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tv   Today  NBC  August 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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speed may not be available in your area. call today. ?? going to extremes, both donald trump and hillary clinton now accusing each other of racism. trump doubling down. clinton launching a new ad tying >> running against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. >> just how low can they go? ominous threat that powerful storm system looms in the atlantic. will it gain strength or weaken as it heads toward florida? tens of millions in its path, keeping a close eye on what it will do next. murder mystery, two nuns who dedicated their lives to helping others killed in their own home. no known suspects, no known
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investigation. and facing charges. ryan lochte ordered back to brazil for filing a false police report. will he comply and what happens if he doesn't? how his case could be setting up an international tug of war. today, friday august 26th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to today on a friday morning, big crowd on the plaza for dnce in our 8:30 half hour. can i just say if you're going to dnce on the plaza today you may want to put baby powder on. >> raise your hand if you're sure it will be a hot sweat swree dance power. let's start on a friday morning with politics.
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donald trump and hillary clinton are exchanging a flurry of jabs. clinton now says her rival's rhetoric are taking hate groups mainstream. let's begin with nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: morning, matt. the racial insults were flying between donald trump and hillary clinton. he calling her a bigot, she saying that he has helped a radical fringe take over the gop. donald trump ramping up his war of again, calling her a bigot. >> she is a bigot. >> in what way? >> you look at what's happening to the inner cities, you look at what's happening to african-americans and hispanics in this country where she talks all the time. >> reporter: clinton's running mate tim kaine addressing the b word in a taped interview that airs tonight. >> he called your friend, hillary clinton, a bigot. >> when hillary clinton got out of law school she was working to help advance racial justice in the juvenile justice system in
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segregation in alabama at his early career donald trump was a real estate guy who got sued by the justice department for discriminating against people in housing. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> reporter: and in a major speech clinton tearing into trump, charging her rival with building his campaign on prejudice and paranoia, tying him to right wing extremists, citing trump's leading role in the birther movement. >> he promoted the racist lie that president obama is >> reporter: dismissing his claims about her health. >> his latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. all i can say is, donald, dream on. >> reporter: calling trump's new campaign ceo steve bannon, the head of breitbart, a key player in the alt-right movement. >> a fringe element that has effectively taken over the republican party. >> reporter: underscoring her message with a new video
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at this point is really tree son to your heritage. >> reporter: even before clinton spoke trump insisting she is smearing her supporters. >> hillary clinton isn't just attacking me, she's attacking all of the decent people of all backgrounds, doesn't matter, of all backgrounds who support this incredible once in a lifetime movement. >> reporter: escalating his attack on the clinton foundation. >> hillary clinton's of a major criminal enterprise. >> reporter: asked whether his own $100,000 donation to the foundation constituted pay for play trump hedged. >> i didn't do it for that reason. there was nothing i had in mind, but i will say they liked me a lot. they liked me a lot. and if i make that contribution they probably have liked me at all. >> reporter: and in his cnn interview thursday night trump, again, seemed to suggest he might be flipping back to his
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suggesting no path for legalization for undocumented workers unless they first leave the country and then come back, causing more head spinning among his supporters and his critics. matt and savanna. >> we will get into that in just a second. we will sort it out with chuck todd and niccole wallace. good morning into good morning. >> the olympics glow still all around matt. >> it was so good. >> let's talk about this latest back and forth on the campaign trail over race. ch t calling her a bigot, you have her giving this huge speech which essentially makes the argument that he or his supporters are bigot. is this a good strategy on either side? >> it's not a good straty to be hurling these ep a taths at each other. when we thought three months ago this was going to be a race to the bottom this race a proving it, we are headed for a race to the bottom. there is some strategy behind this, right? donald trump at least the new
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there is a whole bunch of republicans not supporting us, if we can fix our problems with hispanics or african-americans or at least not sound so hateful maybe some of these white republican suburban night voters will come back to the fold. >> you agree that this pitch from donald trump to african-american -- >> that's right. >> it's not to win minority votes. >> this is about winning suburban votes in northern virginia and the suburbs of philadelphia, you in a i'm it. >> before these last couple days the big news out of the trump campaign was a possible willingness on his part to walk back one of his main policy promises on immigration where he said these 11 million people, immigrants living with this country illegally had to leave, the deportation force, all that. then he comes back and said only the ones that have committed crimes, others can pay back taxes. now last night it seems like he's back to square one. exactly what is donald trump's policy on immigration? >> i have no idea.
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cooper about the softening of his position and he answered it as though anderson was using a word that anderson thought of and he said it's not a softening it's some people call it a hardening, trump called it a softening in two down halls this week. i think we make a mistake of presuming there's policy behind his utterances. there isn't. when hillary clinton went to what all the republicans have done in the past on race, she cited george w. bush going to a mosque, she cited john mccain standing up to called president obama a muslim, i wish a republican had given that speech into there is an amazing thing that happened yesterday. hillary clinton called the republican nominee a racist and all these republicans decided to come and say, oh, my gosh, you -- not a word. no republicans outside the campaign said, how dare you, hillary clinton, call a republican nominee a racist. the sound of silence among mainstream republican elected officials yesterday is stunning. >> 73 days.
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bottom. we're looking up at the bottom. it's somewhere we have never been before and i think we've sort of entered this black box phase where the crash has happened and we're trying to figure out how we got here. i would caution republicans to not make this all about trump. he won because people picked him and republicans have to understand what the good parts were about his message and what they lacked that our voters picked him over 16 others. >> what i can't figure out is what this is going to do to tu the one last unknown. when you race to the bottom a lot of people are just going to say why bother and then that throws -- that scrambles the whole electoral map. >> chuck and niccole, we're thoroughly depressed. >> let's bring the olympics back. >> good to see you guys. >> come on. >> the public would love it, interest u.s. me. >> you would love it. also this morning there seems to be a lot of uncertainty swirling around that tropical system that could threaten
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al has been keeping a very close eye on that. mr. roker, good morning to you. >> you talk about politicians flip-flopping, our models have been flip-flopping as well. so here we have this system that is yet to develop, they've got a noah plane in there right now, invest 99-lment the chances of development have been dropping over the last 24 hours, now a 30% chance of development 48 hours, 60% in the next five days. watch this. so now on saturday both the u.s. model and european pretty straightforward, heavy rain, gusty winds in the bahamas, rain in southern florida. now watch what happens as we get into monday. the european model starts to come across florida, the american model starts going out into the gulf with that warmer water, 90 degrees, and now by the time we get to tuesday the european model is off the southeastern atlantic coast, 24 hours ago it was just the opposite, the american model is out in the gulf.
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do know that we're going to be looking at heavy rain in central and southern florida, at least 5 inches throughout southern florida, guys, but, again, this flip-flop is something we haven't seen in a long time and it's still out there and so we're going to really have to play very close attention to it. >> and we will. al, thank you very much. i want to talk now about a chaotic scene at an airport in omaha, nebraska. a man scaled a barbed wire fence, s it happened as passengers were one thought it was a bomb going off because there was a loud boom and then the lights went off. three people suffered minor injuries. the suspect was taken into custody. the fbi and ntsb are now investigating. we go to italy now where overnight the death toll from that powerful earthquake rose higher as this urgent search for survivors enters its third day. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is in the decimated
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bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this is still officially a mission to rescue survivors rather than to recover bodies. yes, as you say, the death toll is climbing steadily. . however, it could have been so much worse. this is an elementary school. if this had been full at the me of children could have been dead here. rescuers say staying alive under this is a long shot. on the ground, they call for silence. they listen for signs of life, they hear none, and they start again. this sister survived and can't believe it. other nuns died.
