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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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violence outside a bar this morning leads to a couple people being shot.couple people being 12's bryan west is live near 16th
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a new conference will be held this morning dealing with "septic tank murders."it's a notorious case down in pinal 12's nico santos is following this top story for us.
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???adlib traffic traffic taking a look at hot headlines around the state this morning - firefighters in tempe busy overnight - dealing with a small fire at a home near priest and warner. fire crews say one family was displaced - because firefighters had to tear down part of the ceiling.
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back on. his people confirming that he will be coming to arizona on wednesday.this - after reports from his local field office that he cancelled his visit. trump tweeted he'll give a major speech on illegal immigration in our state... the venue for the speech is not yet known. students head back to class at northern arizona university this morning. and this year.. the school has more freshmen than before. n-a-u says the freshman class this year is up to roughly 55- hundred students... an 11-pnt year. school administrators say there will be 22-thousand students on campus today. it is the one thing that everyone is talking about online...and around the office this morning.san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kapernick... refusing to stand for the national anthem.emma is here with that... in your morning juice... the whole colin kapernick national anthem thing... exploded over the weekend. kapernick says he's protesting this country's treatment of
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don' thing is certain - fans aren't taking it very well.this guy put flame to the 49ers jersey... then saluted and played the national anthem...and he wasn't the only one unhappyon social are torching their quarterback as well. kaepernick told nfl network on friday night that he chose not to stand during the national anthem because: "i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. we're going to talk more.... mu morning mix segment at 6:40.... ?? ad lib ?? a few weeks back we told you about all the amazing fried goodness... that was about to drop at the texas state fair. the deliciousness was all part of a contest... to see which fried treat would come out on top.well...we have a winner people...fried jello has won the award for best taste...
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flash fried to perfection and then dusted with powdered surgar and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. and cookies fries won for most creative -- cookies like chocolate chip and sprinkles are fried.. and offered with sides of strawberry or milk chocolate sauce.. a play on the french fries and ketchup... ?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ?? ?? ad lib ??ketchup...?? ad lib ?? apple is about to make it a whole lot harder for iphone thieves to get away with it...
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?don't breathe - made a strong debut at the box office...and an even stronger impression on jay taylor.we'll take a look at that... in three minutes.
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####break#### jay taylor -spent part of his weekend at the movies...and has some
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good about how many jays are
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not even olympians are safe from olympians are not even not even olympians are safe om roasting at the v-m-as.take a look at this... what do you what do you think jay.... what do you what do you think
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a quiet monday on the campaign trail -but that doesnt mean that hillary clinton and donald trump aren't hard at workd, preparing for the debates.we are live in washington with that...
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new favorite type of photo... that's in five minutes... minutes... ####break####
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####break########break#### neither hillary clinton nor donald trump are campaigning today.
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clinton speech... as immigration speech... as clinton prepares to debate him. tracie potts is live in washington this morning with the latest. ad lib intro trump tweeted overnight that he's expecting a big crowd and they're already
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q: what's the chance clinton and trump could have some company on trump could chance q: what's the chance clinton and trump could have some trump could clinton and chance q: what's the q: what's the chance clinton and chance clinton and trump could have
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in your in your morning health check - more parents are requesting to delay or refuse vaccines for their children ... but their reasons have shifted. in 2013, 87 percent of surveyed pediatricians had faced 75-percent in 2006. doctors say more ?parents feel immunizations are unnecessary... but fewer are worried about the risk of autism. the majority of parents who chose to delay vaccines ... said they did not want to burden their children's immune systems or subject them to multiple shots. kids who return to sports too soon after a concussion may have longer and more difficult recoveries. a university of arkansas
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found those who continued to play following a concussion took 44 days to recover ... compared to 22 days for those who sat out for several games. in fact, players who did not rest were also more than eight times more likely to have a lengthy recovery. parents if you want to keep your kids in the game and interested in sports - don't let them specialize at an early age. a new report finds these kids are at a higher risk for injury and burnout by the time they multiple sports. doctors suggest children who do play one sport - should rest for three months during the year ... and take one to two days off a week to reduce the risk of injury. checking checking consumer headlines right now - a fire hazard has prompted the recall of more than 15- thousand whirlpool microwaves. the recall involves whirlpool brand microwave hood combinations sold in stainless steel, black and white from january 2014 to april 2016. the firm says internal arcing
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internal plastic component, posing the risk of fire. it may soon be harder for a thief to steal your iphone... without getting caught. apple has filed a patent application that describes a method for the company to capture "biometric information" to identity unauthorized users. it could capture information such as the fingerprints, videos and selfies of thieves that would be sent to a server that police could use to find them. many thieves who nab iphones and kho the devices use them for themselves or sell them to a third party. we live in a selfie world, but a new survey from c- v-s pharmacy photo finds americans actually favor taking photos they're not in. among the more than 21- hundred u-s adults surveyed who take photos, 55 percent indicated their favorite types of photos to capture are scenery or landscape photos... while only 21 percent named their favorite to be selfies.
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more than two to one. banning food banning food from your kids classroom.all it a good idea?we're talking about it ... at 6:40....... if only gilligan had been a little bit luckier....he might have been able to get off the island.all it takes.... is a little s-o-s written out on the beach!that story in the morning juice....
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right now - phoenix police
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right now - phoenix police investigating a double shooting.its breaking from overnight.we've got the latest on this one... political life - but senator john mccain 's big day today has nothing to do with politics... incredible video this morning - of a hero officer - pulling a man from the subway tracks... just in time.his amazing story ahead...
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