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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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coming your way freeway shooter once his gun back. today attorneys for leslie merritt jr. will argue his case. we can expect clear skies but more storms are firing up. those details coming up. right here one of arizona's olympic medalists.
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bowl was played? the answer is coming up in just 20 minutes. jenny from the block throws her boyfriend to the curb. what casper did that was not smart. >> we will talk about that in a minute. good morning. welcome to the 12today. >> we done with the rain? not officially. we are still in monsoon. it's not country, nice temperatures now. 79. we have 58 for the dewpoint. winds out of the east/southeast. and our humidity is still up. if those storms get anywhere close to the valley that is where we could see a chance of a storm popping up. right now clear across the region. a couple of showers around the
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you know how we roll. the same slow spots slow every morning at this time. at least we don't have any crashes. it's just making things worse. we're looking at 17 southbound around the durango curve. we will see that translate as this modest slowing on the 17. it is a solid orange line on the eastbound. it's all green here. drive from the 202 it's a 15 minute drive from the 2022 that 10. watch your speed on some of those stretches. on the 10 eastbound dropping speeds into the 30s between the 101 and the sag. pushing about 30 minutes from 3 of 3 to downtown. on 17 southbound, there are some spots where you have to let off the gas.
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84-year-old man was stabbed. this morning with a live to chandler. police are back out hunting for a killer. >> reporter: good morning. police will sweep the area talking to the community trying to find a suspect or suspects in this case. him investigators will ask questions. sadly multiple times in his car in the parking lot here at the la fitness near dobson and warner roads. happening last thursday. the 84-year-old died at the hospital. he a just finished working out when he was found. he was married 50 years any retired engineer. a family friend spoke on his behalf pleading for anyone who knows anything to come forward and help find the killer or
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reward if you have any information contact them and we will of course be out here later this morning. chandler police say they will answer any questions and talk to us and hopefully they will get some leads. this morning we expect to learn new information on the man once accused of being the freeway shooter. we go live downtown. >> reporter: the charges were dropped against leslie merritt jr.. there is no other sp but dps still wants to hold onto his gun. he will be back in court today to start the legal process to try to get the gun back. the judge already allowed its release in a hearing 2 months ago but dps jump on that. they blocked the release using a search warrant on the gun even though the detectives have already acknowledged the previous ballistic testing on the gun failed. charges against leslie merritt jr. formally dismissed in
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being involved in a string of shootings that happened last summer. he did get his car back but the gun is hanging and his lawyers will be here about 11 to get the process started to get the gun back. leslie merritt jr. won't be here, he will be at work we are told. checking your hot headlines. controversy is brewing at buckeye high school. one student was asked to remove a black lives matter 12 news reached out to the school district for a common. a representative at the office told us the superintendent was aware of the situation but unavailable at the moment. a west valley doctors back in arizona after he attended 2 foot -- attempted to flee the country. he is accused of molesting a child. he was caught trying to ward a cruise ship last month in florida. his license has been suspended
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police need your help. take a look at the picture on your screen at the woman in this photo. she is accused of stealing another woman's wallet and using the credit card inside to make thousands of dollars of purchases. please call police if you recognize her. the d-backs have agreed with team president and ceo on an your contract extension. he is thrilled about the deal. he says this is home and there is nowhere else he'd rather be he joined the diamondbacks in 2005 the senior vice president for communications and was made president one year later. the title of ceo was added in 2009. renee spears the movie. it's coming soon. but 1st jenny from the block, single again. the morning juice. >> i have good news for all the men, she is back on the market.
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and here is the juicy part. tmz is reporting she broke off because casper chose to jet off to vegas for if i instead of going to a charity event in the hamptons. they say his decision to bail for vegas got her blood boiling. so she dumped him without discussion. both sides decide to comment -- declined to comment. is -- [music]. >> get ready for even more britney spears. her remarkable life is being turned into a lifetime movie. they announced the spears biopic currently titled britney is on
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it's tracking her ascent from her louisiana a bringing to start them. the pasha who is best known for her role in hail caesar will play britney. let's get to the juicy question several studies show that 20% of us think about this every single morning. we want to know what is it? i think it might be britney spears. >> camera nasa dinner. -- camera -- mia says dinner. >> crystal says going back to bed. >> that would be every morning. everyone thinks that. that's not 20%. >> what you think when you wake
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i'm not feeling good. i might be calling in sick tomorrow. >> 5 minutes ago you're okay. >> right now we don't have a lot on the radar. that is going to change. storms could pop by this afternoon. we will let you know what you can expect for the weekend. we are eating bugs for breakfast this morning. we will tell you at about -- about the arizona science center this weekend. he went to olympic medals and archery. brady ellison it's here at 12
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good morning. it is 6:25. gorgeous shot of the sunrise. 78 degrees. this morning we want to welcome back in arizona olympian who one 2 metals. -- medals. >> we talked to brady ellison and asked him about his winning
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>> arizona's athletes made us proud during the reality games. one of them is brady ellison. born in glendale, he is back from brazil fresh off of winning 2 medals. you found yourself in this should off against a south korean. one arrow, one target and one transfer goal. >> pretty much. >> that is insane. >> so many things the olympics millisecond, that quarter inch difference. in london it was the same thing. there was a difference of that much. this time it was a should off for the gold. it was the only mistake i made all day and it cost me that much. the real deal then you for our treat was incredible. one of the best i have ever shot in. the weather was generally almost always good.
