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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. early morning storms in the west of the valley. we have cloudy skies storms around the valley, we'll let you know where they are, team coverage straight ahead. fast food for breakfast, been a tradition for japan, can you name the restaurant they jingle awe the way to? that's just so typical me, oh, baby, oh. i mean, halle berry is britt n spers? a look of oops i did it again. i'm matt marshes welcome back from vacation and jimmy, where are the storms right now. >> winding down for some,
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in the south things are weakening pretty quickly, you could see clear skies out there. this storm scanned the skews looking towards south mountain, gorgeous sunrise, the planes coming in and the air is extra clean. the haze in the air because of the rain and the mist 74 degrees, height east wind at 10 miles per hour. yesterday esaid 70 was pretty comfortable. we're all in the 70s for post of our area the rain has cooled our atmosphere. down to the south. this rainfall still around, some thunderstorms around scotts dale a rca dia. the heavier stuff lifted to the
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of apache junction. our monsoon meter is at a 4. what a busy morning with the monsoon, jen has driven through the rain, north, and east valley, jen, where are you now? we are on the 202 westbound into phoenix. you see quite a different picture from 30 minutes ago where we had heavy rain on the 101, we've been tracking this storm on 4, 435 doing more than .10 of an inch of rain across
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44th street with an inch of brain, quite a different store as the skies are clear, we have rain falling in the east rally some places picked up .42 of an i believe of rain. right now approaching scottsdale road. we're heading to a few hundred people are without power, we'll be live with you coming up at 6:30, left over wet roadways as you're heading out the door. we have complete team coverage, we are live in mesa where just a few minutes ago it was coming down pretty hard,
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be@and to the east, clear skies some of the rain is caused a bit of localized flooding because it has flown into the drain system knot of us throughout the morning. what's sill can be thes, 31 minute according to national weather service this is a report from the phoenix gateway ate in just the short allot of time it rains thereto a ditch next to this parking lot. i don't know if we could throw a rock in there b luck lick, it
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inrainwater, potentially dangerous situation there. peopleel of the roads. we have atonias se crash to add to a long lest this has shut down blocked all lanes south of et yacht all traffic being forced off at elliot, now did say that possibly some traffic maybe sneaking by in of tough and go not sure you can real le count on that, use power road to get you to the 202 from there head pueblo. on the 51 northboundability possibly they've moved that off
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cleared the trash from the high lane see slow on the southbound and the 10 eastbound. >> police are looking for a must be begun 6 a bizarre over neat shooting around midnight a guy walked up to them and shot them in the leg, in theshot in the leg expected to be okay. a 22-year-old accused of shooting his murder. tweeting, i need to move out of my place before i issue my room meats. and the two got into a fight and the suspect told
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life. protesters demanding him be arrested steals from last week's decision to file prosecutors to file charges against him, and the top deputy. new numbers show the current voter make up in arizona, there are 3.5 million registered vote 1.1348 register tornadoic dependence, 6:07. you get pancakes for a buck.
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cakes we don't mess around for only a dollar you can get a short stack, you can tell we are all hungry for this. tell me a little bit started? one until 7:00 we're giving away short stacks but for $1, timically, the dollars we collect is no today. >> take a look at this tolden brownness . all you s. >> what oceans do we have for syrup what's your favorite? >> of course we'll go with the
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perry was meant to bement ealso asked asked, i know you wanted to col with $20, they are hoeing help 16 million people two to fix-hop. i havele to the yugos these look applausingel. >> the we you were flipping have some time out this. yes tell us all about it. what about about the current six. still ahead, you got served.
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. very good tuesday morning. welcome back. rain starts and stops in the valley. more than 1,000 without power now because of the storms that rocked us overnight and into this morning. we have team 12 coverage this morning. first, emma is here with "morning juice ." >> uh-huh. who likes mcdonald's? everyone? yeah? >> i can't eat it. >> health nuts over there. kanye west released aid poem he wrote about his -- released a
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mcdonald's. it's called mcdonalds man. one line caught the eye of folksment mcdonald's it said i could see it there his artificial meat eyes. mcdonald's hit back on twitter posting this image. we are loving the love from mcdonald's, world famous fries and apple pies, the company said. like the beef in our burgers and love for our fan's 100% real. check the emoji. world famous fries. mic drop. not bad. from actress to pop star poet, one of britney spears hits has been remade. kind of. halle berry put her twist on "oops i did it again ." listen. >> oh baby, baby. oops i did it again.
