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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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accused of several shootings in the past year leading to seven death. >> call 480 witness with information that could help detectives in the case. a wild morning at a glendale. complex when a driver of a? van lost control slamming in to the glendale manor apartments cutting off water to 150 units. brian west talk to those affected by the irritating situation. >> if you look at the fron tell it is mangled but here is the problem area. >> car crashes unfortunately happen often but one of today's accident impacted an entire apartment complex shutting down the water supply. >> i walked out and saw this and i went oh my god. >>reporter: jim edwards one of 150 renters to try to turn on his faucet and noticed nothing came out. >> i can survive a day or two. i have bottled water. you can't quite take a bath in it but i will try not to sweat. >> today is her birthday.
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second floor. empress turns one today. she nearly missed her corner apartment. >> could have been worst. the worst part is not been able to flush the toilet. >> melanie carries buckets of water to her second floor apartment, provided by city workers. this will help her and her children get by. >> they like to spell things, they always have their favorite dish which helps -- has to be used every time they eat and a has to bcl eat. >>reporter: the part they are fixing as above ground called a backflow prevention device. filters bad water from flowing back into the apartment or city water supply. crews working tirelessly to fix the plumbing crushed by the record. >> this is i'm got the right now. >>reporter: melanie adding today she realized how much she takes running water for granted.
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driver that crashed into the apartment fell asleep. the driver is doing fine, no significant injuries. severe weather developing throughout the afternoon and evening and parts of indiana. this video showing the damage left behind from a tornado near indianapolis. so far no reports of any deaths. as you can see the damage is pretty intense and homes and buildings have literally been destroyed. power out to thousands after polls snapped in two entries pu crews using bulldozers and bare hands to dig out survivors from a strong earthquake that reduced three italian towns to rebel. the death toll expected to grow well beyond the current 159. the epicenter of the 6.2 earthquake, northeast of her own. the mountain community a hotspot for summer vacations and vacationers trying to get a few more days of cool weather before fall.
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helicopters taking injured to hospitals across the country. local officials begging for rescue equipment, blood donations and basic food and medicine. we will take you to italy for the latest on the situation ahead 5:30 on nbc nightly news with lester holt. now to decision 2016. 12 news confirming donald trump will be making a return appearance in the valley delivering a major speech on immigration he meanwhile the war of words that continues between presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton. in tampa trump charged clinton, while secretary of state sold access to the clinton foundation. clinton's campaign says the issue to be donald trump's owing millions to china, russia and goldman sachs. a live look right now from inside a rally in jackson, mississippi were trump is
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some within the republican party criticizing trump but for spending time in states that are typically republican strongholds believing that trump and his running mate should focus instead on winning swing states. we have six days ago until the arizona primary next tuesday. several big races on the ballot. brahm reznik breaks them down for us in his campaign report card with the new polling >>reporter: good news for john mccain taken a look at three republican primaries where all the action is. at the top of the ticket the senate primary between john mccain and kelly ward. mccain might be breathing a little easier today let's start with john mccain's face off with kelly ward. mccain solidly in the lead as he runs for a sixth term in the senate. a new poll out wednesday shows mccain with 55% support
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is a tossup. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads flooding the race in the dying days. in the gop primary for maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio coasting into the general election. polling shows arpaio with a 40- point lead over his closest rival former buckeye police chief dan saban. arpaio's unscathed by his criminal contempt case. next stop looks like a general election rematch with democrat paul penzone. the east valley all. andy bigs, christine jones, justin olson and don stably vying to succeed matt seven. polls put jones and bigs in the lead, stably a close third. the winner is a virtual walk to win the seat in november in the same district. this always surprises folks. most votes in arizona primary, an estimated 65%, have already
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mail in your ballot. after that you can drop it off a maricopa county early voting sites or at your local polling place on primary day. i want to plug our stories on the undecided voters in the presidential election. why you can't make up your mind. what issues are you most passionate about and what could candidates say to do or win info. e-mail me a 12 or ag facebook. i got some responses yesterday, to hear from lots more people. >> i am curious to hear i am sure some people will say this they don't like the candidates this time around. >> a sample of the responses was number one. i just don't care for these folks. >> i cannot remember a time it was like this. very polarizing thanks. weight loss wednesday. after the break ways to stay in
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three apps to keep you focused on your mission. counting down some of the best moments of the summer olympics number 11 involves a tempe medal winner. where does arizona rank on a new list of 2016's best and worst states for equality for women? our social sound off question tonight way and on social media using the hashtag #social sound off. we will bring you the answer is 6:15 on 12 news at 6:0 phoenix sky harbor. you can see skies are storm free that we have storms developing to our north. a close look at radar coming up after the break . >> we are working on the deadly earthquake disaster in italy.