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i texted my friends to say good-bye forever, she says. the ground is still shaking. this aftershock bringing down buildings and triggering clouds of dust. another violent aftershock this morning. they are still pulling victims out. more than 36 hours since they last pulled a survivor like 10-year-old julia out of the rubble but no repeat. this 97-year-old man is homeless now. the whole town is homele men living in shacks. this man saved the lives of two children but heard others in the rubble he couldn't help. people are now living in tents and depending on food handouts. this is eir main camp. it can hold around 300 people. but there are thousands homeless here. there's anger too. investigators now probing why this school collapsed in spite of a million dollar spend to
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italy's most beautiful towns. some of its buildings have stood for 600 years. now it's a ruin. people returned briefly to salvage the few possessions they have left. francesco loft five friends. >> panic and cry and scared. i'm scared. >> reporter: the dust rising still like the death toll in this shaken town. this morning's aftershock rattled buildings and rattled nerves as well. some of the dead will be buried in a state funeral here tomorrow. at least a dozen foreign tourists are among the dead but no americans among the dead or the injured. savannah, matt? >> bill neely at the quake scene for us. thank you very much. also this morning, a disturbing crime is rocking a mississippi community and making headlines all around the world. the bodies of two nuns found inside their home. they had been stabbed to death.
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janet shamlian has the latest on the investigation. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this was a horrific crime. two women who devoted their lives to helping others brutally murdered in their own home in what's a small rural community that hasn't seen a murder in many years. police are searching for their killer. this morning a community in shock at the deaths of two nuns described as the kindest people on earth. merrill and sister margaret held. police found them brutally murdered in the home they shared in the small community of durant after a supervisor at their clinic reported the pair did not show up for work. the local archdiocese telling nbc news there was a sign of a break in and their blue corolla was missing. the car was found abandoned late last night, less than a mile
7:15 am
>> they came to mississippi to outreach to the poor using their medical services and expertise. i'm sure their faith is what got them through this tragedy, and it's going to get us through this tragedy of mourning them. >> reporter: sister margaret was from wisconsin. she was focused on eliminating racism and poverty in the region. >> this is one of the poorest counties in all of mississippi. >> we make a difre what that difference is. >> reporter: sister paula has been helping mississippi's less fortunate for more than 30 years. >> we see patients and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: two women driven to help others victims in their own home. police believe that it might be someone local because their car was taken, but it was found abandoned just a short distance away. this morning the clinic where the women worked is closed, allowing their co-workers time to grieve. matt, back to you.
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new anger being aimed at the makers of epipens with the company refusing to lower the price of that life saving medicine amid a fire storm over its soaring costs. nbc's kristen welker is in washington this morning with the latest. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the chorus of voices expressing outrage is growing louder from capitol hill and now to a big name in hollywood. the company's ceo is in the hot seat but even that's doing very with the firestorm building this morning over mylan raising the rice of its life-saving epipen, the ceo is answering tough questions on cnbc. >> no one is more frustrated than me. >> reporter: the pry skyrocketing over the past ten years from $90 to more than $600. >> the patient is paying twice. they are paying full retail
7:17 am
premiums on their insurance. >> reporter: after she and her company lobbied to make epipens widespread on planes and schools across the country is on defense about her own compensation jumping from $2.4 million she made eight years ago. >> you're making $18 million a year. you understand how that looks? >> look, i understand better than anyone that facts are inconvenient to headlines. >> reporter: with calls mounting for a congressional investigation, the controversy is virginia senator joe manchin, in an awkward position. on thursday manchin saying in a statement, i look forward to working with my colleagues to lower the price of prescription drugs and other lawmakers accuse the company of price gauging. >> i think one of the reasons mylan had the guts to prove this price up to rapidly is because they have a monopoly. >> reporter: now a big name in hollywood is weighing in. >> we learned about my son's peanut allergy when he was very, very young.
7:18 am
parker, whose son needed the product for his peanut allergy, promoted the use of epipens. thursday the actress cut ties, lashing out on instagram. i'm left disappointed, saddened, and deeply concerned by mylan's actions. it's just the latest drug company to come under fire for high drug costs. seven months ago, martin shkreli testified before congress after om of hiv and malaria medication 5,000%. >> it started last year and now with the epipen focus it's snowballed and every drug maker wants to avoid being in that position. >> mylan will offer a coupon and financial assistance but some lawmakers have dismissed that as a pr move. one tampa bay area company says it will sell epipens at cost with no markup. savannah? >> kristen welker in washington, thank you.
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>> we're looking at wet weather through the gulf coast and risk of strong storms in the central plains. record highs continue in the pacific northwest. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. your local forecast coming up in the next
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>> that's your latest weather. >> just ahead, ryan lochte now being summoned back to rio to face charges over that incident at the gas station. could he be behind bars? the connecticut man that lost his family in a brutal home invasion reveals his surprising new mission in life.
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still to come, the surprising new finding about the perks of ignoring your office
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? all right. 7:30 this friday morning. in just about one hour until dnce takes to our city concert stage and does that number live. our crowd started lining up last night, it has steadily gro just about an hour until we all are humming that song for the rest of the week. >> the ultimate ear worm. let's get a check of the rest of the headlines of the day. at a rally in nebraska hillary clinton launched into one of her sharpest attacks yet on donald trump criticizing his campaign for embracing prejudice and paranoia. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican
7:31 am
down on his accusation that clinton is a bigot thursday again claiming that she has done nothing for her minority supporters. after shocks are worsening the damage from that earthquake in italy causing even more buildings to crumble, overnight the death toll rose again, it now stands at nearly 270 people. and take a look at this frightening moment captured on surveillance video, a hit and run driver knocking a philadelphia police sergeant 15 feet into the officers eventually caught up with that driver and arrested him. the officer who was hit is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. in the meantime today marks the 30th anniversary of the one of the most notorious murder cases in u.s. history, it was called the preppy murder trial. 19-year-old robert chambers called his 18-year-old friend jennifer levin in central park in 1986.
7:32 am
lingers. >> jennifer was robbed from me. i think she had a great future. she would be 48 years old and most likely i would have had grandchildren to adore from her. children that she would adore. >> it became one of the first so-called blame the victim cases. we will have a closer look at that case and some other high profile murders all next week on a special series where are they now? true crime. we will start this half hour with a incident at the olympics involving ryan lochte. brazilian police summoning the 12 time olympic medalist back to rio to face a judge for filing a false police report. craig melvin is here with the latest on it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after a very rough week for the swimming superstar ryan lochte now facing charges in brazil. this as he hopes to mount a come back in the world of public opinion. this morning more fallout for
7:33 am
officials there want him to respond to the criminal case in a brazilian court. >> given what we know about this case and the inquiry thus far brazil's new request is bizarre to say the least. >> reporter: brazilian police have charged lochte with filing a false police report. a forming document is expected to be sent to the united states asking the u.s. judicial system for cooperation in su 12-time olympic medalist, something legal analysts say isn't likely to happen. if the olympian does not appear the process will continue without him until the final sentence. >> it was because of the cover up, the international attention, and brazil's stated desire to get to the bottom of this that it has become such a legal and now international is that few. >> reporter: originally lochte told our billy bush he had been robbed at gun point. >> pulled out his gun, he cocked
7:34 am
>> reporter: in an interview with matt almost a week after the incident lochte apologized, saying he was drinking the night he admits he rand liesed a sign at a rio gas station. >> i was very intoxicated, i have no idea idea. i mean, it was immature and childish. >> reporter: despite his changing stories lochte is trying to rebound from a world of problems. >> i am speedo fit. >> reporter: this week four sponsors including speedo and ralph lauren dropped public image. preparing to join the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars" and picking up a new sponsor, pine brothers cough drops, the company signing him thursday to an endorsement deal for a line of throat drops that will be, quote, forgiving on your throat, the company's ceo saying, quote, we all make mistakes, but they are rarely given front page scrutiny. he is a great guy who has done incredible work with charities.
