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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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to address the issue of immigration head on with another visit to the valley. police are investigating possible dui after a car slams into a mesa gas station. check out these skies, gorgeous out there, temperatures are warming up. friends grace the first cover starring in the wind they want me to seeing this. give me, give me more. britney spears does some carpool karaoke. it almost sounds as good as what i did. >> this is going to be big. i love these carpool karaoke is. good wednesday morning everyone.
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said before you were saying the halloween stuff is out, 29 days until fall. >> we are getting their. we are counting down, but start the countdown to paradise. i get to take credit for the great weather because people throw eggs at me for this stuff. i don't blame them either. here's what we have outside, great skies, clear whether, 80 degrees and there is a shot of the superstition mountains, dew points 60s winds southeast. humidity 50%. 76 i was hoping we could get 60 degrees on the map, we went to 72 degrees at the san tan valley. but it popped back up to 75. we have a couple of showers around flagstaff but things are going down. overall pretty dry weather, no problems for the early morning commute, today we will have 98 to 102, mostly sunny and light
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good so far in the weather. way better than yesterday. i hope traffic wise it is better. actually there is a lot of commotion out there because of a crash that is just on the light off to the side but on the line hugging the line with the left lane. we have got a lot of gawker action. everybody hitting the brakes to see what is up and then passing by. it is extending past the stack. can see what is going on their. here we are at the stack the 17th southbound. that is what you are up against, instead, at the stack take the 10 eastbound you won't run into as much trouble. there is a modest slowing around the downtown area. but not too terrible especially when you are looking at 40s in
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drive, 40 if you are starting off at the 303. let's look at the 60, no problems east valley that is a portion of your drive looking good this morning. right now avondale police on the scene of a potential shooting in lower buckeye. bryan west is working to get more details on our top story.>> reporter: as you can tell it is very active and fluid out here, investigators just arrived, they have been looking around the street to the north side of if you see an open gate that is the main focus area that have been investigating taking pictures, putting down evidence markers, we believe a person was shot but we have not confirmed. we are working with avondale police trying to get information. we don't know if police are looking for a suspect, avondale police have told us they are sending an officer, somebody to let us know what is happening to the scene we are waiting to hear from them hoping to tell
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bryan west 12 today. this morning the state has issued a silver alert, keep an eye out for this woman, she is 67-year-old linda pineda. she left her home in apache junction late last night. she suffers from alzheimer's disease. concerns because of her age and medical condition, if you see her you are asked to call police. we do have other breaking news, a fire in the central on scene near fifth street and roosevelt. what is going on?>> reporter: i'm in downtown phoenix, just after 5:00 fired went up. the business here is called think graphic and printing solutions on fifth and roosevelt. officials say the flames started in the attic space of the building and the rest of the structure as smoke and water damage.
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no hot spots. at one point there was concern the fire would spread to a neighboring building to the right but fire crews were able to get the fire out quickly. thankfully, nobody was in the building and you will notice the building is a house that was converted into a business. is familiar territory for fire groups on scene. they will be working on getting in contact with the owners of the business and investigating what caused the fire. from downtown phoenix nico santos "12 t door of a quick trip in mesa. that is where we find jen wahl with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, this store is shut down and we are not sure when it will reopen. we are seeing several drivers driving up and being turned around because both entrances are blocked off by caution tape. you can see apache glass working hard to repair the
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it will stay close like this for the next couple of hours, mesa police just got back to us saying that a female driver slammed into the building last night and the store has been closed since, we don't know how many people were inside at the time and the driver was the only person inside of the car. police are investigating possible dui and the driver of the car showed possible signs of impairment. there were no major injuries. we did just talk with on was not able to provide much information, but he said thankfully no one was hurt and they hope the store reopen soon. from mesa jen wahl "12 today". let's take a quick look at the hot headlines we are following. a man who survived a friend -- frightening encounter with a serial shooter now sharing his story. >> the victim was driving home with his four-year-old nephew when a gunman drove past them shooting in the direction. miraculously none of the five
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the family have a three- year-old girl hit by a police officer are launching an investigation of their own. into what happened, the girl's family attorney says vanessa is in a medically induced coma after an 11 hour surgery. phoenix police officials say they will not be commenting on this case until the investigation is over. tesla could become the world's fastest car. debuting a bigger more porf newest models can trouble 315 miles on one charge. one of the electric vehicles will be able to exceed 300 miles per hour in what they call ludicrous mode. both models will start at $135,000. >> exciting news for folks who fly delta. a new feature to ease fears of losing your luggage. you will soon know in real time if your luggage makes it.
