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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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shows a history of mental illness along with her own medical problems. and also dps was going to have more involvement. the case file begins with a call to dps when he was brought to the hospital with a high fever. these documents to reveal that the doctors involved in care were very concerned about whether or not his mother understood how bad his condition actually was. the report says that doctors thought that his mother was oblivious, about the treatment that they recommended. she shot with -- she fought with them about how he should be fed. the home was filthy, and the home was so dirty.
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reasons that the child is taken. >> reporter: it is easy to second-guess when you know the outcome. >> it is easy, the number of children that the agency comes in contact with is a small number. >> reporter: the worst happened, they tried to start and get medical decisions but not to get away from his mother, his mother strangled him to death with medical tubing and then shot herself in the bathroom. his mother was allowed to be alone in the hospital alone with the child but they only petition to remove her medical decision capability. they do not want to take the child from her. new at 5 pm.
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serial straight shooter. there hoping it will help them catch a guy in these sketches. he is believed to be responsible for seven murders here in the valley. a brand-new report, it highlights the shooting incident that took place on 31st street and thomas. command driving with his four- year-old nephew driving in the car, he knows the dark-colored bmw pulled up to him at the traffic light, the driver of the bmw started to shoot at times. likely, that driver and his young enough or -- nephew were not injured. silent witnesses offering up to $50,000 with information leading to a suspect in this case. you can remain anonymous by calling 480-witness. shivaswamy hosakote was
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la fitness parking lot. the family is heartbroken. >> please, if anyone has seen anything anywhere heard anything, please help us. >> reporter: an emotional plea from his closest friend. he was found stabbed multiple times in this la fitness club parking lot in chandler. friends describe him as a kind and gentle soul. >> -- i miss his love. i could talk to them as an equal that's how he was with me and my wife.>> reporter: he leaves behind a wife of 50 years. chandler police believe that they do not know the motive of the murder and the investigation is still ongoing. for their friends, the loss is devastating.
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>> reporter: right now, the family is just looking for answers and justice.>> we do not want anyone to go through this kind of thing ever. >> reporter: if you know anything or have any information you're asked to call chandler police or silent witness at 480- witness. avoid driving in th part of the sidewalk. there figuring out why this part of the sidewalk collapse. still no sign of the 10-year-old, justin wilson, -- justin wilson -- jesse wilson who has been missing. a federal judge once transit gender children to use
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the judge for the northern district of texas granted a nationwide injunction yesterday. temporarily blocking the guidance from the obama administration concerning students in public schools. 13 states including arizona appeal to the course. they argued that the directive is unconstitutional. to decision 2016 and the race for the white house. is donald trump reconsidering his pledge to depart 11 million undocumented immigrants? met with latino leaders on saturday. today, on fox, he said he's not sure about deportations. and thousands of hillary clinton's emails were not turned over to investigators and they were found by the fbi. they will be made public shortly. ticket -- the clinton campaign says they've nothing to hide. president obama plans to visit louisiana. the pets are finding new homes in other states.
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virginia. volunteers hope that by bringing animals to other cities will free up space in the louisiana shelters to free up space for more flooding victims. a new habitat for community project it will be held in memphis. they were joined by country stars. they work to build 19 homes. carter told reporters that the year ago he said he didn't know he would live three weeks after he was diagnosed with liver cancer. at that time also for spots of cancer was found on his brain. his cancer remains interest in -- remains in remission. the late wife of -- the wife of the late mohammed ali will have an interview
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florida, we will share an easier way to make sure you do not return from vacation with the zika virus. the teller was trapped in a horrendous bug crash. she was rescued. we will -- the toddler was trapped in a horrendous boat crash. she was rescued. poorest in the state? tell us what you think and social media. we will give you the answer at 6:15 pm.
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the olympics are over but you do not want to miss these stories on 12 news at 10 pm. the one thing that may be causing
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community leaders are calling on congress to appropriate $1.9 billion, it is to fight the mosquito that is caring the zika virus. many cases of the virus have been reported in south florida. have been making calls to parents to raise awareness about the virus and to give tips about prevention. schools are handing out free mosquito repellent and long sleeved uniforms. >> investigators here in arizona are monitoring the potential spread of the virus, and crews are searching for the
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>> reporter: it was back in april that the fda authorized the use of secret testing materials. there was one test available, it required very careful scrutiny. >> the testing is new and we have not learned as much about it as we would like to know.>> reporter: for that reason, the doctor says that testing group of people. >> you only want to test people that are at risk for the disease. they travel to an infected area or had a sex partner that travel to the area.>> reporter: this gives researchers another way to identify and other pathway. >> if you have the virus, west nile virus, it could make the
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>> people at the most risk, are the unborn children of women. that is where we want to target our testing, and we went to target our surveillance. pregnant women and people who travel to affected areas. >> maricopa county health department people but the suspected buyers and they can from 16 cases, all of them were travel associated. the central plains are home to tornado alley but they could hear the ship that they could hit anywhere. this was outside of boston. this was in the community of concord. 39 homes were hit and the parkers have been spending the day to remove fallen tree branches from the lines. no one was seriously injured.
