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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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new this morning... a dead body is found... and it could be 12's bryan west
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a new report finds that phoenix ranks as the most aggressive american city on highways and city roads.this morning... jen wahl is in the 12 news tracker... to see if our drivers are really that
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taking a quick look at some of the hot headlines this morning - a man who survived a frightening encounter with the man police say is the serial shooter... is sharing his story. the 22 year old victim was driving home-- with his four year old nephew -- from nearby laundromat, when a gunman drove past them-- shooting in their direction. miraculously, none of the five bullets hit the man or boy during the july shooting. this morning - the family of the 3 year old girl hit by a police car last week are
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their own into what happened. the family's attorney says the toddler is now in a medically induced coma after an 11-hour surgery this weekend. phoenix police officials say they won't be commenting on the case -- until the investigation is over. keep an eye out for this woman today...67 year old linda pineda left her home in apache junction late last night.she suffers from alzheimer's disease.linda's husband...a nd police... are concerned about her because of her age and medical condn. police. presidential candidate donald trump is coming to the valley and ready to make a major speech on 12's nico santos is at the
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the final to copmete... just don't try to make them compete against each other...emma has that in in your morning juice. they are the best women's gymnastics team the u-s has ever produced.and the ladies who represent the final five... are pretty happy about most everything.except...when people try to pit them against each other.the girls told e- news that, in spite of gymnastics being an individual competition sometimes...there was never any bad blood between them.aly raisman said - of against each other - quote - we don't like it.simone biles added - we're a team so we didn't pay attention to it.but the one guy who ?could pit them against each other?jimmy fallon. fresh off their historic performance in rio, the "final five" paid a visit to the tonight show.they traded their olympic glory for a game of "hungry, hungry human" with jimmy fallon and guest donald glover on the tonight show last night. raisman and last night. raisman and hernandez paired
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thirty balls captured.?? ad lib ?? it looks like tim tebow will have a chance to show off his baseball skills for major league baseball teams in los angeles next tuesday. all 30 major league baseball teams than 20 of them are said to have expressed interest in attending the showcase, which will be closed to the public. tebow was a standout baseball player at his high school in florida. he had a 4-9-4 bating average as a junior. former angels scout tom kotchman said this month that tebow would've been drafted by the team if he had sent in an information card. now time for your juicy question of the morning...
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shorter for women than for men. this is a different color for each of us. this is a different shape for different shape for everyone. what is this how much is too much when it comes to ice?well one judge says for ?starbucks... they can add as much ice to your drink as they want - and there isn't anything you can do about it. he is a youg man.. all of 12 years's wedneday's child ?patrick is already dreaming in art ? and architecture.but he has another dream.. one that you can help make a'll
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####break########break#### you could say he's a
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architecture. on this week's wednesday's child... jen wahl introduces us to
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if you'd like to learn more about patrick or helping a child in foster care, please contact aask- aid to adoption of special kids at 602-930-4900. organizations like aask help families build relationships, and change the lives of children like patrick through adoption. for more information you can also visit their website at:
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it's weight loss wednesday.are you wanting to look and feel better?there are small things you can do each day to help you shed the is an easy tipbe an 80/20 eater.and by that we mean make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories and make them fun. ???adlib & toss jimmy ???adlib weather
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twins... double the trouble? new research out says they might also live longer than the rest of us.the research on that... in five minutes. new questions this morning - surrounding hillary clinton, and her email...this... while donald trump continues to turn up the heat on hillary.
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donald trump rallies donald trump rallies in florida today - a must win state. and he's doubling down on his call for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's emails. tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on that, plus new information about ties between the clinton foundation and the
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this, as trump starts to change his strategy, focusing more on african-americans and on african-americans and latinos. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: and he's q: and he's backing down q: and he's backing down from his hard stance on immigration?a: tba immigration?a: tbaq: what's
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q: what's the chance the justice department would actually appoint a special prosecutor to investigate clinton's emails and ties to her a: tba in your wednesday morning health check - heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in america ... but there are some exceptions. in 2014, cancer was the top killer in 22 states ... up from just two states in 2000. data also 2000. data also shows cancer now causes more deaths among asian and hispanic americans than heart disease. have increased in african americans and caucasians ... heart disease is still the leading cause of death for these groups. a new study says twins live longer than other people... and it may be due to their close connection. researchers reviewed data on nearly three thousand same-sex twins in denmark. the team found identical twins had higher survival rates than fraternal twins...and fraternal twins lived longer than the rest of the
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health benefits of the close social ties between twins. a choking hazard has prompted the recall of about 91-thousand building play sets for babies. the recall involves three alex junior branded sets of infant building toys... the baby builder, first pops and first snaps. there have been 22 reports of the ends of small parts detaching, posing a choking hazard. no injuries have been repoed the sets were sold at barnes and noble, land of nod and at zulily dot com. it seems that starbucks can put as much ice as it wants in your drink. a judge in california dismissed a case that accused the coffee chain of under-filling its iced drinks, saying the plaintiff had "not alleged any viable claims" against the company. the judge also noted that the company's signage just lists the size of the cups in ounces, but does not say how much liquid will be in the cup.
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angeles... or omaha, nebraska. nope...they're right here in the says one new study.we'll break it all down for you in 5 minutes. first the rock sounded off on social media about his "fast and furious 8" male co-stars... now one of them... is firing back.the growing feud between the rock.. and vin
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donald trump changing his tone...talking immigration...a nd planning another visit to the valley. to the valley. a tragic an arizona gun range...shocked the state... and the country. this details on the aftermath... and the lawsuit following it. its diesel... doesn't like the rock.need proof?that's ahead in your


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