7:35 am
fans will support our decision to give ryan a second chance. nbc news has reached out to lochte and his representatives a number of times, they have not provided a comment about the criminal charges from the brazilian government. lochte also facing possible disciplinary action from the united states olympic committee. and the story continues. >> we'll see what happens. >> craig, thank you. let's get another check of the forecast from mr. roker. >> guys, we're looking at a lot of wet weather down through the gulf. this is really of a tropical system pushing on in. this is just what's -- there's a weak area of low pressure in there. we're keeping an eye on that. we are looking for anywhere from 4 to 5 inches of rain in southern texas and we've got summer heat in the east cooling to start in the plains but then it warms up. record highs in the pacific northwest. look at these temperatures. mid 80s to mid 90s throughout the northeast in through the midwest. you can see temperatures starting to warm up from bismarck, kansas city, on into
7:36 am
setting temperatures out there as well. that's wha >> check out your important weekend forecast on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al. thank you very much. still to come, we're along for the ride as the woman who was paralyzed just weeks before her wedding now soars to new heights. coming up next, the man who lost his family in that horrifying home invasion opens
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we're back now. we're back now at 7:41. we have a "today" exclusive. voters in central connecticut this fall will see a new name on the ballot. dr. william ketig. he was thrust into the spotlight when he was the sole survivor of a home invasion that left his wife and daughters >> he announced a run for the state house of representatives in connecticut but first he's opening up to senior legal investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden. good morning. >> good morning. well, dr. petit lost his family in a brutal way. the two men were sentenced to death and then connecticut voted to eliminate the death penalty entirely. he was an outspoken critic of the change and now he's a
7:42 am
to run for office? >> yes. you know, it's a commitment. >> dr. william petit is hoping to represent his neighbors in plainville, connecticut, in the state's house of representatives. for the last nine years he's been an outspoken supporter of the death penalty. but he says he stands for so much more. you have gone through a very public tragedy. how has that influenced your thinking about running for of know? some people still stop and say i know where you stand. you're for the death penalty and i say, well, you know, i'm not really running on the death penalty. so what's important to people is their quality of life. the economy. their jobs. their children's futures. >> he was a happily married doctor, faurt of two until that night in july of 2007 when his wife jennifer and 11-year-old daughter were followed home from
7:43 am
dr. petit was beat within a baseball bat and left for dead. his wife was raped and strangled. michaela and her 17-year-old sister were attacked and tied up. they died when the men set fire to the family's home. you know, your views about the death penalty have been controversial to some people. some say the best thing is forgiveness. to say -- how do you feel with never forgive evil and that's what it's about. that's what the death penalty is about, is erasing evil. >> how do you get rid of the guilt, the survivor's guilt that has to go along with something like this? >> well, i don't think you do. i don't think you do. i think it's just -- it's packaged up and compartmentalized a little bit. it's stored on like the top
7:44 am
out and you open uphe box and you have a terrible night or a terrible couple of hours or a terrible weekend or whatever the case may be. then you come to grips and you talk to your wife and you talk to your son and your family and your friends and wrap it up in the closet. it will probably never be gone. >> he felt a purpose in helping others. friends launched the petit family foundation after the murders. >> it was a difficult time, president and i basically be in bed the entire day, come to the meeting and, you know, go back to bed. >> the foundation has given away more than $2 million to charities in memory of jennifer, haley and michaela and petit got help for the ptsd from which he still suffers. how does it manifest? >> i think it's mostly -- mostly
7:45 am
with loss people talk about closure. there's no closure. >> but there are new begins. dr. petit met christine when she volunteered at the foundation. they have been married four years and their son turns 3 in november. so this journey you have gone on with this man, it must have -- it must have the ups and downs like most marriages, right? >> maybe higher ups and higher downs. more challenging at times. >> how do you think about it? is it a new life? is i - about your wife christine and little billy? >> you know, it's new, it's additional. it's different because you never forget what you had. people say how do you go forward? you know, your choice is to sort of stay in bed and do nothing or die or go forward. >> he has chosen to go forward. a really impressive man.
7:46 am
battle in the election. his opponent, the incumbent has not lost an election in 22 years. >> to see somebody go forward. >> and be honest about what he faces. >> 100%. it was really moving to be with him. >> cynthia, good to see you. coming up next, we'll shift gears and go over to the orange room. tamron has the controversial ad campaign that's taking the photoshop to a whole new level. 'l
7:47 am
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?? there are 16 fresh-picked oranges squeezed into each bottle of tropicana pure premium. and absolutely no space for added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning. tamron is over in the orange room. carson is on the west coast. good morning. >> take a look at this. this photo is causing quite a controversy online.
7:51 am
interest in the games. instead of using actual paraolympians, it contains images of those altered to look like paralympic athletes. >> this is no end "vogue" said in a statement that they did not create the ad. they just chose to publish it and it turns out the image has the full support from the paralympic officials committee. athletes have been supportive as well. two olympians were at the photo shoot helping in the creation process.
7:52 am
that i'm proud to be part of this campaign and that the magazine "vogue" began to publish the first pictures of this beautiful work. the paralympics kick off in rio september 7th. >> in the paralympians were there, why didn't they use them in the ad? >> i don't know. they support the decision. i don't have the answer to the other part of the story. initial reaction when you see they use able bodied people who are in the games. >> maybe a good reminder to all of us that when you have a knee-jerk reaction sometimes there's more complexity. it's interesting. >> thank you. coming up, what a week it's been for our pal, chare.
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." reaching new heights. the courageous woman who came to be known as the paralyzed bride proving once again that nothing can hold her back. >> what's going through your mind >> i'm excited to go. >> as we check in on her mid air adventure. plus, it's a dog's life. our new puppy with a purpose bounded into our hearts on monday. >> he's adorable. >> he's been entertaining our guests ever since. we'll look back at charlie's whirlwind first week on "today." ??
8:01 am
the pop superstars take over our plaza as they get set to get our crowd moving, "today," friday, august 26th, 2016. >> i love dnce! >> dnce on "today." >> we it 8:00 on "today." it's friday, august 26th. it's dnce day. we're so excited to have them here. our crowd is totally fired up. by the way, i should mention a week from today we have another great guest. alicia keys who is also the newest judge on "the voice." >> that's going to be great.
