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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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>> 12news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> 12news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> team 12 following several big stories that matter to >> a glendale father and his baby son mysteriously disappeared. >> john mccain, too old to run for reelection? >> he has gotten weak, he has gotten old. >> the serial street shooter still on the loose. police announce something in hopes of getting him off the streets. >> are you getting what you paid for? from chips to toilet paper. are you getting ripped off?
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than ever. >> 12news at 10:00 starts now. >> good evening. 12news at 10:00 starting with breaking news. a 27th street and rosier. three people have been shot there. sky 12 arriving minutes after people were called to the scene after reports of gunfire. >> 12news is there right now. the scene still very active as police try to figure out what led to the violence. here is what phoenix fire told us a few moments ago about the victims. >> when found three critically injured victims that were shot. two of them in the house. one outside the house. >> police tell 12news they are searching for the shooter. >> now, to the big story at 10:00 tonight. what is happening on phoenix streets? another massive sink hole. this time, a city bus getting trapped. >> these are live pictures right now from 35th avenue in van bourn. still closed.
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from the sink hole. >> this is third one on phoenix streets this month alone. >> three days ago, the intersection of 59th avenue collapsed. >> should valley drivers beware? >> trisha hendricks is getting us some answers tonight. >> reporter: guys, looks like it will be quite a while before things are back to normal out here, take a closer look several hours after the main break and the street opened up. this is the third sink hole in the past few weeks. so, what exactly is happening on phoenix streets? we talked with several witnesses. the ground gave way and the bus started sinking. they told us a lot of people on the bus were just freaking out. the bus driver panicking because they were on the bus
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so a lot of people witnessing the whole thing out here. as you can see, they are still trying to kind of detour the water. a lot of it going down the drainage right here. but a lot of it just rising above the asphalt. you can see that it is pumping out thousands of gallons. a lot of people just wondering, gosh, it's crazy and unsafe. but, thankfully, a lot of cars were able to detour, we talked with the city of phoenix who tells us we have a infrastructure. pipes out here that are old. this one, a 1950s pipe that broke this afternoon. thankfully, the city has a replacement program that goes on. they are trying to replace a lot of the pipes before we have issues like this. the city tells us they spent about $40 million a year right now on water main replacements. unfortunately, the crews are
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going to break, they would fix it today and tomorrow. these pipelines last between 75 and 100 years. it is coming up on the age. it is normal wear and tear from what we are hearing with the water department for the city of phoenix. there are 7,000 miles of water lined throughout the city of phoenix. the oldest starting in the downtown area and the newest up in the north phoenix area. for now, we are live near van buren and 35th avenue, trisha hendricks, 12new my name is kayla. i need your help. i have been here too long. i am sick. it is very terrifying here. >> never before video seen of kayla mueller released by nbc news. she was the prescott native working in syria as a humanitarian aide worker when she was captured an eventually killed by isis. this video was sent to her parents as proof of life.
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died. arizona senator john mccain says one of his greatest failures was not being able to get her out alive. tonight, mccain's underdog opponent in next week's primary election calling him old. >> just days before the voters go to the polls, kelly ward said his age may be reason to vote him out. >> kevin kennedy spoke with her. >> reporter: she is not backing down. she doubled down on this saying she wants to give the soon to be 80-year-old the retirement. the attacks have been fast and furious. john mccain and kelli ward going after it. >> john mccain has fallen down on the job. he has gotten weak and old. >> reporter: ward saying mccain is basically too old to serve arizona. >> it is a diagnosis anyone can make. you don't have to be a doctor to say john mccain is an 81- year-old man. >> reporter: a tv diagnosis that comes with a second
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mother told him he should not run this time. >> reporter: it is the latest in a recent political trend. republicans going after hillary clinton questioning her health. parkinsons and epilepsy mentioned. now, ward playing the age card. >> he does not want the contrast of an 80-year-old man who has been in washington almost four decades versus a 47- year-old female physician problem solver. >> reporter: when asked about the comments made by ward, the mccain camp responded with a trails must be getting to kelli ward. ward and mccain is becoming must see tv. so stay tuned. who know whats will happen next. the most recent polls show mccain up by about 25 points. the election is next tuesday. the day after senator mccain's birthday. kevin kennedy, 12news at 10:00. >> there has always been a
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politics. a lot of it arising from racial resentment. but it has never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it, and giving it a national megaphone until now. >> the race for the white house just got nastier and it was all about race today with hillary clinton and donald trump slinging charges of bigotry. >> she lies. and she smears. and she ai hillary clinton is a bigot. >> tonight, trump holds a five- point lead against clinton in the polls here in arizona. the republican nominee will deliver a post primary unity speech in phoenix next wednesday. >> phoenix police are hoping an
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they have gotten 1800 tips and assure that finding the shooter is their top priority. >> we invite everyone to participate in the investigation. raising the level of awareness in our neighborhoods and reporting suspicious people and vehicles. >> maricopa county attorney bill montgomery assuring all undocumented immigrants if they come forward to help, they will be charges will be dropped but he won't get his gun back. leslie merritt jr. , the original suspect in the freeway shootings case will have to wait to get his gun returned. he spent seven months in jail before the case fell apart. the judge wants to keep the gun as evidence for now. the prosecutors technically could refile charges against him. here are some more hot headlines across the state. glendale accomplice need your
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and son. ramon and his ten month old son abraham have not been seen since noon wednesday. he was supposed to pick up the child's mother at work but never showed up. he may be driving a gray 2002 ford f-250 pickup truck. a two-year-old by is recovering after being pulled from his family pool in chandler. according to fire officials, the pool was fenced but a spring in the gate kept it from closing all the way. the boy wasn't breathing his father found him but after performing cpr, the boy started breathing again on his own. nearly $3 million worth of marijuana plants were destroyed in eastern arizona. they were found in the fort apache indian reservation. a helicopter spotted the illegal crop last friday. a multiagency team took over uprooting 2400 pot plants and selling them and setting them on fire rather.