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many ways. to lose all my senses, that is just so typical of me. oh baby. oh. oops, i did it again. >> all right. snaps everyone. >> that's all i've got. >> this is hilarious new video done for w magazine. no word on what brit thinks it. from that alone, what is there to think? other than that should never be read. all right. let's get your juicy question of the morning. let's see what you think. one out of three women wish they could change this about themselves. oh, we took a survey of our newsroom. no one would change this about tram or crystal. funny guys. why was my name left out, huh?
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>> yep, eyelashes. >> if it's weight, i'm not coming back ever again. >> don't say that. >> i would say a guess based on what they said. no, i'm not going to take a guess. >> that's just too smart. >> got to go there. >> there's so many different things you could think. >> there's so many things you want to change about those two? >> n two girls i can tell you there's so many things each day you're like what, what? each day you're not getting in it. >> a guy can't realistically guess this. there's a hint coming up in 15 minutes. >> eye color. hair. crystal, what do you say? >> i'm stumped. i don't know. especially since you and i are involved. i'm afraid to say anything.
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can't count on any lanes on 202 san tan southbound just south of elliot. all traffic forced off elliot northbound you're good. that's the traffic you see going by there. southbound you're in trouble. if you're starting off far enough north, take the 60 westbound to 101 southbound. if you're getting close here, at some point you can exit. make your way over to power road and head southbound there. from there, recon san tan. not sure how long that roadblock will be in place. several vehicles tangled together. it's really nasty and probably going to take time. no surprise. we've got ponding on the roadways as well. higher water levels. wet roads all over the east valley. north end of the valley even the west valley. major slowdowns on the 10 and 17. let's take you on a virtual drive. 10 eastbound, 75th avenue. going to cost you 10 minutes.
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hour. look at the drive downtown. stop and go, averaging speedings in the teens. long orange and red lines all the way downtown. 38 minutes. i saw that get up to around 40. it's fluctuating. you're averaging 19 miles per hour on the speedometer. a brand new virtual drive 17 southbound. here we go. we'll tell you where you start hitting the brakes. not until you get to camel back southbound where you see orange lines at the time stake averaging 46 miles per hour, 22 minutes from downtown. >> jimmie? >> we're talking how much rain hit the ground. this is the past three hours which is pretty impressive since this morning. i broke it down by streets. it's hard to get to some areas. three tenths of an inch. shay and 51, maybe more towards the south of that about a quarter of an inch. 143 and 202.
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not a lot of localized flooding with this. around some of the mountain areas you could possibly along the 40th street and shay. right where it comes off the mountain there. just dark skies. you'll notice off towards the east we start to clear. we have 74, dew point 66. winds east southeast at 10 miles per hour. our temperatures mainly into the 70s. we have a nice -- i use the word cool when i see 60. 69 fountain hills. ju rainfall in that area. bulk of that moisture lifting up toward the rim quite rapidly. couple of cells arounded the valley just pushing off. glendale towards phoenix. pretty quiet. nice shower along the 101 in scottsdale north of indian school area pushing off north of paradise valley around lincoln. just a few sprinkles. fountain hills down in the 60s. big cell moves over towards your
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junction. everything lifted up toward the north and east. a big picture we'll show you no feeder storms towards the south. all clear is about to move into our area. of course a big cell along the 87. this is south of about 30 miles south of pacen on the highway. the bulk of that moisture hole brook. going to wednesday and thursday, clears out. chance of storms thursday, friday, saturday. monsoon fires back up again. 6:20 let's get to your trivia question of the morning. still focused on japan, home of 2020 summer olympics. since 1974, been a tradition for japanese to go to this american fast food restaurant on christmas. >> mcdon adds or kfc --
