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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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donald trump makes what could be the biggest speech of his campaign -- right here in arizona.. right here in arizona.. and today.. his message is resignating around the world... you'll never guess which celebrity ate two raw eggs breakfast everyday.. that and four other weird diets -- celebs swear by... a photo of michael phelps' biggest fan will have you doing a double take.. why some people are saying he looks just like the swimmer.. that's in the morning juice. ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather weather???adlib weather ???adlib ???adlib weather weather weather weather???adlib weather time now for a check of your hot headlines.. it's sentencing day for a woman who ran over her boyfriend aftering finding out that he
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looking at a five to eight year prison sentence. the incident left her ex-boyfriend with a fractured vertebrae.. and staples in his head. and there's a court hearing this morning for a woman accused of killing her three sons. earlier this summer.. the bodies of octavia rogers' three sons were found in a closet. she then stabbed herself. rogers has pled not two burglary suspects are behind bars today.. after a swat team surrounded them at a home in avondale. alejandro orozco and leslie taylor were arrested near on investigators say they are tied to several burglaries in the west valley. two former tucson reporters have pleaded guilty after their baby was found with traces of cocaine in her system. 26-year-old krystin lisaius and her 42- year-old husband som.. are facing up to two years in prison. officials say they took their 4-month-old daughter to the hospital back in may.. when she wouldn't wake up. the child's mother later admited that she breast-fed the child 12 hours
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a two year old boy is recovering today - after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. sky 12 flew over the home near 39th avenue and peoria last night. police say it looks like the child took the gun from a drawer and fired it. he's expected to be okay. new details this morning.. on the multiple snake sightings in scottsdale.. this after.. scottsdale fire captured a seven foot long boa constrictor just the ot road and osborn. and that's not the first incident. officials say there have been two other exotic snake sightings. this morning.. the snakes' owner has been found.. apparently.. there was a breach in his enclosure.. and that's how the snakes managed to get away. and this morning.. state officials say they've fixed the problem that caused the arizona elections' website to go offline on primary day. arizona secretary of state --
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a major traffic causing a major traffic jam. the website locked out thousands of voters.. for about 47 minutes on tuesday night. reagan says the state's i-t department has developed a work-around if the problem comes up again. this morning.. donald trump is off to ohio for a campaign event. meantime.. he's not softening his stance on illegal immigration. he delivered a much anticipated talking tough as ever. team 12's jen wahl is outside the convention center where the republican presidential nominee kept saying that the border wall will be built... yes... donald trump not letting up on his immigration policy.that was certainly reiterated last night.the republican presidential nominee... stern... vows no
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undocumented migrants in the u-s. speaking to a fired up crowd... trump reiterating that the election is their last chance to put a hault to illegal immigration... lock down the border... and improve laws for united states citizens.some calling his stop in phoenix... possibly one of the most critical moments of his campaign for president so far.trump... re-so far. trump... re-uniting with conservative voters who have helped him get this far in his presidential campaign. this... instead of speaking to expansive group of americans. the campaign stump made just hours after visiting mexico city just hours after mexico's president insured the country would not pay for the border wall... trump declared the
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at a campaign event in ohio yesterday.. hilary clinton dismissed donald trump's visit to mexico.. as a "photo opt." clinton commented just hours before trump was scheduled to land in mexico city for his meeting with president enrique pena nieto. the democratic nominee charged that trump has tossed "insults and
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a year -- something that can't be fixed by a short visit. today... democratic presid clinton will make two more campaign stops in ohio. she will be joined by vice president joe biden. new polls shows she is has two-point national lead over donald trump. new this morning.. the deputy secretary of veterans affairs is in town. team 12's nico santos is outside the v-a medical center with a preview... he's expected to arrive her at around noon.we've been told that sloan gibson will visit the v-a medical center.... and
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employees and veterans who are receiving care. also while he is here.... deputy secretary gibson will recognize current phoenix v-a medical center director... deborah amdur on her retirement.amdur... has led the hospital for the past nine months and is leaving for medical reasons.v-a leadership has been unstable over the past two years... ever since that health-care crisis nationwide... was first exposed here was first nationwide... was first exposed here in the valley.the scandal became so bad... that even president obama made a director will be put in place until a permanent replacement can be found. there are over 80-thousand veterans enrolled in the phoenix v-a health care system. the 12 news watchdog team has brought you several nightmare stories about the care some of them received.our reporters will be out here this santos... 12 today celebrites try the strangest diets -- but they seem to work... still ahead on 12 today.. we've got 5 of the weirdest health
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michael phelps' number one fan -- is making a name for himself.. how he's inspiring thousands of people around the world.. 12 today is back in three minutes.
