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tv   Mad Money  NBC  September 2, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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have an awesome thirsty thursday, everybody. tomorrow is try day friday. what a day. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain, but to educate and put it in context. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. maddening inconsistency. that has what's has wall streeters pulling out their hair and banging their fists. companies, sectors, data, you name it. they just don't seem to add up. and the confusion -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> buy, buy, buy.
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the bulls and the bears. even on a seemingly dull day, where the dow rallied back from some deep, deep levels to close up 18 points. s&p was basically flat. nasdaq advanced 0.27%. let's start with the broader economy. we have so many indicators that seem to be pointing up or staying strong. housing, employment, manufacturing, nonresidential construction, broader retail sales. but then today we get this mornin manufacturing reports i've seen in ages. what's a 49.4 pmi number. with anything below 50 meaning contraction. heck, today, britain gave you 53 and they just went through that gut-wrenching brexit election. how can manufacturing be that soft, has oil two years after its peak finally hit home? data doesn't seem to indicate that. some say autos are peaking, but doing so at a very high level. this number is plain out of sync
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then there's oil itself. there are two oil markets. we have a true commodity market, which is governed by supply and demand. trust me when i say supply is swamping demand. we're running out of places to store everything from oil to gasoline to natural gas liquids. the domestic recount has tripled since the bottom in a few months. the saudis are pumping like mad. so are the iraqis and the iranians. the nigerians have seemed to have reached a truce with bandits who are endlessly blowing up the pipelines. so the glut continually drives oil down, with $39 seeming to be the next stop for crude, as it climbs more than a buck today, $34.53. it is hideous in the real market. but when we get down to those levels, $39, $40, you know what happens? we suddenly hear rumors percolating that there's going to be a deal between, say, the russians and the saudis, to throttle production, or that there's a deal among opec
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even though it's certainly not any of these countries' interests to cut back, because what'll happen? u.s. production will immediately come back online, making up the difference. but the rumors always do the job of propping oil right back up. so the real market should be lower, but the phony market keeps it higher. given that so much of the stock market depends directly on the direction of oil, this erratic, rumor-driven market should in no way be counted on for any honest signal. who speaks for this fed? a week ago, chairwoman janet yellin put one rate hike on the table, pretty much all, perhaps as soon as september, but that was it. especially if you believe we get a strong nonforeign payroll number tomorrow, she'll do it. but then maybe we're done. that's what jackson hole speech was all about. it sent the market soaring. remember that? first couple hours of the day. then, then, vice chair stanley fisher, within a couple of hours
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what happens? he puts the two rate hike fees right back on the agenda. what is it? one or two? who can make investing decisions in this kind of environment? why does fisher have to confuse us? i can't think of a reasonable explanation that man did that. it's like they're deliberately trying to baffle us. how about overseas? here's an oddity. what are the two strongest markets around the world? brazil and russia. that's right. brazil's got new leadership and a strong currency. only a handful of companies are reporting anything good there. meanwhile, the russian economy is based on oil, that means it should be weak. the west has sanctions since the ukraine incursion. the strength in brazil and russia, no sense. yet their stock markets are telling us that all is well and is getting better. i find it head spinning. then there's europe. i've talked to dozens of companies with operations in europe and it's often the strongest portion of their business mosaic. a big change from a couple of years ago, yet sovereign interest rates in many countries there are negative. how the heck is that possible?
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and don't even get me started on china. we keep hearing weakness, right? no one's talking about china gaining strength. last night we got a purchasing manager's report that was better than expected and a huge report in macau gambling that's driving las vegas stocks and wynn dramatically higher. then there's the bizarre inconsistent state of individual american businesses. let's take the two sexiest subsectors of tech. the fastest growing, i'm talking cloud and cybersecurity. on tuesday, palo alto networks reported a terrific quarter. analysts interpreted as a deceleration. the highest quality cybersecurity stock immediately lost ten bucks, blink of an eye. then today upon further review, buyers rushed back into palo alto, took it up seven bucks. what happened to move it back up? nothing at all. there's not a single piece of research i can find to explain this move. my conclusion, maybe it should never have gob down to begin with. cloud is even more difficult to figure.