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airline profits hit almost $26 billion last year. but customer complaints also shot up 34% more than they were the year before. >> so, what can we do as consumer to avoid feeling like we are flying the unfriendly skies? >> team 12's stacia naquin has more from sky harbor. >> reporter: long lines, paying for services that used to be free like selecting a seat or feels like we are paying more for less. here is how to squeeze the most out of the airlines seizing you. with airlines packing in more seats than ever before, book ahead of time to avoid the dreaded middle seat. but increasingly that is not an option, at least not for free. >> they have long charged for extra leg room. but now even selecting a regular economy seat can cost you. >> reporter: they will release
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and you might score a decent free seat. knowing which seats give you the most room can help too. check out for information. >> if despite your best efforts you are still in a cramped seat or your flight is over four hours, get up frequently and stretch your legs and feet to avoid blood clots. >> reporter: another travel mishap, missing your flight. consumer reports recommends allowing at least two hours between domestic flights and four if you are traveling understood seas. sitting in the front can save as much as 15 minutes when deplaning though you might have to pay for the seat and avoid booking the last flight of the day and avoid major airports that have the worst on time departure performance. you have rights if you are
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could be entitled to up to $650 if the flight is domestic or 1300 if it is international. stacia naquin, 12news at 10:00. are you really getting what you pay for at the store? we find out if you are getting your money's worth with some common household items. >> happy birthday to the national park service from the grand canyon. >> reporter: oprah at the grand canyon marking a special occasion today. and what did team 12's chow down on scorpions today?
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>> an air force vet living in pain with a suicide disease. >> that is tomorrow on 12news at 10:00. z23eiz zvpz
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>> happy birthday to the national park service from the grand canyon. >> they should use that for a >> for a lot of people, the national park service centennial is a special milestone. but for some it means a little more. >> the grand canyon plays host to a naturalization ceremony which saw 15 immigrants from 12 different countries gain citizenship. >> joe dana introduces us to the new citizens. >> reporter: the scenic views of the grand canyon are unforgettable.
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scenes. for them, today, they became united states citizens. >> i'm proud to be an american. >> reporter: for luis, the trip has been a long one. >> now, i'm 62 years old and 58 years after entering this country, this is the most glorious day of my life so far. >> reporter: he came to the u.s. from mexico. others came from 12 countries including china, new zealand, and turkey. these ceremonies are typically set in a courtroom. but in honor of the centenni parks. >> there is nothing more american than the national park service. so ... to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the national parks, we committed to have 100 ceremonies. >> reporter: liliana immigranted from columbia. >> this is the most beautiful anthem in the world. the star-spangled banner.
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when you hear it. >> reporter: it is not just their former countries that define them, but what they have accomplished since they have arrived. >> i am a college professor, a high school teacher. >> i am a physical therapist from columbia. >> we are a country of immigrants and i hope that my grandchildren can continue to say that. >> what a special day. well, the last of the 100 ceremonies is set to take place in september national park. well, good to see high school football back under the lights. boulder creek pulling off a beautiful trick play late in the fourth tonight to score the game winning touch to beat liberty and coop. we are all fired up for f and f tomorrow night. >> those highlights will be good man. i'm telling you, no doubt about it. tomorrow night marks the beginning of the 26th season of friday night fever.
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most fun you will ever have on a friday night. >> you're watching friday night fever! >> shout out to coop. bruce cooper. >> are you ready? >> oh, you know what we got to do? >> got to take a selfie. >> coop, you're my guy. >> we would like to present you this helmet and jersey for >> coop, we have every hair style right across the board. >> i physically can't grow facial hair. >> i have crazy needs. that's all i have got. crazy needs. [ cheers and applause ]
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touchdown dance! >> anyone saw? >> mark curtis and caribe devine are cracking up over here. >> you have to dance that to that music. >> how can you not dance when you hear that song. >> can we get the music back up? >> every friday night at 11:35 and it ar what they said in that story is true. nobody does it. everybody knows bruce cooper in this town. >> absolutely. was that the second selfie you have ever taken getting down with the young kids? [ laughter ] >> coop, thanks. >> now to a story you will only see on 12news. how often have you ripped open a bag of chips only to think there are not a lot of chips.