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are going to go with the wind. it's one of the few stadiums like that. everyone was on the game. >> i don't know if you are aware of this, your parents knew, the whole leo dicaprio thing. he became this viral social media?because of your uncanny resemblance. especially because of the revenant. are you hearing about that? >> yes. the 1st day it happened i woke up and i got the work 5 reporters there. the 1st one says what you think about this? >> i said i have no idea. apparently went viral. my mom was into it. >> she told us that leo looks more like you than you look like leo. but i see it. especially when the bow is by your cheek, there is a
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when he looks like a caveman and i look like a caveman all the time. i think there is a similarity on the daily basis i don't see it though. >> congratulations. 2 more gorgeous medals. i hope we get to see you in tokyo. >> definitely. >> there is a gold medal in you. we are proud of you. >> thank you. >> but for him. this morning brian is out at want to have insects for breakfast. brian mccann get over the crunch. >> reporter: i can't get over either. i feel like that grasshopper is still somewhere in my teeth. this is part of the arizona science center exhibit. the world of giant insects and bugs. i want to show you a bird either. she will grow to the size of
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saturday from 11 to 2 is the fun jewelry and crunchy event of eating insects. tell me a little about this event. >> as you said it's a saturday. we will have and insect feasting party. guests can eat the edible insects but we will also have a hissing cockroach cake on display. >> you also have a live one here i noticed. if you work with us in the last half-hour, she is a new mom. tell me what we have to eat over here. >> will have an assortment of insects guests to eat. cockroaches and scorpions and beetles. >> what is easiest to eat. >> legs and maybe caterpillars. >> reporter: what's try this, i don't know what this is. i have heard it's high in protein. all you need is a bunch of these. you can try this. >> you need some salt-and- pepper.
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scorpion. >> you go for the scorpion matt. here you go. delicious. >> it's gluten-free. >> if we come back to. scorpion. >> thank you brand. you can go there this weekend to do the same thing. it is throwback thursday. we are showing some of our old pictures. this one is crystal henderson. the hair minus the bangs is still the same. we will embarrass our staff all morning long. we would also like to hear from you. send us your throwback pictures. use the #be on 12. >> one of our loyal viewers. keep doing this. >> more from joanne. >> morgan. a baby picture. i love the bow.
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>> keep them coming in. don't let my mom cut my hair anymore. thick bangs with colic and all. let's talk traffic. we are looking at the 60. traffic is whizzing by with no issue. our traffic futurecast says otherwise around the 7:00 a.m. hour speeds could drop down to th 10. it's a long orange solid line with a slowdown as it becomes crammed with cars in the midst of rush hour. 11 miles per hour is the average just past the 202 westbound. here and now the only trouble spot, at last check it was just
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hint of slowing on the 10 westbound. i spot a.of yellow. the crowded commute possibly starting to form the 101 eastbound past 17. it's time for important business. traffic trivia thursday. i would like to clincher answers after i read the question. saturday marks the 26th birthday of this stretch of freeway. today more than 200,000 cars will drive through here. met? the whole board is covered. and we had quite a few guesses on twitter. basically all the letters cannot. who said b? congratulations. 2 times in a row. >> my husband grew up by the 202 told me when it 1st came
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44th street and the mini section. earlier this month the i-10 also celebrated its 26th birthday. jimmy? >>, should not be in this. you do traffic. and you guys, you have to see the test they have to take. the book is so thick. you have to know about the lines and rules. here is what we have. it's going to be a great one. the sun will pop up quickly. not a lot of cloud cover to impede the sunshine. 79 and a little rainfall up toward the north. if you are up near tuba city you might see a sprinkle or 2. cool weather filtering in across parts of the southwest. it's signaling are change.