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the cloud, amidst an ongoing revolution. but last night sales force, king of the cloud, reported softness in the cloud business in the month of july. softness, how is that possible? the company cited its own execution problem for the deceleration in sales. what happened to slow adoption. there are so many companies that are dependent upon the continued migration of the cloud, with particularly in the nasdaq. out of nowhere, it's a conundrum. more on sales force's numbers later in the show. i'm scratching my head over cloud. what's the hottest part of tech? how about flash and d-ram chips. that's why microron's been on fire. you know what's topsy-turvy, intel and imb. intel had a 52-week high today, despite reporting a shortfall in the most recent quarter. get this, amd, the most commodity of all, it's up 156% for the year.
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or how about the craziness of retail? is it good? is it bad? target says it's up, walmart says it's better. the mall is supposed to be bad, but l brand, urban outfitters, nordstrom's all report truly terrific numbers. gap, abercrombie, macy's, and kohl's and sears report sub-par results. sometimes the inconsistency in retail flips the same cup. two months ago, costco reported fantastic numbers. stock soars. last night, weak numbers, stock gets obliterated, down almost six bucks. why? no answers. consumer packaged goods stocks have traded together for ages. not anymore. general mills recently delivered a fine number with excellent acceleration and its natural and organic business was terrific. however, campbell's soup reported its earnings last night and they were disappointing, even by the company's own admission. the weakness, natural and organic portions of the business. campbell's stock shed $3.81, what the heck?
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trouble making the quarters, the railroads. why? because their most important cargo, their money merchandise, is coal and coal is going away so fast, it's almost as if it were banned. the decline keeps outrunning whatever these companies try to do to cut costs. nevertheless, the railroad stocks are among the strongest in the entire market. >> all aboard! >> they go up on good news, go up on bad news, go up on bad quarters. theyt but you know what goes down consistently? the airlines. they're dirt cheap, selling at multiples that are a third of the overall market. i've never seen them this low. even as these companies are ridden with cash. the airlines are returning capital with dividends, gigantic buybacks, yet their own stocks cannot get out of their own way. they are horrendously performing, every one of them. here's the bottom line. i cannot blame a soul for being
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wanting to sell now that we're in historically the worst month of the rate, facing a rate hike, maybe too, and uncertain earnings from companies that rarely miss. news defies the truth. facts, stranger than fiction. conundrums the not make for fabulous investing opportunities, people. so until we clear up some of these inconsistencies, i say, be careful out the there. gary in tennessee, gary?! >> caller: boo-yah, jim cramer. happy thursday from aesh nashville. >> good to have you on the show! nashville. i might draft a tight end from there. what's going on? >> caller: going good. quick comment, first of all, if you don't mind. >> sure. >> caller: i'm looking forward to watching your show tonight, "ground zero rising." i'm glad you're hosting it and just want to say, way to go, new york city, you must all be very proud. >> thank you. thank you. a great documentary division and
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i'm quite excited about it and i don't want to -- i think it will be good and hope you'll watch it. thank you very much. >> caller: outstanding. you bet. >> thank you. >> caller: jim, my question today is concerning zoe's kitchen. the latest quarter report was ho hum, at best, and what the street was looking for. i really like the stock's offering of fast mediterranean is good also, which in the future would help the margins in terms of buying with higher volume. so i'm not selling it, jim, but -- >> you know, gary -- again, thank you for the kind words about the documentary. this is a tough one. i went through that conference call and i didn't like it. i want the company to come on-air. frankly, let them make the case, because they certainly the didn't make the case for owning the stock in the conference call. frankly, like many other things in this market, i found it puzzling and quizzical. i cannot have conviction about
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nazir? >> caller: yes, sir, how you doing, sir, from san francisco? i want to let you know, what do you think of the stock, square, sq? >> i was worried about credit issues in square, they cleared it up in the last quarter, it was quite good. if you like super high growth, square might be a stock for you. i am way, way too focused on nonspeculative stocks in september, a tough month, but i understand if anyone wants to speculate with square. about box. square box. both of them work as specs. now, look, there are stranger things out there. and i'm not talking about the show on netflix, although i hear it's good. there are conflicting singles zooming all over the stock market. be careful out there! make sure you're watching tomorrow, when a critical jobs report adds yet another stat to the dizzying amount of maybe contrary inputs. on "mad money" tonight, sales force's stock continues to
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after my interview with ceo last night, don't worry, i'm dissecting the quarter, telling you if the worries are warranted or not and could an investment in golf work for you? maybe a hole in one. i'm hitting the links to find out. i'm not that good at golf. oh, you'll see that. and an exclusive look at my new cnbc documentary, "ground zero rising: freedom versus fear" ahead of its premiere tonight. >> announcer: don't miss a secondf follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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face value. yep, after years of tremendous performance, i think salesforce ceo mark banioc has earned the decision to be taken as face value, after nicely topping the earnings estimates for the quarter just completed.
