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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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donald trump plans to deliver his biggest speech yet on illegal immigration and he won't be alone. the political heavyweights who will be in the audience. plus results are still coming in in the primary. ice cream, you scream. mike tyson screams and what he does, you better handed over. welcome to 12 today. let's check your forecast. skies and clear conditions. weather kid wednesday is coming up. red skies by morning, sailors take warning. we have only a 20% chance that we can get rocked with a 2 on the monsoon meter. it just means we won't have complete coverage. once you move up to eight and
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strong. 85 degrees right now. 55 is your dew point. the webcam toward the high country, clear skies. monsoon meter is a 2. we have a 4 for southeast arizona. it is looking quiet across a region. we have a tropical depression which could become a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico later on today. 105 degrees today. official rush-hour. 17 southbound around the durango curve moving pretty good. you will see that highlighted in orange and yellow. on the 10 eastbound, a long line. 10 westbound will be lighting up in yellow and orange. let's break down the here and
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from the 3032 downtown. speech dropping into the 20s from the 101 to the stack, 20 minutes. on the 17 southbound, 60 westbound. 16 minutes. traffic is zooming by a. speech dropping into the 40s on the stock. a dot wants to begin construction on the south mountain freeway but the fight is far from over. jen wahl in project. >> reporter: this is where the proposed southbound freeway is said to get bigger beginning at the 10 where it hits the 202. the plan will connect i-10 from phoenix to chama to part of south mountain. the community is valid to do everything it can to stop the freeway from being built. the council will appeal the court decision for the construction of the freeway near tribal lands.
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construction. u.s. district court ruling the arizona department of transportation and federal highway administration completed all steps to move forward but the community and coalition of environmental and community groups will appeal. the groups filed lawsuits to halt expansion. they were denied. the community is trying to get an injunction. they say the new freeway violates law and will violate adding the agencies are not fulfilling duties to protect the health and welfare of tribal members, environment and public. construction of the freeway could begin as early as next month. officials say they do expect it to open in late 2019 as long as all goes according to plan. live in phoenix, john wall, 12 today. illegal immigration is a major hot button topic of decision 2016.
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nico santos is live downtown with the latest. >> reporter: today is his focus but it has been the concept or idea about kickstarting his campaign to run for president. today specifically the entire world is waiting for donald trump to speak about his plan on illegal immigration at the phoenix convention center. he is set to speak at 6 o'clock tonight but not before heading to mexico. that detail was revealed late governor doug ducey will be giving opening remarks and sheriff will be speaking tonight. the trump campaign and the mexican president has confirmed the meeting tonight. trumped -- trump famously pointed to build a wall has been very criticized. late last night trump's
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hillary clinton has no plan to stop it. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. and i will be talking about that tomorrow night in arizona. big speech on immigration. we will be talking about that. arizona. tomorrow night. >> reporter: you can expect that here tonight at the convention center talking about le about those specifics and we will have full coverage tonight at 6 o'clock. most of the results from yesterday's primary are in and you will be seeing familiar names. senator john mccain one his reelection bid over former state senator kelli ward. he moves on to face patrick ran who ran unopposed. sheriff joe arpaio also won his
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republican rivals. he moves on to what could be his toughest general election yet. sheriff will face former police sergeant paul rent-to-own this november. sheriff won the primary but the states first congressional district helen purcell's races calls for call. for fall election coverage and a list of all results, head to flits across the state of flying half staff in honor of navajo police officer killed yesterday. officer frank was on his way to a call when the crash happened. all hands on deck 43-year- old vanessa pereira who was hit by a police officer while she ran to an ice cream truck. a fundraiser was held. a restaurant gave all tips directly to her family. they say vanessa is still in a medically induced coma.
