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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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the arizona rattlers are playing in the arena bowl championship this afternoon. we will have everything coming up. those rattlers are the focus of our morning trivia question, do you know how long and arena football field is? coming up in 20 minutes. that is as mucsi carpel karaoke, but my question is it karaoke if you lip- synched? >> james is doing the karaoke. she is along for the ride welcome to "12 today", 6:00 on this friday. i'm matt mauro. a rainy start for some folks.
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rain, not heavy pockets, coming and going. coming and going shower activity around the region. blue skies around and we do have a little bit of rainfall toward the north you can see pushing off into parts of apache and navajo counties. north of st. john's, toward the south payson had storms here in the valley, we have rainfall. if you are waking up where the rain is you are okay in buckeye if you are along the 17 and 101 and you're not out the door that's okay the rain will pass through, peoria, glendale, what conditions with storms to the northeast and away from your area. casa grande some more storms developing into the east valley later on today. we definitely have double digit temperatures. we like that, the record today
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nothing to complain about. right now, a major traffic alert for sun valley drivers, bryan west is at an accident right near cave creek road in peoria how is it looking? >> reporter: we just got on scene, look behind me, you can see the car accident that happened overnight, we are told by police after midnight a 22- year-old man was driving south from out here he was on the rolled he was transported to the hospital with critical injuries. that was the only vehicle involved, investigators are taking pictures and taking measurements. there are evidence markers outlining the path of the car, speed and alcohol do appear to be factors in the collision. south of the car accident you can see an officer out here redirecting traffic.
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all you will want to avoid the area. we are told by police this is going to be closed for quite a few hours this morning. for how to get around the accident, let's toss it over to krystle henderson. >> seventh street will be your way to go. cave creek off-limits in both directions. so you don't have to mess with zigzagging around the area, just seven street. look at the brake lights, 101 crash was over there a couple of minutes ago blocking the hov and left lanes, they moved that to the side and were left with aftermath slowing. you will have to hit the brakes right around the area. no massive delays yet as we are just beginning official rush hour. it is already slowing down traffic on the 10, the 17 and the 10 westbound, 10 is been 23
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the stack, 12 minutes into the 17. looking good on the 60 westbound. 6:04, three people in critical condition and a shooter on the run. team 12 nico santos has one of our top stories. >> reporter: it has been a little bit more than 10 hours since the shooting happened the neighborhood finally starting to wake up to this crime scene behind us with a massive police presence. the house in question is this one second from the curb we have seen detectives going in and out trying to figure out what happened. as you mentioned at last check a suspect was at large so no arrests have been made, we are near 28th street and we have heard reports of another shooting blocks away on broadway and 27th street, we are working to determine if they are connected.
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details are very unclear officials tell us they had to take three people to the hospital after the shooting they remain in critical condition. nico santos "12 today". chandler police are investigating an overnight homicide. sky 12 was over the scene last night. we are told police to have a person of interest in custody. let's get a check of the rest of your hot dl morning, glendale police need help finding a missing father and son. they have not been seen since wednesday afternoon, the man was supposed to pick up the child's mother from work but he never showed up. he may be driving a gray ford f2 50 pickup truck. the once allegedly freeway shooter will have to get his gun back. charges were dropped earlier this year but officials want to keep the gun as evidence.
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nearly $3 million worth of marijuana plants were destroyed in eastern arizona found on the apache reservation. a helicopter crew spotted the crop friday and a multi agency team took over uploading the pot plants setting them on fire. no one has been arrested. emma with the morning juice. one of our favorite segments. carpel karaoke. >> know, see what you think. she did it again this time in a car on the ride to work with james corden. for the coolest cup of juice we give you britney spears finally doing carpel karaoke.