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baggage tracking technology. putting a chip on your luggage tag so you can track your bags to see if they make it on and off the plane. still ahead, back to school the americas got talent coach the guy behind it all he just enrolled in college. >> good for him. this is our weather kit for today. we will meet full forecast. we are one day away from carpal karaoke with britney spears. a previewing your morning juice next on "12 today". what do doctors from
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good wednesday morning, welcome back. 6:11 let's take a look at
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it is quite comfortable outside. in your morning juice, we are talking about one of our favorite topics, carpal karaoke. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this. the wait is almost over, britney spears takes on carpal karaoke with james corden and to get you ready he released a teaser video of her performance so check it out. [ singing ] >> they look almost identical. >> have they seen your show? i saw my mom in her underwear once. i'm not dirty. i can't shake the image from my brain.
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we will have more friday in your morning juice. remember the conversation we were having about when we should stop dressing in front of our children? i wonder when that was for james corden. >> matt and i both notice james is singing a little bit more louder than britney. >> there is no autotune in the car. all right, and america's break the host of the show, nick cannon was busy enrolling in college. nick posted this on his instagram four days ago. the caption reads my first day as a freshman, howard university class of 2020. by the way america's got talent is on tonight at 7:00 p.m. heads up, michael phelps will be on the show.
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let's get your juicy question of the money. one out of five people admit they have gone out to eat and they have taken this from the restaurant. now, some admit they have taken this from other peoples houses. the question, what is it? a lot of guesses. how about glass? cloth napkins, knives, silverware. leftovers of doggie bags. have you guys taken anything from restaurant? >> no, but i have had a friend take something from a restaurant.>> how about sugar packets. a pen. matches. you're right, they bring you
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krystle what you think? >> the first thing that came to my mind, my mom is going to kill me, my dad would take the butter packets and she would greece the pans before baking with it. they are the perfect size. >> i use the butter wrapper and i smear it on the pen. good tips. let's talk traffic. the 17 is where we have problems, that crashed just cleared but not so fast. it is really a crummy drive from the stack to the split, 18 minutes for the drive. you can go downtown starting off at the 101 on the 17 if you take a different route. it will only take 17 minutes to get downtown if you connect with the 10. here we go hitting the gas, nothing but green heading southbound past peoria.
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slowing and then when you connect with the 10 eastbound it is good by comparison. 58 miles per hour versus 19 miles per hour. i saw traffic going on the 17 southbound so take that to bypass the delay. 17 minutes will be the drive. look again pointing out the obvious on the 17 and the 10 eastbound this is the area we are seeing a slowdown. east valley looking good, north valley that is about to change in 45 minutes. speeds are dropping into the 30s in some spots. longer lines on the 17 looking like we will be dealing with aftermath affects, that is what our future traffic cast is saying. 51 eastbound traffic picking up. still dealing with the commute at 8:00 looking like the to 10 is where the longest lines are
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jimmy it is all yours. ready to go, back by popular demand we took a break for the olympics, it is weather kit -- kid wednesday. we had so much going on with the olympics we wanted time for coverage but the weather is back. this is lexi.>> she's from tempe. what greater un? >> third-grade. >> you are back in school d summer? >> i went to sleep away camp. in gilbert. >> awesome. okay great. a lot of fun out there, now you are back in school and you are ready to go and help us out with the forecast. >> they are brooklyn and brawn. i want to say hi to my friends at cheyenne and scottsdale
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miss diana and my teacher ms. pearson. >> let's give them the weather what is going on right now? >> it is 80 degrees.>> 80 degrees wonderful. you say it like you mean it. what is in the forecast today?>> it will be 102, mostly sunny. >> mostly sunny 102, mostly sunny. >> mostly sunny 1024 today. temperatures today 73 fountain hills in tempe part let lake temperatures are in the 70s up there. rainfall a little bit of rain toward the north to the south. looking pretty dry. she is our official pointer helping me out. i have had some shoulder problems with the weather. that rotator cuff can be pretty rough. some showers around parts of flagstaff, one for the valley,
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chances for rain going down, a lot of sunshine out there and beautiful weather, great skies it is a little bit hot under the collar. it is that time of year, the good news we will be below average, 102 degrees and the average is 104. the rain is down about one inch. we need catching up to do. lexi went to press get 52 degrees their. of course tucson, right there 72 degrees. forecasted high today 102 in the valley, 83 for payson, winds are low in holbrook 86 degrees, 75 for show low, 95 for flagstaff. feeling fall already. lexi, what can we expect for the 7-day forecast?
