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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00, tracking the big picture tonight. >> we're ready to big story. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> trump finally reveals the details of his long awaited immigration plan. >> not everyone happy about trump's visit to the valley. >> passionate opinions from both supporters and protesters alike. >> plus, how did this man allegedly run a dangerous drug cartel from inside one of arizona's prisons. >> we'll reveal how the feds finally caught onto his operation.
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the high price forcing some to buy the lifesaving drug online, but could it prove deadly? >> emotions still running high tonight, hours after republican presidential nominee donald trump landed in phoenix and delivered a firey speech on immigration. >> his supporters coming face- to-face with protesters on the streets of phoenix as cops rushed in to control the situation. >> while on stage, trump standed as tough as ever on his stance to build a wall. and the crowd went crazy. >> up first, team 12 political insider brahm resnik joins us with the three major takeaways from his speech. >> reporter: not much new here. tonight, he put it all together in a sweeping 10 point immigration policy speech that
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deportation. donald trump's plan to end illegal immigration starts where it always has. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> reporter: just hours after meeting with mexico's president, trump again stuck him with the bill. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: the republican presidential nominee is also putting on notice the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> but unlike this administration, no one will be enforcement. >> reporter: that would include the millions of dreamers who president obama has shielded from deportation through executive action. >> we will immediately terminate president obama's two illegal executive amnesties. >> reporter: trump's first priority was booting out the 2 millionen documented immigrants who commit crimes. >> we will begin moving them
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office, day one. >> reporter: we didn't hear anything about the deportation round ups trump has mentioned in the past, but he will also hire 5,000 more border patrol agents. he dared the media to report on hillary clinton's immigration plan. brahm resnik, 12 news. >> the shouting on stage carried into the trump's speech. >> arizona is very passionate about whether or not donald trump should be the next president. >> live from downtown phoenix, with what many who came out will remember the most about tonight. >> reporter: hey guys, things got heated between those who support trump and those who don't. chanting and drumming. echoing throughout the streets. >> i really don't care about what trump is doing with the mexican president.
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mind. >> reporter: one of many making her voice heard in opposition of donald trump. >> we've got to make sure that voting isn't enough all the time, we have to make sure we make noise and we're out on the streets. >> reporter: that's just what a couple hundred people decided to do. >> let elected officials, or those who are running for office know that there's people paying attention. people, not against the people. he is a racist. >> reporter: onlookers in support of trump thinking differently. >> i don't know why she would think that way. >> as a hispanic voter, i think that it's great that he took the initiative to go there, and i think that he shows people that he's not all close minded.
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immigration. >> we came over here legally, and i think it's important that, even though there are people that do cross over the border illegally, we still want them to have an opportunity too. maybe step in line like everyone else. >> we love this country so much, and i love seeing his excitement and love for this country. >> reporter: definitely passionate opinions on all sides. for now, we are downtown phoenix, tricia hendrix, 12 news at 10:00. >> we didn't discuss that. we didn't discuss who pays for the wall. we didn't discuss. >> before arriving in phoenix, trump made a stop in mexico city. he told reporters he and mexican president enrique pena nieto discussed building a wall along the border, but didn't discuss who would pay for it. but in a tweet tonight, the mexican president said at the beginning of his conversation
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wall. tonight, hillary clinton attacked trump for his drop in visit to mexico. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. >> as trump was grabbing the spotlight south of the border, clinton was trying to win over veterans at home, arguing to the american legion is wrong for the military. >> i completely reject anyone, including my opponent, who calls the american military, and i quote, a disaster. >> her pitch to veterans coming as her favorability opinions to fall. a new poll shows more americans than ever view her unfavorably. among women, her favorability is down 9 points. our other big story tonight at 10:00, the monsoon sweeping
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storms began to brew just to the east of apache junction. here's a live look now. you can see from our web came, over the downtown phoenix area, it's a little on the breezy side. so far, we haven't seen any rainfall quite yet. if we look over at the satellite radar, you can see that moisture is definitely starting to move in from the east. here, just a short time ago, we did have one pretty decent shower develop over the laveen area. south of i-17, and moving its way there to the west. very heavy, but of course the winds could be gusting up a little bit as well. we're going to get a little bit of a closer look, it's mainly north there of the south mountain area. over to the east valley, we have one quick shower that popped up over mesa. now it looks like it's expanding a little more. nothing too heavy. gusty winds outside of that. also santan valley. all of that is moving off to the west there, highway 87 with a little lightning as well.