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>> is it meant the best song on earth, the whole clip is 10 minutes long. they also covered make me, womanizer, toxic it has gone viral. some people say this doesn't constitute carpel karaoke because half just lip-synching. you also can't really hear her over james corden. i don't know. be the judge. >> it is hard to autotune inside of a car. >> i hear because they have microphone it gets really hot in the cars because they can't use the air conditioner. >> you don't think it gets hot
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>> all right everyone, the forbes list of highest-paid actors in hollywood has been released. the top earning male actor, the rock. dwayne johnson raking in $64.5 million since june 25 -- 2015. jackie chan dominates china with $61 million, the top female actress is jennifer lawrence $46 million. followed by melissa mccarthy with $33 million. time for the juicy question of the morning. most people say they will do this when their spouse or significant other is out of town. here are the hints, they will do this at night and in the bedroom. okay. the question is, what is this? give us your answers, jt you are pretty good with these.
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dressing up. it could be something like there are two markings, sleeping on their side of the bed or the toothbrush. some people may want to not realize what toothbrush you are grabbing. >> do you have any guesses? >> going out with the girls are the guys. >> that doesn't happen in the bedroom. i hope not. would them watch. i don't know. whatever. let's get back to the whatever forecast, rain showers and storms and even some lightning to talk about, we will track that for you after this. it is fun, friday, what is more fun than this, a baby panda doing baby panda thinks.
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the arizona rattlers looking to take their sixth arena bowl championship this afternoon. we are live in the arena where
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knew this morning, it is national dog day, time to get your furry friends some love. we want to see your pictures. we are celebrating man's best friend. send us the pictures. we are encouraging people to a you have to tell me the names. >> i see tito, so many good ones keep sending in your pictures of your furry friends and as you mentioned head on out and adopt, there are a lot of great agencies in the valley and a lot of great dogs. 6:13 a check
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improvement with this crash that has been moved to the side of the 101 eastbound near 64th street. it looks like we don't have brake lights like we did 10 minutes ago. let's take a look at the traffic and where the weather might be impacting you into work this morning. wherever you see the green we have wet roads on the 101, the 17 also on the 10. looking at the traffic flow hit and miss slow spots westbound longer lines on the 10, ea the 101 eastbound right now. this you may not see coming, roadblocks put in place this morning they will continue the roadwork until 10:00 on the 101 northbound, the right merge lanes and the on and off ramps are going to be off-limits. use indian band or shay as alternates. for the weekend, all weekend the 101 northbound will be closed from mcdonald's at 90th
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be closed, you can seek out 51 to 17 perhaps fountain hills 87 will do the trick. hayden and scottsville road more driver friendly. another closure, the 17 in both directions from indian school to thomas. these ramps will be closed from saturday night to sunday morning. use the 51. it has been a pretty busy morning early on with more rainfall kicking up throughout the valley. bust guys outside overcast here in phoenix, we can't say overcast the summer in phoenix. around holbrook, more rainfall toward the south of indian wells, more rain fell in the high country. payson look at the rainfall and the lightning. heber and over garden more
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region, this storm activity to the south good pockets arranges to the south around the bend remember they are moving north northeast so as the cells develop, just because these once dissipate does not mean there are not more on the way, in this case there are more showers left over, a couple sprinkles around glendale, peoria around the 60 moving across phoenix to the south a few more days theater storms and moisture coming from the south and southwest of the valley. we are not done yet, 94 to 99 developing storms on and off for today look at the cloudy skies, overcast conditions, the ceiling is way low, camelback mountain i wouldn't call it a cool morning but 82 degrees really not too shabby for this time of year. we have two for the valley,
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across the eastern half of the state including south central arizona. 94 were scattered storms at casagrande. 100 190s across the state. for the highs. storms on and off today about 99 degrees, 20% chance of rain, we will not have complete coverage but could drop rainfall. the same for tonight possibly tomorrow morning and saturday things will dry out a little bit more for sunday weather. and then toward monday about 104. we start to clear out by next week but the record on this day is one 17. so we will take 99. 6:17, we might be hours away from a record-breaking sports championship in the valley. team 12's jen wahl is live with
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>> reporter: good morning to you guys this is what the arizona rattlers play hard for all season going for their sixth championship later this afternoon joining me this morning i had the sidewinder dancers and strikers. we are having a lot of fun on the field arizona will be taking on the philadelphia soul this afternoon making history for the first ever arena bowl played right here. the first time the rattlers have ever played at the arena as well. you can look forward to higher scoring games, the field is the same size of an nhl hockey rink. both teams ended the season as the top two seeds going into the playoffs, so if the rattlers when they will have six championships, that will be the most in the week. philadelphia loss to arizona back in 2012 and 2013 so you can imagine they will be out for blood.
