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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa, caribe, and coop starts now. >> tracking the big picture tonight. prein technology. 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick says he won't stand for the national anthem. the valley's own american ninja warrior. we reveal the three steps you can take to live a debt- free life tonight on 12 news at 10:00. our big story at 10:00 tonight. a controversy swirling around a big nfl star who took a stand
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national anthem to protest racial injustice in america. >> critics have pounced especially on social media but 49er's colin kaepernick has a lot of people jumping to his defense. kevin kennedy is in the live alert center with how arizona coaches and leaders are reacting to this. >> we didn't talk to hundreds of people but we did talk with more an a dozen and of those people we found that unconditional outrage or disappointment seemed to have a lot to do with the color of your skin. >> walk inside mrs. white's golden rule cafe and no shortage of honest opinions. >> i was born in '60 when three black guys held their firsts up when they won gold. >> years later colin kaepernick
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>> they can do what they want to do. if you want to sit during the national anthem, you sit during it. if you want to stand. stand for it. i've always stood for my flag and country. >> jeff simpson grew up in phoenix and he's seen racism firsthand. gene is his step -- jean is his stepdaughter. >> white children have told they're ager religion -- allergic to her. >> he understands the issue that kaepernick is raising but not the manner it was delivered. >> the problem is there. but we don't talk about the problem. we get into our opposites talking about the controversy. >> on football fields all across the country it's a topic players and coaches are talking about. >> i think that we've had a lot of great men and women die for our country to give us that choice.
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important including the one that belongs to the state's black lives matter president. >> i believe he is a patriot. he's standing up for his rights. >> standing up by sitting. colin kaepernick exercised his rights as a citizen. >> you can't on the one hand say we have rights and then try to oppress someone for exercising those very same rights. >> back at golden rule? everyone has equal rights. >> now the rev rand toeldz me out-- rev rand told me the out- - rever rand told me the outrage is why people are talking about this. i'm live in the information center kevin kennedy 12 news at 10:00. >> coop coop joins us now -- bruce cooper joins us now.
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disrespectful at all. smat i admire the stand -- smaft i admire -- as a matter of fact i admire the stand he's taking. there are more people outraged over this man not standing at the national anthem than our outraged over the lives that have been lost. people whose lives have been killed furry or outrage -- furry or out-- fury or outrage. >> too much blood has been shed on soil for the men and women of our armed forces for me to say that it's wrong. my take is that i think that if you play for a professional sports team and you put on that jersey of the 49ers.
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represents not only one person but it reflects on an entire organization. >> mark, couldn't i say that about you? i mean you work for channel 12. so does that mean that anyone who works for any organization can't protest? >> no that's not one i'm saying. there's a difference in a team and an organization. he's wearing a uniform. >> you're wearing a suit and tie. >> he also says that he can't support a cou what says america more than the nfl on sunday? he's happy to take that paycheck every week, coop. >> he is sacrificing his paycheck for this cause. he was asked today what if you get cut for this cause. he says this is bigger than me. i'm representing a voice to those people out there who don't have a voice. i respect what he's saying.
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write a check. put his money where his mouth is. >> look mark, we are where we are despite so many other people having done what you just talked about and nothing's been done. a lot of voices are being -- >> i will say this, he has every right to do what he does. i don't agree with it. you do. but that's what america is all about. god bless america. caribe? so the state tonight. a bullhead city man accused of frying to kill his 2- week--- trying to kill his 2- week-old daughter. kowan told police she fell off the couch and then changed the story and said he tripped and dropped her. the parents didn't get immediate treatment for the girl's head injury for about
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had a fractured school and brain hemorrhage. students staged a walkout today after a sophomore was sent home for wearing a black lives matter t-shirt. they say it was against the dress code policy. it's official. trump is coming to the valley on wednesday. the presidential nol nominee -- tonight. doors open at 3:00 and tickets are available on the campaign's website. he tweeted that he'd be talking about illegal immigration. his running mate indiana governor zachary penton will be there. hillary clinton is -- mic zachary penton will be there. >> hillary clinton is still ahead in the polls but her lead has decreased from earlier this month. the poll shows the democratic
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when it comes to registered voter a poll released had her at 12 points over him. remember arizona's primary day is tomorrow p one of the hot races we're following is the maricopa sheriff's race. arpaio facing one of the toughest fights yet. our coverage begins at 7:00 on minute vote totals. then join us on 12 news at 10:00 for results in all of the races. now to a story you'll only see on 12 news tonight. smart gun technology. >> you may have heard of activating a weapon with a wristband to ensure the right person uses it. >> but what about tech that goes inside of you? >> his office is a garage.
