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tv   Today  NBC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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that's right just $6.99 each. better ingredients. better pizza. papa john's. . hillary clinton is a bigot. >> moralally bankrupt. >> i overexaggerated good morning. welcome to sunday ""today"" i'm willie geist. i'm no simone biles. i can't do a cartwheel. we will catch up on this presidential campaign in a moment. and later, fred armisted in his
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many other gigs. i'm told there's one impersonation you did just so you could meet the person. >> yes. that would be prince. ? dearly beloved what's up y'all you got spring fever ? >> what did he think about the impersonation? >> he turned around and said it's cool. they are not your typical scientists, surfers, catching waves and catching important environmental dan >> this is collecting data, huh? >> yeah. gps location, and the motion of the waves and we're all doing this on our surfboard.
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human buoy. >> exactly. >> and humble design, detroit nonprofit that helps families in homeless shelters make themselves at home. >> kindness, dignity, respect, offered to families who haven't had a lot of kindness, dignity and respect in the last year. >> and we've got another great group assembled around the table this morning. we'll talk to them in a moment. first, headlines. donald trump campaigning in iowa saturday spoke about his immigration plan, which has come under more scrutiny this week. on saturday, he didn't say he would deport all undocumented immigrants but he did said he wants to get rid of the criminals among them. >> the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper that i'm going to sign is, we're going to get rf rodney earl sanders confessed, gave no reason for the crime. the nuns were killed inside their home. mourners gather for the record a wake to remember them. tropical system just to its south gets closer to land. the system is in the atlantic right now but is expected to move into the gulf of mexico the next few days where it could be a tropical storm and either move back over florida or further out into the gulf. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick taking heat this morning for his actions during an exhibition
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this week. on prejudice and paranoia. and take over the republican party. >> she is a bigot. when you look what's happening to african-americans and hispanics in this country, where she >> donald trump, following up on a comment he made, calling hillary clinton a bigot, talks about the super predator comments she made. donald trump will not win the african-american vote so what is the strategy here? >> i think he would like to win. he was going to win 95% of the
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s, digging at the bottom of the barrel with the personal attacks, donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot, hillary clinton seeming to imply that voters for donald trump are themselves a bigot. it goes a little further. we asked voters what they think about this dredging up of racial mud slinging and vast majority, 73% believe that politicians only raise these issues for partisan advantage. a lot of americans are saying, this is defacing our politics. >> hillary was trying to bring up the alt-right, group of extremists that have penetrated the campaign in ways we've never seen before. you have steve bannon, the alt-right newspaper under the breitbart report. >> donald trump is trying to make this pivot, is trying to soften his message and even soften his policy position to be more appealing. >> you can't bring the alt-right newspaper inside the belly of
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that. i think he's trying to wink to his supporters saying, hey, i'm with you but i need to soften for folks who are not paying attention. >> one of the interesting things about hillary clinton's speech is she tried to separate out the republican party and conservatives from donald trump and the alt-right. i never thought i would hear hillary clinton saying such nice things about republicans. she and bill clinton, obviously, have been head to head with republicans many, many times over the course of their careers and, instead, the give space to people who have been republicans. she is trying to say to them it's okay to vote for me this time because voting for donald trump is not the same as voting republican. >> but she's not doing this for the good of the republican party. >> she's trying to do it to win the presidency. >> to distract from a very bad
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unfortunately, you're right. the trump campaign has tons of stuff they could go after. instead they doubled down on his own internal issues. >> absolutely. on san francisco 49ers, seened a big contract, six year, $ 14 million a year or so ago. friday night before an exhibition game in san francisco, refused to stand for the national anthem. he explain this had way. i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me, this bigger tan football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. this is not something i'm going to run by anybody. i'm not looking for approval. i have to stand up for people that are oppressed. if they take football away, my endorsements from me, i know that i stood up what's right.