8:02 am
first, let's take a look at the news at 8:00. >> we begin with a devastating earthquake in central italy. i'm bill neely here in amatrice. the worst hit town where the search for survivors is now in its third day and it's desperate because the death toll is rising steadily. it could have been so much worse. this is an elementary school. if this had been full when the children could have died here. in the rubble it's a race against time as hope fades of finding survivors. rescuers say staying alive under all this is a long shot. on the ground, they call for silence. they listen for signs of life. they hear none. this sister survived and can't
8:03 am
i texted my friends to say good-bye forever, she says. the ground is still shaking. this aftershock bringing down buildings and triggering clouds of dust. another violent aftershock this morning. they are still pulling victims out. the whole town is homeless. people are now living in tents and depending on food handouts. this is their main camp. it c h but there are thousands homeless here. there's anger too. investigators now probing why this school collapsed in spite of a million dollar spend to make it earthquake proof. the dust rising still like the death toll in this shaken town. this morning's aftershocks rattled buildings and they rattled nerves here. there will be a state funeral tomorrow for some of the dead. many foreign tourists were among
8:04 am
matt, savannah? >> bill neely thank you. we move to the presidential race. donald trump and hillary clinton escalating their personal attacks over racism. last night trump repeated his accusation that clinton is a bigot. he said she's not doing anything for african-americans and hispanic in the inner city neighborhoods where she frequently makes appearances. for her part, clinton accused trump of taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe party. that's quote. her campaign released a new video that featured forms ku klux klan david duke praising trump. police are investigating a crime that stunned a community. the murder of two catholic nuns. sister margaret held and sister paula merrill were nurse practitioners that provided health care to poor families. there were signs of a break in and their car was stolen
8:05 am
night about a mile from that home. police say the victims had apparently been stabbed. they aren't saying anything about a possible suspect or motive. a small plane crashed nose first into a house in terre haute, indiana, last night. nobody was home at the time. officials say the plane circled a nearby airport several times before clipping a tree and crashing. investigators from the faa and a today. we'll take a break. when we come back, how far would you go to get a great picture? our hearts are in our throats as we watch this unicyclist performing stunts 100 feet in the air. >> we'll check in with charlie and the progress he's made during his first five days in studio 1a. >> we'll head outside for a live
8:06 am
? ? ?
8:07 am
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hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant?
8:10 am
we are back now 8:10 with a "today" exclusive. an update of a remarkable woman whose story we've been following for six years now. >> rachel chapman was paralyzed in an unusual accident during 2010. ever since she's proved that nothing can hold her back. as janet shamlian explains, that was true in her latest endeavor. >> reporter: for most people just thinking about skydiving takes guts. for rachel chapman jumping out of a plane is a profile in courage. why in the world did you want to do this? >> i've wanted to do this since i was a teenager.
8:11 am
going to stop me. >> the wheelchair has been part of her life since her life was forever changed. another year before she and chris would finally be able to tie the knot. by then, known as paralyzed bride. a term she's embraced amid all kinds of new challenges. most fulfilling, she says, the couple's daughter, kaly. born with the help of a surrogate last year. you're your daughter is almost 16 months. >> she is adapted to me being a mom in a wheelchair. it's fun to see her learn new things. >> on this day it's rachel learning something new. the plan, a tandem jump with mike elliott who leaves the all veteran parachute team. what's going through your mind right now? >> i'm ready to go.
8:12 am
>> with chris and kaly watching, the team will make the leap from 14,000 feet. >> i'm more nervous than when i was on the ground. >> finally out the door and into unbridled freedom. she flies. for a few moments an exceptional view was possible. what was it like? >> scariest part was getting out of the plane. you have no control over that. >> for rachel chapman another barrier conquered as she soars to new heights. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, north carolina. >> that was crazy. >> crazy amazing. so impressive.
8:13 am
we'll begin with a study. we love science here. this one is about men. here we go. no commentary at all. scientists discovered that balding does reduce the perception of attractiveness. researchers at johns hopkins university -- i did not call for the split screen. here we go. researchers found that shall we say folicly challenged men were rated as more youthful, successful and approachable te transplant. >> that's ridiculous. would you ever consider getting a hair transplant? >> not for a moment. by the way, dwayne johnson not sexy? >> michael jordan. come on. >> i'm not saying this to butter you up because you know me i always look for a reason to not do that, i think you both look great if not better than you ever looked before. >> also, we could grow hair any
8:14 am
>> look at you guys. it's how you own it. >> matching outfits today. >> we talk about it all the time, best things we did was shaving our heads. do you have a dress code at work? if you do, you may want to bend the rules a little bit. you may be more successful either dressing above the dress code or below it. an article in new york magazine says there's an advantage to dressing professionally but you are more dressed up than your peers in the office. experts found that workers who intentionally dress either above the dress code, more dressy, or below it, more casual, appear more competent. the takeaway is you seem to be more competent if you stand out. >> monday i'm coming in a tux. >> i'm coming in a swimsuit. >> ignore the dress code. go above it or below it. >> i think that applies to a party. if you're going to a garden
8:15 am
do. i think you either dress really casual or go in a full flowing floral number so you stand out. >> the dress code should not turn you into sheep that everyone is following the same jacket, same tie, same shirt. >> you have seen guys in the same plaid shirts. not like yours, mr. roker. as i said plaid shirt, wait a a video sure to get your heart pumping this morning. as if unicycle is not hard enough, how about doing it around the edge of a chimney at 840 feet. this is a dare devil. he's in romania. captured this on video. >> my gosh. >> look at this. the balance beam. a few other tricks up his sleeve. just for the sheer joy of it.
8:16 am
showing off. >> that's nuts. you know who is a big unicyclist? our producer and my wife unicycles. >> do you ride your bike around? >> sometimes i'm too tired. >> al, we set you up for it. >> tamron, pop start. i don't know how to follow that joke. barbra streisand took to the stage last night for a duet with donald trump. no. it's donald trump played by jimmy fallon. they promised to make duets great again. here it is. ? any wall you can build i can build taller.
8:17 am
? no you can't ? ? i'm going to get mexico to pay for it ? >> great time there with jimmy. and now to ryan reynolds. we know the actor is hilarious on twitter. yesterday was a special day. he shared a heartfelt message that went viral. tweeted just want to wish billy ray cyrus the most special, magical birthday ever. i love you with also, happy birthday to my wife. happy belated birthday to blake lively and billy ray cyrus. britney spears released her album "glory" and she brought back greatest hits doing carpool karaoke. some things that we learned. she wants three more kids.
8:18 am
back a blast from the past in style. ? oh, baby, baby ? ? how was i supposed to know ? ? that something wasn't right, yeah ?? ? give me a sign. hit me, baby, one more time ?? >> okay. i know you were looking at the pony tails on james but he has a half shirt on. >> i >> look at the tummy. >> i'm glad you pointed it out. >> for more pop start stories head on over to "today's" facebook page. >> he is the best, right? >> let's get a check of the weather. >> okey-dokey, we've been talking about this tropical disturbance and over the next couple of days it doesn't really have that much of a chance, the chances actually keep dropping, down now to 20% but in the next
8:19 am
model, the european model basically keep it through tomorrow coming across the bahamas bringing a lot of wind and rain, rain to southern florida. then the european model brings it across florida, the u.s. model brings it out into the warm waters of the gulf where it could become more of a tropical entity and really cause problems for parts of louisiana and the gulf, whereas the european model brings it along the southeast atlantic coast.