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engine plane is doing okay. that plane had to make a hard landing yesterday. the landing gear did not work, so the plane skidded to a stop. they were two emergency vehicle standing by. parks in florida are trying to calm fears over the zika virus. walt disney world will give out free mosquito repellent to guests. all hotel rooms will also have bug spray. universal, sea world, busch gardens and adventure island are also offering transmitted cases near miami and tampa. take a look at this. caught on camera. a coast guard rescue near card -- cape cod. they hoisted the fisherman up and took him to the hospital. close encounter caught on camera. a woman says she was sitting in her garage playing games on her phone when she looked up right into a bear's eyes. she was so
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breath. she was scared to yell for help or move, so she just started recording it on her cell phone and texted her son a picture with the bear with a message, help me. matt thinks this is fake. >> look at the way he is walking. his back legs are not spending. >> maybe he was injured. >> so a bear gets up in your face and you take a picture? played it smart. >> and took a video and a picture. >> you are not moving a lot when you are taking a picture. last friday marked the 30th anniversary of one of the most notorious murder cases. robert chambers pleading guilty on killing jennifer chambers and was dubbed the preppie killer. >> chambers was sentenced to 14 years behind bars for
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he claims she died doing what he described as consensual rough sex. kerry sanders spoke exclusively with the victim's mother, ellen levin who remains determined to keep her daughter's memory alive . >> reporter: did you ever get an apology? >> no. >> reporter: do you still want one? >> no >> whatever he would say, you would say? >> i wouldn't believe anything he would say. as far as i doesn't exist. >> you can watch the full story later today at 7:00. still ahead on 12 today, the newest bachelorette revealed. this one shocked fans, even rachel. why nick viall hopes the fourth time is a charm, right? it is weather kid wednesday. we are ready to rock 'n roll with our weather kid.
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weight loss wednesday and we have three drinks you will want to pour if you are looking to shed a few pounds. today is back into minutes. in football going for two can be risky. in pizza? it's a sure thing. now get two medium two toppings pizzas for just $6.99 each. that's right just $6.99 each. ingredients. better pizza.
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good wednesday morning. welcome back to 12 today. it is a gorgeous start to the day. 86 degrees right now. jimmy will talk about the threat of storms in a minute. morning juice. we have the bachelor first. iron mike tyson has a sweet tooth. when it strikes, you better get out of the way. according to employees at a ben & jerry's, the former heavyweight champion helped himself to some ice cream. one employee says tyson told him, i feel like having some ice cream and he just took it,
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do? fight him? the worker reported it in his representative said there was a misunderstanding and mike has now paid. again, as an employee, what are you going to do? there will be plenty of women fighting for this guy.the newest 'bachelor' will be nick viall. does he look familiar? it is not on our network but we will be watching this for the fourth time. this will be number four. he has been in two seasons of the bachelorette and one season of the ever so popular and classy bachelor in paradise. he says he is very excited get a little nervous. as for what he likes in his leading lady, confidence and someone who will just say yes when he asks them to marry him. that is really it. that you have it. let's get to your juicy question of the morning. the average american spent 20
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day searching for this. here is a hint. right now many people who are watching us are not doing this, but they will be doing it later this afternoon and evening. >> i love that guests of searching for something to watch on tv. >> i have even done that on netflix. >> that could take two hours. >> my husband says, i give up. >> i still think, cell phones, keys. >> every day? >> that is a lot of time wasted. >> it is also 20 to 30 minutes. what does traffic look like? >> maybe they are looking for a better route to work? i don't know. we don't have any crashes that
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doing its thing. all of the commotion is in the valley eastbound on the 10. starting out on the 101 from 75th avenue, it will take around six minutes. we have been seeing this fluctuate. it is 11 minutes from 51st avenue to the stack then tack on several more minutes downtown. here and now as it shakes out, long orange solid line. is really slow. 23 minutes for that drive. these numbers have been fluctuating. give yourself at least 25 minutes. now, about 45 minutes from now. speeds dropping into the teens on the 10. 20s for the 17. 30s westbound and around it o'clock more of the same.