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>> a lot of sunshine, 102 today. a slight chance of showers coming friday saturday and sunday. let's go meet your family. come on out. you did very good lexi. say hi to all of your friends and your grandma and your and -- aunt and uncles. >> so cute. 6:20 the time now, it is weight loss wednesday. and we know there is no magic pill. we can do every day to shed pounds, here are some tips, speak in positives, jillian michaels says certain types of language like have to are cannot make you rebel. if you say i am not going to have that then it is your choice and you are in control.>> think positive. i love eating salad. >> not that i can't have that doughnut, i choose not to have that doughnut.
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>> i am so ready for in and out. still ahead you guys have to see some of the video that is incredible. a freaked out seal jumps on a boat. why it was the best decision of his life. that is your shot of the morning coming up. what two friends graced the first cover for windows 95 wh the answer is less than two
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welcome back to "12 today", 80 degrees right now, for the time. it is time for your trivia question. windows 95 turned 21 today. in 1995 it went on sale for $90 including 13 floppy disks. it had a video with two stars from friends to show off its features. who were they? anybody know? here is the answer.
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windows 95. time for your shot of the morning. patience is a virtue, look at this, tourists got a nature experience they will never forget when a seal jumped on board to hitch a ride and escape certain death. what happened scared this guy to jump on the boat. a pack of orchis, killer whales. they circled the boat right there a few feet away, one man on the boat filmed it at one point the seal got in the water and jumped right back on the boat realizing it made a horrible decision, so he waits and waits and waits. they circle and finally once they swim away, they are literally two feet from the boat. looking for dinner. or a small snack. he swims off. happy and safe.
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music. if it wasn't for that boat that said the he wouldn't have made it. >> this is part of nature but he is so sweet. oh, my gosh. matthew mcconaughey found his frequency online but nobody noticed until now. how long he has been a youtube user. we have some live pictures of our study out that says we here in phoenix are the most aggressive drivers in the nation. do you think it is true? we will talk about it, whether or not this holds up.
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today", phoenix has the most aggressive drivers in the country. we checked the results of a new study on valley freeways. it looks like the seven day is looking nice, we will talk more about that when we come back. one out of five people admit they have gone out to eat and taken this from the restaurant. the five finger discount people admit to. is it the kiss of death for the cardinals? the bird gained lands on the
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you know what that means.>> remember the last time larry fitzgerald was on the cover of sports illustrated. they got whooped by the panthers. >> it is not going to happen this time. >> good morning to you, welcome to "12 today". hope you are too -- off to a great start. we have a wonderful forecast. you are doing the countdown to fall. outside right now we do have clear skies, just lovely weather for us, temperatures are a little bit on the mild side, but look at that out there, you can see the sun starting to pop up coming up a little bit later every morning. which means the days are getting shorter eventually it will catch up to the forecast and temperatures will go down.