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portland and cleveland in the playoffs. this playoff game has interesting matchups, the top two quarterbacks go head-to- head. the rattlers quarterback led the league in touchdowns with 111 total. both teams finishing in the top two scoring offense. all of that considered we know the matchup will be extremely close, this arena is going to be jampacked later this afternoon with a 4:0 a ton of entertainment and fun, tickets are available starting at nine dollars. i have been talking with these lovely ladies about how much fun these games are for the family. if you don't have anything going on definitely we recommend this. live from glendale jen wahl "12 today". music food or free visit to a national park? your things to do this weekend.
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league title tonight and as we celebrate their success we ask how long the arena football field is. the answer a few minutes away. ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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a beautiful day, 6:22, we rarely get this site in the mornings. and today it is one of those days we want to enjoy. remember, the record set for today is 117 degrees thankfully we will not break 100. on this front friday we bring you a few fun things to do this we can.>> from music to going to the national parks here is book. >> come for a unique culinary experience on camelback mountain, the annual lunch and learn saturday featuring an executive chef with chef ryan clark from tucson. the interactive cooking demo features a three course meal with wine and take-home recipes. lunch events at public rpm and $75 a person, dinner begins at six a car p.m. $125 a person.
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scottsdale center for performing arts featuring flamingo at 8:00 p.m. tickets are $12 in advance. take in the breathtaking views of the grand canyon or any of our other national parks now through sunday. the national park service turns 100 years old this year so in celebration you can enter for free. including the arizona rattlers going for the arena league title tonight as we celebrate success how long is the arena league football field? before we reveal the answer do you have a guess? >> 60 to 70 yards. krystle any ideas? >> i am horrible with distance. i can't ballpark a number.
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>> it is actually 50 yards. the playing field is 50 yards, the end zones are 80 yards each. >> you talk football, nfl field is 100 yards but 10 yard end zones. >> is at the same amount of players on the field? >> no, i believe there are seven guys. >> a lot faster paced, higher anywhere. look at this shot of the morning a baby panda rolling in the grass. why not. the sweetest thing, this is how you do fun friday. the joyful bear in china caught multiple times on camera showing the world just how awesome it is to be this cute. is that a pokimon panda?
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everyone, take out your phones and get your pokimon go start throwing pokiballs. >> i get busy watching him do that. >> now he is going for the tree.>> aren't they getting dangerous? claws are beautiful. >> you know what, i went to the panda exhibit in san diego and the woman in charge of the exhibit said this panda might want to cuddle with this thing because the for and stuff trying to frighten me away. >> the old zoo at santiago. still ahead, will it be enough? mtv turns over the vma stage to kanye west. what will he do this time? keeping an eye on the sky after monsoon rain soaked parts
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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options
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every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at coming your way on "12 today", monsoon rain soaking valley streets again, is more on the way? will the rain continued to the weekend? more on your radar, complete team coverage straightahead. the amount of coffee you drink could be determined by your dna. most people admit to doing this when their significant other is out of town.
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question. did johnny depp pull a fast one on his ex-wife. what he is accused of being did -- doing with their divorce settlement. happy friday everyone, we made it to the weekend and we are in for a treat, the weather is going to be so nice. >> it really is. >> 99 degrees but it is humid, the record on this day is 117 in 2011. that was a terrible day. some showers around the region up toward the north into the high country and more lightning in the holbrook area. and then we move down in toward the valley and a few storms starting to wind down, they can always pop up the one i am tracking now just heading up toward buckeye they are moving
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rainfall, right now things are simmering down a little bit along the 101. this is frank lloyd wright, thompson parkway there will be some showers lifting up toward the north of us. today like we talked about double-digit numbers nothing to complain about. bryan west live with the traffic alert for you. after a horrible crash. >> reporter: peoria avenue and show drive. they are letting police officers are letting employees who work along the road to get into their business, this is closed because of the car you see on the tow truck down their mangled we are told by phoenix police after midnight a 22-year- old man was driving south along cape creek road. he was in the oncoming traffic lane when he crossed the street and rolled. you can see a tree damaged down there.