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getting you into the 20s. 32 miles per hour on the 101 eastbound and in the teens on the 10 eastbound. it is that time. it is weather kid wednesday. come on him, rachel. this is rachel from the small town of chandler in the valley. what school do go to? >> santana elementary. >> miss king. i want to give her a shout out because today is her birthday. >> happy birthday, miss king. you have a wonderful hobby. what do you do with dresses? >> eyes so with my grandma and i am an artist. >> what type of art you do? >> i bake and paint. >> that is so wonderful. now, you do weather. you can add that to your
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>> right now it is 85 outside. >> here comes the sun. beautiful. what can we expect? >> weekends -- we can expect developing storms. >> we have hurricanes to talk about >> a hurricane is where a bunch of water gathers up and splashes down on something. >> absolutely. very good. here is what we're looking at we have storms out in honolulu and hurricane madeline and lester which could pose for a big threat for the hawaiian islands. clear skies and beautiful conditions. temperatures toward the north, 66, mason. 85, phoenix. sagrada, 84. tuscon, 79. monsoon meter is a two. 34 northern arizona.
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scattered storms and activity to the south. new mexico is getting their fair share of monsoon for today. midwest has a couple of light storms and tropical depression developing in the south. a big impact for tampa bay, florida, plan to city, jacksonville. we have today than 30 days in september before i and done. 104, casagrande. 105, phoenix. 90, glow. 89, sedona. 7-day forecast. what can we expect? >> we can expect developing storms. >> we do clear out by saturday and by sunday. you have raised a wonderful daughter. so many more years to go and
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>> great job, rachel. six -- 6:19 am is the time. >> these are drinks that can help you lose weight. let's begin with coffee. sometimes you hear good things, sometimes bad. if you drink it bath -- black you can juice up your gym sessions. >> next icewater. the magazine says downing three, 24 ounce glasses of ice water every day can help you burn up to an extra hundred calories. what does that add up to? >> 10 pounds per year expect know what is, 24 times 3? >> it is all because your body uses more energy to warm that
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>> women's health says people who drink 4 cups of green tea every day for two months lost six more pounds than those who didn't. it is also loaded with antioxidants and helps you get an energy boost. >> i am good on all two of those three. i have to work on the water. >> it takes time to drink up to that. it is not easy going from 8 ounces a day up to 72. still up to league pitcher takes a line drive right off his calf muscle . also, the biggest tennis stars in the world. we are wondering who has won the most u.s. open tennis titles? three people are tied for this. take a guests. the answer to our 12 today trivia is coming up and 12
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great shot of a plane taking off in sky harbor. it to 6:24 am. it is time for your 12 today trivia question. the u.s. open tennis tournament is going on in new york. who has won the most u.s. open titles? there are three people who are tied with having five titles.
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>> i was going to say, martina navratilova. >> she is good but not one of these. jimmy connors, sampras and roger federer. federate has one his all in the role. he cannot break that this year after recovering from surgery on his knee. >> jimmy connors, another good sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. this major leaguer maybe both. check this out. it is one of the wildest baseball plays you will ever see. zach mcallister got an assist from his calf muscle last night when minnesota's kurt suzuki hit one up the middle and hit him in the leg. over his shoulder, makes the
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out. >> it never hits the ground. >> fabulous. >> the tribe are onto something. >> i want to see the bruise on his leg. >> no kidding. more trouble for popstar chris brown. the latest on the charges he is facing at 6:30 am. >> reporter: major immigration. we will be hearing from him tonight in downtown phoenix,
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coming your way today. millions watch and wait to see what donald trump for illegal immigrants. a live report on his biggest speech yet. plus, taking a break farook -- fans support her as she walks away from her career for depression. on weight loss wednesday, i give you a model. why get rid of this?
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warmer in the winter. >> i like it. >> there are a lot of pluses. we need to start with the forecast. jimmy is here to talk about that. >> yesterday we had a storm activity. it will reverend up again today. and probably for the rest of the work week. outside we have read skies all around the valley. typical for this time of year. 55 for the dew point. winds at about 3 miles per hour. 46 for flagstaff which is lovely. outside increasing sunshine. later on today the storms pop 2 for the valley. 6 for the valley.
