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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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is it free speech or a disgrace?tonight... thousands of saluting veterans will ring colin kaepernick's national anthem protest justice must be served.make no doubt about it.... donald trump speaks in phoenix and vows to remove millions living in the u-s illegally calling all art could be the picasso of politics.this controversial piece... or donald trump without clothes... is going up for sale. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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weather hot headlines coming your way today.sentencing is set for a woman who set for a sentencing is way today.coming your hot headlines weather hot headlines coming your way today.sentencing is set for a woman who ran over her boyfriend after finding out that he had h-i-v.we have learned that misty wilke is looking at a five to eight year prison sentence after the impact of the car -- the man was left with a fractured vertebrae, and staples in his head. a court hearing this morning for a woman accused of killing her three sons.earlier this summer... the bodies of octavia rogers' three sons were found in a closet.she then stabbed
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tonight... many will be watching preseason football... but not for football.the san diego chargers will honor our nation's military in a preseason game as they host the san francisco 49-ers.the game comes as controversy continues over 'niners quarterback colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem.... which he pledges to continue. an n-f-l official will join the mayor of philadelphia today for a special announcement.while the news believed the league will name the city as the host for the 20-17 n-f-l draft.the draft has been held in chicago for the past two years, after
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???adlib traffic today donald trump is off to ohio for a campaign event.but not before his major immigration speech.if anyone
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stance on immigration... they were 12's jen wahl is outside the convention center where the republican presidential nominee said that
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today... democratic presidential nominee hillary
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stops in ohio.she will be joined by vide president joe polls shows she is new polls shows she is has two-point national lead over donald trump. more politics this morning on the today show.senator tim kaine will be interviewed live to give his rebuttal to donald trump's immigration plan. new this morning... the deputy secretary of veterans affairs is in 12's nico santos is outside the v-a medical center with a preview... he's expected to arrive her at around noon.we've been told that sloan gibson will visit the v-a medical center.... and meet with leadership, employees and veterans who are receiving care. also while he is here.... deputy secretary gibson will recognize current phoenix v-a medical center director... deborah amdur on her retirement.amdur... has led the hospital for the past nine months and is leaving for medical reasons.v-a leadership
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past two years... ever since that health-care crisis nationwide... was first exposed here in the valley.the scandal became so bad... that even president obama made a visit.with the current director leaving... an interim director will be put in place until a permanent replacement can be found. there are over 80-thousand veterans enrolled in the phoenix v-a health care system. the 12 news watchdog team has brought you several nightmare stories about the care some of them received.our reporters will be out here this santos... 12 today time for your morning juice... and why not talk more about donald trump... how would you like to have donald trump... naked... in your living room.for ten thousand dollars or so... that dream could become a reality. remember these statues that popped up all over the country? one of these life sized naked trump statues are going up for
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thousand will be sold in octoberstatues popped up in l-a... san francisco, seattle, cleveland and new york.unfortunately this piece of art did not come to phoenix. if you like burgers and want to win $3,330... all you need to do is eat this massive burger faster than anyone else. wayback burgers' al return on september 18th. wayback - is a burger chain with locations in california and 25 other states. the contest is in its ninth year and this is no ordinary burger. its a nine-burger. its a nine-patty, 17- hundred-80-calorie hundred-80- calorie burger with nine slices of cheese, lettuce and tomatos. ?if you are interested - register online or if you are in california - walk into a participating walk into a participating wayback burgers restaurant on
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up. now time for your juicy question of the morning... a recent survey shows that four out of five married their husband within an hour after waking up. what is this? and a better question... why do men need this? give us your answers
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ahead on 12 today... a major blow for samsung.why the company's value drops billions of dollar after a single announcement. plus... getting high is on the rise.surveys show more americans than ever... are reaching for the reefer. ####break#### ####break#### ####break####
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quick check of your morning hot headlines... hundreds of brazilian anti- impeachment protesters smashed the windows of downtown business offices, some bank branches, and a police s-u-v in sao paulo last night. the protest over ousted jeel'-muh roo-sehf' impeachment began peacefully in the afternoon. but it turned violent after the new president, michel temer tehm-er addressed the nation in a televised message. nasa astronauts...heading back out for a spacewalk today.jeff williams and kate rubins will be retracting a thermal radiator that is part of the international space station's cooling system.this will be the 195th spacewalk from the i-s-s for maintenance and assembly.
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today, as the consumer electronics giant delays shipments of its new galaxy note 7 says the move is due to what it calls more "quality control" testing.the delay comes amid reports in south korea by some users who claim the phone's battery exploded while it was charging. charging. ?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic
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???adlib traffic it's throwback thursday here it's throwback traffic traffic it's throwback thursday here on 12 we are on 12 we are showing you some of our old pictures from the family album.this one is of our very own..... ???all morning we are going to be we are going all morning own..... ???all morning we are going to
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embarrassing to be we are going all morning own..... ??? all morning own..... ??? all morning we are going to be embarrassing our staff and we want to hear from you.this morning send us your throwback thursday pictures. thursday pictures.use the hashtag... be on 12.we promise to try to show a few of them throughout
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weather ???adlib weather weather it was in the works for it was in the
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it was in the weather???adlib ???adlib weather it was in the works for weeks. up next... the new information we are just learning about donald trump's trip to mexico. is it soon to be legalized everywhere?this morning... the
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users is getting higher ####break####
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donald trump squarely in the spotlight after a quick trip to mexico - and laying out his immigration plan here here in phoenix yesterday.and that plan --taking a hardline on millions of immigrants in the
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home.tracie potts live in washington this morning with reaction.
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politico reports several of trump's latino surrogates quit after the speech. one feels disappointed and misled. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you.q: we found out about the mexico trip last-minute mexico trip q: we found washington, i'm tracie disappointed tweeted he quit after the several of politico politico reports several of trump's latino surrogates quit after the speech. one tweeted he feels disappointed and misled. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back
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q: we found out about the mexico trip last-minute but now we're hearing it was in the works for weeks?a: tba in your morning health check - most americans feel tobacco products should not be sold in pharmacies. a government study shows two thirds of adults support tobacco-free pharmacies ... while 14-percent strongly oppose such a policy. about half of smokers believe pharmacies should ban tobacco sales. experts say that's because people look to pharmacies to improve their
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national pharmacy chain to stop selling tobacco products. another survey reveals more american adults are using marijuana ... as fewer people consider the drug to be harmful. overall marijuana use increased from 10-point and a half percent in 2002 to 13-point-three percent in 2014 -- and the prevalence of daily use nearly doubled. during this same time period - the percentage of people who believed pot was harmful percent. checking consumer headlines this morning - select bags of macadamia nuts are being recalled nationwide due to possible salmonella contamination. snyder's- lance is recalling four ounce bags of diamond of california macadamia nuts and 2.25 ounces bags of diamond of california macadamia halves and pieces. salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly
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around the corner and walmart is ready to give its customers a head start on holiday shopping. the nation's largest retailer says it is launching its holiday layaway program today. customers can put items as low as ten dollars on layaway with a 50 dollar minimum basket and will have until december 12th to pay off their account. coming up in our next half hour... the our next half hour... the dolphins have arrived... and a protest is expect the new facility... coming near scottasdale. and do we have an obession with crime?it's been 15 years since the andrea yates... this morning we talk about it in
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the phoenix v-the future of the future of the future of the phoenix v-a. today... the man who will visit the medical center and see if progress has been made since the nationwide scandal. 15 years after the unthinkable. why are so many still interested in andrea yates... and as a society... do we care too much about crime? and is the m-m-a just not violent enough for you?this morning... get ready for the
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can't make this stuff up??? ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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