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>> you're right. kfc. >> it's hard to get turkey in japan. started a marketing campaign . people work wait a mile in line. >> turkey or chicken? >> it's hard to get turkey, so they get chicken. >> okay. you should always look at the bright side of life. what a study found about the power of positive thinking. >> here comes dad for a conference. i came out to tell you how much i love you tears when you see our shot of the morning in just about two
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. good morning. another gorgeous sun as storms clear out in the valley this complete coverage coming up in minutes. for now it's 6:24 in today's health check. researchers have new suggestions on how to make football practice safer for young players. they looked at group of players with impacts at practice and games. experts say limiting tackling drills in practice could greatly reduce risk of injury. now shedding light on true
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patients began taking hormone therapies. those with a more negative outlook had twice the number of side effects after two years. patients more optimistic about the treatment saw better result >> this is why we love sports today. an incredible moment at a little league world series game when the coach of oregon goes to the mound to visit his pitcher which happens to be his s picked up. >> here comes dad for a conference. >> i just came out to tell you how much i love you as a dad and player. okay? you're doing awesome. one more hitter. this is your last hitter. okay? understand. come right after him. hey, cheer up, have some fun. come right after him. >> how good is that, tim? >> as good as it gets. >> goosebumps.
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in the big leagues are coming out giving the same message. >> the coach is talking to his son isaiah. i love it. >> how precious is that. >> that kid is going to remember that for the rest of his life. >> he probably was bummed out. obviously not doing so well. have fun. that's what his dad tells him. this is the world series for goodness sakes. >> made it this far, right? >> that's the pressure of it. when you play in those type of things, so much is shoulders from the city and everything. it might be the only time you're going. got to give it to kids. 90% preparation, 10% execution. that's what about it's about, when you get 10%, do what you're supposed to do. >> don't forget to step back and enjoy the moment in midst of competition. >> have fun. do you shop at outlet malls the valley or leave them to tourists?
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increasing in popularity once again. that and coverage of the
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. thunder, rain, lightning. is more on the way? >> radar continuing to light up. where is it headed now? i'll have the details in just a sec with complete team coverage. would you like to look and feel younger? it's turn back the clock tuesday. we have a diet tip to help. one out of three women wish they could change this about themselves. the answer to this is the answer to good morning everyone. welcome to "12 today." what a rocking morning for 2016. >> been busy. these storms developed last night, came in two waves. one between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning and more cells came in. looking at big picture, most pushing off the mountains, towards four peaks and off away from the valley. 74 now. it is so comfortable for the
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we have 68 fountain hills now. that's my meter we start calling the weather cool. good to see that this time of year. storms are moving off across most of phoenix. we're going to be okay. the roadways are going to be wet. still could impact travel. some of these washes level too. rainfall up in that direction too. v-line highway, heavy storms along this area. not affecting too many folks here. the bulk of the rainfall moves off sholo. today we start to clear, humid, high of 99. let's continue the live team coverage. the morning monsoon storms knocked out power for some people. jen wall is live near 32nd street. what happened jen? >> reporter: well power has been out here at this intersection for the last 10 minutes or so. in the area, a little longer than that.
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at 32nd and mcdowell. lights started flashing literally seconds before you took the live shot. srp saying weather caused this power outage in the area. 1200 customers from van buren to thomas. not sure if power is back on to that entire area still working on confirming that with srp. it's back on at this intersection. it was stc this morning. we were driving around the entire valley from buckeye to avondale to central phoenix. then ending in north scottsdale even east mesa. some of the strongest hit areas, more than three tenths of an inch of rain actually not far from where we are now near 52nd street and thomas. also about two tenths of an inch at i-17. thomas, back here live. you can see the streets are definitely drying out.