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decision to allow construction of the south mountain freeway. tribal officials said the project will desecrate lands held sacred for centuries. construction could start next month with a 22 mile freeway projected to open by late 2019 and connect by 10 in chama and levine. let's get a quick look at your traffic. >> we have trouble on the 10 with several cars tangled together. only one lane will get you which is the hov lane. can you imagine the delays? this happened minutes ago and we are seeing a mile or two of backup. if headed westbound on the 10, maybe take the 101 then take mcdowell until you pass avondale boulevard then you can hop back on. it is having an effect on the opposite lane. eastbound has long lines and once you are past that, you hit
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the way downtown because of rush hour. we are starting to see slow spots all over. 41 minutes on the 10 eastbound speeds into the 30s. 50s on the 17. 101 eastbound averaging 42 miles per hour in 25 minutes for that drive. the biggest worry in the country today will be right here in the valley. donald trump is about to make a major speech on immigration niko santos is live downtown. >> reporter: this is going to be his fifth stop in the valley since announcing his presidency. it is supposed to be a little bit different. today he will be at the phoenix convention center in the west building. it is all eyes on him in hopes of an outline of an immigration plan that he plans to use if elected. last night in seattle, trump
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immigration today. here as well will be governor doug ducey and sheriff arpaio. trump made illegal immigration the focus of his campaign since the beginning. that includes his plans to build a wall and to make mexico pay for it. lately the republican presidential nominee suggested he could back all slightly. some of his fans who are already in line are willing to accept a compromise. the rnc. before he gets to arizona, he will be in mexico city meeting with the mexican president. trump has been under fire including the mexican governor about the estimated 11 million immigrants in the u.s. without proper documents. he says we have to do something to protect our children. >> it is getting worse. it is getting horrific.
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drugs pouring across the border that most have never even heard of. we have to stop the drugs from poisoning our youth and their community. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is also sounding off about his visit to mexico saying trump has insinuated mexicans are criminals and he wants to deport millions of them. clinton says what's matters is what he has said to the voters. o'clock. trump is set to take the stage at 6 o'clock. in phoenix, niko santos. it is a big surprise for many as county recorder could be gone soon. helen purcell is held the office for nearly 30 years but is on the brink of defeat after the voting disaster. the votes are close. the final result may not be known until friday. senator john mccain has also served for nearly 3
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faces off off against ann kirkpatrick. joe arpaio is facing the general election where he faces bullpen zone. paul w has won the republican nomination for the first congressional district. he is trying to make a jump to washington and says congress need something like him because he is a fighter. >> as a sh i up. we need leaders who act and perform not just make speeches. people know we have had the largest drug bust in the history of our state. we have been very successful. i have stood up on a number of issues. >> for full election coverage, head to let's get another check of your hot headlines. fbi director james comey says he takes potential election
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this comes after russian hackers allegedly targeted state election systems. he also states widespread corruption is also making it difficult to detect security crimes. participation by the president in the environmental summit with regards to lake tahoe environment with has been threatened by water quality, droughts and erosion. he then will travel to hawaii to discuss conservation systems. making it the first american airline with regularly scheduled flights to cuba. jetblue was approved for round- trip flights to cuba. u.s. law still prohibits tourists travel to cuba. family visit, journalist visits and educational activities are approved. let's talk about the morning juice.
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we're talking about models. they are cashing in big time. forbes released the list of highest paid supermodels. topping the list, giselle. $30.5 million. i know what you might be thinking. didn't she retired? she did but got smart. she is cashing in on her own laundry and skincare lines. number two, fellow brazilian and stable adriana leah raked in $10.5 million. speaking of supermodels, new moms may hate seeing this. this ref ale who posted this picture to her instagram just three weeks after giving birth showing off a very toned booty. sports illustrated swimsuit model welcomed her first child on august 11.
