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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa caribe and coop starts now. tracking the big picture for you tonight. a phoenix her bird. >> there was blood on the kitchen floor. who would murder this 84- year-old man in a parking lot? a researcher creates a condom that feels like it's barely there. >> a look inside the gold medal medallist michael phelps's brand new mansion. our big story.
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home invasion in south phoenix. >> and it looks like the bird didn't go without a fight. the home splattered with blood. >> it's one example of exotic animals being stolen to possibly be sold on the black market. >> the bird that was stolen is a blue and gold mccaw. her owner is frantically trying to find the bird. they may not know what th themselves into. >> they use add crowbar and busted through here. >> she came home to find her home ransacked. not only was her tv gone but her bird sunshine was missing. the cage wide open and empty. >> not only was my bird gone but it was a serious struggle for her. there was blood all over the floor. mccaws are known to take off fingers and ears and rip you to sleds.
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hoping to find sunshine before she's sold on the ever growing black market for exotic birds. according to the animal welfare institute millions of exotic birds are stolen and smuggled for illegal pet trading. >> a stolen animal, you want to sell the animal. you don't care about the animal whatsoever. >> while some are worth thousands sunshine isn't one of them. -- -- she was her trainer at one time and had to take her home. >> with her she's just like any other house pet, loyal, loving, and missed. >> just please bring her back no yeses asked. i -- questions asked. >> if you have any information on the case you are asked to call them.
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images from 59th avenue and indian school. the area still shut down at this hour. >> we flew over the scene earlier. it looks like the sidewalk has collapsed. it's unclear what caused all this. we'll let you know as soon as it's back open. tonight the story of an ominous post on social media that no one paid attention to. the tweet read i need to move out of my place viciously murder my roommates. and that's exactly what 22-year- old mike pence confessed to doing. >> -- zachary penton confessed to doing. >> friends and dpam will are sharing -- family are sharing his story. >> a memorial has been set up. trish ya? >> hey guys. family and friends have left
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flours candles and pictures of danny garofalo in memory of him. >> to my brother from another mother. >> jill krogmann was a family friend of danny's. >> devastated. very big loss. he's such a great guy. he'd give you his last penny. >> police say penton shot and killed him sunday morning and called the cops on himself. >> i never met this guy. he had -- th roommates. danny was trying to kick him out of the house. and then an altercation started. >> danny's friends found a disturbing message on social media. >> saying he was going to violently do something to the roommate. i feel he knew danny wanted him out and he was not getting out. >> officers found danny dead in the master bedroom with one
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found. the handgun was found in the driveway. >> it is upsetting that he's welcomed everyone and anyone into his home and gave people places to stay. >> those who knew him emotional tonight. >> he was a great guy. and he was a really, you know, a good dad. >> praying that his little boy does all right. he's with the mother. and gets the help he needs. >> now police say no el according to police penton admitted to knowingly and intentionally shooting his roommate. for now live in gilbert. trisha hendricks 12 news at 10:00. . >> phoenix police sharing information tonight in the hunt for the serial street shooter. he's believed to be responsible for at least seven mufrds. a brand -- murders.
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and thomas. a man driving with his 4-year- old nephew in the car noticed a dark-colored bmw at a stoplight. the driver opened fire hitting his car three times. luckry the victim and his nephew weren't hurt. silent witness is offering up to $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest. the family of a man killed outside an l.a. finance gym is making fittens gym is making a plea to -- fittens gim fitness gym is making a plea to his killer. >> we want to find justice. >> the retired engineer for maricopa county was found stab stabbed multiple times in the parking lot. he was an active member of the indian community and leaves
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chandler -- 50 years. chandler police say they still don't know a motive. almost a year after 5-year- old helious griffith was killed by his mother the department of child safety has released more than 400 pages of the file. they detail prior contacts that dcs had with them. they show doctors were concerned that tami was concerned to her son's medical situn. he suffered from seb ral palsy. they investigated but found he was not in immediate danger. last november she strangled him to death in his hospital room and then killed herself. protesters take to the streets demanding joe arpaio be suspended.