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value, that means you need to buy, not sell the stock of salesforce, ahead of not only the next quarter, but ahead of its annual dream force conference in early october. but first, let's talk about why i think it's wrong to sale, given that this is, indeed, a high priced earnings stock, the classic handbook says this is no different than a baseball player who keeps his bat on his shoulder for 3-0 pitch. in other words, don't deviate, t in other words, the probabilities say you should dump salesforce today, and i don't really like to go against the probabilities. that said, let's set the facts up so we all know where we are in the game. first, salesforce did, indeed, report a better than expected quarter on revenues and earnings. it also raised its full-year revenue forecast from 8.16 to 8.20 billion, up to 8.25 to 8.33 billion. so on the surface, nothing
3:17 am
beaten quarter, raised year. however, salesforce left no doubt that the next quarter is, indeed, below expectations, with revenues now expected to come in at 2.11 to 2.12 billion, earnings at 21 cents rather than 24 cents. in the world of salesforce, which prides itself on an engine hitting on all 12 cylinders, this is like a bmw 760, not the usual 7-cylinder model, this was a firing on 11 cylinders quarter. now we have to ask what caused the company to lower projections. this is where that face value analysis comes in. there were a lot of acquisitions this quarter, that should dovetail exactly with a exact
3:18 am
brutal to use the word benioff used to utter on the show, about $150 million less revenue expected than because of it. you can say, wait, many of the currencies from overseas are actually stronger versus what they were. but here's thing i didn't know until last night's show. salesforce rolls its european revenues through the uk. so the sharp decline in the british pound post-brexit really did hurt them. finally, there's the real culprit we're all concerned about. softness in the u.s. at the end of the quarter. wo when i heard it, i went ashen. not some had i never heard salesforce talk about the economic backdrop that all companies have to fight to make the numbers, but weakness in the u.s.? u.s. is one of the strongest markets in the world right now for technology. now, every little bit of word choice about this weakness has to be parsed. that's right, every time you slice, which is something in itself you never want to have to do with stocks that sell at high multiples, with a growth rate in the high 20s on a lot of metrics, that's delivering a $2
3:19 am
don't want to have to parse. but benioff when pushed, made it clear that a july disappointment was on salesforce, not the economy. that's important, because marc's whole way of being is not to ever blame the economy. i felt relieved. he talked about being disappointed in his own company's execution. on the call, the term was a problem in blocking and tackling. in other words, salesforce did not close in all of the businesses it would have liked. that's why the stock is down more than 4% today. first, they'll say we've heard oracle and s&p and microsoft all stress a cloud initiatives. some say that things have gotten too competitive out there. and it wasn't that salesforce was able to close all the business it had, it's that it lost business to others. this kind of thinking always comes into play. just the other day when palo alto, the best in breed cybersecurity company guided
3:20 am that says it guided down in part because of newly aggressive cisco. you can't pay as much for palo alto networks if cisco's in there battling them for business, even as palo alto gave instances where it beat out cisco. frankly, when palo alto's ceo mark mclaughlin brought up the wins versus cisco, i gulped. i didn't even think cisco was trying to take away their business. now i know better. cisco didn't crow about it. but in this case, you can bet that oracle will even if it's one deal that salesforce didn't close on. so the stock of salesforce there fall in the same kind of analysis, as oracle throws it in our faces. some fair weather friends will conclude that salesforce has gotten too big. marc benioff took some time off this summer, as he always does. believe me when i say he's always working no matter where he is. but some will say without benioff riding herd every minute these days, they couldn't make the numbers. i think that's a harsh judgment, a wrong one, even, because no one works harder than benioff. when things are riding high, companies are doing deals.