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to omaha a big huge storm with potential for severe weather. they do see the real weather in those neck of the woods. burlington vermont, all the way toward utica a couple of showers in that region. today 103 with lots of sunshine. most of us will not see rain. some storms could grazes to the north and it could fire up a thunderstorm around the valley later this afternoon. if i had to bet on i would say yo n but if you people could. white mountains in arizona, better shot. friday saturday and sunday. still ahead hope solo has gone and done it. why team usa is benching the number 1 has gone and done it. why team usa is benching the number 10 keep her. football is back on channel 12. we are making it the focus of our trivia question. you know where the very 1st super bowl was played? you have 2 minutes to figure it
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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good morning. welcome back. 6:24. take a look at the sun coming up. a gorgeous site at sky harbor. a comfortable 79. back to the trivia question. football is back on nbc. falcons and dolphins continue preseason and we head towards super bowl li.
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bowl one -- where was super bowl one? >> the coliseum? the los angeles memorial coliseum? >> you got it. >> the question is who played? >> the cowboys and the chiefs. c packers. and the halftime show had the asu symphonic marching band. >> back in the day. >> that was my day. this one is simple cuteness. a special friendship posted between a dog and otter killing
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hopefully this makes you feel good and happy and sweet. and cuddly. >> i watched this for 7 minutes. they just play. and i think the otter gets the best of the dog. >> are you in on her lover? >> i love all animals. still ahead we swim but can he do the swim? he gets a chance to dance his way back to the hearts of america. chandler police hunt for the people of persons behind a deadly stabbing outside of la fitness. details coming up after the
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z23emz zvpz
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coming your way dogs rescued from filthy conditions as are on the butts of a fight to the end. and the sun is out. anymore storms in the forecast? your answer straight ahead. you may be thinking about
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the answer to your juicy question of the morning is coming up. swimsuit model kate upton goes after her on snapchat. >> i guess when you mess of them you mess with all of the kardashian's. hope you're off to a great start. the question we're all wondering, will we get pounded with storms? >> i love you come clean. >> most of the forecast are good but these past 3 have been busts. some showers out there. right now dry skies and most of us will not see rain for today. 79 in the current radar shows clear skies up toward the north maybe showers around apache and
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corners with al roker. that was cool. anyway, dry conditions here. chance of showers, very slight, with a better shot in the seven- day forecast. do you normally jump on northern to hop on the 101? you will need another route. 80 glenn dale. -- maybe glenn dale. this is cut off the right lane and we still see slowing in seek out another route to hop on the freeway and you will dodge any delays. we know the normal slowdown on the 10 eastbound is happening. it's between a 22-25 minute drive to get downtown. we have new slow spots in the east valley. the 10 westbound and up on the north end the 101 e. on. let's break that down.
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it's starting to get crammed with cars. 51 southbound is 13 minutes. the 11 is still flying. this morning 12 news expects to learn more information on the man once a suspected of being the freeway shooter. >> reporter: leslie merritt jr. once his gun back. this is the same gun department of public safety says was used in some of the shootings along i-10 last summer. as we understand it he will not be in court today. in fact his lawyers will be there representing him. trying to start the process to get the 9 mm handgun back once again. the judge allowed its release in hearing the dps jump on that saying, they serve the warrant on the gun again to keep it out of his hands. even though vague knowledge ballistic testing already
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jr. were formally dismissed in april. he was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the string of shootings along i-10 last summer. he got his car back in june. the hearing starts at 11 am but leslie merritt jr. will not be in the courtroom. police in chandler are preparing to search for a killer after a deadly stabbing. we go now live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. chandler police be here from 8 am-10:00 a.m. hoping to find anything leading them to the suspect or suspects behind the deadly stabbing that happened last week. authorities say shivaswamy hosakote was stabbed multiple times in his car in the parking lot of this la fitness. dobson and warner last thursday. the 84-year-old man died at the hospital. he had just finished working
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a family friend spoke on his behalf pleading for anyone who knows anything to come forward. listen to the 911 call that was just released. shivaswamy hosakote was found in this parking lot. >> he's just in his car like he is pleading like something happen. he is not responding. >> -- >> reporter: and silent witness are offering a $1000 reward. if you have any information contact police and we will be out here and be able to talk to police and see if they have any leads. now for a quick check of your hot headlines. the chandler man has been arrested for running a prostitution operation out of his own home. police say robert richardson
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sensual massages. he allegedly modified his bedroom into a massage studio. he would record them on a hidden camera for his own gratification. he works as an nbc freelance producer. police are looking for a 2nd person believed to be involved in a hit and run. the driver hit a man, woman and 5-year-old child in a crosswalk and took off. it happened near 35th and greenway road. 3 are expected to survive. police be the driver turned himself in but another person in the car still has not been found. an internet cafi in glenn dale has been shut down for allegedly operating an illegal gambling ring. the megabyte internet cafi near 59th and missouri paid cash to play casino style games on different computers according to police. more than a dozen dogs are rescued in buckeye.
