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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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one of four hostages who shared sales and time with kayla mueller speaking out for the first time. >> we have team coverage on the latest developments beginning first with the tricia hendrix live in prescott. just finished speaking with kayla's father where a playground will be revealed this >>reporter: during a one-on-one interview with kayla's father, carl he choked up a few times talking about the significance behind the swings, slides, supplying and claiming equipment here. >> it represents our daughter. it is what kayla would love to see these kids here playing and having fun.
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>>reporter: the grand opening is the culmination of a lot of hard work and support for kayla's family members and friends. kayla's father told us he can feel kayla's presence here. is park in honor of his daughter represents everything she did to help people starting at a young age. >> when she saw suffering she could not turn back. she had to go and this is the perfect thing all the happiness it will bring is wonderful. >>reporter: at 10:00 tomorrow morning, the kiwanis club of prescott will hold this grand opening of kayla's playground. a beautiful place for kayla's legacy to live on. >> beautiful park for a beautiful soul. team 12's political insider
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portion of what he is working on. this big story team coverage ahead. >> a desperate carl mueller asked former secretary of state, ken bennett for his help a few days after kayla was captured by isis. bennett saw the just released video of kayla in captivity and the comments of other women sewer hostages the said kayla protected them. >> it is just confirmed that when you see the goodness of carl and through in kayla. >>reporter: he also told me about the first meeting with carl mueller how they stayed in touch. coming up the muller is also asking president obama about the donation he promised to kayla's playground opening tomorrow. i will have the white house answer again at 6:00. keep it right here on 12 news tonight at 10:00 you will
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father. the only local station speaking with the family tonight. community activist gathering in maryvale calling more attention to the massive hunt for the serial killer. phoenix police say the man in this sketch, who may be driving that black bmw is responsible for the murders of seven people in the valley and a string of shootings from maryvale to east phoenix. the silent witnessar $75,000. you can remain anonymous by calling 480 witness. after scheduling a special rally for next wednesday to deliver an important immigration speech in phoenix, donald trump is canceling. we were expecting them to take the podium at the hyatt wednesday afternoon but a campaign spokesperson announced the cancellation a few hours a ghost. the campaign is looking forward to having another event soon.
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wear a black lives matter t- shirt has become an uphill battle for a buckeye high school student. she said school officials asked her daughter to change out of her t-shirt that she tried to wear to school again today. it prompted a small protest against the school for being inconsistent -- consistent with its dress code enforcement. she feels like her daughter is being singled out and is fed police planning an intense dui task force near asu this weekend. easy police in several other agencies cracking down on drinking and driving. not just around the campus but citywide. fun friday on 12 news. the sights, sounds of a friday night around the valley. high school football back in full swing. no one covers it better than
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school where the wildcats are getting ready to do battle with crosstown rivals gilbert tigers. >>reporter: you are listening to the mesquite high school band watching the cheerleaders as they get ready for a big game tonight against their rivals, the gilbert tigers. mesquite wildcats showing a lot of spirit as the game ds kickoff. cameras across the state bring you the best in high school football. the fibers join us in studio for more on the vipers let's check in. >>reporter: fever is back and the verano fiber set to be the first studio team of the season. >> coop you are my man. >> looking forward to talk to you. >> helped bring our guys and looking forward to seeing him.