8:20 am
>> announcer: "today's" puppy with a purpose is created with our sponsor, pets mart. today marks the end of our first week with this little guy right here, charlie, in studio 1a, it's safe to say we are completely inn fat waited. >> we are in love with this little guy, in five short days he has gotten a new name, a new home and, yes, a lot of friends. ? let's have a drum roll, please. >> hi, buddy. >> hi, sweetie. welcome. he is adorable. >> he is so cute. >> the nice folks at pets mart, a $25,000 donation. >> what our puppy with a purpose
8:21 am
>> the puppy's name is charlie. >> charlie, let's go see your new home. >> there it is, it's all yours. >> now we have a name, what about a uniform. >> this is our little boy's vest to start out on his big job. >> our new puppy charlie is here with all of his siblings. >> look who we have here, wrangler. >> did you miss us at all? >> i don't think so. >> we have bona fide olympic champs, we have a puppy. >> no. you can't have our dog. >> country queen dolly par ton in studio 1a. she's with charlie. >> jessica alba. >> i'm stealing this dog. ? ?
8:22 am
pop charlie's puppy razor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how would you characterize week one with charlie. >> he has had such an awesome week, he's acclimating to the city and getting used to everything that is involved with being on tv. we're doing that by associating it with lots of snuggling and playing and treats and toys because the more comfortable he is the better he is going to work in the future. >> we all fight over him all day long, we want to hold him and so do all the celebrities that come by the studio. >> yes. >> is that good for him to have with people he has never met before? >> absolutely. so socializing is such an important part of being a future service dog for a veteran because, like i said, the more comfortable he is the better he's going to do in the future. >> nd at different environments are good for him at all. >> he's taking in all sorts of sounds and sights and things outside the studio like the crowds of people on the plaza. it's amazing for him to have this foundation. >> the hardest part for us has
8:23 am
working because our our instinct is to run over and cuddle and then we look over and go -- >> right. right now he is just getting used to wearing the vest he doesn't have that total association but in the future he will understand what his little job is. >> what are his next few weeks like? >> as a vet dog he is going to have a lot of different service dog tasks like retrieving and opening doors, turning on and off lights, but right now we are in no major rush to push him. so he's going to beea things like that. very light and fun. >> how is your first week? how do you like these hours? >> this is amazing. i have met so many incredible people and everyone has been so welcoming and encouraencouragin. thank you. >> by the way you can learn more about america's vet dogs at and find out the awesome purpose for our puppies. >> let's go outside to tamron. . >> let's go outside for tamron.
8:24 am
waiting for is almost here. dnce is getting ready to perform live on the plaza. these ladies are the biggest fans of the band. i admitted to them earlier that i have to admit i don't know everything about the band so help me out here. what does dnce stand for? >> it was supposed to be -- >> i got you. >> what's so funny? >> my gosh. >> why are you r >> they thought they were here to help me out. meanwhile, they got to meet the band and guess what?
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on a friday morning. great crowd out here for a live performance from dnce on our citi concert stage. >> also coming up, w talking about the roker burger at shake shack all week long. al is going to fix us up some of those burgers. >> folks have been tweeting that there isn't a shake shack near them so how can they get a roker burger? we'll show you how to make your own. >> a programming note, this sunday night natalie is hosting a documentary special robin williams behind closed doors. it's a complete look at the legacy of the genius. two-hour special takes us from
8:31 am
breakout role on "mork and mindy" while uncovering troubling times in his life. >> it's interviews of people that knew him professionally and personally. robin williams behind closed doors airs sunday night on real. >> what a genius. let's take a look and show you our weekend outlook. warm temperatures in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. wet through the gulf coast. the heat breaks in the p sunday, look for more rain upstate new york, northern new england, hot and humid in the mid-atlantic states. flooding rains possible. dry and hot through the plains. sunny skies in the southwest. we do have wet weather from
8:32 am
now to our special series "today's original." it's created with folks at shake shack. $1 donated for every burger sold. if you can't make it to the shake shack or there isn't one in your area, we'll show you how to make a roker burger at home. we have senior vice president of operations. zach, good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> there's a lot that goes into this besides the burger. let's get started. first of all, as far as the burger is concerned, how do we
8:33 am
probably best to start with our mayo. >> everybody commented about the mayo. >> a take on southern red eye gravy. we've done it here. you helped us dream up this delicious burger. let's dream up mayo. we'll start by adding so the brewed espresso. the roasted notes will pick up on smoke of the barbecue and then you're adding maple syrup here that will pick up on the sweetness fromhe vinegar in there. a little pinch of salt and pepper and whisk that up. you do that very well. >> thank you. >> it's the best. so then next thing we want to do is take our potato rolls here. that's the best way to eat a burger. we'll take melted butter. we want to get that nice on each side there. what you'll do is take melted butter and put it on your medium griddle here. get that toasted where it's
8:34 am
you want high heat. >> high heat with any burger start with great meat. we'll take our nice patty here. we smash our burgers like this. >> chefs say don't do that because it pushes out juices. >> i don't know what chefs say that. >> i have heard. >> you want to smash and let that go a minute and a half. burgers are like pancakes. when you see juices coming up through the middle l when you're going to flip it. these are flipped already here. you were smart when you helped us create this. we'll put two slices of cheese. >> i like a lot of cheese. >> a lot of flavors going on. we need that extra component of cheese. let's just make this. you have your toasted bun. we have you set up with a patty. we'll take this. i'll make this. we have our barbecue pulled pork. you helped us with that. so amazing.
8:35 am
you get first. let's get pulled pork on there. you like it, too. go heavy. >> go heavy or go home. >> so we've had so much fun with you this week. we thank you so much. fans are loving it. >> no k >> no kid hungry is such a great organization to help fight childhood hunger. three dill pickles goes on here. >> that's what fans like. >> fourth. throw another one in there. >> boom. >> this is brilliant. >> you got your shakes. >> i'm happy. >> savannah was upset earlier in the week. >> we brought extras. >> nice job. it's delicious. >> we posted the recipe online on our website, big news about the roker burger. if you were not able to get to shake shack this week, they'll now be able through the weekend
8:36 am
supporting no kid hungry. how's it been doing? >> we've sold thousands of them. you have to feel good because just another bit of help to get kids fed ending childhood hunger in america. >> thank you to the team at shake shack. >> thank you so much. >> eat a couple of them because you can always go out and dnce them off. >> we should do that. >> that's what we're about to do. concert time on the plaza after first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet
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bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> dnce has taken the world by storm with its infectious music. the group formed one year ago. first, a look at their whirlwind year. it's one of the catchiest songs
8:39 am
and for dnce led by front man joe jonas, "cake by the ocean" has brought the sweet song of success. the song certified double platinum. ?? their follow-up single "toothbrush" just as popular with 40 million views on youtube and counting. i write catchy songs but joe jonas says the mission is to celebrate wild, weird and quirky. >> they spent the summer on a world tour putting the finishing touches on their debut full length album. get ready to dnce as the band takes to our summer concert stage. by the way, if you're at home, you can get virtual reality experience.
