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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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donald trump will touch down in the valley to get what he is calling a major speech on illegal immigration. >> overnight shooting sends two people to the hospital . police now looking for the gunman. >> humid air is more, less, or varies answer coming up. money-saving monday. extra bucks in your pocket, tips coming your way. >> how good is our shot of the morning. it's going to have you flipping out. . >> that is coming up and 20 minutes. >> we will unfreeze that. 6:00 happy monday hope you had a fantastic week and i'm tram
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jade and chris taylor we got rocked with storms but there are anymore today. >> today's a little bit of a letdown for us as we scan the skies it's wall-to-wall sunshine and that's the expectation throughout the day if any storms pop they will be more of an exception than the norm and they will be confined into eastern arizona. expect the sun to be shining and the mercury to be the top were talking the weather, jen wahl have the commute temperatures in the low to mid 80s, clear skies light winds and for the evening rush hour between 3:00 7:00 temperatures right around 103 at the start and dropping into the double digits finally after sunset. light winds are also expected later this evening. if we did not have been zoomed out enough to see what's happening in new mexico it
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big zero in the way of storm chances in southwestern arizona to could see spotty storm in northern arizona and eastern side of things but that is about it. check out the monsoon meagerly there this week it's a bit of a boost we would talk about that coming up. now on the traffic and we take you to the east valley from around mesa into tempe, huge slow downs this morning we showed you this crash 15 minutes ago and it still backing things up and we have another one to add on to it so let's get you to the map so you can see exactly what is happening as far as speed down to 22 miles an hour as you are approaching the 60 westbound near the 101, this is only one of two holdups we will take you further to the east and there's another crash, 60 westbound
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possibly slower than that from what we saw live in our adot camera. to get around it you can exit meza drive use southern or a slight and then get back on around mclintock so you don't have to deal with that. next in the life track report we get a look at the rest of the valley and see what other crashes are shaping up there. two people rushed to the hospital after an early-morning shooting the suspect is still on the run from police brian west is live near 60 street >> reporter: still very active investigation from the overnight shooting. mobile command unit showed up and they were witnesses outside by the caution tape and have were let go by police. here is what we know happened shortly after 2:00 this morning, there was some sort of a fight when the gun was pulled inside this bar near 16th street bethany home road, phoenix police tell us the two people were then shot, one in
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the upper leg, both were transported to the hospital. phoenix police say the two suspects are still at large and we know they took off north, shortly after the shooting. back live there is a jeep that is across the street that has a shot at back window, one window shattered from a bullet if you have any information call police from -- scene -- phoenix police or silent witness. brian west 12 today . this morning new information and a notorious case dubbed the septic tank murders. pinal county with the top story what do we expect. >> reporter: new information which is surprising because there are two cold case murders and the sheriff's office early has not forgotten about them in a conference later this morning with the sheriff discussing information on the two septic tank murders. we are expected to learn information about a suspect at
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the quibec up to 2009 dismembered remains of one victim was found in a wash your casagrande and the second set of dismembered remains found in a septic tank property and casagrande in 2014 both victims found less than one mile apart and both men reported missing way back in 2008 from a west phoenix home and since then investigators have tied the murders to a violent mexican expecting to learn more particularly about a suspect in the murders starting at 10:00 this morning. and florence nico santos 12 today family forced from their home by fire near warner and firefighters say of fan may be to cause. family staying with other family members. >> donald trump returns two days
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he confirmed his visit on twitter. this comes after he supposedly canceled the speech last week for unknown reason and trump was set to speak and downtown phoenix and his campaign yet to announce an exact time. happy birthday to senator john mccain who turns 80 years old today. republican will mark part of the day on the campaign trail as it is one before his primary election. up-to-the-minute results from the moment the polls close until the last race is called, coverage start students are ?life in northern arizona university this morning and this year the school has more freshman than before. the freshman class this year is up to roughly 5500 students and 11% increase from last year. administrators say there will be 22,000 students on campus today. we are three games into the preseason and the big question this morning, should bird gang be concerned, cardinals i'm not look that good.