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bunker. and the careful surgical mrament of electronics. his company dangerous things has worked on bio hacking for years. think of it as mod fiing the -- modifying the human body with electronic. he has two in his hands. >> this is something that's going to grow as applications become unrelevant. >> it can unlock his computers and car. and now something el his gunment. >> i can present the implant and then. just like that. >> just like that his tiny implant activates the gun. it's the -- it's a controversial technology. started by a desire to keep his gun safe. he says it can't be hacked or fracked and if you're not -- tracked and if you're not a fan, it's not for you. >> since his invention went
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death threats and nasty emails. it's why he asked us to simply say what county he livers in. but the idea -- lives in. but the idea of biohacking goes beyond that. >> this got rid of the keys. this is going after the wallet. a bigger implant act as his barng. it's encrypted. he is betting that it mainstream. >> we see ourselves as our minds and the body is a cool sport utility vehicle for the world around us. >> now to some of the most severe weather stories happening around the world tonight. 11 years ago today hurricane katrina made landfall. the strong category three hurricane brought sustained winds of more than 125 miles for hour. it flooded thousands of homes in the region.
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deadliest storms to ever hit the united states. more than 1200 people died. katrina left behind an estimated $75 billion worth of damages in new orleans, louisiana and along the gulf -- mississippi gulf coast coast. pennsylvania getting slammed tonight. a state of emergency has been put in place 50 miles south of pittsburgh. as a safety precaution a nightlc declared. some of the most shocking video of the night. more than 300 wild rain deer killed by -- reign deer killed -- reindeer killed in norway. a jumble of car cases -- kashg cases spread across a field. this has been one of the
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comedian gene wilder. his utter genius in young frankenstein and other mel brooks movies. he died last night in connecticut krlt from complications -- -- connecticut from complications from alzheimer's disease. somewhere over thin took his last breath. the countless young children that would smile or call out to him saying there's willy wonka would have to then be exposed to an adult illness. he couldn't bear the idea of one less smile. he was 83. they're american ninja warriors from the valley.
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the three steps to living debt-free. big wigs in the sdral lee. why they -- valley. why they couldn't say no to this larry fit garld invitation.
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millions of people tune in to nbc every night to watch athletes jump, hang, an american ninja warrior channel chron. >> this -- champion. >> this show has become a phenomenon. one of the contenders tonight was from right here in the valley. what he did to get ready. >> as you can probably tell by how sweaty i am training for something like this gets your heart pumping and the
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they get there. so they come to a gym like this. >> it's like playing on the playground. >> a jungle gym for adults that's how he described train training. the gym located near pema and the loop 101 is where he trained to become a ninja chemist on american ninja warrior. >> i got the jo so they're telling their families i have an american ninja warrior teacher. >> hillsten and his partner adam rayl camped out for two weeks to get on the show. >> i knew if i got on the show i'd be able to make it to vegas. >> out of more than 80,000 to apply they got their chance. >> hillsten was the first to hit the course in tonight's episode. >> you have family out there, friends out there.
