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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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. 12 news at 10 starts fouhy. it's on again, donald trump's schedule trip to arizona and his daughter's killer. >> i'm joe dana. we begin with breaking fews out of los angeles international airport. there were reports of an armed shoot never the area. la police were say the reports were loud noises, no gunshot,. place are investigating the source of the noise. there are reports of an armed
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stop for the last 45 minutes. the ground stop is expected to be lifted soon. as you can imagine it's causings all sorts of traffic problems there. any updates we get we'll bring it to you. >> donald trump confirming, once again that he's coming to arizona wednesday. this after reports on friday that he had canceled his visit. he tweet thad he'll give a immigration. it could be a chance for candidate to provide new details on his immigration plan. he said he was "open to softening on his policy to illegal immigrants" and then he said it would not change. his visit comes the day after the arizona primary election.
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reagan launch add new website to better display the totals coming in from around arizona. they'll start rolling in about 8:00 p.m. after the apologists close. election officials are reminding people to drop them off at a apologisting location instead of mailing them in. >> 1 news is gearing up for arizona's primary on tuesday. we'll have up to the minute results from en apologists close until it's decided. >> authorities in glendale are investigating a crash that sent a car slaming into a bakery >> reporter: joe, police have been out here for at least six hours and they have not released many details. reported kidnapping, attempted abduction, drag racing, even a
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neighborhood bakery. >> disappointment. are the family owns the bakery in glendale. >> we grew up with them. >> reporter: after 42 years the restaurant is ruined after witnesses say a high-speed chase ended here. i saw the car driving so fast, like 80-100 miles per hour. >> reporter: police say they got a call from a frantic young female. the guys inside reportedly attempted to assault and abduct her. i spoke with the alt. governorred victim's brother. this is his sister in the back of the squad car. she's helping police understand today's crazy events. >> i'm worried but i know she's all right. >> reporter: cops say she and her boyfriend have been
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>> we have five people detained. >> reporter: the young lady's brother says his sister did not know any of the three guys inside the car that crashed into the bakery. police are confirming this. the restaurant owner says she hopes to have this rebuilt and opened up soon. there is substantial damage to this place so it's going to take a lot. >> thank you judy. >> to from a father hope the public will come forward with information to help find his daughter's killer. sophia gibbs and her teenage boyfriend were found murdered a year ago. >> reporter: small but dynamic. that's how jimmy gibbs describes his daughter sophia.
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her friend, jesse romero, were shot dead. a year after the murder police still have not identified a suspect. >> so hard to go through life thinking why? it's just eating me up inside. are gibbs tries to focus on the good times but the fact that his pain. i can't find anybody to talk to. it's crazy. nobody wants to talk about this. >> reporter: loved ones company only hope someone comes forward with information and help them get the closure they desperately need. >> please help. give tsunami information we
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sophia should not go this way. somebody knows something. it's the right thing to do. >> if you have any information on this case call 480-witness. >> taking a look at today's hot headlines. a 66-year-old mexican supercenter died today. he was known for all of his music. >> we're learng one person was killed in a car crash in mesa last night a.driver who was speeding swerved and hit a car and slammed into the wall of a circle k. the driver and passenger was take on the the hospital and the passenger died. the driver was impaired. impairment is also believed to be a factor in a deadly bicycle crash we told you about last
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the driver of the car was arrested for dui. >> the cardinals remain win less on the preseason. here is cooper back with us. >> yeah, the cardinals offense looked shakey passing the ball but the running game looked solid during 394-24 loss. this is one of carson two interceptions. he gets drilled in the head and the helmet goes flying off. just a chipped tooth. what else stood out from the game? cameron cox has more in houston? >> nothing cute about this one. thank goodness it's just the preseason. the card falks offense looked average. five turnovers. better now than when it count, right?
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i like where we are as a group. >> there railroad flashes of dominance and some of this. justin was a little rusty in his first game back. >> i have a little ways to go. it does kind of -- certain things it kindings of bothers a little bit. i'm not trying to use that as an excuse to giving up plays. >> it was great to see first the field. it wasn't perfect but he enjoys hitting. >> it felt great to be out there and banging and doing what i do. >> how do you judge three preseason losses in. >> we have a will the of work to do, you know, on both sides of the ball. we'll be ready for the season opener. that's what we like to hear.
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the locker room. brock looked sharp starting for the texans. palmer feels this team is regular season ready. in houston with the cardinal, cameron cox. >> thanks a lot cam. bruce arians knows how to get into the officials. he had good reason to today. that story next on 12 news at 10:00, meet a valley high school football coach who stands above the rest for more than one reason. >> and, stay with me on this one. the five reasons why you should say no to a job promotion. >> and the weather has been nice over the past few days. this is the third day in a row of being below the triple digits. we have not seen that since the end part of may.