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big 68- 6 win over paradise valley just what the doctor ordered. >> a nice way to start here. >> you always want to start off with the big win it wasn't perfect but came out. >> now for unfinished business the final four last season losing to desert edge in the semifinals you don't need much more in the way of motivation. >> we have been there and didn't quite guide to our final destination that is in the back of our mi >> this year is a zone intensity the whole thing begins over. >>reporter: the quest for title continues against arcadia. the verrado vipers will be in studio for friday night fever . >>reporter: we just heard from the mesquite wildcats we watch the cheerleaders do their thing. coming up we will actually
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cheerleading squad in the state. >> see a little bit. thanks. nobody does it like the friday night fever gang. all new as thousands of high school athletes hit the football fields, some could be facing injuries. a barrow neurological institute today researchers had encouraging news for players, families who may sustain a concussion. the good news, kids are recognizing symptoms and getting help. >> i had been hit many times before in the head in volleyball and soccer. >> i accidentally bashed heads with another defensive player. >>reporter: they both have played all kinds of sports and gotten their sheriff bumps and bruises. but this time it was different. >> i started feeling nauseous and i had problems with my vision. >> she said hurt i hurt and
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>> both cases each was quickly treated for concussion. they and their families knew the science. >> it may be education that is prompting students to report i have had a concussion because i did not get knocked out but i had dizziness, headache after a hit and that indeed is a concussion. >>reporter: through the efforts of barrow concussion and brain injury center all arizona athletes required to complete just completed study found 70% of student athletes would tell their coach if they thought they suffered a concussion but only 30% would tell their parents. >> in some ways it is a wake up call the parents to maybe initiate the conversation if you're going to have your children play sports talk with them and make them aware. >> tell someone or else he will be able to play longer so you need to let your brain have time to heal. >>reporter: the barrows concussion awareness program
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athletes will be required to complete a concussion education program before they are allowed to play. >> if we can save some of these players years down the road these horrible postconcussion syndromes it would be totally worth it. >> a program. team 12 on the fight against zika. up next the story of a brand- new baby born in florida with symptoms of zika as hospitals all along the east coast prepare for a wider spread of thvi number one olympic moment from rio. . house prices on the rise all across the country. how much money does the average person in phoenix need to make a year to afford a median priced home? let us know what you think the answer is on social media using the hashtag #social sound off. we will review the answer at 6:15. we continue to track active weather around the state.
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to show low these storms are drifting northeast. do we have a chance for rain in the valley? check out this video coming in from flagstaff is that rain or snow or is it even hail on the top of san francisco peaks?
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. tonight we are focusing on the major health crisis being caused by the zika virus. efforts to fight zika in
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nations blood supply needs more scrutiny to protect against the virus. >>reporter: you would never know it by looking at her she was born nearly two months ago in miami, affected by the zika virus. she does not have microcephaly, telltale small brain and skull seen in so many other related cases across latin america. >> changing the paradigm of the way we think about the disease. signs problems may develop. doctors at jackson memorial hospital found calcifications in her brain and scarring in her eyes speaking in spanish her mother said she is terrified zika will harm her further. she became infected while pregnant in venezuela then travel to the u.s. where she gave birth. >> she is thankful the baby was born here and she said the baby has been a blessing to her.
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first homegrown zika cases at least 42 in three counties. governor rick scott said he will travel to washington the first day congress gets back from recess, pushing them to approve money to fight the virus. >> we are at the tip of the spear. this is an issue our whole country will deal with. >>reporter: many places preparing. in baltimore, johns hopkins hoping center where patients can get any kind of zika related treatment and support. the fda said friday, all blood donations across the country should be tested for zika. some good news regarding the zika virus. officials from the world health organization say so far there have been no confirmed cases of the illness in spectators, athletes or anyone associated with the rio olympics. as the virus has a one-week incubation period it is possible a few cases my occur.