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98 to 102 mostly sunny and a little bit warm for today. avondale police on the scene of a shooting in lower buckeye. bryan west is working to get more details on that. >> reporter: we have been out here for about an hour and a half. a fluid investigation happening behind me, there are detectives talking after taking pict the scene is to the right side of your screen. we do believe that a person may have been shot. sometime early this morning. they are believed to be dead at this time. avondale police have told us they will be sending out a police officer to talk to us. they are expected at any moment to give us an update on exactly what happened. we have not confirmed this was a shooting that we know one
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a suspect. we will tell you more when we get more information. right now live from avondale bryan west "12 today". crews have contained a fire that tore through a local business. nico santos on scene near fifth street and roosevelt.>> reporter: in no time at all they were able to get the upper hand on these claims behind us you will see firefighters and a crew here with a different charged hose flames originated in the attic at 5:00. it is a business called think graphic and printing solutions on fifth and roosevelt in downtown phoenix. there is only fire and smoke damage throughout the structure but pretty significant damage. there was concern the fire was spreading to a neighboring building but crews got the flames out quickly and thankfully nobody was inside at
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this is familiar territory, they will be working to get in contact with the owners of the building and they are working to determine a cause of the fire. traffic on roosevelt is now open. nico santos "12 today". as rush hour gets busier should you be worried about how aggressive other drivers are on the roads? jen wahl is breaking down the results of a new study. say it isn't so. >> reporter: unfortunately right here in phoenix. we are at i-10 heading westbound for the most part drivers have been cooperating this morning. we did get cut off once pretty standard for a commute into work. we have all had our share of experiences on local roadways, the latest study looked at both highways and city streets and here in phoenix it does not matter which one you are on,
6:34 am
highways and local streets. the website says it gathered measurements for drivers in u. s. cities and analyzed aggression by how hard people accelerated braked and changed speed. the site it does not just look at hard events like slamming on the gas or break and speeding was not considered. they can build all sorts of profiles similar to this reviewing drivers of different car manufacturer states and ou aggression as well. if you are wondering who has the least aggressive that was honolulu. the big island. everyone is chill over there for the most part. the second and third for most aggressive are san diego and la. streets, tucson behind phoenix and memphis in third. we want to point out one thing the study did not find out why drivers are so aggressive, so
6:35 am
we know this is a big talker. this affects all of us for the most part. hit us up on twitter. and facebook. let me know what you think. live from phoenix jen wahl "12 today". now let's check your traffic and see if there are some aggressive drivers here is krystle. >> you can see this, the on ramp 202 westbound at scottsdale everybody just sitting there hanging type. a lot of flashing lights not a very good vantage point but you see the lights a report of a crash locking all of the lanes. take pre-center parkway to hop on the freeway or get on earlier at that street. looking at the bigger picture we are feeling the pinch of rush hour, the 10 and the 17 are lit up and we have hit and miss spots on the 17 southbound right before the 101, 202 san tan, 101 and the 10 west all
6:36 am
jammed up. the worst travel times are on the 10 eastbound, speeds are dropping into the 20s, 23 minutes between the 101 and the stack. when you pass the stack 17 southbound this is the aftermath of an earlier crash even though it cleared half an hour ago we are jammed 13 minutes for that drive, 17 from the 101 to the stack. i would take the 10 eastbound to get downtown. 60 westbound dropping to the 40s between gilbert road and the hot headlines. a 19-year-old woman behind bars in flagstaff, she was wanted for murder in california but posted where she was on facebook, investigators used that post to find her. police believe she may have killed someone in san francisco. and aps worker in the hospital after being shot
6:37 am
employees condition. 6:36 september 15 it is a date in arizona that a man will be sentenced for supporting isis helping plot and attack. he was accused of providing the guns used at the event in suburban dallas, in 2015, were islamic state followers to discuss the attack. a lot coming up on "12 today". kanye west isn't the only one who thinks highly of his work. wait until you see the picture he posted. we had rain yesterday, how about the forecast today and of course we are knocking on the weekend. just about here, that forecast coming up. i will bet you didn't see this coming, matthew mcconaughey has a youtube channel that
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morning juice.