3:21 am
all cylinders, m&a is often viewed as masking a slowdown. i point-blank don't believe that. but if i can conjure it up, and then shoot it down as a straw man, believe me, there will be people who embrace it. so to sum up, where do i come out? i think that benioff and some other executives may have momentarily taken their eye off the ball because of the distraction of the acquisitions. but i think they will close on what they haven't closed or didn't have time to get done this quarter, and the next one
3:22 am
bothered to raise the four-year forecast. in fact, i think there are a slew of soon-to-be closed deals as well as a bunch of new next quarter, after tens of thousands of customers converge on dream force in san francisco, the biggest trade show on earth, at the beginning of october. that's when benioff unveiled the artificial intelligence product einstein, which to me sounds pretty darn revolutionary.
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just putt through. ahh! for years, pretty much everyone in this business has believed that golf, and everything golf related, is dying. the level of participation in the sport, if you can even call it a sport, you just saw what happened, is way down over the last decade. tv ratings for golf have been
3:26 am
than they used to be. and that's really saying something, isn't it? most importantly, from our perspective, sales of golf equipment seem to be stuck in a permanent down swing. it's been an awful business. that's why adidas was looking to sell its golf division back in may, and a few weeks ago, nike said they plan on exiting the golf equipment space, as well. when it comes to sporting goods, golf exposure has been downright radioactive, at least as far as wall street is concerned. this is one of those big butts. mainly reports that golf is dead have been wildly overstated. just like the death of the shopping mall narrative. i think this golf situation may be more complicated than we previously assumed, which is why tonight i want to circle back, and take at look at the space, see if there might be a way to profit from these incredibly low
3:27 am
first and foremost, for years, we've heard that golf is in secular decline. but lately these numbers have started to turn around. in may, word started to spread that in the first quarter of this year, golf rounds played grew for the first time in the u.s. since 2012. up 5.5% year over year. that's a lot. we don't have all these numbers yet. but so far, this has been a nice up year for golf. a pretty positive sign for a game that's been steadily declining ever since 2012. throw in the fact that golf was included in the olympics last month for the first time in history, and it's just possible that golf could be on the cusp of a real resurgence. and it's not just that people seem to be playing more golf. we care about trying to make money on this show. so what's really crucial is that the business of selling golf equipment may have actually picked up as well. remember how i mentioned that adidas announced they were selling off their whole golf division, everything from golf
3:28 am
this division has been declining for ages. but adidas reported a month ago that their golf division saw sales increase by 7% year over year, driven by outperformance in taylor-made brand. and adidas raised their full-year gross margin guidance for the golf division. and there are some fast-growing segments of the golf business. for example, parson's extreme golf, a new brand of clubs launched by billionaire bob parsons has been taking share and taking names. possible golf equipment regardless of the cost, and the end result is they have a full line of high-quality but extraordinarily expensive golf clubs. just a set of parson's extreme irons can set you back as much as three grand. this is still a private company, but its sales are growing by 50 to 60% per month. and they've recently made a major marketing push. what this tells me, there's still money to be made in the golf business, as long as you're addressing the right niche. earlier this month, sports authority went bankrupt, and