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of the dust storm in the valley -- we want to thank all of you who sent in your pictures of the dust storm in the valley yesterday. if you would like to share your photos, remember to use twitter to post them. here is a live look from our camera in downtown pickett this -- you can see here, a cravat was trying to make their way through, without success. fortunately, it looks like a truck is behind it trying to push it right on out. again, just another reminder if you see that water and you are not sure that you can make it through, do not cross it.
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bit of rainfall and a sharp heard of time. i'm not surprised that we are seeing that water right now. north phoenix picked up an inch with a storm that just move through. that is along the thunderbird area and seventh street. peoria just a little bit under a half an inch. and sun city west is getting a little bit of rain in their area. take a look at today's numbers, 100 degrees, we were below average today. that is nice, for the majority t little bit the low that normal temperatures. 113 degrees is today's record. there were those storms developing to the west, they made it into the peoria area, phoenix, and they fizzled out. now we just have a few sprinkles north of the 101. but nothing heavy developing at this hour.
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take a look at the north and west, over by wickenburg by highway 71, there is a storm dumping some pretty good rainfall. kingman is getting slammed with heavy stuff we a flood warnings from kingman and stretching up to areas into the mountains. to the east, it is not quite as active, flagstaff is quiet, everything happening is to the north and east of you. and the white mounds is just seeing if you isolate -- white mountains are just seeing a we will keep it mild for the mountains. tonight, partly cloudy, isolated storms is still possible out there. we will keep a slight chance of an isolated storm early into tomorrow morning and overlooking a partly cloudy for the rest of the day, the rest., the temperatures are 96 degrees, on up to one -- 101
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looking at dry skies and slightly below normal temperatures. it means one thing, friday night fever, the best friday night football returns 11:45 pm after the tonight show. >> the cardinals will back at work today at the university of phoenix stadium. yesterday, marked the return today, the first trumpet suited up since training camp opened up three weeks ago.>> returning to work, justin bethel, who had off-season foot surgery is back on the field. his absent allowed williams to taken for the starting back cornerback position, but he has his eye back on claiming the
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has his eye on claiming the job. >> going out and jumping into someone's face and covering them. and then getting be in, and handshaking at all. >> at the end of the day, it will help the team best. they will put who they think should be out there. the way we run our defense that we will some point doing something and we will all have some sort of role.>> bruce arians said that they will play half of the game this sunday in houston, and the first preseason game is the dress rehearsal for the preseason. you could see offense come out and play a series after halftime. bruce arians does not see that. he knows what they can do. >> never before has the battle
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interesting. the atlanta braves are in town to face the diamondbacks. >> the diamondbacks first overall pick for the 2015 draft just happens to be wearing the uniform of the atlanta braves. that was a bad trade. we will talk about it. it is money saving monday. we have several ways that you ca out. an amazing rescue, her family was involved in a horrible book crash in florida. you are
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there is an unbelievable story of survival coming from florida tonight. a 23 month old girl was in an air pocket. she was in the indian river. officers search for an hour after they found the little girl under the bow. likely, she was wearing a life jacket -- under the boat. likely, she was wearing a life jacket. >> thank you for saving our baby. you saved our world. >> the little girl was treated by paramedics and she is listed in good condition at the
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you can cut down on the tab when you dine out. you can buy a discounted gift certificate. join your favorite restaurants him elliston they can send you deals through the mail. do not lock in super hungry. -- do not go grocery shopping when you are super hungry. anything with alcohol in it entrie. can you believe that the summer olympics are over? i cannot. >> we know you loved every minute of it. what were your favorite moments? all this week, we're counting down the top 20 moments. is number 19, the dutch woman cyclist, she was closing in on an olympic gold medal when she had a massive wipeout.
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her 87 mile journey. she had a significant lead when she slipped going down a hill. it was terrifying for anyone that saw it live. they said she was okay but she did suffer some minor fractures. >> that was a scary moment. she went headfirst into the curb. join us at 12 news at 6 pm. and we will ge tonight on 12 news at 10 pm. condoms are getting a revamped and an asu researcher is behind
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ray king news, -- breaking news, the man that is accused of sexual cases with teenage girls. we will have more on that at 6 pm. an exotic bird trained as we will have the story for you on 12 news at 10 pm. 12 news is always on. >> you can catch us online anytime. you are watching 12 news
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tonight, paying the price. major new fallout for ryan lochte losing big money and sponsors from speedo to ralph lauren. served ties with an american olympic hero scarred by scandal. combatting zika in the hot zone as the kids go back to school. the nation's top disease expert we faced a generation ago. mixed messages, is donald trump suddenly backtracking on immigration? what he's now saying about rounding up millions of undocumented immigrants. plus bill clinton's bombshell announcement about what he'll do if his wife is elected president. and tech support scam. that computer message might not be what you think it is, and that person on the other end of the phone might not be there to help. "nightly news" begins


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