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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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a deadly night in the valley. police - working not one... but two different shootings at two different motels. motels.two different motels. you didn't really think we would escape the monsoon without a giant dust storm... did you?the aftermath of sunday's monsoon mess... mess... are the diamondbacks about to throw in the towel on 2016... and clean house completely? completely?house completely? ???adlib welcome another massive dust storm - creeping its way into the valley sunday. the massive wall of dust moving
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metro phoenix area, the dust caused problems for drivers and bikers out on the road. visibility - was so low at some points - headlights was all you could see of the cars coming towards you. ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather weather???adlib weather weather
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a large police a large police scene overnight as a security guard... shoots and kills a man team 12's bryan west tracking this top story from near 52nd street and van
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detectives are working what appears to be an early morning 12's jen wahl is
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checking hot headlines this
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arrested the man they say shot and killed a valley store clerk. 23-year-old joseph eric fatigoni appeared in front of a phoenix judge charged with robbery, two counts of kidnapping and murder. as he was in court, family and friends were attending the funeral for 36 year old amanjeet singh toor... the man killed in the robbery. police say fatigoni confessed to shooting toor. this morning glendale police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in a parking lot. it happened near glendale and 80-th avenues late saturday night. 45-year-old lama with multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to a hospital where he died. are the diamondbacks about to clean house? according to bob nightengale of usa today... dbacks overship is strongly considering the move. tony la russa... g-m dave stewart... and assistant g-m de jon watson assistant g-m de jon watson would be out after only two years on the job. the report cites a high- ranking executive with direct knowledge of their plans... la russa's contract expires after this season. stewart and watson have an
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quoted saying --- we haven't decided yet on the contracts. and here is a telling statistic: ?if they do make a change... the dbacks will be changing gms for the 7th time in 11 years... they're on pace to lose they're on pace to lose 90-plus games for the 4th time since 2009.
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traffic???adlib traffic now time for your money-saving monday tip.. master the monday tip.. that means you should avoid purchasing something right away.. and wait 30 days before making the decision. often times.. after waiting a month.. you'll find that the urge to buy has passed. waiting 30 days.. gives you a better idea of whether it's truly worth the money. when your reputation has taken a say.... ryan lochte...who should you turn to?tram with that in your morning juice.. the olympics may be over...and you could probably say the
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career.that's not career. that's not stopping the wild-child swimmer from trying to fix his battered reputation. lochte - has reportedly lochte - has reportedly hired justin bieber's former crisis manager to smooth over his troubled waters.over the weekend, lochte released a lengthy public apology on the whole ordeal in rio.but as some would say - that's not crisis manager was recently manager was one crisis manager was recently quoted as saying lochte should donate to a brazilian charity as a way to start re he will be asked about it for a long time - he will need to come across as - quote - very humble and remorseful. remorseful.and very humble as - quote - come across as - quote - very humble and remorseful. this next story has pokemon go players over the
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pokemon go burger. the flavors and the ingredients match the pokemon's style, character and color. for example, the charmander is a little bit spicy, there's kind of a volcanic cheese dripping off it. the best part? hungry trainers won't be able to choose which pokeburger they get when they order, they'll randomly receive one. it's all part of the fun. now time for your juicy question of the morning... market research shows that in
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254 million dollars on this. and the vast majority of people who buy this.... will never use this. but celebrities such as heather locklear... mark wahlberg... and paula abdul have used this. what is this? ???adlib youngsters listen up...the secret to being happy in your 40's... just might depend on what you do for a living in your 20s. it was supposed to be the epic remake of ben hur.but apparently - not too many
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he's here with his review... and a few other takes in two minutes.. ####break####
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and a few his review... he's here with included.jay taylor love....feeling the people were not too many apparently - but hur.remake of ben be the epic supposed to it was your 20s.for a living in what you do depend on just it was supposed to remake of ben hur.but not too many people were love....jay taylor included.his review... and a few other takes in two minutes..
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jay taylor - ere with our monday morning movie review... morning movie review...this week you saw ben hur...didn't expect much going in... how was it? morning... and see social this morning... // i woke up how was it?in...much going didn't
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much going in...
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how was it?// i woke up this morning... and see social media has been ignited because of the japanese prime minister turning into super mario. people still love the video game plumber. game the video game plumber.
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weather weather weather???adlib weather weather weather???adlib ???adlib
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the latest from the campaign trail is next...donald trump continues to shift toward policy and away from personal attacks.. while hillary clinton... says she's not convinced. moms and dads -what is more stressful..managing your kids' busy schedules .. or paying taxes?we're jumping into that.. in five minutes..
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five minutes..
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####break########break#### ####break#### decision 2016 decision 2016 now -and donald trump's campaign may be shifting positions on a be shifting positions on a key issue.. immigration. this... as hillary clinton continues to try to label trump as insulting.nbc news corresponden t edward lawrence has more
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donald trump's campaign says he had his best week yet. meanwhile hillary clinton believes it was just more of
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experts say donald trump's new management team is trying to broaden his appeal to to broaden his team is trying to broaden his appeal to bring in new voters and that is why his deportation position may change. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington.donald trump best week yet, new polls to a: tba in your morning health check -a push to allow pediatricians to prescribe medications to treat opioid addiction in teens and young adults. reports of opioid doubled among adolescents over the past 25 years. so the american academy of pediatrics is recommending doctors consider treating young patients with medications that help build long-term sobriety. right now, less than half of counties in the country have a primary care doctor who prescribe the drugs. teens whose parents focus on healthy eating rather than weight are less likely to be obese or develop an eating disorder. studies show family involvement in treating
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academy of pediatricians recommends that parents discourage dieting, promote a positive body image, and have more family meals. hyundai and mitsubishi are recalling thousands of cars for problems that could increase the risk of is recalling more than 64,500 elantras from the 2013 model year.. because the brake pedal stopper can deteriorate. that could cause the transmission to shift out of park without applying the brake pedal. meanwhile, mitsubishi is recalling 2015 to 2016 models of the 2016 models of the outlander and lancer... due to a problem that can delay acceleration in certain driving conditions. just in time for the kids' christmast wish reportedly plans to introduce a new playstation 4 standard model, along with a high-end version next month.the company is trying to maintain demand for the top-selling game console, hoping to atract both hard-core fans and casual earns revenue from subscriptions and game downloads.
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security guard! we are live with the latest... amber heard - handing over her ?entire divorce settlement... the details on who she's
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a security guard - a security
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a security
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a security guard - answering questions right now...after pulling the trigger in a deadly shooting.and that's not the only case police are investigating this morning. the olympics may be over...but for ryan lochte - the trouble his punishment.. punishment.. she's the ex-mrs...johnny depp...but this morning - amber heard has a new title... philanthropist.what she's doing with her divorce settlement...all 7 million dollars all 7 million dollars
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