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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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any charges. >> reporter: a 2-year-old boy is expected to be okay after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. phoenix police say the gun was left unzmeurd an area accessible to the child. a neighbor says his wife witnessed all of the commotion. >> she just said there was a bunch of cops outside. they had caution tape all over and were blocking the street. >> reporter: neighbors say the family mostly keeps to themselves. >> i dope interact with them. >> reporter: and dcs are still nothing fghting the shooting include child abuse, neck elect, and endangerment. >> coming up at 6 p.m., we're looking at arizona's gun laws in regard to child safety and seeing how our state stacks up against the rest of the country. >> and the second -- and the second big story, hurricane hermine is turning in the gulf of mexico, taking aim and making landfall in florida
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hours. hermine will be the first hurricane in 1 years to slam into into the sunshine state. the last one killing 5, causing $23 billion in damage. why are tracking the tropic as florida's governor warns of damage from the storm. some people are still egg ing mothering manned story evacuation orders. >> get rid of debribe strp strap things downtown move inside. >> this hurricane is life- threatening. >> 911 will not help those who
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they don't want to put first responders in danger, so there will be no one there to save them. the eye is still off the shore, but not for too much longer. let's look at the storm track as this is a cat choir 1 hurricane right now. you can see with 80 mile per hour winds, it's moving to the north-northeast at 14 mile per hour. it will continue to move in that direction over the next several hours. tonight or close to midnight. that storm will weaken and continue on through parts of southern georgia and back to the atlantic sea. mark, back to you. the other big story, the cards about it to play their 4th and final preseason game wall of it happening at university of phoenix stadium. cameron cox join us live from the field with 5 things to watch for tonight.
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university of phoenix stadium. to wood bad this is not a regular season matchup. tonight, not about the starters, it's about the guys trying to make the roster. here's the top 5 things to watch. at number 1, the corner backs. that starts with brandon wments. playing him tonight is a bit of a wrisk but he's still a rooky. also, justin bethel. he'll need to shake off th his debut was not great. the ang system still bothering him. at number 2, the defensive line. they have 10 guys right now. he was very impressive in is season debut. matt mark barkley, time to show
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right tbhowbt last spot at receiver belongs to brandon golden he's been one of the most consistent backups on this roster, but strong pushes by jackson shipl yardworks and chris hubert could make for staff decision. and final yibt offensive line. outside of the starting 5, there's not a lot of experience bind t quickly. they still lack reps in real game. bloat see friend you toy of action in the 4th and final reseason game. the cardinals have taken the field. a mix of starters and rookie
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6:00. kickoff is at 6:30. cameron cox, 12 sports. >> here are more of tonight's hot headlines. avondale police have arrest manned, accusing him of embezzling $10,000 from varks fw post. it's believed he took the money from the vfw bank accounts. he's president of the pat tillman memorial post number 40. number 2, ta shooter. phoenix police you telling 12 news they've picked up 2,000 tips so far. 400 of those have come in since the reward jumped to $75,000. the serial street shooter is responsible for 7 deaths. 2 others were wound aped 2 car were also so the not checked to the deaths. a woman who ran over her boyfriend with a mustang after finding out he e had hiv will
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bars. misty wilky pleading guilty to assault and leaving the scene of a crime. the impact sent her wfd into the air, leaving him with a fractured vertebrae and staples in his head. it's sad. that's my best friend. >> i could never imagine not being able to see my sister again or my nephews. it's hard. >> a mother accused of stabbing her 3 boys to death was back in court today. octavia rogers' family standing by her side. niko santos bricks us the emotion. >> reporter: octavia rogers because wads back in court today. the hearing what brief, but the emotions for her and her family ran very high. >> anybody that knows her knows this is not her. this is not something she does. she loved her boys more than anything else.
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grandchildren murdered. her daughter and their mom the one accused. the family is standing behind rogers. >> almost don't want to like nap it's hard, but you have to, because you love her, you know? >> reporter: she broke broke down and cried and broke her mother's heart. >> that's my baby. regardless of what she is accuse of, that's still my baby. >> reporter: the judge set a tentative trial o date of october 16. the family is it still keeping
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outcome. >> the best outcome is not death penalty for her. this is a loving mother and a loving family. the state recently opened the ma xrierks representry center for felons. neighbors up in arm, concerned about the safety of their family. d dirks i is love to tell us more. >> center is in the middle of the facility. in just a couple steps, you hilt a bus stop. about a mile way, we hit a major shopping center, neighborhood, and woods. one mother said she's upset because this is her first time learning about this. >> that's not the demographic of people. we're not uses to seeing people
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>> reporter: she's referring to the people living at the mar krirks opa living center. >> as an entire community, this is something that we really deny know about until several weeked after it opened. >> reporter: the center opened at the end of july. it's right next to a beautiful facility and across the freeway from a may juror shopping in center. >> that's where we o dinner. that's where we take our kids to the movies. so that's a huge concern. >> reporter: they started a facebook group more than 3,000 people. on thursday, julie brought her concerns to the department of directions. >> nobody wants this anywhere as far as having people like this in their back yard. i asked them, will you move the facility? they said, no, we're not duoing
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prohibited from all areas within 3 miles of the center. they must return to the center feature each night, and if they don't, they're track down. >> in general, we have app responsibility to make sure that our kids are safe and feed to be having those conversations, even if they're uncomfortable conversations. >> reporter: and from a positive and productive conversation today. they say moving forward, they'll be working with the community to increase understanding about what this place is. there are currently 59 people living in this facility with a capacity to temporarily house 100 people. more people can be expected in this area. in north phoenix, didi gaton, 4 news.