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parents, birth mother is white. he comes at this question from such an interesting place. >> he does, from different angles. i first saw the headline, i wanted to dismiss it as a spoiled athlete who makes millions and millions of dollars. what is he talking about, being oppressed? the great thing about our democracy, we engage people from all walks of life in this common
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>> i think more it's >> carmelo anthony, even michael jordan, who has never stepped forward on issues. little league coach who went to the mound for a few words with his young pitcher. we'll show you the nationally televised father/son bonding
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could make a difference for you. us. the first high to the stars of the rio olympics using the stars of major league baseball as medal racks. had the best play near baseball hold her medals. ledecky threw out the first ball. katy passed the bling to bryce harper while she threw a perfect strike down the middle. nicely done. friday night in boston, ali had david ortiz hold her gold and
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first pitch. can't get enough of those ladies of the impressed they are going to give them up -- >> briefly. >> michael phelps taught me how to stack my medals. >> exactly. the first low the level of debate among politicians in the state of maine. paul lepage took heat for calling one a racist. ear muffs, kids. >> i want you to prove that i'm a racist. you little son of a [ bleep ], socialist [ bleep ]. >> that's the nice might. governor lepage said he regretted his language. the governor said he would like to dual with guns the way hamilton and bird did. >> who is hamilton? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you don't want to be hamilton. >> swords, actually. >> the next to the baseball
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sensation after he took a stroll to the mound to talk to the young pitcher during the nationally televised little league world series. the coach is joel johnson. >> i came out to tell you how much i love you as a dad and a player, okay. you're doing awesome out here. >> i'm sorry, that killed me as a father. just came out to tell him he loved him on tv in front of the world. awesome. the next low is really low. the quick version goes a w initially believed to be mentally ill releases crickets and worms on a subway car with bugs and people scattering everywhere, someone pulls the train's emergency brake so the car is stopped in manhattan with bugs with no air conditioning in august. the woman that released the crickets relieved herself in the car. when the car got moving again, she was taken for psychiatric
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performance art. she's been doing fun pranks like these for years but she's an artist but i'm not sure that initial diagnosis isn't also correct. something ain't right. the final high to the marketing touch of nick huxson. if your toilet is clogged, how can you not call this guy? the paint job on the driver's side door of the truck makes it look like he's sitting on the thrown while he drives. he said since this photo blew up stopped blowing up. hats off to you. that's a plus marketing there. [ laughter ] big nick may want to think about hiring the subject of the final low how physically low he was willing to go to fix a water line in texas. this is jimmy cox. the 23-year-old works for the municipal utility district outside granbury, texas. when a resident called for help, jimmy dove in, literally, right
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posted it to facebook rightly making jimmy cox hero. jimmy pointed out people like him do that all the time and don't end up as internet sensations. >> what am i seeing here? >> dedication. >> on purpose. >> exactly. we love that level of dedication. thank you for being here on a sunday. >> thank you. >> have fun in the hamptons. just played prince, the president and steve jobs on "snl" and we're taking it back to the roots and head to someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service,
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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build taller ? ? i can build any wall taller than you ? ? no you can't ? ? yes, i can and mexico is goi >> that's jimmy fallon doing his donald trump impersonation with yes, barbra streisand at his side. fred arm sin, long before "snl" the unassuming guy was the drum near a punk band. music came before comedy and today one of the busiest men in
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both. i spent time with fred at his old "snl" home. >> i would be saggy. i think you-all know why. who cares. >> fred armisen is never the loudest guy in the room but the funniest. seth was that before we made an offer he couldn't refuse, oh. >> one of the words people use describing you is quirky. is that a word you like? >> it's really in >> fred quirky. >> that's why i keep hearing it. >> an 11-season run on "saturday night live." >> i'm thrilled about this, introducing the new ipad picano. >> where he played the famous. >> i'm barack obama. >> and the completely absurd. >> don't be a late, late, late, because we're going to come
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>> he's appeared in more than 800 sketches. that's the second most in the 41-year history of "snl." ? ? >> let's talk about a little bit about how you got here. it seems to be you were more into music growing up than comedy. >> yeah, i was a drummer and in all these punk bands and i did it for a long time. >> how do you make the leap to this. you played in the blue man group. >> i went from being a punk rock drummer to seeing that entertainment can be something that people will pay money for, that they will show up for, that they want to be entertained. >> where do you go from blue man. is that the comedy step? >> that was the comedy step. when i was a blue man i started making videos on vhs and they would make the rounds. right away, this is my new life.
6:33 am
"snl." they flew me here. a plane ticket. to be on the stage, the "snl" stage doing an audition i felt like i achieved so much. >> how long from the audition did you get the phone call you were dreaming of? >> that night. >> same night. >> i saved the number as best call ever for nbc, it says best call ever. >> what did you do for the audition. >> i went as freddy cito, this venezuela player. he would do jokes and he would end jokes by going like this. and i did -- >> you want to be a great character. >> it was one first character. >> he is so dumb he hears it's chilly outside, he grabs a spoon. >> you do have a great ear for not just well-known people, but the distinction between different new york accents or different southern accents.
