind and lightning.monsoon 2016 not done with us just yet...we're tracking the latest storms through the valley.
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another deadly shooting.we are following this story closely - the latest on the investigation in 5 minutes. ahead... your secret of the morninghow your feet could
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valley police - involved in yet another deadly shooting.we are live with the latest on how it happened. could ryan lochte have developments in the story that is taking over the games... and we have proof...that it pays to be waiter's surprise tip..will have you smiling this morning... ???adlib welcome let's get right to our top story... an officer top story... an officer injured and a suspect dead after an overnight shooting. team


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