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immigration, and it led to one staffer quitting today. decision 2016 coverage is just minute ace way. big blunders. space x's rocket blowing up on launch pad. elon music is giving us new insight into what may have gone wrong. >> and colin kaepernick under fire again, this time over a pair of sock. >> plus the omg video of the day you've got to see. here is tonight's social sound year's list of best and worst states for student debt? let us know what you think. results coming up on 12 news at
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can you call it whatever the hell you want, they're gone. >> the new donald trump is still the old donald trump when it comes to immigration. trump teal dealing blows to la tee foes and dreamers during his speech at the phoenix convention center last night. >> one of hi hispanic advisors is quitting over it as people talk about drastic differences we saw between presidential candidate's message when he went to mexico city and the one he made here a few hours later in the valley. >> brian ra -- bran raznik joining bus the latest. >> reporter: donald trump was sounding softer on immigration, touting a more humanitarian line while in mexico. -- in mikes a little more than 24 hours ago. now he is making it very clear, he figures a hard line stance
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ohio, hoping he will stage a comeback. >> it will be from now on america first. >> reporter: trump saying highs his meeting in mexico was great. and mexico's president are both concerned that illegal border crossing ebb endangers migrants, the crowd loving his wall. >> mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: he's saying it again today, but not to pena mocking trump. >> day 1, my first hour in office, those people are gone. >> reporter: undocumented criminals courted. 2 million new inmy grants locked up and sent back. the wrebs 10 million, in line to be deported. >> can you call it whatever the hell you want, they're gone. >> reporter: that's prompting a
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>> there was hope when went to mexico. he looked like a president. >> reporter: trump is choosing a hard line stance to get to the white house. live in the newsroom been bran raz dmirks, 2 news. >> you'll see more on latinos ape ban donning trump's campaign in a few minute on the nb a bad one, but a little dust storm blowing around out there. >> you can see some live pictures from sky 12. it does look like some pretty thick dust out there. we'll be watching for visibilities that are reduced and also gusty winds, up to about 40 mile an hour. we know the drill. you just have to remember to stay safe out there.
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advisory until 6:00. we're talking about the phoenix area, c ark sa grande -- casa grande, and southwestern part of maricopa county. that would include the town of gila bend. here's a look at latest on satellite radar. you have one storm popping up on i-10. that's at about boulevard. drivers having to deal with the conditions there. that storm seems to be pushing its way to the north. the one that was further down south, that one seems to be dying out some. we'll continue to watch this moisture move up from the south to the north we have more chances of isolated storms popping up in other areas of the valley. to the south of glicious a
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threats, the potential for heavy rainfall and gusty winds. in southeast arizona primarily to the north and east of tucson, we're seeing the storms push in a northerly next direction. we'll see that threat of some -- to have some active weather moving in. we'll keep a slight chance early tomorrow and then try drive out for saturday and tomorrow is still an active day over the white mountains. sogs arizona with that monsoon meter e being added too. tomorrow, forecast looks good. we want give you a quick look at our adot camera. this is i-10 and chamed her beautiful regard. karibe just showed you the radar. this is the rule of what's
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we'll look at these storms as they continue to pop and disbait faith on 12 and also on it's game night. with 15 preseason game on schedule cameron cox is covering cards game against the broncos. unfortunately, this is a grape you want to be throughout and healthy. >> reporter: you are right. the starters won't play too many games will kick off here 5u69 30. but the game that everyone will have their eye on is actually happening down in san diego where the chargers are going to host the 49ers, and yes, the drama of colin kaepernick will continue. he'll mayplay most of the game tonight. kaepernick controversy quayslated when this photo that was taken back in early wags zoomed in and released. that's him wearing socks with pigs in police hats on it. kaepernick then posted this statement on instagram today,
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the past because the rogue cops that are allowed to hold positions in police departments not only butt the community in danger but also put the cops that have the rite intentions in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. ." in response, bill johnson, the executive direct over the national association of police organization, sent out this statement. , "it is ridiculous that the same league that prohibits the cowboys from honoring the slain officers in their community with silent wile kaepernick is dishonoring police officers with what he is wearing on the football field." this story continues to get worse and worse involving colin kaepernick. to make matters tort works tonight in san diego, it is military appreciation night. he has said he will not stand once again during the national anthem. this drama and saga with colin kaepernick will continue. cameron cox, 12 sports.
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buttoned-up as the nfl when if comes to players and how they wear and how -- and what they wear and how they present themselves that the nfl has not said a word. still to come, new detail on the space x blast on a launch pad caught on camera and heard from miles away. >> plus a colossal crock in custody. with you but he didn't go without a -- custody. the omg video of the day coming
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: developing now, incell imannals and sounds of space x's rocket exploding in cape canaveral. space x ceo elon music tweeting so explode. now to tonight's omg video. >> a croc that you have to see to believe. look at this thing. it is 14 feet long. this guy is not too happy as emergency workers try to chaurp him. >> that's like ju remarks ssic park or something. tonight on 12 news at 10, east valley parents getting
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year are shocked find out the charter school their kids are going to is shut down without warning, and this isn't the first time it's happened. join us for that story at
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: tonight at 6, we'll introduce to one man using dance to teach people across the valley about mexico heritage. 12 news is always on. check us out at >> we'll see you back here at
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breaking news tonight, a life-threatening hurricane about to make landfall in florida. several states of emergency and concern stretching all the way into the northeast. disaster caught on camera. a rocket blows up on the launchpad, destroying a major plan by facebook. what went wrong? backlash. big fallout for donald trump from key supporters who say they were betrayed as trump calls for a major immigration crackdown. stopping pain without painkillers. some alternatives that patients are trying. what's working and what's not. and parents' nightmare. a big mix-up in the


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