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was worried about but it was the log drop that did him in. >> my grip gave out and i ping ed off into the water. >> he can't help feeling a little disappointed. i wanted to win, but everyone wants to win. >> his eyes set on next year when he hopes to come back better than ever. adam rayl will be competing next week. reporting from scottsdale. >> thanks. we're ten days away from the paraolympic games in rio. they're drumming up support with a marketing hing cam pap. they say -- campaign. they say the -- marketing campaign. they say all the empty seats
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trying to change. feldz on the today -- michael phelps on the today show this morning and talked about the scandal surrounding ryan lochte. >> it's hard to see a friends and competitor to go through a hard time like this. i know what it feels like. i've been through it before. hopefully he can come out of this a better person. i reached out to him a couple times, and you know, i think he understands a lot. and he will be able to lochte and three teammates landed in hot water after telling authorities in rio they'd been robbed at gunpoint. lochte later admitted he'd embellished the story. let's talk football. busy day for larry fitzgerald after a late afternoon practice he hustles over to dominic's stake house for his eighth
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all the proceeds going to charity. a who's who of guests there including you. >> i don't know about that. but fits was dumbfounded by the fact that you like your steaks overcooked or burnt. >> he said you don't know how to enjoy a good steak. >> i love a good steak. thank you for bringing me one. and caribe. >> yeah. i got a lot of flak for that. john sally. robert savre and deven booker. former nfl standoutseth jordan and they were there to support fits because they couldn't tell him no. >> i look at larry and his career and i look at the great things he's done and he asked me to come support him. how do you tell him no? first of all he's an nfl
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recognizable sports icon in this city. >> i don't think anybody turns larry down. i don't think anybody he asks will turn him down. >> it was last year, i had a bunch of fun and i was like if you want me back next yearbook it now. >> first of all i'm a big fan. i got to know larry over the last ten years and i have a lot of respect for him and who he is. paying respect to him and what he does. >> larry is we're always there for larry. for all the guys. everybody's got a great event for a great cause. and the more causes we can help in our community the better we are as a community. >> now i didn't bring the steaks back but i understand, chef larry's working it. he's working it. >> how so? i hear mark's stomach grumbling. >> i didn't go to dinner
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>> chef larry is busy. >> we're hungry we haven't eaten. what a great event. >> i can't imagine a better ambassador for a sport's franchise than larry fitzgerald. >> a community guy always doing things for community that loves him so much. guys we've got not too much weather to talk about locally. but we could see the storms chances on the increase. let's talk about today and the so back in the 100s after some nice 90s at the end of last week and the weekend. continue to see 100s stick around. tonight we have quiet conditions all across the state. so definitely a little break there in our monsoon action. tomorrow, though, seeing things crank up again for the white mountains thunderstorms there. possibly in northern arizona and the grand canyon.
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southwest dry. lots of shooin to wake up tomorrow and sunshine to finish off the afternoon. until we get to wednesday. more moisture starts to move in as we head into thursday. thursday could be fairly active for a majority of the day in the valley. a two on the monsoon meter. expecting a couple of storms on wednesday and even thursday. 62 in prescott. 71 for the overnight low in stafford. tomorrow high temperatures in the 70s from show low to flagstaff. se doe that 88 -- se go that 88 -- sedona 88. parker 110. gila bend 99. and 105 here in phoenix. going to come down a little bit in the temperatures as the moisture increases through thursday.
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the weekend sunshine and high temperatures slightly below average. that's your seven-day forecast. we'll be right back after the break. 12 sports is sponsored by
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley hyundai dealers. >> all right well that's the music and that's the graphic. it can only mean one thing. it's time for the coopies and your host needs no introduction. coop i feel like it's a star- studded red carpet tonight. >> i was out in scottsdale and they had a red carpet. i should have brought it right i long with me. >> yeah sure. >> the coopie awards are only for the best. let's start by giving a coopie to this young lady for bravery. yes standing in a hallway with
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oh mercy the long snapper on the football team rockets a ball straight towards her head. he's good all right but he knocks the apple off her head and she didn't flinch at all despite being a snap away from reconstructed facial surgery. i'm telling you she deserves it. rodriguez playing the role of if an emmy isn't in his future he can say he got a coopie. and to these guys who rallied to pull out win number one. let's hear it coach goody. >> west warriors ate them up. this is the mighty warriors eat them up.
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about. and finally a coopie to jordan spieth who agreed to give an autograph to a fan and the only prop that fan had was a bottle of beer. he signed the bottle of beer. jordan spieth you're the man. mark, caribe, i love it. >> money saving monday. and we want to help you keep more of that hard-earned cash in your wallet. >> three steps to living a debt- equation. set up, for example, autopay on as many bills as you can so you don't have to think about it. it will keep you from spending cash elsewhere. >> put surprise cash towards debt. immediately apply those unexpected funds to your debt. >> and third use the debt snowball method. line them up from smallest to largest.
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the smallest first and keep paying the minimum required on the other debts. >> once the first is paid off move on. don't go away. jimmy is up next poking some fun at olympic gold medallist ryan lochte. our shot of the day right after
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you're all so great and talented i couldn't choose. i couldn't tell you even if there was a gun to my head. >> jimmy fallon poking fun at ryan lochte. he came strutting out as ryan lochte to present the video of the year. i want you to check out michael phelps' reaction. you can see him say oh my god. >> after he nailed the laughs jimmy jetted off tweeting this photo with the caption thank you v-maz for having me. dying my -- dyeing my hair back for tomorrow's show. >> i wasn't sure if it was a wig. >> i thought it was his hair. same style and everything. >> apparently so. . >> 12 news is always on. >> we'll see you right back
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin bacon, meghan trainor,


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