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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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that's right just $6.99 each. better ingredients. better pizza.
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contest in dallas.. and his home to talk about the attack. kareem testified that he had no advance knowledge about the attack. this morning.. the family of the 3-year-old girl hit by a police officer last week are launching an investigation of their own into what happened. the family's attorney says the toddler is now in a medically induced coma after an 11-hour surgery this weekend. phoenix police officials say they won't be commenting on the case -- until the investigation is over.
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shocked while working in a bucket truck. sky 12 flew over the scene near 539th avenue and lower buckeye -- west of tonopah. still no word on the employee's condition. sports illustrated will be releasing the 20-16 football edition of its magazine in the coming days... and smack on the cover and smack on the cover is the cardinals own larry fitzgerald. that's because s-i is predicting our arizona cardinals will be super bowl be a close game. s-i believes the cards will beat the stealers -- 40 to 37. be sure to watch 12 news at four today.. arizona olympian brady ellison will be stopping by the studio. he won both an individual bronze and a team silver medal in archery. brady will be telling the 12 news team all about his time in rio. tonight michael phelps won't be in arizona. instead.. he has a t-v
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is going to appear on 'america's got talent' he's got 23 gold medals.. maybe he will hand out a golden ticket. america's got talent airs from seven until nine tonight... here on channel 12. it is not expected that phelps will do any swimming on the show. are you an introvert? doctors say it could actually make you healthier. we have the three surprising benefits in your 12 today health check. miranda lambert breaks down while performing in connecticut. what one fan did that moved her to tears.. that's 5 minutes away in the morning juice. you're watching 12 today...
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###break### ###break### ###break### time for another check of your hot headlines... a mother and daughter in georgia are facing prison time.. after they were found guilty of keeping three mentally ill men in their basebment for financial gain. police say 54-year-old sheila hawkins and her 72-year-old mother helen bell.. cashed the men's social security checks.. and didn't use any of it to care for them. police say the men were kept in horrible conditions. classes begin at the university of texas today.. but this semester will be
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be able to carry guns around campus and in the classrooms. the state law was changed earlier this month to allow for guns at public universities. several teachers sued for the option to keep their classrooms gun-free.. but a judge denied their request. some people in california are ignoring orders to evacuate from the path of the chimney fire. fire officials say the flames are very unstable and they are stressing the importance of the mandatory evacuation orders for people living in the fire's path. but many who live in the area say dealing with fires is just a rt chimney fire has already claimed a number of homes.. but fire crews say it's too soon to get an official account of exactly how many. now to your 12 today health check.. a new survey finds more moms are breastfeeding their babies.. but very few of them stick it out for an entire year. the centers for disease control.. for disease control.. finds 81-percent of babies born in 20-13 were breastfed from birth.. and just over half were still being breastfed at six months. however.. less than one-
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first birthday -- which is the recommended minimum according to doctors. being an introvert -- is sometimes thought of as a bad thing -- but a new study finds it has three surprising health benefits. the first one has to do with your weight. according to "pure wow".. introverts have a lower risk of obesity. they also tend to get more sleep -- which is good for both physical and mental health. and introverts are more tuned into their senses. doctors say this helps them understand their bodies better. it more easily than extroverts. it's weight loss wednesday. are you looking for the secret to dropping a few pounds? there is no magic cure or pill.. but there are small things you can do each day to help you shed the pounds. here are a few simple tips: swear off fad diets. celebrity trainer jillian michaels says those diets cause havoc with your metabolism. you're either starving yourself or you're cutting out a major food group. then you go back into weight-gain mode.. but it's even worse because your
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else. ???toss morning juice miranda lambert is known for getting emotional on stage.. but this may be the first time she's ever completely broken down.. and it's all because of a sign one of her fans brought to her concert in connecticut... take a look... if you couldn't read
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if you couldn't read it -- the sign says "3 combat tours. your voice was the last thing i listened to every night." miranda tried to pick the song back up -- but she just couldn't so she let the audience sing the rest of it. we finally have the juicy details on why the olsen twins refuse to join the full house cast for their netflix spin- off. mary kate and ashley olsen allegedly told the show's executive producer.. that they have not done any and the now 30-year-olds didn't feel comfortable getting back to it. dave coulier -- who plays uncle joey -- also provided some insight on the situation. he says the olsen twins were babies for most of the show.. and don't have the same nostalgia that the other cast members do. now time now time for your juicy question of the morning...
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this is a different color for each of us. what is this... ???adlib ?? traffic ??
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traffic???adlib traffic traffic???adlib traffic check this out.. a woman in missouri snapped a picture of a very rare rainbow this week. it's called a "fog-bow." the national weather service says the
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has very small water drops that don't reflect light as well.
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what happens when you go up against a huge corporation like starbucks? you lose. we've got the latest in the great "ice" debate.. coming up in 30-minutes. donald trump switches up his immigration poli we'll explain in just four minutes. you're watching 12 today...
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a movie about barack and michelle obama's first date will roll out nationwide this weekend. "southside with you" goes back to 19-89.. when the now president and first lady were young lawyers at the same chicago firm. the film premeired at the sundance film festival in january.. and has since gotten glowing reviews. donald trump is changing his plans to control immigration.. the republican presidential nominee originally promised to quickly deport 11-million immigrants who are in the u-s illegally. but now he's going for a different approach
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administration is already doing.. team 12's steve handelsman explains... donald trump might be making a return trip to the valley next week.. for a major speech on immigration. 12 news has learned trump's campaign is scouting sites in mesa and around the valley for the speech -- tentatively set for august 31st.. that's the day after arizona's primary elections. it's weight-loss wednesday.. and we have tips all morning to help you look and feel better. the next one is coming up at 5:15. the final five don't like the final five don't like it when people pit them against each other -- except when they're on the tonight show.. we got that and more.. in the morning juice.
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valley police -dealing with a gruesome discovery this morning...the latest on that... donald trump -possibly changing his stance on immigration...and getting ready for yet another visit to the valley... they're the best gymnasts in the world.but don't try and pit them against each other... we're talking about the final five.. in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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new this morning... a dead body is found... and it could be 12's bryan west


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