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i look forward to that. in 10 years. the average american will spend 20 to 30 minutes searching for this. >> men are more likely to do this than women. what do you think it is before we reveal the answer? i love this answer from oscar. to all of these juicy questions. >> you are just supposed to guess. don't cheap. >> are we ready for the answer? >> do we have the answer? >> looking for love? >> we are looking for the
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>> something to watch. >> if that is so me. i get lost sometimes. 20 to 30 minutes? >> i have done that on netflix. >> between that and facebook you wonder where the time goes. still ahead on 12 today, she is taking a break to do with personal issues. selena gomez is walking away right as her career is peaking. what singer chris brown allegedly did that got him arrested. coming up. >> i am not a chris brown fan.
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it is obvious this morning . don't listen to chris brown. good morning to you. welcome back to 12 today. it is time for your morning mix. we begin with more legal trouble for singer chris brown.
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at his home in la for assault with a deadly weapon. a woman called 911 claiming brown pointed a gun at her. brown posted several videos on social media claiming his innocence. he was convicted for a 2009 assault of his then girlfriend, rihanna. are you surprised? >> i think there is more to this story. apparently the woman who went to his house wanted to go over so she could appear in one of his music videos. i there and she was accused of stealing stuff. >> is that a reason to pull out a gun? >> of course not. however, the legitimacy of who this woman is and her sanity -- >> that don't let her in your home. >> they were looking at jewelry in the kitchen then she complemented on across. who knows what happened.
6:44 am
morrow believes, he is very talented. incredibly talented. i remember one time he did a michael jackson tribute. he is so good at what he does but he is just played. >> how many times do you say, i'm sorry. you bite concert tickets, cds, for a celebrity who is >> his 8000+ square foot home has security cameras. i am curious to see if those cameras caught what happen. more trouble this morning for another singer. selena gomez is taking time off to do with anxiety, depression and panic attacks that stem from lupus that she has come
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>> this is really sad. a number of celebrities surprisingly suffer from lupus. about 1.5 million americans have lupus, but you don't hear much about it until a celebrity comes forward. nick hammond also has come out saying he has had lupus. toni braxton, as well. a lot of side effects people don't realize. good for her for taking time off and bringing awareness. said the, when you have lupus, no two cases are alike. it is very individual. a lot of times it is misdiagnosed. >> i think she finally has a good team behind her saying she needs to step back and get away from all of this. >> especially in the limelight as much as she is. let's check your traffic. >> this is a hazmat situation on the 10 westbound at avondale
6:46 am
we have several vehicles involved blocking all lanes. there is a car upside down. there is a jackknifed semi truck leaking fuel all over the freeway here. major delays. very scary situation. we have fuel spilling out all over. you will want to avoid it. only the hov line will get you by. make sure you are on mcdowell take that westbound. then you can hop on the freeway at dysart dodging that backup it is also having the same effect on the opposite side with everybody looking over. once you get past that, you are hitting the brakes. there's a lot of company between the 101 and the stack
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every freeway is slowing down by rush-hour right now. 20s on the 10. 40s on the 17th southbound. 21 minutes from queen creek to downtown. 75th avenue to scottsdale, 30 minutes. severe weather alert in hawaii. the big island under a hurricane warning as hurricane marilyn churns in the specific -- pacific. peop a number of hurricanes are brewing. jimmy? >> we have a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico which could turn to a tropical storm later on today. pretty active of course our neck of the woods. this is madeleine almost falling apart. that could be good news.
