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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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an attempted kidnapping.. ends with the suspects crashing into a bakery.. we've got the details in your hot headlines.. ???bryan teases ???krystle teases outlook -- not so good for the arizona cardinals.. so should the birdgang be worried? team 12's jay taylor is in with his take.. the final five without their fifth member. why gabby member. why gabby douglas had to miss the v-m- a's.. we've got the answer in your morning juice.
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two people sent to the hospital after an early suspect on the run from police. team 12's bryan west is live near 16th street and
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this morning.. we are expecting new information in a notorious case dubbed the "septic tank murders." team 12's nico santos is en route to pinal county with our
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let's get a check of let's get a let's get a check of today's hot headlines.. an attempted kidnapping ended with a car crashing into a
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glendale yesterday. police say three people allegedly tried to kidnap and assault a woman.. but she escaped. the woman and her boyfriend then allegedly chased the suspects in a separate car. the suspects' vehicle was traveling more than 80 miles an hour when it crashed into la fama bakery. police say the driver and two other passengers were taken into custody. the victim and her boyfriend were also detained by police for a short time. one person is dead after a crash near gilbert and mckellips roads in mesa.. police say a driver who was speeding.. swerved and slammed into the wall of a circle k. the driver and passenger of the car that was hit were taken to the hospital -- where the passenger died... police say the driver of the speeding car was impaired. impairment is also believed to be a factor in a deadly bicycle crash from saturday night. police say a 25-year-old man riding near 43rd avenue and bethany home road was hit by a car and later died. the driver of the car was arrested for d-u-i. d-u-i.arrested for d-u-i. good news out of northern arizona university.. the
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freshman class this year is up to roughly 55-hundred students -- that's an 11-percent increase from last year. school administrators say there will be 22-thousand students on campus when classes start today. yesterday.. women and men celebrated "go topless day" in downtown phoenix. nearly 50 people removed their tops to make a statement for equality. the activists argued it activists argued it should be legal for women to go topless in public.. just is considered indecent exposure for a woman to do so. three games into the preseason and should the bird gang be concerened? the cardinals have not looked good and we are less than two weeks away from the nfl season kicking off. the cardinals have committed ten turnovers and the quarterback play has some fans on edge. jay taylor is jay taylor is here this morning. what's wrong with carson palmer and drew
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we should be ///// anything stanton? ///// anything we should be looking for in
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///// anything we should be looking for in the final preseason game... or is it time to just relax and wait for september 11th. gabby douglas a no-show at the v-m-a's.. couldn't be there with her team.. that's 5 minutes away in the morning juice. ???jen teases
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###break### ???jen teases the morning minutes away that's 5 team..there with her the morning
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###break### let's get another check of your hot several terminals at l-a-x airport terminals at l- headlines..of your hot let's get
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###break### let's get another check of your hot headlines.. several terminals at l-a-x airport were shut down last night.. after reports of an active shooter. security quickly sent passengers out onto the tarmac.. while l-a-p-d investigated. they were unable to find the initial scare was due to loud noises -- not shots fired. this morning.. investigators are still trying to figure out the source. two united airlines pilots are behind bars.. for allegedly drinking right before they were set to fly 141 passengers from scotland to new jersey. airline officials confirmed the two pilots -- one in his 30's and the other in his 40's -- were taken off the flight saturday morning. united said the flight was delayed 10 hours as they got a replacement crew. new rules go into effect
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some of the f-a-a's new regulations include weight.. time and distance restrictions. from now on.. operators will only be allowed to fly drones that weigh 55 pounds or less. the f-a-a has also banned night-time flying.. and operators must keep their drones within their sight at all times. a more detailed list is available at "f-a-a dot gov." it may soon be harder for a thief to steal your iphone.. without getting caught. apple has filed a patent application that describes a method for the company to capture information" to identify unauthorized users. it could capture information such as the fingerprints.. videos and selfies of thieves that would be sent to a server that police could use to find them. time now for you money- saving monday tip.. if you've ever kept a change jar.. you know it can really add up.. but these days we're not always using cash. so one app aims to help you save change -- with your debit card. the acorns app takes the spare change from your debit card purchases -- rounds
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do is connect your card. there is a fee to use acorns -- but it's only $1-dollar a month. ???toss morning juice morning juice???toss morning juice the v-m-a's were on last night.. and like every year.. it not only gives us a glimpse at what's popular in the music world -- but also on the red carpet.. stars like nicki minaj.. beyonce.. and kim kardashian looked stunning in sheer dresses.. meanwhile.. amber heard.. cassie and a few other m-t-v stars rocked the blazer -- with practically nothing
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and several olympians walked the carpet as well. michael phelps and fiancee nicole johnson looking very classy. and the final five showed up as well.. minus one of course.. gabby douglas was invited -- but unable to attend because she was in the hospital with a mouth infection.. her publicist says douglas pou injured her mouth and continues to have swelling and adverse reactions to medications. douglas tweeted this out saying that she was resting comfortably but very upset she could not be at the v-m-a's to present. now time question of the morning...the morning... if some surveys are true.. 15 to 20-percent of men have not
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most married men say they leave this purchase up to their wife.. give us your answers using the hashtag.. be
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?? traffic ?? traffic
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new research shows the selfie is not as popular as it once was.. so what's replacing it? we've got the answer in 20 minutes. donald trump's on-again..
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appears to be.. on-again this morning. 12 today is back in three minutes with what we know.. ###break###
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this week.. donald trump will make a
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###break### ###break### ###break### this week.. donald trump will make a highly anticipated speech on immigration -- right here in arizona. trump
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wednesday. this comes after he supposedly canceled the speech last week for an unknown reason. trump will allegedly speak at the hyatt in downtown phoenix. his campaign has yet to announce an exact time. trump's visit will come the day after the arizona primary election.. over the weekend -- secretary of state michele reagan announcing a new election night reporting system. the secretary of state's office has launched a new website.. to better display the vote totals coming in from around arizona. results will start rolling in at 8 p-m after the polls close. election officials are also reminding people who have not turned in their early ballots yet.. to drop them off at a polling location -- instead of mailing them in. and 12 news is gearing up for tuesday's arizona primary. we'll have up to the minute results.. from the moment the polls close -- until the last race is called. our coverage starts at 7 p- m. a milestone for senator
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today. the arizona republican will mark at least part of his big day on the campaign trail -- as it's just one day before his primary election. the summer blockbuster season might be over -- but there are still some good movies hitting theaters. team 12's jay taylor is back at 5:10 with his take. do you smell that? it's the smoke from all the burning jerseys. the firestorm of hate that san fran's q-b got after he refused to stand for the morning juice is in five
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phoenix police investigating a double shooting right now. are live with the latest... students head back to class at northern arizona university this morning...a record number of students.... san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kapernick... not making any new fans after what he ?didn't do before a
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