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system back up in florida and the gulf coast a high risk and for 20 years no one would listen to reclaiming a homeless woman got $99,000 in vindication from the u.s.
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. it is a weight loss wednesdays on 12 news. for the busy person it is hard to get to the gym. dee dee gatton talks to experts about things you can do to stay fit at work. >>reporter: busy? hate working out? mike tyson has a solution.
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with the tyson squat squeeze in a 45 minute workout at your cubicle. basically take one card at first, squat down to drop it, stand back up, squat down to pick it up and that is basically the tyson squat and add on as you go. >>reporter: with 52 cards in a deck ten cards is 110 squats. keep knees in line with the toes and feel the >> you will totally feel the burn this is a deck of pain. so here we go. >> i'm supposed to get this. >> one card one rep no cheating . >> that is not how you do it that we will let you go. it says ten so i have to do ten squats.
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>> don't worry about it i got you guys your own deck of cards for caribe feel that burn. >> like going to the vet. it will have our final weight loss tip coming up at 6:00. >> stay tuned for that. >> we will see you meditation cannot be focus on a healthy mind including weight control. here are three apps that can help you take a short time-out anytime you need it. they are called headspace, mindfulness and help guide you through the process even if you have never meditated before. the only app that is not free is mindfulness, that is $1.99. a great deal. what are your favorite moments from the summer games
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ten county down the top 20 moments in rio. here is number 11. tempe's on sam dorman winds silver in synchronized diving. it is even more impressive when you learn that dorman and his partner, michael hixson, had not competed as a pair until the olympic trials two months earlier. the duo climbed from seventh place to second after just two rounds the silver medal is the u.s. team's best finish which is crazy. >> they were incredible. as you mentioned the fact for synchronized diving they came together at the last minute. >> that shows you how magnificent they were each individually to come together and win that. >> coming up at 6:00 the tenth best moment from the games. >> the most decorated olympian of all time michael phelps returned to the valley from rio last week but he will be on prime time on nbc once again.
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tonight. don't miss the big show after our 6:00 news starting at 7:00. >> we already have our next semper -- next summer olympics the olympic flag passed on to the tokyo for 2020 arrived in japan earlier today. they had a special ceremony to commemorate the moment. >> the flag will be displayed in all of tokyo sports and used to promote ongoing relief efforts for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. >> are we done with the monsoon? >> not quite yet. if you look northeast the skies are pretty dark. we do have moisture developing in that area. let's go straight to the radar and look at what is happening out there. you can see how the majority of the valley is quiet but starting to see clouds moving from the north and northwest. if i widen the fee you you will see we have some pretty good
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lightning, heavy rainfall, no doubt gusty winds pushing down in a southerly direction. close enough to where you cannot rule the fact that maybe they hold together and move into the valley or possibly bring in a lot of gusty wind to portions of the north and east valley. if you look further west you can see it looks like a shower has developed. could get outflow from the storms that could pop something here in the valley. valley if things get going to the north that pushes in our direction we could very well see a few storms move in. we will keep an eye on that. for the most part it has been the mogollon rim had a seen storms develop. pretty much the most active area as of now. here are winds right now not too bad. fountain hills probably the closest to the storms 12 mile- per-hour gusts bartlett lake 16
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out gusty winds out there. 102 the high at phoenix sky harbor, 1 degree below the average. futurecast wanting to say dry air with us at least one more day and friday we start to usher in more monsoon moisture from the south and east chances will go up for friday into the first part of the weekend. look at the difference on saturday. a lot of moisture over the why mountains stretching into parts of northern arizona. other than that area in the north valley seeing cloudy skies potentially gusty winds should be pretty clear during the overnight. 97-102 tomorrow keeping with slightly below normal temperatures plenty of sunshine tomorrow bring in storm chances back on friday and saturday. right now looks like we will stay dry and warmer as we head into the middle of next week. interesting story
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pay up. what sparked tonight's conversation? a plan in texas to tie child support to car registration. if you felt to pay up mom and dad could be without their car. you think this is something that could happen or should happen here in arizona? william pitts explores the pros and cons. . >>reporter: in texas parents deadbeat parents will be able to register their cars until they pay up. the texas or office says is another way to punish those who don't support the kids and an incentive to get them back on track. >> the flipside if you take someone's car away you made it harder for them to go to work and make money and pay child support which makes sense if you are a little behind in child support. for people who are serious deadbeats it may not make a different. >> for rational people these things usually work. for those people dedicating allies to not paying child support no matter what you do they will find a way to dig themselves further in a whole.