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avoid getting bitten mosquitoes at home and also practice safe sex in order to lower the risk of becoming infected. zika has spread to 53 countries since the beginning of last year. our very own team 12 returned from rio earlier this week. >> look at who stop by the station this afternoon. you will be seeing vanessa very soon after she takes a much- deserved vacation after working so hard for so long in >> what were your favorite moments from the summer olympics? today is the final day counting down the top 20 rio moments. >> number 4, marta caroli's reaction. this was the last olympics for her since 198696. when the girls revealed their team is the final five she started to weep. known for her stern behavior,
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scored a perfect ten some 40 years ago. >> the legacy they have. really special. join us at 6:00 for the second and third best moments from rio. monsoon 2016 apparently not taking a break. more storms hit part of the valley overnight in this morning and we have a chance of a repeat tonight. >> here is matt pace with the full forecast. >> certainly a very active day s coming in from flagstaff about the one -- 1-2:00 hour look at the peaks almost looks like winter. the national weather service officially saying this is hail. if you look close i wouldn't bet there's a few snowflakes mixed in as well. the highest peaks because look at the temperatures in the high country right now, 57 degrees in flagstaff. when the storm moved through it was 47 degrees. actually kind of cold in the
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thunderstorm over the peaks quickly moved off to the northeast. it dropped over an inch of rain in some portions of flagstaff. right now you can see most activity focused over the eastern side of the state if you live in show low, pinetop the lake said he will probably see thunderstorm activity in the next hour same if you live south a prescott another storm system moving toward can birdie, sedona you may see activity as well. turn the valley we have remained dry in the last hour or so tracking you can see very heavy rainfall with that. over the next several days the system will drop in turn arizona and that will mean a decent chance of rain for tomorrow. monsoon meter 7 why mounds. to get your seven day forecast temperatures where they should be thunderstorm chances leave by the middle of next week. check out friday chances return but now my favorite time of the week was send it out to coop and the friday night fever game of the week at gilbert's mesquite high school.
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high school in gilbert the mesquite cheerleaders are joining me. i want you to know they have been doing a lot of bragging they have the best team in the state. we will check out and see with the gilbert mesquite high school cheerleaders have. girls, let's see it. [ cheering ] . >> a tougher team and impressive. i am impressed girls i am impressed. [ cheering ] before i get you out of here an aspiring journalist thinks she has a question she wants to ask. >> hi, guys we are mesquite for
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are you girls excited for this evening. >> most excited seeing our students actually come out and sure the football team on to victory. >> what are you excited for this year season. >> and most excited for the games against gilbert and the homecoming game against queen creek. >> there you go. you got it quickly she wants to present to me. >> on behalf of mesquite here is a cheers spirit stick nice shirt. >> i am decked out thank you so much mesquite wildcats great job back to you guys we will talk about aj back in uniform tonight for the arizona diamondbacks special straight
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. live at the scene high school in gilbert for the site of a friday night fever game of the week. the friday night fever pickup truck by nissan and i want to talk about some friday night fever football straight ahead. but i could not turn the page and talk about the diamondbacks. a.j. paula injured to start the season is back and back on the
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his elbow two days before opening day back in april. and injury that requires surgery they expect his return sometime in september. during his minor-league rehab assignment he told a red-hot .425 he will be back second tonight make his 2016 debut at home against cincinnati reds. >> everyone say no was out for the whole season not coming back and a second i wasn't going to play this year but it is awesome play the game i love again and really thinking about my elbow which is incredible. >> that is incredible can't wait for his debut. we are back arizona nightly news here at 6:00 at mesquite high school. >> we will see you later on. tonight in response to ryan
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was held at gunpoint jimmy fallon started a trending alled why done like tonight at 12 we will share a few favorite. america thought our pancakes were pretty special. but we knew we could do better. so we did. we made denny's new pancakes 50% fluffier with fresh buttermilk and hint of vanilla. if you disagree, the cakes are free.
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. coming up we have already seen pretty powerful storms the summer but monsoon 2016 is in over just yet. >> a few weeks left before you want to pack that umbrella. >> even the chance of some
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what can we expect over the next month or so all new at 6:00. >> house prices on the rise across the country how much money does the average person in phoenix need to make a year to a four a medium priced home what is know what you think the answer is on social media using the hashtag #social sound off. 12 news is >> you can get the latest news as it happens the matter where you are on 12, 12 news app and all of your favorite social media channels. that will do it for us we will see you right back here in a
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tonight, nbc news exclusive. for the first time, donald trump's doctor speaks out about his letter declaring trump to be the healthiest person ever elected president. why he tells us it was written in just five minutes, what we kno moving in, major flood warnings in florida and new concerns along the gulf coast. zika blood fears, a new recommendation from the fda saying that all blood should be screened for the virus. who would kill two women who dedicated their lives to helping others. snoring solutions? there's things to help


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