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10 turnovers and quarterback play has been less than stellar. >> jay taylor is back with us so what is wrong with carson palmer and drew stanton? >> is about execution. when you look at the team in the office 30 or two bruce arians you should understand the system you brought everybody back. the play should be better than what it is. i know they are saying they are not concerned and i'm a little bit concerned because you look at this intersection here in carson palmer is a smart enough quarterback to understand anything in the middle of the field is danger when you float it over. and accuracies and mental mistakes but they said palmer says i need to find better ways to throw the ball that part of it and also when you're doing screenplays you have to do so from a pump fake. he did none of that. this week they will get back cleaned up in my opinion they should play a little bit in the
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letting my guys get out there they don't want them to get hurt but i feel it would be a plus for the team. >> larry fitzgerald, tyrone matthew did play. >> we have cowboy and sense. tony romo breaks opponent is back is the time for him to retire? >> and some with a bunch of back problems, i would say yes because you look at this final injury that happened to him, this is not that tough of a tackle that there is no path that there is no path to stop that type of movement. i believe he's 33 or 34 now, i think he needs to hang it up. what might be the predictor, the rookie quarterback steps in and does a great job for them and keeps them winning, i can see them saying tony, we think it's best to step down because at this age and that point you're only hurting yourself.
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>> that's the big thing permanent. >> yes. >> later down when you get up and age it will get worse. >> not better. >> 2013 and 2014 back injury not the first time thing. hope the heels, emma? >> 12 today britney returns to the vmas some are crying foul. will explain. >> getting the kids ready for the bus stop, it's going to be a gem of a morning. cool for my standards so underway now. jimmy fallon, ryan lochte and michael phelps reaction is all of us morning juice next bit you are watching 12 today and it's too good to miss.
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good monday morning once again live look at our 12 news studios downtown 200 east van buren, 6:1383 degrees now time for money-saving monday and one say -- way to save money try whipping a vegetarian to reduce bills it will give your a break in your help as well. >> let's talk about the morning juice. >> oh, guys, vmas last night, we knew this was going to happen and tv video music awards giving us juice including a hilarious moment from tonight show host jimmy fallon who spooked ryan lochte. look at this. he came striding out as block the two he came striding out as
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-- to present lochte. he joked he wrote the song and directed the video. after he nailed the impersonation, humongous last, he tweeted a photo saying thank you vmas and mtv for having me, dying my hair back for tomorrow show. he may look better than lochte who she made her return to the stage after nine year break. i mean, you guys, look at her. golly. it's where she performed that has some upset at mtv. even sing mbt -- mbt investor because she performed after beyonci beyonci put a 60 minute epic, live version of her smash hit video lemonade leaving
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link -- lip-synch version of her new hit. was a bad but it was bad placement one took a shot saying it was like they were setting her up much to fail meaning britney she so great. the average woman will do this three times today, ready for his -- women will do this for five times today, above average women, we want to know what your answer is. use the # be on 12. any thoughts? >> look in a mirror. >> i do not do it that many times as some people do but i think look in the mirror. >> i get that. >> against from john michael's says talk to themselves.
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day. >> i have no idea. >> look at pictures of your kids. >> that is 1 million times a day. >> i like the mirror, freshen up your face, get ready for the day. >> brush your teeth? >> four or five times? >> 6:16. look at the entire value -- valley one crash clear from 17 southbound so that was a slowdown grand avenue to the west around northern speed to 25 miles an hour and minor slowing 35th avenue. i-17 in error bethany home road where we have the crash and you can see wide open here, the
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303 to the split bigger slowing area is going to be i-10 eastbound from the 303 to seven treat in the yellow zone with 34 minute commute. biggest issue of them wanting talking about the smell of class morning, christ on the 60 year the 101 this is one of two speeds down to 20 miles an hour and if you go more east of that 60 westbound near arizona avenue, another one adot says the road has reopened in areas but there is the after effects of you do not want to deal with it use seven, based on an hop on at mcclintock. live drive this morning, i-10 eastbound from 75th avenue to 51st avenue, we start to see color red and orange getting slower here as we get close to the 630 hour in the red from the 101 to 7 street it will take you 25 minutes. futurecast in the area, krystle , slower so let's send