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represents both deadbeat parents and parents owed money. is not sure if another punishment will help. >> i'm trying to think if anyone of them would find this and say i have change my mind i will completely change what i'm doing. something like this may help them get their head out of the sand talk to a lawyer and figure out what needs to be done. >>reporter: the department of economic security can do everything the state of texas can do except revoke car registration. they can take away your driver's license, furniture p joe. last year ds started publicly shaming deadbeat parents and social media. so far the department has caught 14 out of 95 featured and got 95 grand back in child support. >> even though the 14 the seems low as far as locators it is incentivizing those folks who owe to not be featured on the website and they pay their back child support.
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parents story on our facebook page and it is as you can imagine blowing up. jim green wrote, because it makes total sense to disable a person who is already behind on their payments method to get a job not reading that well am i. anyway probably unconstitutional. az should do the same thing as well as other states and michael says i think the child support system needs some fixing. you can join our story conversation right now on our 12 news facebook >> call him coach larry . >> out there actually been able to perform have to stay in mentally. >> always following somebody, telling them. >> i can be an asset to them anyway i think that is my job been able to fight with the. >> he makes way too much money to coach way too much.
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youth level where it wouldn't have to be as much commitment . >> $11 million plus is way too much money to be a coach that fits isn't going to worry about that anytime soon. he added another year to his contract why because it is all about keeping a good thing going. a lockdown until the end of 2017 and larry did not practice today again because of the slight ncl issue. but don't worry. be effective and do my job but except that with less than two weeks to go less than ideal honestly september 11, the goal to have everybody all hands on deck. >> hopefully john brown will be good to go. he did not practice today. headaches came back this morning days after returning from a concussion. did d-backs ownership dip --
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miller did they mix the firing? tony larissa sounds off next. america thou were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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. as tony is tony russo and the d-backs front office allowed to do their job?
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and ownership getting in the way of decisions. usa today wrote a story this past sunday that the team would be suing to dump larissa after two seasons but also this bombshell. d-backs ownership next trades for shelby miller and the firing of chip hale. tony larissa commented on those reports. >> exaggerated. exaggerated. not accurate to betray ownership here and the guy who is occasionally. is not true ownership doesn't like the direction and they have the right to change it but there isn't anything happening here with ownership. >>reporter: d-backs play the braves at 6:40. tonight at 10:00 a cancer
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unresolved problems at the government agency.
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. >> thanks for watching, everyone. we will see you right back here
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breaking news tonight. tornado outbreak, tornadoes on the ground, twisters, buildings demolished, a coffee shop flattened. >> people just got tropics and alarming forecast check. frantic race against time in italy. scores dead and injured and the army mobilizing a massive rescue mission to find so many buried alive. an american university horror, terrorists storm the campus in kabul, an hour-long siege and teachers and students tracked. racist hack attack, star leslie jones, the target of privacy issue. and out pouring of support. and a homeless pouring o support.


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