8:40 am
go to to join in and now without further ado, dnce, take it away. ?? ? see you walking around like it's a funeral ? ? not so serious, girl, why those feet cold ? you tiptoe ? ? waste time like a masterpiece don't waste time with masterpiece ? ? you should be rolling with me you should be rolling with me ? ? you're a real life fantasy ? ? but you're moving so carefully let's start living dangerously ? ? talk to me baby ? ? i'm going blind from this sweet, sweet craving ?
8:41 am
crazy ? ? let's lose our minds and go crazy ? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ? ? see you licking frosting from your own hands ? ? i want another taste i'm begging yes, ma'am ? ? i am tired of all this candy on the dry land, dry land ? ? waste time with a masterpiece don't waste time with a masterpiece ? ? you should be rolling with me ? ? you should be rolling with me ? ? you're a real life fantasy ? ? you're a real life fantasy ?
8:42 am
? talk to me baby ? ? i'm going blind from this sweet craving ? ? let's lose our minds and go crazy ? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ? ? walk for me baby ? ? i'll be diddy you'll be naomi ? ? let's lose our minds ? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake be ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ? talk to me baby ? ? i'm going blind from this sweet, sweet craving ? ? let's lose our minds and go crazy ? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ? ? i'll be diddy, you'll be naomi ? ? go crazy, crazy ?
8:43 am
by the ocean ? ?? ? i keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean ?? ??
8:44 am
>> dnce. we are just getting started with this dance party. more music just ahead.
8:46 am
>> we are so excited to stage this morning. >> first full length album is on the way. dnce is joe jonas, jack lawless, cole little, good to have you here. can we start by saying thank you for doing the radio version of that last song. we appreciate that. >> i don't know what you're talking about. we know you're very sensitive, matt. >> let's get lingo out of the
8:47 am
the truth is we misspelled dance and we liked it and kept it. >> i thought it meant do not crush eggs or something like that. >> she figured it out. >> cake by the ocean means? >> mystery solved again. for us it's just a party anthem. a fun song. misunderstanding of sex on the beach, the drink, the cocktail. we thought that was bizarre so we put it into a song. >> you've beenyi other for a lot longer than that, right? >> joe has known jack and ginger for over ten years and played countless time. i fell out of a space ship and landed in joe's lap. >> are you surprised at how the song took off? >> we had no expectations of what "cake by the ocean" would do.
8:48 am
in front of these people and have them sing it back up. >> best new artist nomination. is this exceeding all expectations? >> we're happy to be nominated amongst incredible other artists. >> you guys are great. i know you have been traveling from london here and then the vmas and back all over the place. what are you going to sing next? >> i think we're going to sing a song all. >> ladies and gentlemen, dnce. ?? ? maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush ? ? at my place at my place ? ? we don't need to keep it hush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush
8:49 am
? half hypnotized ? ? each time i let you stay the night stay the night ? ? up in the morning tangled in sheets ? ? we play the moment on repeat on repeat ? ? when you're standing there in your underwear and my t-shirt from the night before ? ? with your messed up hair and your feet still bare would you mind closing the ? maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ? ? we don't need to keep it hush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ? ? i just, i just can't let you go ? ? give me something i've never known ?
8:50 am
? at my place at my place ? ? no need to question next time we meet ? ? i know you're coming home with me, home with me ? ? sweat like a sauna ? ? break out the ice ? ? i know you're going stay the night stay the night ? ? when you're standing there in your de from the night before ? ? with your messed up hair and your feet still bare ? ? would you mind closing the bedroom door ? ? maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ? ? we don't need to keep it hush you could leave a toothbrush ?
8:51 am
? i just, i just can't can't let you go ? ? you give me something i've never known ? ? so maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ? ? cause i don't want this to end ? ? and there's no need to play ? would you mind closing the bedroom door ? ? maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you can leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ? ? we don't need to keep it hush you could leave a toothbrush ? ? at my place at my place ?
8:52 am
go ? ? give me something i've never known ? ? so maybe you don't have to rush ? ? you could leave a toothbrush at my place at my place ?? >> hear more from dnce and all our summer concert artists at more music ahead from dnce on a friday morning.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> all right. that was a special time of day for birthdays. >> time to find out who is celebrating milestones. let's bickford. she played tennis until she was 90. way to go, ann. mr. benny langworth. he's been the locker room attendant at the golf and tennis club for 30 years. happy 100th birthday to barbara
8:55 am
teaches a watercolor class every winter and went barbara is not doing that, she loves watching her grandson, collin. that's right. "saturday night live." all righty. dr. annie beard of richmond, texas. also 100 years old. she loves to read, sing, and spend time with her family and and anna laforge. and 75 years for jack and vera jones from michigan. they say the secret to a long and happy marriage is to never go to bed mad. if you know someone turning 100 or celebrating 35 years of marriage or more, head to and include a photo. >> we can do celebrate with all
8:56 am
that a pop group is very excited about dental hygiene. i think that's great. it's fantastic. >> and cake. >> we'll have more music from dnce. we will get to talk to them some more. first, a check of your local
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this morning on "today's take," dnce and joe jonas bring the sweet taste of cake by the ocean to our plaza. which one of these stars is the highest paid actor and al is in the kitchen with his ac >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this friday morning, august 26th, 2016. billy along with al and tamron and we have heard your feedback
9:01 am
budget so we did the next best thing. >> we did what we could. >> we made us bigger. this is the same size desk. we just got bigger. >> good luck with your man spread. >> i'm cramped. >> you should feel these thighs. here's what i'm upset about. our managers, okay, our executive producers, you lied. you lied. you lied to tamron. you lied to me. you lied to billy. and i just can't anymore. this is ridiculous. oh gosh.
9:02 am
l -- >> a design contest. what great idea. does it always have to be this shape? it could be something else. tamron and i went on a ropes course adventure park. an adventure on long island. [ screaming ] >> first clip we show is of screaming. >> wow. >> unbelievable. look at her. she was our leader. she went first. ladies first. every single thing we did. stuck that landing. >> why did i go first, billy bush? >> ladies first. >> that's not why. >> first and foremost i'm a gentleman. i have a terrible fear of
9:03 am
of have to. >> oh. >> this is not how it's supposed to work by the way. this is a licensed facility. kids as young as seven all of the way up to adults go out here. they have seven locations. >> you're like george of the jungle hitting trees. >> look at that man spread. >> it's ridiculous. we won't show you everything. therere no brakes. >> once i've been on you can brake. >> a glove with your bare hand. we won't show you everything. there is a moment that it really boiled down to who we are as human beings. we were there together like holding hands surrounded by 10 year olds heckling us. they like "lord of the flies." all of these children -- one
9:04 am
yelling at us. >> he gave me this. i said i know where you live, kid. >> they were challenging us basically to go on different courses. >> you didn't see what they were talking about you guys on twitter then? >> thank you, al. we were standing there together and i said to tamron in a moment -- >> we were 40 feet up high reflecting on life and things that are important. >> today, tamron. >> i said did you? >> deactivated my account. i'm afraid it's become troll land. it's so negative. majority negative. maybe that's just me. it's majority negative. >> my twitter feed is pleasant. >> you said i'm out too. >> i said i'm out too. i'm thinking about it.