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valley free ways that did get hit harder. back to you. >> thank you for the update from there. meanwhile, breaking news as the southbound 202 is closed after a bad crash. niko just arrived on the scene seconds ago. >> yeah, well dps troopers on scene tell us this was two separate car crashes likely caused by weather we were experiencing this morning. it's kind of hard to see this blue car the car possibly hydro planing according to troopers on scene. possibly heavy rain at the time. it ran into another car beyond one of these troopers here. a yellow car. when the driver of the third car tried to slow down to avoid this one, he was hit. the yellow truck hit the car as well. let's get a better look at what's happening. debris is spread across all four lanes. cars in the median and on the shoulder now the entire southbound lanes are
6:34 am
there are multiple injuries. most of them are minor. once again, based on what you see from sky 12, there are three cars to the right and one on top of a tow truck. two cars and two trucks involved in all. we're trying to get updates on injuries and things like that north of us, the exit cars are forced to exit. in the meantime, traffic and able to give us details on how to get around this mess. going to be an hour before they open up back to you. >> can you believe the yellow thing you saw was a car. you need a plan b. if you're starting off far enough north, take that 101 southbound or make your way to power road. that i can that southbound. from there, hop onto 202 and head westbound wherever travel plans are. we're left with wet roadss in
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earlier. certainly no surprise that weather likely played a part in that crash. we're also seeing a lot of slowing near the downtown area. there's been a number of crashes here this morning. so far, all of those have been pulled off to the side where exception of 202 closure. 17 southbound we're tracking the slowest speeds. averaging 18 miles per hour between the 101 and stack. 31 minutes for that drive, 17 southbound now minutes to get to work if you're starting off 303 down to 20s stack to limb. 60 westbound not bad -- stack to the split. 60 westbound, not bad. 1717 minutes overall. a man accused of sexual assaulting more than a dozen girls will wait a ruling to see if he'll be released from jail before his trial. tyler was arrested two years
6:36 am
high school classmates. a phoenix woman is trying to find her exotic bird that was stolen in a home break-in. she returned to find her house ransacked and her beloved bird gone. amber said there was blood on the floor. she thinks the bird may have attacked attacked the intruder. sunshine is not valuable because of age and medical issues. officials have received hundreds of aca for medical marijuana dispensaries. arizona has nearly 100 license dispensaries already. the health department says nine out of ten live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary. 6:36. today you can get pancakes for $1. while helping in the fight against childhood hunger, brian west is live in tempe. working hard this morning brian.
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happening here at this ihop. if you want to send me here every morning, that's perfectly fine. event that's happening, go to help a good cause. all you need is $1. corinne is the general manager. >> all proceeds go to no kid hungry. >> 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> that is correct. >> come over to ihop. >> beautiful stacks of pancakes we can't just have these go to waste, can we? we're going to practice serving skills. we have made new friends. this is leslie, andre i. we brought you stacks of pancakes. you having breakfast, just hanging out? >> yes. >> good morning. have some pancakes. this event 7:00 to 7:00. it's only a dollar and goes to benefit no kid hungry.
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starving children. guys, i'll toss back to you. >> great cause. thank you. it's now time to turn back the clock this tuesday morning to help you look and feel younger. you want to try eating a third of your daily diet with raw foods like nuts, seed, fruits, vegetables, extra virgin coconut and olive oils. or drink a raw smoothie everyday to bring in minerals, nutrients. >> i missed the pancake story after that >> are degree toes on that list -- doritos on that list? >> i think that was after the list. still ahead today, gabby douglas lands a new job what the olympic gold medalist has planned next. are there more storms out there? more coming up in the forecast.
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>> oh yeah. >> may be the most diva thing we've ever heard. what barbra streisand got apple to do. it's coming up in your "morning juice ." ."
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer of america. . big discussion on barbra streisand being a legend.
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so much. >> she's not an a lister? >> not anymore. she is a legend. i'm just saying. >> no. 6:42 now. sky 12 flying out and about. storms breaking up over the valley. still power outannals and dealing with that -- outages and dealing with a bad crash on the loop. first, want to talk more of barbra streisand in your "morning juice." >> you're pronouncing it correctly this morning. just a diva doing diva things. barbra streisand and fed up with people saying her name wrong. coming your way, september 30th, when the next
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saying her name wrong her entire career. people pronounce it with a z. there was only one thing to do. she called tim cook, apple ceo and said he'd have siri change the pronunciation. if that isn't power, i don't know what gabby douglas was first gold medalist in olympic history to earn a second spot on the team. she's known from disney. trying to be careful with my "s"'s this morning.