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working. we were told by police the road would be closed for a few hours especially overnight. it now looks like they are in the cleanup stages right now. the speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the collision. if you look directly behind me there was an officer directing traffic. for more on how to get around this we will toss it to krystle henderson. seven street is your best bet in the meantime it looks like the tow trucks arin way. the closure extends from peoria to cheryl as long as you hop on seven street before the stretch you will be good to go. a little wet and sloppy today a number of crashes in the areas where we have seen showers. speaking of tow trucks here we go 101 westbound 35th avenue those cars off to the right, another crash at the intersection on cactus over the
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right around 64th street. a lot of wet roads remaining out there wherever you see the green shading and notice on the traffic flows we have got slowing on either end of the 10 and 101. let's break down the 101 eastbound since we had a couple of crashes between the 17 and 51 down to 30 miles per hour. 25 minutes from that area to scottsdale. critical condition and a shooter is on the run, nico santos has our top story live from south phoenix with the latest. >> reporter: this investigation is spanning into the 11th hour, you can see massive police presence behind us. right now we are on 28th street. the is another shooting on 27 street we are working to confirm if it is related. you will see officers and detectives walking in and out
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blocked off we were told just before 8:00 last night a shooting happened, three people were shot, at last check we were working to get an update three people in critical condition in the hospital. the suspect is at-large, no arrests have been made. we do not have a suspect description available. we are working to get more information from police including an update on the people in bone chilling, never before seen video a girl released yesterday, she was captured and killed by isis. the video was sent to careless
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she was just 26 years old. a two-year-old recovering after he was pulled from his families pull in chandler. the pool was fenced but the gate was broken, the child was not breathing when his father found him, after performing cpr the boy started breathing. a valley metro bus got stuck in a sinkhole yesterday near 35th avenue and van buren. a water main break may have caused the busted not have passengers on it when it got stuck. several people were waiting nearby at a bus stop. emma here with the morning juice. >> get ready to hear and see a lot of car near west at the mtv video music awards. because mtv has decided to give the rapper four full minutes.
6:36 am
the man who made interrupting people on stage famous has the floor to himself. will he perform rant about to the swift? who knows? all we can say is wait and see. crying foul over a $7 million divorce settlement with johnny depp. she is accused of using a dirty accounting trick after papers were signed she announced he charities. so johnny depp and his team did johnny a favor and send checks straight to the charities rather than give amber the money to divide herself. is that wild or what? essentially, making the settlement was a tax write off. her team is not happy calling on johnny to double his donations which would then equal $7 million that he owed her. just when you thought things
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question of the morning. most people say they will do this when their spouse or their significant other is out of town. what is this? we want to give some final answers before we reveal. >> my friend texted me and said watch movies. watching movies, that is one. >> i'm sticking with the two i did and the cross-dressing. >> okay ready? sleep on the other side of the bed. that was one of his eight gases. sleep on the partners side of the bed. i have never done that. >> you are totally content?>> i
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i'm sure people have done it to me. what is the forecast look like? >> showers on and off, one of those blue fridays but in a happy way because it is friday. more on your forecast and what you can expect for the weekend straight ahead. born with a coffee addiction? i will have that story next. history will be made later today at the arena where the of arizona rattlers will play for the reno bowl championship.
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good morning, welcome back to "12 today", thank this friday. as we get start to start the weekend we look at three stories that have people talking. >> good morning, samsung says the demand is outpacing supply for its new galaxy note 7. the device went on sale friday, one of the coolest features and iris scanner allowing you to unlock the screen by looking at it. samsung is trying to increase
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million this year. here is a story for coffee drinkers. research shows your dna could determine how much coffee you drink, european researchers have identified a gene that affects how the body tolerates caffeine. people with a variation of the gene drank fewer cups of coffee each day because the caffeine stayed in their bodies longer. that means they require less coffee to get the same caffeine hit than those without the gene variation. a report is slipping away, blame millennial's, sales of bar soap are dropping, research shows younger consumers would rather use liquid soap than a bar because they believe bar soaps are covered in terms. only one out of three people under the age of 34 uses a bar of soap anymore. the majority who use bar soap are men over the age of 60. back to you.