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storms throughout the night. even as we head into tomorrow, your full seven-day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. mark back to you. a convicted drug dealer busted again for distributing meth here in phoenix. you won't believe where he was operating his business from. team 12's kevin kennedy was the only reporter to dea and get all the details. >> they bust him, lock him up, and then, well they learn a year later he is still doing business from inside prison, and detention officers had no idea. the winslow state prison. certainly not where you would expect a convicted criminal to be running his drug business. but luis alfonzo fernandez did. >> he wants to maintain control
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>> reporter: busted for drug trafficking in 2014, a year later, learning he was using smuggled cell phones to contact meth suppliers and buyers. >> he's able to call that guy in mexico and get that guy to deliver dope to his brother. >> reporter: his brother operated out of this phoenix apartment. a confidential informant topped off phoenix working with dea agents, the informant would call felix hernandez. his brother would deliver the meth. the deals would often take place in this grocery store parking lot. >> criminals are ingenious. they will do whatever they can to continue their criminal enterprise. >> reporter: the street value upwards of $125,000. >> is it disheartening that a guy can go in and be sentenced
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move 100 pounds of methamphetamine a month? yeah, i think that's problematic for all of us. >> reporter: roughly 500 cell phones were confiscated in state prisons in the past year. we wanted to know how felix hernandez could continue it for two months. we received this statement. doc did bust him once for a phone, but somehow he managed to keep getting them, and he's not the this x-ray, unrelated to the felix hernandez case shows the extreme measures prisoners would take. he can look forward to another 20 years in prison. the dea says they're not certain who was supplying felix hernandez with those phones, but believe he had access to many. a doc spokesperson says they could not speak directly about
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by their investigators. >> it's crazy, kevin thanks. two former tucson reporters pleaded guilty to endangerment after traces of cocaine were found in their baby's system. >> they now face up to two years in prison. according to court documents, they took their 4-month-old daughter to the hospital in may when she wouldn't wake up. they described her condition as being like a rag doll. >> breastfed the child 12 hours after snorting cocaine at a house party. a 2-year-old boy is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. sky 12 flew over the home near 39th avenue in peoria. police say it looks like the child took the gun from a drawer and fired it. he is expected to survive. we have new details of 0 story you saw last night, involving snake sightings in scottsdale.
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coming face-to-face with a 7- foot boa constrictor. now scottsdale fire says that snake and two others who got out are back with their owner. apparently there was a breach in his enclosure, and that's how the snakes managed to slither away. no, i have nothing, i only have my children and my pets. >> a mom turns the table on a phone scammer, and what happens at the end of the call will leave you speechless. >> plus, sky high prices on the epipen. now they're showing up places like craigslist, but is it safe? >> and the latest diets celebs swear by. the top five unusual ways hollywood starlets try to shed pounds. >> hey guys, the kids from
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12 news at 10:00 continues right now. epipens being sold online to combat skyrocketing prices. they look great but do these strange celebrity diets work for you? and how this woman fought back against scammers. we're on weather watch. hurricane madeline has weakened still carries winds between 74 and 94 miles per hour. it's expected to pass dangerously close to the big island. right behind madeline is hurricane lester which may hit hawaii over the weekend. lester is currently a category 4 hurricane with winds over 130 miles per hour. people on all the islands are buying up sandbags, batteries, and bottled water as fast as they can. hurricane madeline could bring anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of
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folks who live on florida's gulf coast are preparing as well, as tropical storm hermine continues to move closer to the sunshine state. hermine is expected to be near hurricane strength when it makes land fall tomorrow night. as much as 10 inches of rain could fall there. developing right now, the outcry over the steep $600 price tag for the epipen has created an online black market for the drug, where sellers are but this is one bargain that everyone should pass on. >> reporter: this purchase could be a deadly one according to a valley doctor who said buying medication from anyone other than a medical profession is taking a huge risk. >> it only takes a few clicks and less than a minute to find craigslist sellers in the valley offering epipens for a discount. >> so $200 is what you're asking right?
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seller who claims he just wants to help out someone who can't afford the drug, and posted a transporter for sale. >> i'm going get it to someone who needs it. >> reporter: whether it's out of kindness or the need to make some extra cash, there's a big problem. selling any kind of prescription drug to another person is illegal. a physician first of all is fraud. >> reporter: the bottom line is, if the meds don't come from a pharmacist, you can't guarantee what's inside them. our seller claimed the product was safe. >> they're completely sealed, and they haven't been opened or anything? >> yeah, they've been opened they had to show us how to give a demonstration. >> reporter: but dr. carol says
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save some cash. >> maybe this didn't come from the united states. maybe it's a chinese mock up. maybe it's something that was already used. >> reporter: dr. carol said the seller could face criminal charges if the user were to have any kind of complications or die from taking that medication. in the newsroom, 12 news at 10:00. okay, thank you so much, charlie. well, it's weight loss wednesday and tonight, we're looking at the 5 weirdest weight loss tricks celebrities pretty weird. we got these off of shape magazine's website, and they're definitely different. >> up first beyonce. in 2006, she limited herself to an all liquid diet of cayenne lemon water on the master cleanse. she did that to get ready for her role in dream girls. >> marilyn monroe supposedly started her day with two raw
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for dinner have liver, steak, or lamb, followed by five carrots. >> jessica alba admitted she used a corset to get her pre- baby body back. she wore a double corset day and night for three months. >> what does that do? >> it tightens you. >> black swan actress natalie portman lost 20 pounds by carrots. >> forget eating like a caveman. madonna supposedly followed the werewolf or lunar diet, which consists timing your diet according to the phases of the moon. apparently you can lose 6 pounds in one 24 hour period on this diet. that sounds crazy. >> what does a moon have? what does a corset have? >> the corset i get.