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welcome back to "12 today", 6:40 on this wednesday morning, 80 degrees as we look
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start. it is time for your morning juice. >> we are talking back to school the theme is dominating the juice this time we go back to school with kanye west for proof he was into the arts at an early age. he posted this picture on his twitter account writing class of 95. a younger kanye west diligently working on an art project. it appears to be a high school yearbook photo reading west puts the finishing touches on one of his many pieces of award-winning artwork. here is the deal, it is unclear if that is the actual caption from the yearbook or if kanye west photo shopped the endorsement. thoughts? votes? photoshop. >> isn't he the best? all right. guess who has a youtube channel, matthew mcconaughey but
6:42 am
recently because his average views per video only a couple hundred until a reddit user found it, posted it to their account and it went viral. which is a good thing because most of the videos are to bring awareness to various charities. isn't that funny? let's get your juicy question of the morning. one out of five people admit they have gone out to eat and take in this from the restaurant. what are you laughing at? a response? >> no. it is says some of us may have taken this from 12 news. i did not take the toilet paper. i swear that was not me. >> that is the answer toilet paper. my sister used to do this in
6:43 am
she would just go to the restaurant and take an extra role. if you need it, i'm not going to stop you.>> a restaurant? even 12 news day by that's cheap toilet paper. it is not the good stuff. >> sorry it is no charmin for you. all right, let's talk traffic. a lot to get to, look at it is nasty, a car on its side blocking the middle lanes the 10 westbound at 107th avenue, dps on scene, people in the road take it easy through here, stay far right or far left, this is going to be an involving scene. we are looking at the on ramp at scottsdale the 202 red mountain westbound. can you see the tops of the cars? barely creeping along.
6:44 am
partially blocking but it does look like traffic can sneak by a little bit. i would go to pre-center parkway. looking at the big picture rush hour taking its toll everywhere. all the usual spots, your typical drive near the 7:00 our. let's help you prepare with drive times, 101 eastbound 22 minutes from 75th avenue to scottsdale. the slowest between the 17 and 51. 51 southbound 14 minutes for your ride not looking too shabby. 11 northbound hit and miss speech dropping into the 40s and we will take a look at one more, 10 westbound building volume there especially when you hop on at the 202 san tan. are you hungry? i could go for some waffles. today is national waffle day.
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some waffles. jr is in the studio. he has a grin. did you bring sausage with that? bacon, orange juice? i'm just kidding. it is wednesday, today was awesome, this marks the tur downhill into the weekend. 80 degrees outside, we were flirting with the 60s, we same so close, that would have been so nice, san tan valley very close with kate creek at 73 degrees, but with the sunshine temperatures will be moving right on up here. we had a couple of showers around flagstaff, but most of this wasn't even hitting the
6:46 am
pattern all season long. it has been great. as far as the region storms pushing away through texas but that is about it, most of the west looking dry, california could use some rain, big fires by sequoia national forest. i hope they can get that out. the valley only a 1 the southern half of arizona looking pretty dry, as far as the monsoon chances for rain. a couple of clouds climate watch 102 about one inch below normal english you are wondering the sun is setting soon -- sooner. the earth is starting to tilt away. we are getting less and less daylight up here in the northern hemisphere. 57 for winslow, prescott 56 that will translate to less light and cooler temperatures. southern half of arizona triple
6:47 am
winslow, a few storms up and down the room country from flagstaff down into silver city, new mexico. 102 today and thursday. rain chance has dropped to 10% chance of rain for the weekend. 10% usually means 50% in the high country. temperatures heat up but not until monday and tuesday. until then let's think about the weekend. the hot headlines, police investigating an overnight homicide, a man was shot and killed near 19th street and adams. there have been no arrests. a state has issued a silver alert, 67-year-old linda pineda left her home in apache junction late last night. a quick trip in mesa expected to be closed for a couple of hours. a woman drove into the store, the driver appears to have been drinking. the national park
6:48 am
100th birthday. parks have long attracted mostly white visitors but minorities are expected to eclipse the country's white population before 2050. and they need help if they want to protect the sites for future generations. crews are working to free trapped victims after a deadly earthquake in italy. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the country this morning. the quake appears to have been rome many buildings have been leveled, the damage is widespread, italy's civil protection agency says dozens of people have died. aftershocks being felt far away. people are trying to recover from devastating flooding in baton rouge. president obama visited the area yesterday and promised support until everyone is back on their feet. damage is estimated to cost at
6:49 am