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the detectives in until they got a search warrant. that is when they found this. trash and feces covering the floors and dogs cowering in corners. time for the morning juice. apparently a swimsuit model goes after kim k. we know how this ends. >> i feel like everyone just needs to stop. >> watch what you say and do about the kardashian's. one celebrity didn't get the memo wrath. kate upton posted this on her snapchat with the caption, i look like a kardashian, those job at all. kim k has repeatedly denied having a nose job. we wait to see if her husband conde will come to her defense as she did. there is a back story. kanye has gone after upton
6:37 am
vanity fair that up as marilyn monroe. kanye believed it should of gone to kim. in fact he went on a 42 minute radio rant over this. stay tuned. courtney cox admits she regrets some of the cosmetic procedures that she has had done. in this episode of running wild she said have done things that i regret and likely ey because it's not always been my best look. she went on to say that as a woman in hollywood getting older is not the easiest thing. i think i was trying to keep up with being older and sometimes you find yourself trying and then you look at a picture and go, oh god i look horrible. is that depressing or what? just don't tell kim kardashian. her juicy question of the
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single morning. final guesses? >> i think calling in sick. >> take this job and shove it. >> that is a decent guess. >> i like tamara when she says what is for dinner? >> one of us in this room thought about that this morning. which one? >> i would say 2 of us. >> i would say i have fun with you guys. i wish we could started 8 am. >> when the alarm goes off at 1
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in the best mood. the east of friday, sunny skies. are there any more storms in the forecast? i will have 4 straight ahead. breakfast is served. after the break, eating bugs at
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? ?
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it is throwback thursday. we are showing some of our old photos. >> our 1st official day. >> it looks like it was yesterday. it looks like it went well. all morning we we want to hear from you as well. send us your throwback thursday photos using the hashtag the on 12. >> that is cool. >> i love those prom pictures. late 70s. >> keep them coming. >> those pants.
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>> let's check traffic. we still have this crash to zigzag around. heading eastbound just before loop 101. long lines are forming. we knew this was happening. glenn dale is still the go to 2 dodge the delay. as we take a look at the highways it's the same. that expect the same spots on the 60, the one 10 and 60. this is what translates to in terms of drive times. 10 eastbound we are in the red zone from the 11 to the stack. 17 southbound, not too bad, dropping into the 50s past 101 and into the downtown area.
6:44 am
gilbert road. speeds drop into the 40s. 10 westbound just past the 202 it's starting to stack up. speeds are averaging 49. 12 minutes from queen creek to the 60. also seeing slowing on the 202. now we're looking at your 8:00 hour drive. we have even more orange, yellow and red to talk about. into the teens. hit miss -- hit and miss on the 11. is -- who is hungry? team 12s brian west is now discovering the importance of eating insects. that cockroach brian is packed with more protein that any of those other bugs.
6:45 am
but fiber and vitamins, this is a new and exciting event at the arizona science center. would you eat this pedal? about scorpions or grasshoppers? the event is going on on saturday from 11 am until 2 pm. tell me a little about this exhibit in the event. >> this is are traveling exhibition. this weekend on saturday we will have and event where guests can insects. >> reporter: a lot of people do this. >> 2 people -- 2 million people worldwide have insects every day. >> which are easiest? >> the mealworms. >> which is the scariest? >> it's a chicken nugget. i was told i had to do this. delicious.
6:46 am
closet gone. >> i am proud of you. it the whole thing. what does that taste like? >> -- >> reporter: it's salty and crunchy. it's chilling on my tongue. trying to swallow it. >> you are brave reporter. the move >> a check it out this weekend. outside bright skies at the airport. at least for 90% of the day, the could be storms out there.