6:34 am
>> a little bit. growing up in long island, long island accent is so thick. >> for people that don't know long island accent is distinct how? >> i find that there are many pauses to stall for time whereas the bronx, it's more forthright, there's -- people from the bronx there is a volume to it. it's in here. there's the upper west side which is they read a lot of books, they read many they are a little -- there's a little worn out from all of it. [ laughter ] >> i'm told there is one impersonation you did just so you could meet the person. >> yes, that would be prince. >> dearly beloved, what's up, y'all? you got spring fever? >> what did he say about the
6:35 am
me and said it's cool and he rubbed my arm. this whole room, he was the center of the room. he walked in and he was all -- everything was prince. >> how did you know, fred, when it was time to walk away from "snl"? 11 years, what was the motivation. >> amy polar described it. it's internal and it's, i think i'm done. it's not bitter. it's just a feeling of i think i've said what i wanted to say, >> he's managed to stay busy since he left the show three years ago. >> i am mark gymer. >> i'm linda lawrence. >> and welcome to portland's allergy pride parade. >> created with kerry brownstein the series "portlandia." >> birds everywhere and now you
6:36 am
>> let's talk "portlandia." that's a huge hit. what statement are you and kerry making about whom with that show? >> i think kerry and i are saying we are all just trying to do our best and try to do the right thing and sometimes we get in our own way in doing that. we're not making fun of anyone. it's very much how we are. it's deaf net the show "documentary now". >> in the middle of this, "portlandia" is doing great. leaving "snl." late night with seth myers came up. >> i just bought a house in l.a., a huge, huge house. >> beach front. >> beach front, it's so big it went from the beach front to the city of l.a. lauren just pitched it to me. like what if we put together a
6:37 am
sometimes thinks you're making it up off the top of your head. [ laughter ] >> my answer is always yes. >> this is your time, right? >> absolutely. i want to look back on this time and it should look like when the beetles hung out with the rolling stones and donovan and peter seller, everyone was hanging out and doing stuff, i want this to be that time. remember when we all did shows and amy polar and tina fey. >> are you mcgag? >> mccartney is going to be him. >> i want to hear any backlash. keep it to yourself. i'm going to say one more time, i'm comparing myself to paul mccartney, me. >> i got a few different
6:38 am
[ laughter ] >> but i did it twice. >> "portlandia" fans will be happy to know fred is working on season seven of the show. we made the mistake of telling fred we should be shooting web extras with him. if you want to see the complete mockery, check out the web extras at >> next sunday, we'll belly up to the bar with john talking about the new movie he directs and stars in and adv him about being a star. coming up next here, when i say surfing, you think science, the dudes of the sea using those boards and new technology to boards and new technology to i will awaken your sixth sense mom. so you'll notice every little thing. when you notice dry skin, try johnson's new extra moisturizing wash and cream.
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% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. a few people have more natural respect for the ocean than surfers is when you think about it, it makes perfect sense those ri gadi schwartz explains. >> reporter: having spent decades studying the human brain, andy stern is standing on a san diego beach trying to figure out what the ocean is thinking. >> marine biologists are thinking in decades there will be no more fish in the ocean. the ocean acid is increasing. what is the fast? how fast will fish disappear and
6:42 am
fix it? >> since knows a lot about the deep ocean but the coast is a different story getting data in the surf zone is tough. researchers call it a hostile environment where sensors get tossed and buried in ever shifting sands and that is when stern realized the answer science is waiting for was right in front of him. >> so i said well, surfers are at the coast. we could do something with the surf board. >> 30 engineers and three later, enter the smart fin at about $250, it's believed to be the cheapest, most portable way to give the ocean a checkup. tyler took us into the break to show us how they work. so this is collecting data, huh? >> yeah, right now we're measuring temperature, gps location and motion of the waves and we're doing that on our surf board. >> this is like a human buoy. >> exactly.
6:43 am
the ocean's ph giving scientists critical insight into what climate change is doing now and what it will do next. >> the chemistry of the coastal zone is changing every day. it's changing by the minute sometimes, so you have to have a lot of measurements to understand what is going on. >> during each surf session, they turn wave sets into data sets that end up at the lab at the institution of oceanography in san diego. >> how many of these would you >> thousands. >> to make it happen they partnered up with the surf right foundation. they want the fins on boards around the world free of charge. >> surfers use the ocean, it's the perfect group of people to measure data. >> a scientific step forward that comes at a critical time as oceans warm, acidify and sea levels continue to rise. how important is ocean chemistry? >> it's the core.
6:44 am
that the ocean holds the key really to the future of man kind. >> a mystery that may one day be solved by a fin that didn't care if you shed waves like a proor are trying to catch your very first one, making it possible for anyone to get on a board and surf for science. gadi schwartz reporting for us. coming up next on "sunday today" the detroit non-profit that helps families make a difficult move out of homeless shelters after this break and your local weather.