6:48 am
behind it is lester. here at home, no major problems. to date later on we could see a couple of storms. two for the valley. 6, white mountains. 3, northern arizona. 2 means certain storms could rock phoenix. 105 degrees, developing storms and average temperatures. great skies. these storms up a lot of dust and air quality goes down. humid with light wind. no major concerns. this is the radar in flagstaff, tuscon, phoenix is looking quiet. the monsoon is active across southeast, new mexico, carlsbad, roz well. upper midwest, kansas city, which atop light -- wichita
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the system is coming off the carolina coast moving off and weakening. you can see tampa with heavy showers and storms coming in ahead of a system. this is tropical depression nine. we have tropical storm warnings and hurricane warnings up and down the gulf of mexico from plant city toward miami in jacksonville. our monsoon, only we start to dry out. the chance of storms for the end of the work week shows up. let's get a check of your heart headlines. severe weather threatening florida's gulf coast. hurricane and tropical storm watches have been issued along the gulf coast as tropical
6:50 am
the state. heavy rains are expected to start today through tomorrow. streets in yards turned into rivers in central illinois. this was the scene in morton where about four this was the scene in morton where about 4 inches of rain fell. roads flooded when the storm drains overflowed. 11 are dead after a typhoon hit japan. nine were discovered in a nursing home. that powerful storm collapsing at least two rivers. hi made landfall in that area since 1951. a fast-moving brush fire in southern california prompted evacuations in the city of manning. 200 homes have been evacuated. the so-called bogard fire started yesterday and quickly spread in the drought stricken area. the fire is your percent contained. donald trump will be crossing the border today to meet with the president of mexico.
6:51 am
delivers a speech on illegal immigration at the phoenix convention center. pundits are calling this a possible campaign defining speech. also taking the stage will be mike pence, rudy giuliani, governor doug ducey and sheriff joe arpaio. 12 news will have reporters at that event. hillary clinton phase of the battleground state of ohio addressing the ameri clinton is also expected to state trump would walk away from allies, undermined our values, insult our military. the protest of the national anthem is apparently winning support from some military veterans on twitter. the number one trending #in the country this morning is veterans for her neck -- the
6:52 am
was sparked by sitting instead of standing during the star- spangled banner. he is protesting what he describes as oppression of the mont tardy's -- minorities in the u.s. some say it was insulting to veterans. he says he will continue his protest tomorrow. cell phones are distracting for everyone. even more so for kids. researchers say while crossing the street on the phone, reaction was down but children are the most effective. experts say cell phone safety should be back of back to school operations. stew mark google is working on plans to start a pilot carpooling program letting drivers connect with fellow commuters. it is a way to make fares low enough to compete with uber or lyft. we have a date for when
6:53 am
for good. the ride will shut down on january 2. the ride will eventually come back as a guardians of the galaxy themed attraction. a lot of people are upset. >> i love the tower of terror. >> it is an oldie but goodie. we have a final check of your weather and traffic, next
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if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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welcome back to 12 today. it is 6:56 am. traffic looks like it is moving along nicely but that is not the case in the west valley. >> it is a mess. avoid 10 westbound near avondale boulevard. we have several miles backed up. several vehicles got into a crash. a semi is jackknifed with fuel all over the freeway. hazmat is on scene. a car is upside down. van buren past this using dysart to hop on the 10 westbound. someone has car problems on the 10 eastbound to the right. additional backup on top of the usual rush-hour.
6:57 am
red. 30s for the 10, westbound. same for the 202 sand him -- santan. we have a 20% chance of showers. there is a 20% chance for thursday, friday and we dry out saturday. >> my final take away? so adorable. i loved her. she did such a great job. >> i love that. it is the mark of heading toward the weekend. my take away? i will think about it. >> i don't know chris brown. i would love to be a flight on the wall with this meeting with
6:58 am
the amount of time we spend flipping through channels, we can watch a whole 30 minute show. >> you can watch 12 news whenever. the entire country is going to be watching us today. donald trump is in phoenix. the first person showed up at 5:30 am to get in line. don't read about lupus because it is every symptom you have. i wish her the best. 12 news is always on and your favorite social media apps. matt lauer is literally on fire on the today show but it is for a science experiment.
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good morning, crossing t good morning, crossing the border. donald trump announces a surprise trip to mexico for a private conversation with the mexican president on the same day he's set to make a major speech on immigration. reversal? we'll ask his campaign manager live. in the path. a major storm in the gulf strengthens overnight as tens of millions in florida brace for winds and flooding. we're tracking it live. stars stand off. chris brown out on bail on weapons charges after a stalemate with police that


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