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one out of three would change this about themselves. if you have a good one of these, it can be infectious. every one of us like to show hours off on "12 today." >> i'm going to get your final guesses. where are they? >> i was going to say eyelashes. teeth smile. >> smile. okay. you >> kill me. kill me now. >> oh so obviously they're boyfriends. no i'm kidding. their laugh. is there a better laugh than janice from friends? >> my goodness. the classic. >> ouch.
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time for a quick check of your traffic. got problems out there. >> are we going to take live pictures over the 202? >> yeah. looking live. 202 san tan southbound. all traffic at a stop at elliot because of this multicar tangle just south of elliot that has closed down the free way. northbound looking good. southbound you need a plan b. that's what i'm here for. what you want to do if enough north, take 101 southbound. if you need to hop on 202. not sure how long this closure will be in place. take it out of the equation for the morning drive. as we look at the big picture and our road weather index map, you can see not left with too many roads out there with standing water on the side. things are drying up out here.
6:46 am
a toll. 101 and 10. we have a crash to make things worse on the crash eastbound. it was blocking the left lane here. adot just got back to me saying that just cleared. certainly damage done. a lot of delays here. this is the 7:00 hour. in 15 minutes, we're going to continue to see the stop and go traffic. lines getting longer in the east valley too by the 8:00 hour. we expanded yellow and oranges here. big slowdowns, usuh go. 10 westbound past the 202. we pointed out the 10. look at 17 southbound here. it's going to be a longitude work. jimmie? >> all right. great vantage point from sky 12 flying around the valley. we cleared out. storms are just about out. no major problems. visibility starting to lift really well. see 10-12, one end of the valley
6:47 am
area. towards the east, hazy. clearing for the east, pushing off towards the north and northwest. 74 miles per hour. so still 69 degrees. loving this temperature in fountain hills. 60s is the point i call cool. 40s i like to call chilly. 50s and 40s. more storms lifting up out of our region. showers and storms we had early on this morning. we had two batches. first came through 1:00 to just a couple low clouds. shouldn't have problems for your early morning commute. unless you go to an area where there's run off in the region. shower activity along the v-line highway. this is where the rain moved. it's headed now south of holbrook along the 77sholo, big storms heading toward st. johns, earring, apache and navajo
6:48 am
afternoon. six for northern arizona, five for white mountains. today 94 to 99. partly cloudy. slight chance after today, after this morning, of an isolated storm. some of the rainfall we've seen so far, almost four tenths of an inch for peoria avenue. say and 51, quarter of an inch. more than that around bell road, 101 mesa almost a quarter of an inch there. across the valley, a haze, darkness there. storms exit the area. today's forecast isolated chance of storms. 102, we clear out though wednesday and thursday. friday through the weekend we start to fire back up again which is nice when you have the barbecue and afternoon storms start rolling into the valley. >> temperatures, you can't beat it. thanks. get your hot headlines this morning. new for you, police looking for a gunman after a bizarre
6:49 am
were walking their dog near 51st avenue and broadway when a guy walks up to them and shoots the man in the leg. the shooter then took off on foot the man shot in the leg went to the hospital and expected to be okay. a september sentencing date has been set for an arizona man convicted of supporting the islamic state terrorist group hoping to plot an attack at the cartoon contest in texas. he's accused in providing the guns in last year. a man is accused of killing his roommate over the weekend. he tweeted, and i quote here i need to move out of my place before i viciously murder my roommate. that's what he did when his roommate tried to kick him out. police are looking for a person that shot and killed another person in a la fitness parking lot. a person was stabbed multiple times.