3:29 am
equipment, making ate chief competitor to other golf sporting goods stores, like golf galaxy, which is owned by dick's. so it's only good for everyone else in the space. if we really are witnessing an unheralded resurgence in golf, how exactly are we supposed to play it? the funny thing about this elitist sport is there are very few ways to play it via publicly traded company. there's only one public way to trade it, and that's callaway golf. this maker of golf equipment has been on a roll lately. its shares up 22% year-to-date. its revenues finally picked up the in the most recent quarter,
3:30 am
digits year over year, similar to what we saw from adidas. and callaway's margins have been rising steadily for years. the company tried to cope with the decline in its core business. it's possible that the business might be rebounding, so it's no wonder the stock started rallying. callaway's stock jumped 7.5% when nike announced they were getting out of the golf business. callaway still owns about 15% stake in top golf and this business is looking like a real winner. still, if a pure play on golf sounds too risky for you, there's another way to play this potential resurgence. you could actually go out and buy the shares in dick's sporting goods, which acquired the golf galaxy chain roughly ten years ago. dick's is up 65% year-to-date. let's be a little careful. that's entirely because of the
3:31 am
problems, but unquestionably a longtime positive. but what's important, very little of this run has anything to do with dick's galaxy business. and after years of nasty same-store sales declines, golf galaxy posted a 1.7% increase in the first quarter. that was followed by a 4.3% decline in the second quarter, as the everything must go liquidation of sports authority pushed these guys. but even that decline is better than the numbers golf galaxy is putting up for last year. now that sports authority is tailwind for both the core dick's sporting goods chain and their golf galaxy business, which has been a dog since the day they bought it. and even after its monster run, dick's is still only sells 16 times next year's earnings estimates, which means the stock is still fairly inexpensive. there's one more thing that's
3:32 am
golf space, and that's the pending ipo of a company called akushnet holdings, the told golf subsidiary of brands. this is the parent company of tidalist and foot joy. once they become public, it will represent a second pure play on the golf business. they some just filed to become public back in june. but given the recent strength in callaway, i suggest you watch this ipo. let's go to jacqueline in connecticut. jacqueline? >> caller: boo-yah, jim! >> boo-yah! >> caller: thank you for taking my call. walmart. what are your thoughts? >> i like walmart very much. here's the deal with walmart. they bought, i think that was really good. the numbers are a lot better. they're being very price competitive, but doug mcmillan is paying its workers more,
3:33 am
he's one of the best. $71, i'm a buyer. emily in arkansas, emily? >> caller: mr. cramer, six flags has been a great stock with a good dividend, but it seems to have fallen out of favor over the last month on low volume, now yielding about 4.7%. i wondered if this might be an opportunity to add to my long-term position? >> i like six flags very much. it's got a good dividend. i like cedar fair on this pullback, which is symbol fun. i think that's a better bet and i think you should do thne california. how you doing? >> caller: i'm good, how about you? >> i'm good. >> caller: i'm calling you from the middle of wine country. a while back, i was watching "squawk box" and you and you were discussing fit bit. i took a flier on and took a couple of hundred shares. my concern is, i was hoping there was going to be maybe a takeover on this stock. should i hold on to it?