backlash over a new university ban on hard alcohol at any on- campus parties. this comes after the brough turner rape case where turner's lawyers claimed the drunk played a role in his sexual assault of a woman. the new policy is meant to build a healthier campus culture around alcohol. some argue the rule reinforces the idea that alcohol and partying is the problem and not rape culture. >> patients in other advanced countries. because the u. s. allows manufacturers to set their own prices and have exclusive rights dealing the production of cheaper generic drugs. doctors play a role in the cost many provide expensive drugs. say cheese. the federal government has announced a plan to buy 11 million pounds of cheese. the u. s. department of everett
6:50 am
from several producers. they are having trouble getting rid of it because of market conditions so the feds are buying the surplus for $20 million and donating it to food banks and charity groups. heart disease the leading cause of death in america but there are exceptions. cancer now causes more deaths among asian and hispanic americans than heart disease. pregnant women view their weight gain as temporary, most expecting moms will return to their former body weight eventually. for many it is a way of coping with the mental and physical effects of their changing bodies and many women are surprised at how morning sickness and fatigue interfere with their planned diet and exercise routines. sports illustrated will release the 2016 football edition of its magazine. smack dab on the cover the cardinals larry fitzgerald. that is because sports illustrated is predicting the
6:51 am
champions. apparently it will be a close game, believing they will beat the steelers 40-37. this is not agents. just a handsome guy on the cover. speaking of handsome, be sure to watch 12 news at 4:00. brady ellison will be joining us. telling the team about his time in rio. michael phelps will not has a big tv appearance appearing on america's got talent, he has 23 gold medals. erring from 7:00 until 9:00 right here on channel 12. a check of your weather and traffic just two minutes away. plus, our final weight loss tip. coming up the breaking news
6:52 am
survivors are being pulled from the rubble. a live report from the scene. also we go undercover to investigate the true cost of wedding planning. are you being couched for your party because it is your big day? the legendary dolly parton is here performing some of her biggest hits live in our studio
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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good morning to you, welcome back 6:55, a hazy sky on this wednesday morning. jimmy will krystle is checking traffic. another crash slowing you down, 17 to southbound near grand avenue, hard to see from this perspective, at last check it was blocking the two left lanes also into the hov lane. traffic is at a health right now, consider the 51 southbound if you can.
6:56 am
look at the long lines back to the 101. it has been rough. 10 eastbound usual slowdown. we are starting to see a more jampacked commute, let's break down. 10 eastbound 37 minute drive from through a three to downtown, tony four minutes from the one onto the stack, 17 southbound speeds averaging in the 20s between 101 and the stack, half an hour for that drive. on the 16 westbound, no crashes just rush hour feeling that pinch dropping into th from gilbert to the 101. jimmy. outside we have bright skies, brilliant weather and it will be pretty dry, no problems as far as rainfall. morning commute at 81 degrees, let's check the monsoon meter. one last check. a 1 for the valley, 1 for south arizona and a 4 for the high country. our chances for rain are slowly going down. the 7-day forecast dry weather today, tomorrow, a slight chance of storms coming in
6:57 am
and then back to monday we start moving up the temperatures. we are still in summer so we can get hot. apparently it is weight loss wednesday, here is your final tip of the morning, diverse if i your workout. working multiple groups at the same time means you are getting in cardiovascular exercise while you strength chain. you save time, and burn calories while you do it. >> all the calories that you eat from the waffles. not part of workout wednesday. >> let's crack these open. it is waffle wednesday. matthew mcconaughey is on the internet on a youtube channel that apparently nobody knew about. until now. >> nick cannon going back to college at howard university. it goes to show it is never too late to get your education. >> i will go back to college and join a fraternity.
6:58 am
the entire nation. seriously. above la and new york. >> my take away, sports illustrated why did you have to do it? putting larry fitzgerald on the cover. you know what happens when you go on the cover and they say you will make the super bowl. it doesn't happen. >> what about today made it national waffle day? on this day in 1869, patent for the waffle iron was created. >> where are the utensils? >> we are just trying to be polite. >> enjoy national waffle day, don't forget 12 news is always on and our social media apps. if i can get these guys away from the waffles we will see
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. a powerful earthquake rocks central italy overnight causing widespread devastation. at least 37 people killed as crews dig for survivors out of the rubble. ou a big storm brewing in the atlantic and gaining strength. it could become a hurricane as early as this weekend. florida, louisiana, texas, all potentially in its path. blurred lines. donald trump back on the attack. >> it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. >> this time over a new report showing more than half of


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