6:50 am
the homicide. a south phoenix resident is trying to find her bird. she returned home to find her home ransacked and her bird gone. it is worth thousands on the black market. today the president heads to louisiana to get a look at damage of historic flooding. the president is meeting with local officials to talk about the emergency response and how feteds can help begin to rebuild. minutes still love getting a good -- americans getting a good deal outlet malls are a huge attraction for shoppers. traffic on the rise again last month. the report says 26% of american shoppers visited one outlet mall or discount center in july. that's up 4% from earlier this year. sony may look to launch two new versions of play station. wall street journal is reporting this morning a high end 4k resolution play station 4 will be announced at an event with
6:51 am
sony is looking to launch a smaller version as well. >> target plans to focus on technology. the chief operation officer says the able is to enhance the customer experience in stores. targets will devote more resources to its website and in-store order pick ups for items bought online. it will focus on the supply chain to make sure stores are well stocked. parents, admit it. who takes a look at their kid's homework and goeso 55% of parents look up answers to math or science homework without telling their kids. almost 80% go online to look. 30% ask their significant others in hopes that maybe they have the answer. never mind spf. does your sunscreen have a kfc rating. chicken outlet is giving away bottles of sunscreen that smells like fried chicken.
6:52 am
the chain's extra crispy chicken. it comes as a warning, do not eat the sunscreen. you have to say that to some people apparently. >> k, seriously the colonel looked like george hamilton. 6:52, a final check of your weather and traffic and today's take away. >> he didn't put the sunscreen
6:53 am
6:54 am
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. good morning to you. gorgeous shot from sky 12. 6:55 on this tuesday morning. storms look like they have cleared out of the valley. jimmie, are more on the way? >> i think we're going to be okay for today. things slowly start to simmer down as our weather will stay on the humid side. outside now, you can see those storms pushing off high country. now only a 10% chance of rain for the rest of the day. i like temperatures staying below average. probably the next six days. storms fire back up. we're dry through thursday. storms fire back up in time for fantastic friday and the weekend. let's talk traffic now. a new crash 10 eastbound. this one is holding up the left lane to reinforce the slowing. look at that solid wall of
6:56 am
eastbound. we're giving you back a couple of lanes on the 202 san tan which is good news. that's near elliot after a closure, earlier crash there shut it down. two lanes back. heading up. a ton of glass reported on the free way. take hit easy. 10 eastbound is by far the worst drive 303 to downtown. an hour drive. 101 and stack, speed readings average in the teens. 17 southbound, it's 45 minutes to get you from 303 on the 60 westbound, speeds drop to 40s after gilbert road. this is for you travelers out there. a new invention may change how you sleep on an airplane. check out the nod pod. it was made with a piece of memory phone and straps on the back of your seat on a plane or car. lean your chin in. it helps not nod your head back
6:57 am
than $217,000 on kick start her. >> what if you hit turbulence? >> have them add more leg room and more comfortable seats like they use to. >> or take your neck roll and flip it around. >> i need that for church on the back of the pew. >> just being honest. final take aways. i have two. besides the fact that barbra was any other way to say her name. she said people have been saying that her entire career. >> i might have been guilty of that. >> really? okay. >> secondly, the whole current kfc sunscreen. the colonel was really george hamilton all tan and everything. >> yeah. you had it right. >> ty didn't even know. >> barbara has the diva power.
6:58 am
little sad for ryan lochte. four of his sponsors dropped him which is premature considering they haven't decided what to do with him. we'll see what happens. i don't know. he did hire justin bieber's crisis manager. >> did you see that? >> he's going to help children. >> one in three women want to change their laugh. hillary clinton is probably one of those three. >> i'm going to cover my face up. >> maybe it's just me being how about the dollar short stack of pancakes? >> right. >> and madden '17 comes out for video games today. i can't figure them out. the old with four plays. you sacked the quarterback every time. it was much easy herb. we're online on your favorite social media apps and online. >> we hope you have a wonderful day. see you in half abhour for an
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good morning. pay for play. donald trump asks for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton after a watchdog group accuses of her of giving clinton foundation donors special access when wa >> i've become increasingly shocked by the vast scope of hillary clinton's criminality. on late night, clinton laughed off trump's unfounded claims that she's in failing health. >> it's part of the wacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. deadly encounter. a north carolina trooper shoots


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