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has a very tough question for us this morning. >> i do. i have to exclude you. you are not a meteorologist. so they say it's so humid the air is so traffic you can cut it with a knife. in my tried to throw you out or help you with this. rather trivia question is humid air is more dense, less dense, varies from where the same as dry air. i would look to collect your answers. i can see it being c. >> here she goes. >> matt? >> d. >> like fonzie says, a. >> emma, that the? >> i've seen everything on twitter and facebook but you
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it is less dense. i was throwing you. >> it feels thicker. >> every time you say that you are speaking false truth. it's not real. it's less dense and the thought we talk about we we get moisture in the atmosphere it rises, uplift, it's less dense. anybody has there jaw dropped. hur dry air and since dry air is taking over, the atmosphere is really dense, it's stagnant, thinking air that will not see a lot of uplift so we will see zero, zilch in the way of storms maybe with the exception of far eastern arizona here's why high- pressure is sinking air shifting later in the week and we drop on the moisture and we
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will rise and we will see the storms pop in like popcorn. running out of time for monsoon 2016 it will officially wrap up in just 32 days. in the high country today, height 76 77 tuesday, wednesday, 20% chance of storms on those days. seven-day forecast in the valley, we may be getting in on the action as the monsoon pattern gets the act together tweaking numbers in the days ahead bit of a boost in the meantime 20% chance on thursday and look at the high temperatures, right around the seasonal normals. you leave us speechless. >> 6:20, can this be the play of the year. wait until you can see how the sentence right there. it will have you flipping out. shot of the morning three minutes away. >> king of pop born on this day 1958. do you know how many number one hits michael jackson had in his
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answer to morning trivia next
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welcome back great start at 6:23
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question michael jackson was born on this day in 1958 and he had 29 top 10 hits. the question for you this morning, how many of those were number one? any last-minute guesses? >> i will say all of them. >> at least one dozen. >> i will say 10. >> of the answer -- the answer: 13 number one hits. that's the same number of grammys you want go as well. >> amazing. >> f think. >> do you think 20 or 25. >> at least. shot of the morning high school soccer game in colorado. the office of player had straight for the goal when he ran into the goalie, front flip and makes it. >> wait a minute. >> on his feet, scores the goal . >> oh, my gosh. from an athlete standpoint, that goalie is thinking he's
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when the player comes close you think i'm getting a need to the head or something but to be able to anticipate flip at full speed. he's running full speed the lab -- last second he gathers himself in 20 years down the road he shows what daddy did. >> it might look great but he was offsides so the goal doesn't count. >> that do >> they say, sorry, i give it a 10. >> you have to. >> he stuck the landing and he followed through. >> usa gymnastics should give him a call it soccer is not in his future. ahead on 12 today, mtv -- mtv gave him four minutes and he gave a music video what did kanye deliver during his free
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photograph we like to take even more than one of ourselves. you are watching 12 today.
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for two gunmen after shooting outside of a bar. >> temperatures are on pace to shoot higher today but low humidity will be a factor exclusive coming up. >> an average woman does this two or three times of the day the answer to the juicy question minutes away. >> no makeup, no problem the newest addition to the voice, alicia keys sticking to her about to play her face. details in the morning juice and bandwagon. >> i love that. no kidding. >> she looks great. welcome to 12 today on this money, hope you're having a great start if you're headed out, it's gorgeous, krystle . >> it really is a lovely looking day. we have wall-to-wall sunshine and look at it now. it's really bright, beautiful out there and there is just something about the air have you noticed the in the morning. a little tease that fall is not that far off and we have the
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the sunrise is underway right now and we are starting to see the dial go up so to speak officially beginning at 6:01 and 6:57 the sun what said tonight beautiful 7% of the moon visible which means a story night is expected a new moon on the first of next month. this is any indication of what is to come. 5 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday in phoenix, 7 degrees warmer than this same and here we go. off to the races, 90s by 10:00, tracking into triple digits by 1:00 and we could max out at 1:04 today which granted seems warmer than double digits we enjoyed of the weekend but it's actually average for this time of year. here's a nice part for today, thinking positive, the h it's
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what you get. what the reading is you can certainly take it at face value. >> we are looking at the entire valley right now and a few slow spots to talk about, i-10 eastbound at 35th avenue also if we get you out to the northwest valleys, this will be 101 heading east, 28 miles an hour for speeds around the curve , 75th avenue and this been a trouble spot throughout the morning, 60 westbound starting around mesa drive they were to go crashes in the area and we have after effects of that with speeds down to 13 miles an hour. both crashes have cleared that vehicles that have been jammed up because of it are now starting to slowly opened up so this is a look at 60 westbound and we unfortunately have wall- to-wall traffic want to make it past that you get on the i-10 westbound and it looks like