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temperatures go back up, right
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. two united airlines pilots
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intoxication right before they were set to fly 141 passengers from scotland to new jersey. the two pilots were taken off the flight saturday morning. both are in custody in scotland. the pilots have been removed from the service. >> good news coming out of northern arizona university. the school has seen more students enroll this fall. the en rollment student, an 11% increase from last year. there will be 22,000 students on campus when classes start tomorrow. >> high school football is back and we got our first dose of friday night fever and there are high hopes for the chandler high wolves. there is one very big factor for their success. >> chandler high school's
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live a life serving others. his journey here did not start in arizona. he was the big guy growing up in the suburbs of chicago, something he struggled with. most big guys, we were insecure about being big at a young age. the coach's instinct to protect came from his experience as a lineman arole career in law enforcement. >> when you look at the bad situation my guys are running in when everybody else is running out. we used the same thing with the guys i coach in foot bull. everybody is trying to get away from the offensive lineman and we're trying to attack to get to the ball. >> coach's resume' is stacked. he's worked in swat's task force unit and now serves as
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sheriff's office. >> we're headed to apache junction for a police involved shooting. >> his job in the field and in life go hand in hand. the offensive lineman, you're the protector. i think the natural progression is to want to help people and make sure they're safe. don't be so cool. wrap that up. wrap it up the >> now it's not all serious with coach hawthorne. >> that's new. i never seen that one from you. >> coach hawthorne, is it -- >> it's not natural if you look into the camera. [ inaudible ] >> i try fot to let my kids get stronger than i am.
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wins. >> when they get to the high school level, playing football, they realize my job is not to fit in but to standout. they start coming into their own. you really get to feel what being a lineman is about. >> he's an overall role model. coach, thank you for everything. >> without him i wouldn't be here right i'll remember it. >> mon nestle, i respect him as a father figure. >> on the field i'm able to serve my community to help the young men become better men. i want to make sure that the people that work under me is respectful to the people that they found. it's also the same principles that apply on the football field that apply to the job.
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in law enforcement and the football field and has no plans to stop any time soon. at chandler high school. >> get a drink, hurry up. >> good luck to the wolves this year. remember to catch femoral very at 11:35 here on 1 news every friday night. >> getting job promotion is usually a good thing but sometimes you have to think twice before saying yes. here are five reason say you should turn down the offer. one, the new response bills don't align with your ultimate goal. it doesn't it's what you need to achieve the end goal. two, the job is not good for personal reason, spending too much time away from family or not doing the things you love. three, sometimes lateral moves make more sense. sometimes gain the experience is getter. four, the cost benefit does
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if the promoted salary sounds good on paper ever but the work load doesn't divide out. >> >>: five, if you think the position is not going anywhere. every company seems to have a job that has big turn over rate. you want to stay away from that. >> we now head over to matt pace who was promoted from weather chaser to official meteorologist. >> that's true. you have to keep moving somewhere. ke know. >> you have to take the pictures. you still have to chase. that's part of the fun. you have to balance is job. our viewers sent in great photos as well. this is from forest lake. rudy took this shot. absolutely gorgeous. he can get outside and look at the stars away from the valley. unfortunately, here in the
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light. 103 is the forecast high temperature. starting to go up. no chance of rain, winds are light 5-15 miles per hour. really dry around the entire region. we did see some very active weather up in the norstrom eastern part of the area. we have a lot of dry air beginning to work its way into the state. for tomorrow the monsoon the highest number is a three over in the white mountains. one in northern arizona as well. unfortunately, this pattern is goc to stay this way over the next couple of days. we have dry air coming into the state. this shifts over arizona and the temperatures start to rise a little bit. by the time we move into wednesday and thursday this
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this pulls some of the moisture back up into the state and another storm system is going to drop into the region. we start to see thunderstorm activity as we move into thursday and friday. 7 # in phoenix, 53 in solo, 47 in flagstaff. 73 tomorrow for the high in flagstaff. 100 in tucson. the seven day remains dry. we do have thunderstorm chances and friday. they were america's sweethearts, the final five in the olympics. they were invited to a ceremony tonight. a glimpse at their red carpet
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. the final five as they are
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gymnast who captivated the nation. they got to announce beyonce for the best female video award. four of the five were there. gabbie douglas was not there. she tweeted that she was out of the hospital. she was treated for a seriously infected mouth injury. she is out of the hospital and recovering. moviegoers went crazy for a new thriller this weekend, "don't breathe". "suicide squad" dropped spoon and in third place. >> andy: mated movie that earned nearly 8 million. we'll be back with a look at
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. >> well, check this out. our shot of today's wild weather. several viewers sent in pictures of this funnel cloud. this scene unfolding around 9:00 this morning. it appears the funnel never reached the ground and no damage was reported. certainly a sight up there to day. thank you for sending in those pictures. not a sight you see everyday. >> way northeast. >> all right, we're going to
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tonight. i never was a quarterback. >> from asu to cardinals to friday night fever, guys it's football season. it's here. >> yeah. >> you don't win the games turn the ball over. you have to play the game and then you know where you're at. >> we played them in preseason. who takes the third preseason like that? >> so do did upheaped out who the cardinals were todayment i'm joined by jay taylor and by cameron cox in houston. the cardinals offense looked a little shakey at times today. carson palmer on the first
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here. my good ever goodness, the third interception in two preseason games. david johnson capping it off with the end zone touchdown run. david johnson is looking like a beast. check this out. carson palmer gets intercepted again and did you see the hit to the head? the helmet comes flying off. it's a pick 6 the other way. cardinals down 17- looking a little woozy at times. he was taken out and didn't go back in. cardinals lose the game 34-24. afterwards bruce arians and company did seem concerned. turn the ball over has been a problem each of the three


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