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it took place in downtown phoenix this afternoon. the judge is also recommending criminal contempt charges against his top deputy jerry sheridan. a new billboard campaign slamming isis has made its way to the valley. it's on eastbound i-10 near the living spaces store. sound vision and a group of american muslims are behind the movement declaring their group. take a look at this. team 12 catching a corvette getting stuck, stalling out in a culvert in the road near 7th street and thatcher in north phoenix after storms flooded the area. someone in a pick up truck helped nudge them out of the water. sky 12 in the air as well. you can see pockets of puddles snarling traffic all over town. it's the third straight day the
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activity. this photo that was shot yesterday and it's blowing up on the internet tonight. the photographer is a pilot. taking a live look in downtown phoenix. all is pretty quiet. there's a little bit of moisture here on the radar. you see for the most part we're quiet across the valley. a few showers sneaking up from the south and west. we're not picking up on any lightning or any heavy rain. overnight hours we may get a shower or two sweeping through the valley. tomorrow we may have moisture lingering in the morning. so a slight chance in the morning. by noon sitting comfortably at 94. and a high tomorrow of 101. looks like for the most part we should be pretty storm free with storm chances staying to the north. temperatures looking pretty good for the rest of the week. the full forbe cast in just a
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new numbers show the current voter make up in arizona. the secretary of state revealing there are 3.4 million registered voters. of those 1.85 million are republicans. there are slightly more than a million democrats and more than 1.1 million independents. we're not that far away from the august 30th primary election. first donald trump is 11 million undocumented immigrants. and thousands of hillary clinton emails not turned over to investigators have been found by the fbi. the clinton campaign says she has nothing to hide. and they were urging these emalgs to be made -- emails to be made public. and so is a federal judge but the state department is putting them out a few at the time. so far it's ordinary content
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as to why they weren't turned over. >> why did the deletion take place at all? >> trump is denying that he flipped on his vow to deport immigrants without proper papers. >> they're going back. >> we're working with a lot of people in the hispanic community to try to come up with an answer. >> so you're not flip-flopping? >> no i'm not flip-flopping. >> as for the trump wall he says it. >> it's a revolutionary condom developed at asu. >> guys would choose that over a regular one. michael phelps now calling this place home. a look inside his new pad. and more lochte fallout. his fake story costing him millions. tomorrow on 12 news at 10:00. >> the one thing that may be causing balding and it's
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tonight wo have a story on condoms. they're cheap and 99% effective and they help prevent the spread >> the problem is they can be uncomfortable. >> but not anymore according to one researcher who says he has made one that mimics human skin. >> if you still use a condom it's good news. >> the future may be getting smoother and a bit sensitive. all thanks to a guy who wanted to be a doctor but is now satisfied turning polymers into
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to clothing, sex sells. the business of sex is also big. the average person having sex 127 times a year. that's a loft loving. it also explains why shang shi- when is busy developing a new type of condom. >> for many years nobody works on this one. >> unlike current condoms which are latex. products. >> the asu professor has created a pro toe type. i -- prototype. i got to touch it. >> it's a better feeling condom. that should make more people like it. >> the goal is to make a don dom guys want to -- condom guys want to use.
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can try that or not. >> maybe we can at least get some opinions we are smack dab in the middle of a college campus. home to thousands and how thousands of potential -- thousands of potential uses. we had them touch one from the store be one that chen created. >> it does feel more skin feel. yeah. >> not all but most everyone good feel a difference. >> i think that one. >> still a few months from a clinical trial and a long way from production he may have invented the condom of the future. >> the funding for his initial research came from the bill and me linda gates foundation. the main focus is to stop the spread of stds mainly in africa. kevin kennedy 12 news at 10:00.
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you can almost hear it echoing. >> what's so funny? >> echoing from the buttes. sun devil football is back. >> i'm going to leave it right there. >> hey i agree with you. 100%. counting it down just 12 days until they kick off the regular season at asu. there are more questions than answers and here are the top 12 questions. number one. who's the startingua there's not a single quarterback on the roster who's thrown a pass in division one play. number two cam smith his deep threat returns from an injury can he be that dynamic weapon he was brfr the injury. number three the offensive line. will the line hold nup play with four new starters. number four is a guy with number four on his jersey
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running mate helps to give them a one two punch no doubt he can be an unstoppable force. >> what a play. >> number six championship talk. todd graham has been asked to tone it down but will he. number seven chip lindsey what will the offense look like? number eight six new coaches on staff. is that too many new voices in number nine the secondary the most maligned unit from a year ago how much improvement should we expect? number ten as u gets safety perry back? healthy after an injury shortened 2015 east season. can he step up? number 11. the defensive line probably the strongest unit on the team can
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facelift and has a smaller capacity but will the fans fill it up? >> i tell you right now my biggest concern is the secondary. they have got clear that up. >> just like kevin's story covered everything. >> this one is covering everything very naturally. >> coop good job. the rio olympics over but learning new details on michael phelps and the new scottsdale mansion. tmz sports revealing he spent $2.5 million top 6,000 square foot house that was finished last december. >> we've seen some of the home on facebook live with his fiance and baby. we now know it has five bedrooms six and a half baths
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michael phelps have an incredible pool. >> and an amazing kitchen by the way. i saw that on a facebook post. the daily mail and zilluw have pictures of the inside. from the most decorated to what may now be the most disgraced. speedo is dropping its sponsorship with ryan lochte. they say they can't condone behavior against its values. >> all of this comes as lochte admits he lied to rio police about being held up at gunpoint. he's reportedly hired justin bieber's crisis manager to smoot over his waters. we are counting down the top 20 moments. here is 17 aly raisman getting emotional.