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phoenix. the total commute here not bad at all, 13 minutes from the 101 to 7 street. matt? >> two people brush to the hospital after shooting early this morning and a suspect is still on the run from police. brian west is live near bethany home road the top story. >> reporter: still very active investigation into the honey you can see detectives, they had been taken pictures and there's evidence markers we see on the ground in the pain this morning outside a bar near 60 street bethany home road there was some sort of a fight and that's when a gun was pulled in phoenix police tell us two people with an shot one in the lower leg and the other in the upper leg, both of them were transported to the hospital in phoenix police say there are two suspects that are still at large and we do know the suspect took off north shortly after the shooting. that live there is a jeep that is a cross the street and we
6:33 am
phoenix police asking us to ask you the avenue information on the two suspect you are urged to call them or silent witness 40 -- 480 witness bethany home road brian west 12 today we expect new information in a notorious case dubbed the septic tank murders. team 12 nico santos with the top story. >> reporter: we are expecting to learn more than hours about the gruesome murders investigators found body parts hence the name in the body -- septic tank we will hear from the sheriff into what happened exactly specifically about a suspect that the sheriff's office identified in two of the murders. dismembered remains were found from one of the victims in a desert wash back in 2009 near casagrande. second set of dismembered remains was also found in a septic tank on a property, both
6:34 am
the disappearance of two men back in 2008 from a west phoenix home and since then investigators have linked this to a very violent, mexican drug gang. where expecting to learn more. compensate for 10:00 this morning will have the latest with 12 today. in florence nico santos 12 today checking the headlines. attempted kidnapping ending with a car crash near 54th avenue g allegedly tried to kidnap a saw the woman and she was able to escape in the woman and her boyfriend been allegedly chased the suspect in a separate car and the suspect vehicle was traveling more than 80 month in order crashed in to the big rapids the driver in two of the passengers were taken into custody in the victim and her boyfriend were also detained by police for short-term. one person dead after crash near gilbert in mesa. the driver who was speeding swerved and hit another car which slammed into the wall of the circle k and the driver and
6:35 am
to the hospital in the passenger died. police say the driver of the speeding car was impaired. impairment believed to be a factor in this deadly bicycle crash from saturday night . police a 25-year-old man writing near 43rd avenue, bethany home road was hit by a car later.. the driver of the car was arrested on dui charges. and with the morning juice. >> all the juice from the mtv video music awards. it lasted long. this trending before the show started. on the red carpet, the newest addition to the voice alicia keys showed up wearing not a single drop of make up. sticking to her about to go make a free. she made that thou in a letter written in may was something no makeup controlled her entire outlook. the controls are no more. she's getting plenty of support on social media for her choice. catch alicia keys on the new season of the boy september 19 wearing no makeup
6:36 am
before we do that i'm going to talk. >> did the crowd have a choice 4 minutes that's how long kanye west spoke as he permit is new video. highlights, of course, he talked about taylor swift touched on gun violence in chicago, shared some of and praised his wife kim kardashian for her support. boy, four minutes felt like 40. [laughter] who is counting. mtv, whatever. let's get to your second just a question of the day. the average woman will do this to call to three times -- 2 to 3 times per day.
6:37 am
woman. >> i think it's checked the mirror. >> not a clue. >> here we go let's see it. [laughter] is that all? i was thinking in my mind nag. >> complain about men. how is jimmy q's picture not they are >> i just complain about the one in the center. >> above average women 4-5 times per day? i have to be more. >> nothing to complain about. >> i love stephen. >> in katy selection. >> krystle tram, i think you
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ahead on 12 today money-saving monday and we are putting dollars back in your top -- pocket it took to make it happen in just 2 minutes. >> i think they wanted to show me laughing hysterically at the answer to that. it should be so much higher. i bet the kiddos are heading to the bus stop. it's not a problem for them to wait a little bit. it's nice and cool. temperatures in the ballpark of and it looks like the day is going to shape up to be a warm one. more on the forecast. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think it's a good thing. it brings awareness. everybody knows what is going on in the sheds more light on it. >> not apologizing or backing down. we discussed 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick decision not to stand for the national anthem in the morning mix.