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he followed his curiosity, counting, weighing, measuring to see if you get what you pay for. >> reporter: do we really get what we pay for? is your one pound bag of tostitos really a pound? and what about the ad on the package promising you 154 squares per roll? in this story, we are going to see if you are really getting what you paid for. first up, light beer. and yo our 12 ounces was 12 ounces. we also measured a roll of duct tape, 55 yards on the package. we took it yard by yard. to see if 55 yards was really 55 yards. we then turned our attention to other products like the roll of two fly charmin that is
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detergent that reads 100 ounces on the label. moments later, we learned the 100 promised ounces was 100 ounces and maybe a bit more. and the tostisos stacked up to its promise as a matter of fact. so did all the other chips we weighed. in fact, most gave us a bit more. and our ocean spray cranberry juice is right on the money. our no and maybe even a scoop extra. and my dunkin donuts bag of coffee gave me half an ounce more. my 12 ounces of starbucks black, 12 ounces of starbucks black. and my 16 ounces of coke with ice from mcdonalds was spot on too. >> 75, 76, 77. >> reporter: what about the charmin?
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the last square was totally usable in a pinch. if you are counting on getting what you paid for, we are happy to report with these products ... we found everything to be right on the dot. i'm bill mcginty, 12 news night team. >> there goes my excuse on the chips. >> they didn't give me a full bag of chips. >> thought and more. all right, well, let's talk about weather we had briefly rolling into the valley. this is video from sky 12. you can see the dust cloud pretty far south to the valley. a dust storm kicked up plenty of dust reducing visibility. we had a dust advisory that was allowed to expire early just because that dust quickly started to dissipate. so, are we in the clear
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and you will see not exactly. although we don't have anything happening across the valley right at this very moment. if i widen out the shot a little bit, i will see we have moisture coming up from the south there. that is the county line between pima and pinal county west of i- 10. something to kind of watch. again, the storms that produced that dust a little earlier weren't all that strong. so, we will be looking out for that and also a potential for a stray storm moving yarnell and prescott, it is active. there are thunderstorms there. flagstaff. we have seen quite a few storms. we are expecting quite a bit of moisture around. even on saturday. we will carry at least a 12 to 20% chance of storms. temperatures below normal. we dry out by sunday and we start heating things back up as we head into the middle of next week. >> all right caribe. i hear you there.
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perseverance and a lot of hubris pay off for this young baseball fan? >> join us tomorrow morning on 12 today. we are looking at food fact versus fiction. five nutrition myths you probably thought were true. and how your dna could explain how much coffee you drink and how soap bars could become
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>> all right. time now to check in on our 12 sports mvp of the night. we go to chase field. this little kid would come down, lean to the top of the dugout hoping one of the players would toss a baseball his way. well darn it. each time, anoth now, you could tell this young man was starting to get real frustrated. so, hey. time for dad to buy him a neat ice cream treat right? well, hold the phone. this young man is very persistent and with the aid of another nice kid, he finally gets his baseball. and it's all good now. and this young man is my 12 sports mvp of the night. how do you like me now?
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diamondbacks tonight. >> it is pro back thursday. here at 12, we are celebrating by digging up old pictures and videos to give you a glimpse of the past. >> mark, i hope you are ready for this. we have oldies but goodies of you. >> they have to be oldies. >> of you on the 12news desk back in the disco days apparently. aw. what? you haven't even changed. oh, there you [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> you know ... the thing is, is that the stash never changed. >> the bagel hole in the back has gotten bigger. all right, well. turn about is fair play. >> oh gosh. i don't even know ... >> oh yeah. >> that is the caribbean queen. >> how. how. how did they get that? >> they tell you not to smile? [ laughter ] >> i think it is because my teeth were all messed up.
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>> oh. >> you could have still smile. >> i look pretty sad don't i. >> give us your sassy look? [ laughter ] >> i look kind of depressed. >> our viewers have been sharing their throw back pictures all day. >> and we want to give a quick shootout to all of you for posting photos using the hashing the be on 12 and 12news officially hit 50,000 followers on instagram all thanks don't go away. barbara streissand and alec baldwin on the tonight show. plus, our creepy crawly shot of
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>> it's a chicken nugget. a chicken nugget. >> oh my gosh. >> oh boy, our shot of the day tonight. team 12's claw off a dehydrated scorpion. >> he won't be in tomorrow. he is recooperating. no, just kidding. he was at the arizona science center where they hosted an event called grubbing on insects. >> you can try caterpillars, scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> not your jam? >> don't do it. >> midnight snack anybody? >> bryan, what's wrong with
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand,


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