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it's a good day for a family when it can move out of a homeless shelter but finding and settling into a new life can be
6:48 am
home. morgan radford has the story. >> a single mother of two, tiffany clark woke up this morning on the floor. >> it was hard because we barely had enough coverers. we was close to one another so we can share, share the covers. >> after losing her home when her father moved across the country, tiffany spent a year and a half living out of homeless shelters, when subsidized housing, she finally got furniture. >> working volunteers and one woman with a vision. >> we have furnished over 660 homes. >> she started humble design in 2009 using donations from detroit residents, trigger and her staff go into bare spaces and furnish homes for families transitions out of homelessness. >> what's the type of reaction they see when they see their
6:49 am
you've been inside. >> we get to deliver christmas tree days a week, a new start and hope. sometimes chins go down. we all know that tomorrow is going to be better. >> it all starts with the donations. >> this is where the magic happens. this is donated plays important for i'm mansion play and crafting. we got all kinds of science items. >> i like this. i hope we can deliver one of these today. haul, volunteers load up cars and trucks and head to the client's house. >> you'll see this long caravan of cars with us filled to the brim. >> under three hours while the homeowner is away, they take over each room of the house building furniture. >> looks pretty good. >> setting tables. >> here we are. >> and decades the most important item.
6:50 am
[ applause ] >> oh my god. are you okay? >> tiffany. >> i love it. >> you love it? is it what you were expecting? >> i was expecting it to look this pretty. >> i want to see down stairs. >> that's all for you. let's see what is inside. you can make your own sparkles. create whatever you want to. >> beds. >> beds? is that what you want to see? >> yeah. >> let's go see beds. >> oh! >> okay. should we go see mama's room? >> yeah. >> oh! i like your room. >> i do, too. what goes through your mind where you think about where you were last night and where you are now?
6:51 am
>> a year. >> what do these tears mean? >> happiness. for my kids. >> for tiffany, a fresh start. >> it's a lot of love. it's a lot of kindness and dignity and respect. that's offered to families who haven't had a lot of kindness and dignity and respect in the last year. >> reporter: or a good night's sleep. >> is that one yours? good to have you. what an awesome group and what a beautiful family, too. >> my heart was beating a bit. >> you got this whole studio worked up here. we all know that this cycle of homelessness is a tough one to break. families that live in homeless shelters often return to homeless shelters. >> right. >> seems to me, this might go towards stopping that. >> the idea is, look, if you create a dignified space, things that people feel connected with, feel invested in, and they really feel a sense of ownership
6:52 am
homelessness, they hope, will begin to close. >> i understand u-haul has gotten involved and heard about humble design and you can donate on their website and u-haul wanted to get involved. >> that's right, they said look, this is a great idea so they are trying to expand it into different cities and they already furnish three homes per week. imagine what they can do now. u-haul saying look, we will match every single dollar up to $50,000 for anything you donate to humble designs. >> hard to think of a better cause. thanks for bringing us the story, morgan of the great to see you. >> thank you 18-year-old jeremiah o'keefe enlisted in the united states navy when he heard of the news of the japanese attack on pearl harbor in december 1941. not long after he was commissioned lieutenant in the marine corps. given the squadron nickname, the death rattlers. the first assignment was to protect american troop and supply ships in okinawa. on april 22nd, 1945, 80 kamikaze pilots attacks.
6:53 am
o'keefe took out five come kamikaze and two more that week. he was awarded crosses for his efforts. he was awarded the distinguished cross for his efforts. when he got home from the war, jeremiah rejoined his childhood sweetheart and wife and joined the family business at a funeral home. he ran for the state legislur kennedy's 1960 presidential campaign for southern mississippi. a position he held for eight years. in 1973, he was elected mayor of biloxi, o'keefe spent much of his adult life fighting segregation. he took on the ku klux klan denying permits and for that he received death threats and a burning cross on his front lawn. jeremiah o'keefe and champion of equal rights in america died this week at the age of 93. ?? is depression more than sadness?
6:54 am
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inside. also try benefiber? healthy shape.
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we close we close this morning as we always do this time, predictions for the week ahead. president obama leaves this week on a trip to china and laos. his 11th and likely last visit to asia as president. on the agenda with china, contested areas of the south north korea, cyber security and a ceremonial visit to the factory where donald trump's ties are made. big night in music tonight, you got the kick off of the burning man festival where tens of thousands of people drive through a nevada desert to listen to music and get a feel for the local peyote market. tonight, mtv's video music awards. there, we predict kanye, miley or whoever the next shocking
6:58 am
and tuesday, guinness releases the 2017 book of world records. the must have for the top of the toilet mixed with the man with the longest fingernails and a new record will stand for yet another year. we predict the record for most deviled eggs eaten in a single sitting still belongs to, you guessed it, gary busey, will stay here in america. stay here for "meet the press" where chuck todd will be joined by reince priebus. difficult weeks for donald trump and hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. thank you for spending part of your sunday with "sunday today." enjoy the rest of the your
6:59 am
7:00 am
this donald trump evolving positions on immigration. >> there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: or is he still for it? >> a mess people leave the country. >> reporter: -- unless people leave the country. >> if hillary clinton wins, will the foundation need to be shut down. and finally, the toxic state to this campaign. >> through it all, he has continued pushing discredited and conspiracy theories with


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