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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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right here this is the proof in this is the evidence and that is the case. we are the protectors. that is our job. we do not walk in fear of these criminals. our job is to protect our communities and to say, this kind of vicious crime cannot go unanswered in the state of arizona. >> reporter: the main suspect has been previously arrested and deported for drug trafficking charges. if you have any information contact the pinal county sheriff's office. my child matters. all these children matter. >> emotions running high a gun at buckeye union -- are running high again. it is at buckeye union high school. family and friends of the student at the center of the debate are rallying to support her.
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protesters hoping that hit will subside. >> we're fired up and we cannot take it no more. >> reporter: that is the message that she has and her other classmates had as they walked out of class. the girl was sent home after wearing a black lives matter t- shirt. it violates the school policy. since then her daughter and others have faced racial intimidation. there were racial slurs. >> reporter: cheyenne mcneal felt the mood change last week. >> i get a lot of dirty looks. >> reporter: the tension on campus goes well beyond one student wardrobe choice and needs to be addressed by the administration. >> is the way it was handled
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policy. >> they are not out here saying we do not want to go to school, we want to be treated fairly in school and be protected in school.>> reporter: william pitts , 12 news. now to the other hot headlines, up first, new information on a bicyclist killed. thomas butler is the man that was killed. police say that a car hit the 35-year-old. investigators think that the driver was impaired. authorities have arrested the driver for dui, cited and released them. a family is trying to deal with the fire that force them out of their home. firefighters tell us that a bad ventilation that may have been the culprit.
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police have very few clues to go on. call police if you have seen him, you can remain anonymous by calling silent witness. tonight, people across arizona and america are remembering gene wilder. he was the actor that starred in classic comedies. he died at the age of 83 years old. he died of alzheimer's complications. >> reporter: he had frizzy hair and impeccable comic timing. he is the one of the gifted actors of his generation.>> under the right circumstances. >> reporter: he teamed with the legendary, mel brooks, blazing saddles. >> look at that.
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and.>> reporter: -- i shoot with this hand. >> >> reporter: a stage actor initially he adapted to the silver screen and could hold his own with the standup comedian, richard pryor. offscreen, his life was marred by heartbreak, he married hilda rather and originally casted saturday night she died two years after they were married from ovarian cancer. he never stopped making movies and never stopped trying to make people laugh. >> you will see much more on his life and career ahead on nbc nightly news coming your way and 25 minutes. developing new details, right now, decision
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his rally at the phoenix convention center on wednesday. it will happen at the west building at 7 pm. the doors will open up at 3 pm. he will make a key speech on immigration. and the campaign manager tells us that mike pence will be there. we will bring you complete coverage of his appearance. right now, we are less than 13 hours away from the polls opening up across arizona for the primary election. you will be voting on the candidates for one of the us seat in the u.s. senate, and a congressional candidate representing your district. the polls close at 7 pm. a lot of people have voted by mail. with arizona voters worrying about the safety of the ballot, but there are russian actors that could be breaking into the database. care is brahm resnik. is our personal information safe?
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says it is. you have to wonder, this happened over the summer in arizona and also in illinois. fbi was so alarmed it sent bulletin to election officials. a russian hacker is suspected in the attack in the arizona database. a door was opened when the username and password of of -- of an employee, that employee had access to the database. they did not get your motor but security experts is that voter databases are under constant attack by hackers. >> there is always some kind of background, random programs, trying to do whatever they can. there are people that do not know what they're doing but have enough security knowledge to be dangerous. they go in there and try things. then you have your advanced threats that will be very patient and wait months to try to get information.
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what the state is doing to build a stronger wall around your voter information. >> is there anything right now that we can do as voters? >> not really, it is up to the states. it is like your bank information. it is up to our bank to protect that. the cyber security expert says he feels safer with his bank information about his voter information. there is more work to right, the right to vote. that is terrorism. >> we do not want the hackers to win. coming up at 6 pm will have more on what michele reagan is doing to protect the voter information. 12 news is gearing up for the primary numeracy up-to-the- minute results when the polls close on we will have police numbers
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and beyond if needed. now to the arizona cardinals, one player is out for the year when another tries to bounce back. bruce cooper is on the road. used in scottsdale at the dominick's restaurant. you know i like -- he is in scottsdale. he is at dominick's restaurant. >> reporter: you ha steak? what kind of sides are you talking? >> medium well. what was the next session? -- what was the next question? >> sides? >> the deadline for all nfl teams to prepare the roster from 90 to 75 players is 1 pm tomorrow local time.
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mike jenkins, he tore the acl of his left knee during yesterday's loss to the texans. obviously, he is out for the year, the cardinals signed a 10 year to compete for the starting spot opposite patrick peterson. all of that has gone out of the window. this is obviously a blow to the cardinals in that regard, the cardinals will likely look to see if they can find an adequate replacement. had a chance to be our starter. he was battling through, it was one of those noncontact injuries. >> there was some good news on the injury front, the player was in uniform at practice today. bruce arians gave us an update regarding brown's situation.