9:05 am
>> are you hedging now? >> i'm not hedging. >> have you deactivated yours? >> not yet. >> what about instagram? >> i don't have the issue on instagram. you post a picture of baby. >> everybody go to instagram. >> there's still no comment section on snapchat. instagram video no comment section. instagram you post a picture of a baby. that's cute. twitter, what's wrong with >> you know where they are vicious? pinterest? they'll come after you. >> i love pinterest. you have gotten into a few twitter -- >> i enjoy it. it's a little sport. >> occasionally you have to respond. it's so hard not to. but you know what? as michelle obama said, they go low, you go high. so i like to use humor to -- >> here's a compromise.
9:06 am
verified remarks. so if it's an unanimous troll or whatever, they're not verified so on your twitter account, i sound like the -- you know you can do this. look at people who have verified that they are real people. >> that's an interesting thing. i may have to look into that. >> how about your daughter? she's real. >> this is a picture i want to post on this television screen. today is my oldest daughter's 18th birthday. she's turning 18. looks like her mama. >> exactly. >> they could be sisters. >> she's she's 18. i told her that you can get lottery tickets now. you can serve in the military. >> let me ask a question. i'm 18 now. >> yeah. >> leila, that's all she's been talking about. coming up in november, i'm going
9:07 am
>> and she's going to vote. she asked me, dad, who should i vote for? i said it's a longer discussion. >> it is an independence -- especially for a young woman. 18, dad. >> i understand. >> serious note, she's had a big year. a tough year in many ways. i'm not going to get emotional, but i'm really proud of this girl. she's special. >> happy birthday. >> you know what, aretha franklin is a fan of the show. she loves us. i want to send queen. she's getting ready to undergo some treatment. she had to cancel a series of concerts and hopefully she'll be on the mend soon. she sends her love about the roker burger of course. we want to give love to my queen this morning. >> she'll have her purse with her. >> one day i'll tell you my aretha franklin purse story. >> we have action this sunday. vmas coming up here. tmz reporting that kanye west
9:08 am
whatever he wants. he can perform. he can forego the performance. >> he can juggle. do whatever. >> producers have no idea what he's going to do. is this a good idea? >> i love it. i absolutely am tired of orchestrated award shows. you know what's going to happen. it's all preplanned and leaked. i want kanye to go kan crazy on stage. >> presidential ambitions in an >> i need energy from these shows. >> i have said before, i think the man is a musical genius. i really do. i think he's a very talented man. and who knows? maybe he'll use this time for good. and not make it all about kanye. i think there is in this very core he wants to do good and he wants to effect change. >> i'll tell you this quickly.
9:09 am
york for three days i could not go in and out of my home because it's pop-up shop. t-shirts selling outside all night. kids from all backgrounds, all races, he has a fan base. i kind of appreciated that. i thought all kinds of kids, all backgrounds. ithought, okay, he's bringing them in from all necks of the wood. i like that. >> bill simmons s genius. the problem is he knows it. i think that's interesting. taylor swift presented -- remember they brought them together after the huge dust up in 2009 is when they had the dust up and grabbed the microphone. beyonce deserved it. they brought them together last year because kanye got the award and she presented it and then things have fallen out over "famous."
9:10 am
she never was nominated. she always is. she's not going to be there. >> who is going to get vanguard award? >> rihanna. >> love her. >> coming up, who is hollywood's highest paid actor? do you think it's jackie chen? leo decaprio? tom cruise? and jn on the plaza. huge weekend olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation ?without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless.
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nearest you. clean food. words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be. with no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and no colors from artificial sources. we think clean food tastes better, feels better, does better. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. every bite will be food as it should be. back now with more of "today's take." earlier this week we talked about highest paid actresses. jennifer lawrence. and now the boys, we count them down from the top four. let's see. who is fourth. >> tom cruise. $53 million.
9:14 am
plane? he should be number one. he was outside of a plane without a stunt devil. >> how about "jason bourne"? >> they brought him back. they did one with jeremy who was great. he was great. damon held out. >> are they good? >> we'll have to do a weekend. >> next on the list -- >> this speaks that was hurtful. >> can i clarify? >> no, it's okay. >> i want to clarify. i would stay with y'all if we watched "steel magnolias" and movies -- >> a weekend of movies you like and -- >> this is what speaks to the power of the foreign box office. number two, mr. jackie chan.
9:15 am
>> it says i'm rich. >> and number one i think you know. >> he earned it. >> the rock, baby. >> "the rock" dwayne johnson. this is a lot of "fast and furious" money. every movie he goes into explodes. >> you were on the set for that movie? >> no. i did "ride along 2" with kevin hart and ice cube. >> can we put a picture of the rock back up? we did a story earlier in the hour that men without hair are less attractive. who did that stupid study?
9:16 am
pointed out. >> true story. dwayne johnson has the most beautiful piece of any human being and the best gums. >> how close did you get in there? >> i remember that he was talking and my eyes just kept going into his mouth. >> wow. >> i've been in your oe the day with flo rider and i couldn't get over his teeth. they're gorgeous. al, we need to go no further than the beautiful man sitting right here. >> now, up until recently, samuel l. jackson was the highest grossing actor of all-time. but because of the latest "star wars," harrison ford has now edged him out.
9:17 am
movies that all add up. sam jackson was up until -- >> i just want to say swear words. >> when i think of sam i think of telling donald trump that he cheats at golf. we were talking vmas earlier. britney spears performing. she's got her album coming out. we have to pay this off. earlier this the week we played the trailer f >> we didn't know if she was singing or not. i believe she sings every time she opens her mouth. >> wow. you do? ? i shouldn't have let you go ? ? show me how you want me to be ? ? tell me baby because i need to
9:18 am
killing me ? ? and i must confess i still believe ? >> i can't do it. >> girlfriend was singing. >> she brought it. case closed. >> one of the biggest man crushes on james corden >> fight me for it. >> when i saw him on broadway was just brilliant. >> he's adorable. >> it was brilliant. to see what he's done, i'm in love with this man. >> he's become all of our best friends in our heads. he's the guy you want to hang out with. >> he was body shamed when he was in school we found out yesterday. now he's embraced it. >> he got the last laugh on the bullies.
9:19 am
watching him on tv. >> not the last time we talk about to lochte. he's going with "dancing with the stars." it's a report that i think he is. he's been summoned back to rio. officials there are charging him with filing a false police report. he will not have to return. they won't get lochte back there. >> this is why i said he needed to take a break and "dancing with the stars." i'm not saying he shouldn't be forgiven. i'm about redemption and forgiveness. you need a break sometimes. i feel like -- i got my political show mixed in. you can forgive people. i sound like you. i've taken on your voice.
9:20 am
billy regis. i think he needs a break from tv and just chill out for a while. he's got a girlfriend. hang out with her. kick it in florida. >> it's not as bad as you think. four sponsors dropped out. he lost speedo and the mattress company but he picked up pine brothers throat lozenges. they have a statement that says forgiving on your throat. they're going with a forgiving >> forgive me if i interrupt, i have to get to weather. let's show you what's going on. here we go. >> that means stop talking. >> investigation area 99-l. over the next five days, 60% chance and you'll see that the models actually veer. they've almost flip flopped where u.s. model puts it into the gulf. european model over the
9:21 am
florida and possibly the >> and that is your latest weather. up next, hacks to ?"all you need is love" plays ? my eyelove is finding a different angle. my eyelove is season 1, episode 1. my eyelove is making a story come alive.