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-- raisman both shed tears of joy. >> it's great we can still go back and look at some of those moments. some of them that we shared earlier i missed during the initial olympics. >> there was a lot of concern going into it. but it produced so many incredible moments and incredible athletes. >> i want to go to rio now. even despite some they've had. a little bit of weather today moving in earlier this afternoon. coming in from the northwest let's go the graphics right now and show you what is happening right now. it's pretty quiet. 79 degrees that was our low this morning. 100 was our low today. below the average by four degrees. that will be the friend for most of the week. enjoy it. pretty decent temperatures.
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the west valley. just some light stuff. nothing major at all. out a little further to the west i-10 down to the south there. a little bit of heavier rain. not a whole lot happening. tonight you may get a light shower kind of sweep through but that's it. activity is going strong in mojave county. south of bullhead city getting hit. effect those red boxes you see because a tremendous amount of rain has fallen and more could be headed that way. look at these storms from southern nevada exploding there over northern mojave county. i would be aware of those storms there as we head through the overnight hours. to the eastern part of the state not much happening. show low payson the white mowns looking kwie yet -- mountains
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northern arizona. and everywhere else looks pretty low. central deserts, lower deserts staying dry as we see te monsoon moisture filter out. tonight 58 in pay southern. 57 in prescott. 82 in parker. tomorrow temperatures looking pretty nice. 75 in sedona. 78 in show low. not too bad. and 96 for the high in tu son -- tucson. it looks like the forecast stays dry through next monday. you think your money is safe in the bankment but why using the -- bank. but why using the atm could put your money at risk. the cardinals get a big piece of their defense back on the field.
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because every great accomplishment takes courage. because one person can't do it all. because dreams are worth chasing. with proven services that support all of your endeavors.
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oh yeah that can mean only one thing friday night fever the best high school football
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tonight show. catch the fever that's what i'm talking about. meanwhile 20 days away from when the cardinals kick off their season against the patriots. a big force is back. he practiced for the first time today since training camp opened up. can due chi says he's been slowed by says it sucks being on the sideline because he wanted to hit somebody. >> i've been itching for a couple of weeks and they've been telling know chill because these injuries are no joke. be patient the right time will come. i've been itching to get out there. >> watson diamondbacks number
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in the foufrt inning. but the big -- fourth inning. but the big blow comes off a walk off home run. his first career walk off home rupp. can i do it? i'm going to give him our mvp of the night. diamondbacks win it. what do you think about that? >> good to see him doing his thing. 12 news starting a new segment called money monday. >> we're going money and keep it in your bank account. tonight we're talking about atm skimmers. >> criminals have stolen as much as $3 being around the world. it skims information off your credit and debit cards. there's a camera that records you typing in your pin number. >> that's crazy. you can cover the pin pad to try to get by them but they have a new device that doesn't
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some of them are inside the slot which you can't see. >> they will insert a deep skimmer into the mouth of the atm. you will never see it. >> the solution? try to use those chip cards whenever you can. they are safer to use since you only stick the end of the chip in the card raerd. don't go away. he is is a puppy with a purpose. our shot of the day after the
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finally tonight our shot of the day. as a serious case of puppy love strikes on the today show. >> the addition to the show is puppy with a purpose. >> it's a nonprofit organization to support vert rans and first responders. >> he does need one thing from you. a name. you can log on to to cast your choice, sarge, charlie, and ace. >> i like ace it fits him. >> remember 12 news is always on and available. you can get the latest news as it happens on, on
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a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm. welcome to delicious. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert de niro,


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