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we doing krystle? >> it does not look like anything is really going to trip up travel or throw you off. picking out a spot where more cars are stacking up joining in on your right. the 10 westbound past the 202. let's check out travel times, that is the wrong freeway. let's break down the 10 westbound, 55 miles per hour from queen creek to the 60. not too shabby, 10 minutes for we can look at the 202. we are flying there on that freeway, 202 san tan dropping into the 50s between gilbert and 101, other than that watch your speed, all lanes are wide open. we are not only looking at the hit and miss slow spots on the valley freeways, but also the west and northwest side of things some left over wet roads may be a little sloppy a couple
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just regular rush hour now having you hitting the brakes and maybe roadwork. the right merge lanes in the on and off ramps are off-limits until 10:00 tonight you can use indian vendor or shay instead. taking your time to the 8:00 our right, does not look so bad in comparison to mornings past. you will be down into the 30s on the 10 westbound into the 20s 10 eastbound but not a lot of the orange zone spots couple, one on the 101 eastbound and northbound everywhere else just modest slowing. a big day for your fun friday, the arizona rattlers have a chance to become the greatest franchise in arena football history. jen wahl is out at the arena. >> reporter: it is going great, a lot of energy ahead of the big game this afternoon starting at 4:00 p.m. that is when we will have kickoff, you notice the rattlers home is different
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today it will be at 4:00 this afternoon, tickets are available, we are joined by the sidewinder dancers. and we have the team owner. let's talk about this team, you guys are incredible, on fire this year. >> you know what, we had a good year. we have obviously had success in the past, but this year is pretty cool. because our opportunity to show the fans new field but, radler nation here is awesome. >> let's talk about the energy and the high paced game tonight. all of the action going on. >> we call this more football, less field that is what happens. last week we scored 80 points. this game is fast and the cool thing about the game today is philadelphia with the same record, they beat us over there
6:46 am
>> you guys beat them in 2012 and 2013 in championships. if you went today it is almost a sweep annual have six championships. >> six total, four in the last six years. 2011 we lost, last year we didn't get there so the last six years i have owned the team we have been here. it is cool having it at home. >> thank you so much for joining us, i know the for blood after some of those tough losses but the rattlers are not going to have any issues. the game starts at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, there is a mercury game downtown so they moved the team here for the game and because of espn as well it will be earlier. if you can check it out it will be a great time, tickets start at nine dollars. before we send it back to the
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ladies would love to say something to match. hi, matt. >> hello, good morning. >> reporter: you know where to find them this afternoon. happy friday to you guys.>> thank you. his cheeks match your dress. oh, my gosh. wow. get in li list is long and distinguished. anyway, down toward the south a couple of showers with a little bit of rainfall moving in, holbrook pockets of rape and maybe on the website if you are heading to sedona later today. pacing along the beeline highway relatively quiet looking at flagstaff not too much out there. this rainfall developing could make its way to sedona later today. showers on and off 20% to 30%
6:48 am
the area. you can see buckeye to the south a little bit of moisture, the major cells have moved out of the valley for now. we have some good pockets, no localized flooding reporting, these cells down here have been lingering down toward south of the san tan valley and rainfall moving out of fountain hills, a nice batch moving toward the beeline highway. look at this lightning coming down. this is heber and overgaard, the clouds, showers and wet roadways on the runway. two for the valley for the monsoon meter, looking better for northern arizona, toward sedona and prescott you will have a chance of scattered storms on and off around 4:00 today. high temperature 103 today. 86 for globe, 99 for us actually. prescott 76 degrees, sedona 78. sedona will be incredible,
6:49 am
low 73. globe will be 86 degrees for the high temperature. 99 degrees today the record is 117. that was set in 2011. we will take 19 and a few showers on and off. we will clear up by monday right into our next week, but no extreme temperatures. this is nice, we are getting closer to those cooler temperatures. thanks, jimmy q.. three men in critical condition after a triple shooting in phoenix. detectives are on scene interviewing witnesses near 27th street in rozier. chandler police investigating an overnight homicide. sky 12 was over the scene, police do have a person of interest in custody. police hope an extra $25,000 will encourage someone to turn in the serial street shooter.