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it's throwback thursday here on 12 today. so we are showing you somof old pictures from the old pictures showing you so we are thursday here it's minutes.back in three 12 today is the world..people around thousands of inspiring how he's himself..a name for fan -- is making number one a name for himself.. inspiring people around the world..back in three
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###break### ###break### ###break### here on 12 today. so we are showing you some of our old pictures from the family album. this one is of our very own.. nico santos. all morning we are going to be embarrassing our staff and we want to see your pics too. sends us your throwback photos using the hashtag be-on-12.
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few of them throughout the newscast. not time for your 12 today health check... the high cost of the life-saving epipen has created a new market on craigslist... people are now selling them for a discounted price online after the cost of the drug drastically increased. but doctors say online purchases could turn out to be deadly. a local doctor adds that it's illegal for someone to sell their personal prescription drugs to another user... experts also say if the meds don't come from a pharmacist or doctor there's no telling what's actually in them. a new feminine product promises to relieve your menstrual cramps -- but you won't find this at any grocery store.. that's because it contains marijuana.. a
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foria says their tampons will not get you high.. but they will relax your muscles and get rid of any cramping or discomfort. the company sells other marijuana laced products for women. this morning.. we're looking at the 5 weirdest weight loss tricks celebs swear by! we got them -- off shape magazine's website. and they are definitely different.are definitely different. up first -- beyonce. in 2006 -- she limited herself to an all-liquid diet lemon water on the master cleanse -- to get ready for her role in dreamgirls. marilyn monroe supposedly started her day with two raw eggs whipped in warm milk. she skipped lunch. and then for dinner had broiled liver, steak, or lamb and five carrots.. followed by a hot-fudge sundae! jessica alba admitted she used a corset to get her pre-baby
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pregnancies. she says she wore a double corset day and night for three months! black swan actress natalie portman lost about 20 pounds to look like a "real ballerina" for her role in the flick -- by eating only "almonds and carrots." and forget eating like a caveman... madonna supposedly followed the werewolf -- or lunar diet -- which consists of timing your meals according to the phases of the moon. pounds in one 24-hour period on the diet. ???toss morning juice a fan of michael a fan of a fan of michael phelps.. who has autism -- has inspired thousands of people for a post he made to phelps' facebook
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levingston wrote earlier this month. the kansas man congratulated phelps after he came back from the olympics.. and outlines his own hopes and dreams... so here's what he said.. "i know you may not care to read this but you are one of my biggest idols and i've been following you for a very long time. right now, i am currently going to college and hoping to become the first person in my whole family to get a degree. i am also a swim competitor just like you and i'm hoping to swim in the olymus the kicker.. a lot of people are saying the fan even looks like michael phelps.. what do you think????adlib think????adlib by the way.. michael phelps has not yet responded to austin's post -- but we'll let you know if he does. now time for your juicy now time for your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey shows that
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four out of five married women will choose to give this to their husband within an hour after waking up. what is this? and a better question.. why do men need this? give us your answers all morning long.???adlib
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weather???adlib weather ?you? could ?you? could be the proud owner of one of these babies.. but you'll have to pay a pretty penny. that's just 20 minutes away. scientists think they've found the oldest fossil ever.. and it may have the answers to mysteries beyond this planet.. more 12 today is coming your way. ###break###
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let's get another check of your hot headlines.. for the first time.. a sitting president will guest-edit a magazine.. "wired" magazine announced this week that president obama will help edit their november issue. the theme such as personal.. local..national.. international.. and beyond. the science and technology magazine will hit newsstands nationwide on october 25-th. restoration work on the u- s capitol dome is nearly complete -- on time and under budget. the 2-year project is the 2-year project is expected to be ready ahead of january's presidential inauguration. work on the capitol dome included fixing thousands of cast-iron cracks. the project's authorized
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for the second time in two weeks.. u-s astronauts will walk in space. astronauts jeff williams and kate rubins will conduct a spacewalk today. they are among the crew of expedition 48 currently on board the international space station. this will be space station. this will be the 195th spacewalk from the i-s-s for maintenance and assembly. possibly the oldest fossil ever found on earth.. on mars. the fossil was discovered this week in greenland. scientists believe it dates back a staggering 3-point-7 billion years. if confirmed.. the date would support the theory that life took root in just a blink of an eye after the planet's birth. scientists say it could also make life on mars seem like less of a long shot. a big announcment today from the n-f-l.. which city will become the host of
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sound like a mouthful -- but people are lining up to get a bite. why? the answer - - coming up in your morning juice. 12 today is back in
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is it free speech or a disgrace?tonight... thousands of saluting veterans will ring colin kaepernick's national anthem protest justice must be served.make no doubt about it.... donald trump speaks in phoenix and vows to remove millions living in the u-s illegally calling all art could be the picasso of politics.this controversial piece... or donald trump without clothes... is going up for sale. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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