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whole time. you hate to see it linger this long. you do not know what is causing it. whether it is the concussion, medicine, or what ever it is. you up to have -- he has had two headache free days. hopefully, we can exercise that . >> all right, we're keeping our fingers crossed for john brown, larry fitzgerald and his teammates are expected to show upat >> what am i, chopped liver? >> you know what, i got you. trust me, you like your steak burnt. >> i do. >> have them burn it and send me some steak fries. it is money-saving monday, ways to save on your car loan. pilots accuse a getting
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fly. students return to classes only on 12 news, record their setting in the reason why. new shows and movies coming to netflix in a matter of days. tonight on 12 news. a gun lock that cannot be tracked or unlocked, only you can unlock it. the controversial technology that only you can see. that is tonight on
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it is a start of the new week and is also money-saving monday. we want you to keep more of
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>> if you are stuck with a carla with a high interest rate. know how much your -- if you are stuck with a high interest rate car loan. know how much your car is worth. you can refinance your rate. >> goshen eight -- negotiate your loan terms. you will pay more now but save money over time. >> pine lake, do not be afraid -- finally, do not be afr -- to sell your car. many see the flagstaff university as the states smaller school. >> each year, the camp it's gets crowded and there is a record-breaking student body here is monique griego. >> reporter: as the students packed the buses they may find things more crowded.
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consistency, we expect that to continue to grow. >> she says that it had another big milestone. >> reporter: it hit. >> five or six years, it's almost a decade. >> reporter: the freshman class size has continued to increase. officials say that these increases showed that university's dedication to its students. >> it speaks to our reputation around the state. we may be growing but we have that connection with our students. >> reporter: as the embers go up so do the caliber of students. >> were not lowering our standards but it's about getting quality students -- we are not lowering our standards but it's about educating our students. >> reporter: current construction will bring a new facility to the campus.
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externally but internally they can do what they can do to be a good student in the faculty as well.>> yes. we are here in the 12 news weather center. i got up saturday morning and it felt like fall. >> we had 90s over the weekend. >> take a look at the almanac, we are far from 105 degrees that is the high temperature today. it was 1 degree above the average for this time of year. the record high was 113 degrees. that happened in 2009. most of us are staying near the triple digits. 16 over in glendale, -- 106 degrees in glendale. gilbert 108 degrees. it may be a little bit on the
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conditions across the valley. the majority of the state, not much happening. we have clouds building up over here but here is that monsoon moisture is, is way off to the east. is going into west texas, mexico, colorado, that is where we are finding those heavy rains. however, here in arizona we will find that monsoon moisture coming back in. take a look at future cast, not showing much chances fo but as we head into thursday, get that green as that monsoon moisture was back in. that will raise our storm chances at the time. tonight, across the valley, the temperatures will dip down to pretty comfortable, tomorrow will be a warm day, warm in phoenix, lots of 70s in flagstaff, 80s along the rim, there's a quick look at the seven-day forecast sky you will see, we will keep this
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chances wednesday, thursday, and that we will dry out for the weekend. i am live outside dominick's steakhouse in scottsdale. were getting set for the eighth annual -- we are getting ready for the eighth annual larry fitzgerald supper club. let's face it, the cardinals have not look too good at all through the first preseason games, but there's something about yesterday's game, was the dress rehearsal for the regular-season. cameron cox is in houston. >> reporter: nothing cute about this one. thank goodness, is the preseason, but the cardinals offense looked average, five turnovers better now than when it counts. >> sure, you could look at it like that, like i said, i like where we are as a group. >> reporter: there were flashes
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the cornerback, a little rusty in his first game back. >> i'm not 100%. have a little ways to go. it does -- certain things that will bother me a little bit. still, i do not want to use that as an excuse, you know, to give place, that is not something i want to do. >> it was good to see robert on the field, it was not perfect, -- >> itel doing what i do. >> reporter: how do you judge three preseason losses? >> we have a lot of work to do. that is on both sides of the ball. >> we will be ready for this season opener. >> we are back at 6 pm. we will send it back to you. 12 news at 5 pm.
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pilots accused of being drunk. we will have the latest on that. the top shows coming to
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new information tonight on these two united airlines pilots accused of trying to play while drunk. we are getting our first look at them. you can see them here looking here and there walking out of court. they are being charged with being under the influence of alcohol from glasgow to newark international. united has removed the pilots from the service and of flying duties. new at 5 pm. we're tracking the new seasons. contenting to talk the tail. shameless, you can catch up on the third season of the blacklist that's before it premieres next month here on 12 news. and then footloose is coming to
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>> as far as what is leaving, the color purple, days of thunder, the lander. -- zoo lander. and nobody loves raymond anymore. 12 news at 5 pm is in just
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coming up at 6 pm, what does your building history have to do with your personal information? >> hackers may have personal voter records. we will talk to people in charge if i know what you should know. new numbers find the average household has $40,000 of debt. >> there are some strategies that you can use to make paying that down more manageable. news at 10 pm. that will do it for 12 news at 5 pm. thank you, everyone. we will see you back here on 12 news at 6 pm. thank you. you are watching 12 news,
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tonight, shockwaves as hillary clinton's closest aid huma abedin announces she's separating from her husband anthony wiener as he's caught up in another sexting scandal. responds with accusations about clinton. airport chaos. all out panic and a near stampede amid widespread rumors of an active shooter, first jfk and now l.a.x. what's going on? bracing for impact. florida on high alert as the tropical threat closes in. too little, too late. a surprise move from the pharma giant over the cost of a life saving medicine, why critics say it's not nearly enough. and a beloved


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