6:50 am
arrest, $75,000. so far cops have gotten 1500 tips and they ensure finding the man who has killed seven strangers is their priority. glendale police need help finding this missing father and son, ramon salas and his son abraham have not been seen since wednesday. he was supposed to pick up the child's mother from work but he never showed up. he may be driving a gray f jan brewer wants a special investigator to investigate hillary clinton she said the fbi and department of justice field offices have called for an investigation into the clinton foundation but the obama administration has chosen not to prosecute. the war of words on the campaign trail heating up, donald trump calling hillary clinton a big it and she is releasing an ad tying trump to the [ null ]. donald trump
6:51 am
instincts in our society saying that she should be ashamed of herself. the death toll from wednesday's earthquake continues to rise in italy. standing at 267 people killed, 387 people are being treated at hospitals across the country. the quake wednesday leveled three small towns, rescuers are holding out hope that they may find survivors. the space asked spacecraft coming back to earth successfully bringing 3000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. it will return in baja, california. tickets go on sale for the opening of the paisley park studio. tors of the legendary 65,000 square-foot complex begin october 6, fans can visit official paisley park website for ticket information, prince
6:52 am
accidental overdose. the phoenix mercury return to the court. the first game since the women won gold. they will take on the dallas wings tipoff is set for 7:00 downtown. the most important preseason game for the cardinals is sunday. the byrd gang goes to houston to take on the texans. the game starts around 1:00. speaking of the mercury. >> go to the of the first 2500 fans get this bobble head doll. that is tonight, bring an extra pair of shoes tonight and tomorrow night. there collecting shoes to help folks less fortunate. 6:52 your time, a final check of your weather, but will it rain this weekend? we will have that and how your
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z23emz zvpz
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welcome back, 6:55 a beautiful start to your morning. stunning out there with some spotty showers, but first how is it affecting traffic? in terms of the highways we
6:56 am
northbound a couple of cars hitting the brakes touch and go but that is rush hour. slowing on the bigger picture you can see 101 eastbound slow return 17 and 51, westbound here and one -- there on the 101 northbound. less break down a couple of these, 10 eastbound, all things considered this is not too bad, 24 minutes to get wn 17 southbound 33 minutes for that ride 21 minutes from the 101 to the stack and 60 westbound pretty smooth sailing. down into the 50s here and there between gilbert and the 10. we have got some rain to tell you about, look at the skies outside just beautiful. the sun is starting to come through this is around east valley, great locations. more rain expected today, look along the 10, way off toward datelined payson lightning up
6:57 am
back off to the east, we have more feeder cells coming in. and, a chance of storms coming in probably for the next couple of days before we start to clear up on monday. >> sounds good, the 7-day forecast cannot be better. it is national dog day and we have received so many pictures from you, so we want to say thank you to our viewers who have sent in awesome pictures of their pups. we want to day long. send them in. final takeaways, jimmy. >> i am thinking. britney spears is not that good at lip-synching. she doesn't lip-synch very much. this weekend you are all thinking about plans, think about the following, according
6:58 am
are heading north you want to plan ahead. >> for me, it appears when i bought those cleaners i was getting my wallet cleaned out. i didn't know. >> the fact that it is national dog day and according to matt, women and cheerleaders are 20% more likely, to like a guy more because he has a dog.>> 20%, all right. the big winner yesterday, you saw that bus that got stuck in the sinkhole. a ton of free advertising on the side of the bus it was therefore hours on every picture, every tv station in the valley. they won big time. 12 news is always on and your favorite social media
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speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? going to extremes, both donald trump and hillary clinton now accusing each other of racism. trump doubling down. clinton launching a new ad tying >> running against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. >> just how low can they go? ominous threat that powerful storm system looms in the atlantic. will it gain strength or weaken as it heads toward florida? tens of millions in its path, keeping a close eye on what it will do next. murder mystery, two nuns who dedicated their lives to helping others killed in their own home. no known suspects, no known


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