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welcome back to 12 today live look at sky harbor airport with its 83 degrees in the time is 6:42. it's time for another money- saving monday tip in this one can be found under your hood. change out your card air filter. the clean air filter can improve gas mileage by up to 7%. not bad. said you more than 10 dollars for every -- 10 -- $100 filters cost $10. time for the morning mix and if you are on social media this weekend, you probably saw the story. it's grating a lot of national attention. san francisco 49ers qb colin kaepernick is refusing to stand during the national anthem. he is being criticized for sitting during the national anthem before a preseason game last saturday and he says he is
6:43 am
he called it a good thing. and he says he will stay seated during the anthem until there is change when it comes to racial oppression in the west and he is not apologizing. >> it brings awareness. everybody knows what is going on in the sheds more light on it. now i think people are really talking about it, having conversations about how to make change and what is really going on in this country and we can move forward. >> so kaepernick went on to make it a his stance has nothing to do with the military. i was reading one of his ex- teammates boom with the vikings, he was very offended by this, very upset about it because his brother is a marine and he thought that is such a disservice and so disrespectful to all the people in the military. he is saying it's nothing against the military. >> free speech aside, there is a person and you can do what
6:44 am
so many times athletes, entertainers do too much trying to get into this type of arena not doing it the right way. if you want to do something right, thing about lebron james, his new show where he is taking businesses into that neighborhoods. if you want to make a point of something that is what you do. you do not do this. you stand up, honor the flag because there is good and bad but that is life. in other words, your parents treated you well, sometimes they didn't treat you we the same for them in regards for standing up with him -- for them. of course you with the bottom line, for me, i think he needs to stick up -- take a step back apply yourself in a better way your message means more than what you are doing. >> good point. boone gets what is try to do but there's a ton of place for it. i wonder in this day and age when people are coming out and
6:45 am
feel and everything like that with this -- with this instigate other place to maybe do the same? >> for me, when he used the word oppression have to take a step back because if we were in oppression we would not have a black and hispanic people on the spring court would not have had a black person, would not have black gm's. you cannot keep saying that. bottom line is, we have a problem within the communities and it doesn't my opinion it's a matter of community if you want to make a difference get into the community start the grass root changes that that level otherwise it will never change. >> there's a lot of talk not a lot of action. that's what players have anti- gun violence campaign going out you see it on tv but that is the end of it. you so carmelo anthony, lebron james at the espys and lebron does great things in cleveland but what else have you heard since the speech? nothing. to be fair, there are some
6:46 am
talking about colin kaepernick on twitter and facebook but the emergency of the reaction online has not been good even current, former nfl players are weighing in on both sides of that. let us know facebook, twitter what you think . >> use # be on 12. >> jen, checking out the roads because it's heating up. >> we have had a couple issues throughout the morning so right now we will start of a look at the entire valley. we will show you what it looks like in a second, i 10 eabo phoenix, speed drop drastically to 10 miles an hour and i 17 southbound through northern through about 26 miles an hour and 60 westbound, usually does not too slowdown yet but brought the morning we've had a couple crashes there so speeds down to 14 miles an hour. here's what i've been talking about, i can eastbound, 83rd avenue, wall-to-wall traffic again from the hov lane to where you enter the interstate.
6:47 am
show you 101 east, 75th avenue to scottsdale road in the yellow zone and hitting speed of 40 miles an hour. live drive, i 10 eastbound hitting in from the west valley to 75th avenue 14 minutes and even slower want to get through 51st avenue, pushing into phoenix and all in all looking at drive time of 40 minutes and only averaging 20 miles an hour from the loop 101 to 7 street spots. this is exclusive at 12 news and we see it on the 17 southbound, 10 eastbound. krystle , how was your monday weather shaping up? >> i thought we would start with 7-day spoiler alert what we have on the 7-day coming up. a big plus not one day, not one high temperature is above 105. how about that.