6:47 am
your bus stop weather and travel conditions should be great. 75 to 85. most storm activity should be after school if we have any. most of us will not see rain. a dry trend. 79. there's a little shower activity toward the north. parts of tuba city and north of that area along the utah border. a little shower but most of the state is sitting quietly. not bad. the rest of the nation big storms of firing up, kansas city getting hammered, they are in the clear right now but the could be travel delays. pull ahead. for our area up to the northeast
6:48 am
a little hazy outside. phoenix climate watch 103. the average is one of 4. unfortunately we are down for the year 1 inch. we have the rest of this month in september to catch up. usually try out in october. these storm start to fire up and they get close to the valley like yesterday coming out of prescott and the bradshaw mountains, the dew points or an there is humidity in the atmosphere and along with the heat and lift it can produce thunderstorms. flagstaff 71. a slight chance of a storm for today. a better shot for tomorrow afternoon. more moisture for the valley. i am loving saturday. when you see a temperature of 99, gives you an idea the humidity will be high in the atmosphere will be right for a
6:49 am
let's get a check of hot headlines. the man accused of being the freeway shooter once his gun back. attorneys for leslie merritt jr. start the legal process yet again for his 9 mm handgun. this is the same gun the arizona department of public safety says was used in some of the freeway shootings last summer. we are told he will be at work and not at today's hearing. scottsdale police need your help. take a look at this tu accused of stealing a woman's wallet and then using the cards inside to make thousands of dollars of purchases. call police if you recognize her. arizona is proving to be a battleground state this presidential election. a latest cnn poll shows 43% of registered voters support trump
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a miraculous rescue in italy as crews pull a 10-year- old girl alive from the rubble after a deadly earthquake yesterday morning. take a look. you can hear the cheers, she was buried for nearly 17 hours. nearly 250 people have been killed but more could be added to the toll. 3 central italian towns were reduced to rubble. back to the us. devastation and destruction in parts of the midwest after several tornadoes tore through wasn't enough 3. -- ef 3. a wide trail of damage was left in its wake. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. the national parks service celebrating its 100th with a. -- this weekend. to celebrate you can get in for free.
6:51 am
all of its more than 400 national parks across the nation. today through sunday. nascar's most popular driver will miss 2 more races because of this because of a concussion. dale earnhardt jr. has missed races. jeff gordon will be back in the car in darlington. hope solo has been suspended for 6 months in us it comes after comments she made following the teams lost to sweden in the lipids. she called the swedish team -- she will not be able to play again until next february. despite his recent soccer in rio, ryan lochte will be getting some star attention. the swimmer will be on the next season of dancing with the stars. this comes days after he lost sponsorship from for companies including speedo and ralph lauren.
6:52 am
football? thursday night football debuts tonight. atlanta falcons and miami dolphins go head-to-head. you can catch all the action starting at 5 pm right here. gamers beware. pokimon go, doctors are seeing injuries linked to the repetitive motion of all the sweating and tapping and clicking. some call it pokimon risk. they recommend anti- inflammatory medications and stretching. >> the best medicine is put on your phone. >> or you can do this. download jimmy fallon. he recently transitioned. the host of an obscure german tv show. he shows pictures and then distorts the features in crazy ways.
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and you can do-it-yourself. >> that is hilarious. >> he is everywhere. a final check of your weather and traffic.
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we are
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northern eastbound loop 101 is not the best idea. 1 mile backup because of the crash. it's in the clearing stages. hopefully it will be out of here but in the meantime seek out an alternative. we have stop and go on the 101. the 10. and all the usual spots. we have traffic but only the one crash. come into the 30s from 75th. 28 51 southbound a 19 minute ride. and on the 11 northbound between the 202 you might slow down into the 30s. today and isolated chance of the storm. a drying trend today. 103. the rain chance starts to fire back up friday and saturday. one more look at our
6:57 am
-- pictures. we have so many from our viewers. we have been sharing ours as well. every thursday we would love to see your pictures. use the #be on 12. we never saw yours jimmy. >> i was out there. i sent a picture in. >> what is your take away? >> ryan lochte chance. he's going to be on dancing with the stars. you can have bugs, all the bugs you want. >> you took mine. >> arizona science center. he ate a scorpion on the show. >> a cricket egg and all that
6:58 am
-- a cricket leg and all that other stuff to. >> at least home the bugs are free. crystal? >> mine is that for the 1st time , the 202 between 44th and the many stack opened up to traffic 26 years ago this saturday. traffic trivia. football is back on nbc tonight. thank goodness. the falcons take on the dolphins in that game is played in orlando. >> what is your prediction? >> i just want to see a good game. it's preseason, it doesn't matter who wins. cardinals kickoff september 11. >> we cannot wait for that. 12 news is always on.
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good morning. death toll rises. now at least 241 killed in that powerful earthquake in central italy. residents desperately trying to dig out more survivors where their bare hands. moments like this one bringing hope. fighting words. donald trump goes after hillary clinton questioning her true intentions when it comes to minority voters. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> this as she dismisses claims that clinton foundation donors were given special access to her while she was secretary of state. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state


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