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not permanently i don't think. they all do make you look good. >> of course. let's get a live look of the downtown area. you can see it looks pretty quiet outside there. we have seen the winds pick up a little bit. we do have gusts out there. right now, gusting at 29 miles an hour at phoenix sky harbor. at 26 miles an hour there in tempe. i would say those are two of the windiest spots. deer valley, at 25 miles per hour. though. we have some showers moving through the far south phoenix area, and also some moving into the east valley. so the radar does look a little bit overdone. it may not be everything green on here, actually touching the ground, but we do have some showers out there. east of highway 87. there's a wider view. you can see for the most part statewide, we're seeing things die down just a bit. we're going to show you what is
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we have now tropical storm and the gulf of mexico here that is pulling in lots of rainfall. you can see throughout portions of southern florida, fort myerers getting hit really hard. now that rain is settling down a bit. just off daytona beach. but hurricane warnings have been issued. these are out through saturday. so we're seeing a large population there being impacted by this, and we could see anywhere from about inches along the southeast coast of rainfall by the time this is said and done, and possibly 10 inches, as we head into the early morning hours of friday. take a look here at we look at hermine making her way up towards the coast in florida. this computer model showing that winds will be about 70 miles per hour, just a little bit there after landfall. sometime in the early morning hours of friday, and continuing
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here in arizona, our storm chances are going up. here in the valley, and down in southeast arizona, we're expecting to see at least a few isolated storms develop. a couple storms through friday, then we dry out for the weekend. all right. a week from this coming sunday, finally we kick off the season. cards and the patriots right here on channel 12. but first thing's first. we've got to get through this last preseason game of the year. coop, i of it without any injuries. >> no, no, no. talk about meaningless. >> these players don't want to play that game. >> tomorrow night's cardinals/broncos game is an absolute joke for everyone except for about a handful of players. bruce arias told us yesterday about 10 guys are fighting for the final 4 roster spots on the team. their performance will
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biggest part of it. we've got a lot of rusher spots left to get. so i'm looking for those guys. that's why everybody wants to say stop playing the fourth preseason game. those last guys on your roster, that's when they make the team. >> okay coach. meanwhile, just three days until the sun devils kick off their season beaten a pac-12 school in four of the last five seasons. >> we have a lot of respect for them and the job that they do. they're picked to be one of the best teams in the country in their division, and picked to be the best in their conference. they'll be highly motivated, and they'll be capable.
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impressive quarterback, but asu still doesn't have one. >> we'll find out a lot on saturday. is he fixed or can he be fixed? the mvp of the night answers
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welcome back, everybody.
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12 sports mvp of the night. coop, i hear that you're going to be eating some crow on this one. >> gee caribe, i don't know if i'd quite call it that, but i'm definitely changing my tune on this one a bit. look who's back on the diamondbacks roster. pitcher shelby miller who spent the last six weeks in the minors, trying to get his psychological, and mechanical issues fixed. i have been one of miller's harshest critics all season to him. he pitched a solid game today. 6 innings pitched, allowed only 2 runs and a walk with 3 strike outs. well done shelby miller, he's my mvp of the night, despite the giants 3-2 win. we all hate getting calls from scammers, they make us cringe when we look at the caller id, and you see one of
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mail she tried to take matters into her own hands. >> she made up this bogus story about why she couldn't give the guy any money, and what happens at the end of this call will leave you speechless. >> i have nothing, my husband took all of our money. he's in jail right now, because he had tax evasion, and now he's going to get me in trouble. >> it's not like that, misses, is there anything you >> no, i have nothing, i have only my children and my pets. now i'm by myself with our six children and i have no money. i don't even have $50. >> let me tell you one thing, no need to cry, but i'm telling you this is a scam and don't fall for it. somebody else will call for you, but make sure you don't fall for it okay? >> just once i would love to have one of these scammers admit it to me.
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woman to give him whatever money she had, as you can see, the scammer fessed up, and told her the whole thing was a scam. >> it's official, this lady is our new hero. don't go away. it's what everyone's going to be talking about at work tomorrow. this is a beautiful story.
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finally tonight, our shot of the day. this photo trending on social media. >> i love this story. it's florida state university's wide receiver travis rudolph eating lunch with little boy, h several football players went to the school. and when he saw bo eating alone, he asked if he could sit with him. >> he has autism and often sits alone. >> good for travis rudolph. >> when jimbo fisher and those guys went out for florida state, he will be the most popular player. >> 12 news is always on. >> you can get the latest news as it happens no matter where
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- david spade, the kids from


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