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9:25 am
almost like a brand new sweater. >> i love that idea. >> you can use a lint roller for that as well. >> we come in from fall. >> our boots. we put them in storage but don't cake care of them. two parts cold water and vinegar. give them a spray. wipe it down. once it dries, use a damp cloth. >> great tips. an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. we'll bring you more as soon as new updates come in. mom came back from a grocery run. hi , i'm stuck in an elevator with a cow. a what ? we have a situation. everything alright in there ? witnesses say this is where it all started, okay guys. we're comimg in now. copy that. all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon , natural is back. can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber? works.
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see what spam can! do... at ?? >> oh. be careful with that. how sweet it is. in their first year together they created the ocean. now they're getting ready to release their first full length album. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> crushing the plaza. best friends with charlie our puppy. >> oh, yeah. >> you've got the videos this weekend. time to buy a lottery ticket. >> things are in your favor. >> she's the one that should buy
9:31 am
>> she can. legally. guys. what -- did this happen by design? or is it luck? we all knew each other from some place and came to the that way? >> i think it was the perfect timing for all of us. we were looking for the next thing and came together. and then it was started. >> have you all known each other before this? >> i played in joe's old band for many years. happening. "cake by the ocean" blows up. did you have any idea it was going to be the size of hit it was and is? >> no idea. we wrote the song simply because it felt right. it was a fun vibe in the studio that day. cut to a year later we're playing it all over the world and here today. it's a special song to us. >> how does that happen?
9:32 am
to do something and build it on that? >> i think any time you're creating, the first idea is the one that sets the ship out in the ocean and for this one it was just a cake ship out into the ocean and here it is. >> how do you handle these guys? you're the lone woman in the band. >> i'm exhausted. >> it's so much fun every day. >> having too much fun. >> they make me laugh all day long. >> let's talk about the style of this band. the clothing style and where do you guys shop? >> you know, we shop at the superhero store. we're kind of like the x men. everyone is a different role. different aesthetic. we all make sense together because we're weirdos and that's what dnce is about. >> the style reflects the music and the vibe, doesn't it? it's loose and kind of thrown together. >> everything that we do we try to -- we have fun with obviously. we take music seriously. i think clothing is representation of who you are as well. so we make sure that what we wear showcases our music. >> what goes on at the show?
9:33 am
>> it's been kind of insane. we've been on tour for the last six months straight. we were all over the u.s. we went to japan, australia, new zealand. europe. it's been a whirlwind experience. amazing crowds. it's great to know our music even in countries where we don't speak the same language. >> you guys, your brother is having great success. >> yeah. >> solo artist. dnce. where is kevin? whatng number two coming. >> he's a great day. baby number two is on the way. he's been doing some really exciting stuff on his own. he's doing a lot of app development. he's been building applications you use on your phone and don't realize it. he's killing it. >> what about bonus jonas? >> he just went to college two days ago. >> he's in college? >> no he's not. >> yeah. >> are the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand?
9:34 am
>> so vmas this weekend. best new artist. kanye west has four minutes to do with whatever he wants. >> i'm hoping he talks for four minutes straight. i would love to see more speaking. that went well last time. >> guys going to have a great weekend. congratulations to all of you guys. it's awesome. dnce. they'll perform their new song "body moves" in just a couple minutes. don't go anywhere. al is in the kitchen with a twist on one of my favorites and a large cleaver. right there in a minute. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ]
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on "today's food," we'll wrap up a week of back-to-school meals and snacks. right now i'm going to show you a couple of delicious snacks my family loved and hopefully your kids will too. we have kale chips, avocado toast and healthy beef jerky. so let's get started. we're going to show you how to make a healthy beef jerky so you can put in a little ziploc for your kids. water, teriyaki sauce. garlic salt. sweet chili pepper. liquid smoke. beef and brown sugar and garlic.
9:39 am
a little liquid smoke so it gets that smokey flavor. mix into the marinade some sweet chili sauce. it's a little sweet. a little bit of a spice. not a lot. garlic powder and garlic salt and brown sugar. whisk that up. take your flank steak and cut against the grain if you like it less chewy. so against the grain. as thin a slice as possible. if you want a little chewier, you can go thegt >> why would you want chewy? >> some people like the chewy jerky. >> jaw workout. >> that's right. so you take this and you'll pour your marinade and put this in the fridge and let it sit for 24 hours. now, take it out onto a nice cookie sheet. you can use a bigger one. pat it dry. now, you take your meat and you put it on a wire rack, all right.
9:40 am
of this. >> parchment paper. >> you can do parchment paper as well. a little known secret. put this in the oven. you'll put this in the oven at the lowest possible temperature your oven can go to. low and slow. it's going to be in there for a bunch of hours. >> just hours? >> yeah. leave it in there. until you see that it has a consistency like this. >> this is so good. brisket jerky. just put this in a nice little ziploc. >> mm-hmm. >> put it in the kid's lunch. >> i think -- >> jerky is big. jerky is big right now. >> kale chips. >> i love kale chips. >> all you have to do is cut out the rib. all right. you're going to lay these down on parchment paper or baking sheet. do a bunch. take olive oil. use salt.
9:41 am
you can use garlic powder, barbecue sauce. >> the key is for people, you don't overpack the pan because it steams it. >> put it in the oven at about 325 for 15 to 20 minutes. this comes out. other thing i love, avocado toast. this is a hot thing right now. you can put a little smoked salmon, some veggies. i like to put on a bigger piece a whole fried egg on top. >> hmm. >> that's yummy stuff. and you sprinkle a little parmesan and you're set. also by the way, i want to nt standout. taylor kaiser made energy bars. for the recipe, go to and by the way, the roker burger is so successful, they're going to keep it on sale through the weekend at shake shack. $1 from every roker burger goes
9:42 am
my gate at the airport. i'm going to have me a roker burger. >> let's check your weekend weather to see what we have for you. for tomorrow we have a lot of wet weather through the upper midwest and also the gulf coast. heat breaks in the pacific northwest. sunny and hot in the northeast and new england. sunday, sunday, look for more hot, humid weather in the mid-atlantic states. flooding possibility depending on what the system does in the gulf. sunshine continues out west. that's what's going on around
9:43 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> nce kicking off our fun on the plaza with their awesome songs. they're getting ready to release their full length album. here with a new song called "body moves," dnce.
9:49 am
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?? ?? ??
9:52 am
back in a moment.
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you
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see what spam can! do... at >> think about this. you love your man but do you love his looks? we want to give two men a style makeover. go to send a picture of your fella, name, location, and why he needs a new look. maybe it's the shirt. it's the pants. it's the back hair. could be that. he may get picked. >> you have to hair. >> he doesn't have anymore body hair. >> i'm not going to say what i was thinking. meanwhile -- >> guess who is coming up next. kathie lee and hoda. they've got john krasinski and margo martindale from the movie the "hollars" which is very funny. >> and top fall trends under 50
9:55 am
look like celebs looks. >> i helped billy pick this out. >> looked nice all week. he gave me the pink shirt. also ahead, turn your kid into a huge business mogul like barron trump. thank you for great first week. >> you were fantastic. group hug.
9:57 am
to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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announcer: it's "live with kelly"! today actor and author ethan hawke, plus a performance from country duo dan + shay. also, joel mchale returns for another day of co-hosting, all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now, here are kelly ripa and joel mchale! [music playing]


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