6:48 am
the day has come and gone and we have nothing but positive thoughts from here on out. in fact let's keep this positive spirit. the favorite graphic with good reason look at this good stuff 13 days away, 13 short days to the cards hope over 24 days to the first official day of fall and if you are counting to when we are not tracking temperatures in double digits but 80s, 46 days away and 87 days until thanksgiving. if you're counting down wh hands of 2016, 32 days away -- monsoon 2016, 32 days away. time is ticking and one meter does not have a lot of steam today we expect that, zilch, zero in the way of storms one for northern arizona, where the and on the lowest of the total pool for the state if we do see storms pop it will be an exception more than the norm and confined to the eastern part of the state. watch what happens here in the
6:49 am
monsoon meter in the valley, one midweek, number two thursday, 1 friday and we will tweak the numbers in the days ahead as we see things unfold with the atmosphere but this is the initials that is what we think will happen. high-pressure willing to boost for the next couple of days, editing falls into place and we get the monsoon pattern back in action doing its thing we will see the storms pop here and there across the state five mid- to-late week. for the high country today, 76 what a gem of a day, 77 tuesday and wednesday keep your ears perked for storms, 20% chance the next couple of days and again a big boost in storm chances later on this week. here's the seven-day forecast and as promised, not one day is above 105, loving that in the chance for storms, tram. >> krystle , thank you. video of incredible lighting out of ohio, heavy rain turning into raging rivers tops of cars barely visible in
6:50 am
similar story down the road in cincinnati. you can see waves crashing across a busy intersection in parts of i-70 one were also shut down because of high water. >> hillary clinton rolling out of company is a plan to address millions of americans coping with mental illness. her campaign has released its approach to mental health and that insuring americans were no longer separate mental health from physical health intensive care and quality of treatment. republican presidential nominee donald trump says he is illegal immigration. he tweeted that he will deliver the speech in arizona adding big crowds looking for a larger venue. transposition on whether or not to deport an estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally has been unclear in recent days. arizona secretary state michele wright is at the new system for voting results will be implemented primary election night. offices technology team has launched an enhanced website to showboating returns
6:51 am
says in the same at the page will affect statewide results in real-time and 12 news gearing up for the arizona primary will have a two-minute results from the moment the polls closed until the last races called. our coverage kicks off 7 pm. if you have a drone in the air the faa says you better keep your eye on the sky numerals on unmanned drones officially start this morning among some of the new regulations wait and the 55 pounds, tommy sections and you can only fly a drone during daylight hours and it must day in the pilot misappropriating singer and songwriter one gabrielle has died. he was a super star writing and performing valley's about love and heartbreak and catching marriott teachings. no details have been released about his death is only 66 years old. pro wrestling been saying goodbye to manager mr. fuji that he passed away yesterday at the age of 82.
6:52 am
hall of fame in 2007. weekend box office, don't breathe easily wins making $20 million but jay taylor given 4. says the movie is worth your time. >> only a budget of $10 million. >> a new study that shows kids who only play one sport more likely to get injured and to burn out. report also says kids need to diversify and do not 6:52, final check of the weather and traffic for heading out to start your day next on 12 today.
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asino during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! let's check your traffic with valley, 60 westbound around gilbert road the crash blocking the middle lane. it's been a mess and it's been moved to the side. speeds are slower. the rest of the valley if you come in from the west, surprise, didier, 14 miles an hour to get close to downtown phoenix 17 southbound is slowing in 202 santan into phoenix, 25 miles an hour.
6:56 am
unfolding and if you have time and about to eat cheerios enjoy them on the patio it's nice. 82 currently in phoenix and sedona 64 pason 64 pason 6441 flagstaff -- 64, pason, 41 flagstaff. looks like the mercury will be climbing higher than the date of the weekend 14. temperatures do not vary much or low temperatures in the next seven days so we get to enjoy the nice, seasonable temperatures and look at that, storms by mid-to-late week. as you know we live in a healthy world but americans favor taking photos that they are not in. 55% say favorite type of photo to take his scenery or landscape photos.
6:57 am
americans prefer candid shots to post photos more than 2 to 1. >> who wants to admit they like to take selfies. >> i am horrible at health this. >> i take pictures of other things. >> that's when you ask someone to take it. that was the take away from me diversify sports into your child's life rather than focusing on one so i will sign up for ballet, dance, soccer, karate, flag football i will be broke. >> you will drive all over town. >> i know. >> krystle the fact i stumped you all on the weather, it was humid air is actually less dense than dry air.
6:58 am
women complain about men? >> i do not believe it. >> i will not comment. >> i'm going back to the obvious, stuck on an island and maybe they find you and you will -- we will send somebody. >> maybe you should buy a lottery ticket. >> earbuds, i'm guilty of blasting music. maybe in 20 years i will not love so much. >> michael phelps was listening to you. a big hip-hop fan he made a face before the big race. >> he talked about it at the vmas last night. >> should have had a bigger story. speaking of phelps he will be on the today show. >> see in 25
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good morning. breaking news. good morning. breaking news, panic at l.a.x., all from a false alarm. passengers run on to the tarmac after mistaken reports of an active shooter. chaos, confusion and massive delays. it slow your travels today? we're there live. bracing for the storm. hurricane gaston gains strength in the atlantic as a separate system moves toward florida and a new concern that all that water could make the zika outbreak worse. just seconds to spare. a police officer puts his life on the line to save a stranger in the path of an oncoming train.


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