3:34 am
james parks is too young. he's not about to sell that company. i thought that fit bit had bottomed a long time ago at a higher price. i got fit bit wrong. i'm not the right call on fit bit. i think the stock is worth more than it's selling for, but i've been wrong on that, and sometimes you have to say, you've got to go to somebody else, because i believed in fitbit at higher prices. after finding itself in the rough, the golf business seems to be back on the fairway, to the point where i could blast some speculation here. let me just make this shot. this is killing me. if the pure play like callaway is too much of a knee-knocker for you, how about trying putting dick's sporting goods in your bag. we have much more "mad money" ahead, including a sneak preview of cnbc's "ground zero rising: freedom versus fear," sympathetic i'm the reporter on, and that airs tonight. then you stumped me, but i'm back to turn in my homework, including two under-the-radar health care plays. and all your calls rapid fire. tonight's edition of the lightning --
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the title for tonight's documentary on cnbc, "ground zero rising: freedom versus fear" pretty much encapsulates the emotions i have in lower manhattan. as someone who worked downtown most of my life, including that day 15 years ago, i've watched as a hallowed hole in the ground, a grave site, has be turned into a thoughtful memorial and a bustling center of commerce. and i came into this documentary with what turned out to be two misconceptions, two that you might share as you sit down to watch at 10:00 p.m. on cnbc. as someone who goes by the gigantic construction site every day, i have pretty much decided that it would take forever to out something together there, something that could meld commerce and remembrance in any dignified way. and i was a bit fearful, too,
3:39 am
when i instinctively ducked my head when i saw a plane reflected on the glass of the tower on a crystal-clear day when we started filming. but as we did interview after interview of these directly involved people in the reconstruction, including the denizens of the new tower, i learned that the noisy coalition of interests that came together was successful in accomplishing the impossible, building a respectful memorial to those who lost their lives, as well as erecting a wondrous and secure tower that serves as a
3:40 am
and resilience that made me proud. merging commerce and remembrance seemed to be an impossible goal. after watching tonight's documentary, i would like to think you agree with me that the project has succeeded in doing both, but that's a uniquely
3:41 am
a story i am proud to have reported on, and honored to get to share with you at 10:00 p.m. this evening. take a look at this moment. be sure to tune in for the rest, tonight. chris and his media company, mic, have moved into temporary space in one world trade until their permanent home on the 82nd floor is ready. >> part of the power of the building is it's in a special, historic, sacred place in new york and it's something we need to live up to. >> it is very moving to me, to walk on the street around here and see these tourists coming, with their guidebooks, buying t-shirts. >> david remnick, editor of "the new yorker," says the site as an inescapable pull. >> they come down here and they're drawn to it, the way you would be drawn to gettysburg or something like that. gettysburg in the mid-19th century, 9/11 in the 21st.
3:42 am
levi elpi lost his son here. >> we rebuilt some beautiful buildings here. if we forget why we're rebuilding, then we've failed miserably. your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers the omega-3 power of two regular fish oil pills... so give your body mega support with megared advanced 4in1. with megared advanced 4in1. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app?
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emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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it is time, it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." when you hear this sound, then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready, skee-daddy?! it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money."
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>> yes? >> caller: i am calling about first energy, as an inclement investor approaching retirement, i would like to know how safe it is and what's -- >> lower quality. too low qu charitable trust owns that, or alternatively i'll bless dominion and maybe coned, but not first energy. jim in minnesota. jim? >> caller: a big boo-yah from jim from minnesota, maplewood. hey, i got this guy called jetblue airlines. how's it doing. >> don't buy, don't buy, with don't buy. >> nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope and nope. i think that delta's better and my favorite is love southwest air. but that group is very tough to own. how about vicky in new jersey. vicky?! >> caller: hello, mr. cramer, boo-yah. i hope everything's going well. i'm a beginner at this. i've only been doing this for about ten months. and my question is, i bought
3:47 am
my average price on is it about 340 and it has got on up to $8.11. i've already taken my investment out. but should i keep it? >> vicky, first of all, you did the right thing by taking your money out, play with the house money. and i'm glad you're in this business of pick stocks, but i do not know meetme. that's a stock i don't know. i'll do my homework and we will come back. let's given to kevin in ohio. kevi! how are you? >> i'm good. how about you? >> caller: goo, thank you. stock symbol mo. do you think the sell will go through? >> yes, i do. i'm on two minds of altria, i don't recommend tobacco stocks, but if someone wants to be in them, that is fine, and altrea is the best of breed, sadly, because i don't like the breed. tom?
3:48 am
i want to know about ginnie mae, not ginnie mae, but ellie may. >> we had the ceo. i thought about buying that for the charitable trust. i think everybody had to be impressed with that. let's go to terry in texas. terry?! >> caller: boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: living the dream here in cramerica. >> there you go. who doesn't? >> caller: i've got a question here. what are your thoughts on antenna? so's chesapeake. but i want to upgrade and do with occidental, because they have no problem paying that dividend. let's go to tom in pennsylvania. tom? >> caller: hello, an eagles fan boo-yah to you. >> absolutely! >> caller: first, i want to say, i love the confessions of, that was a great book, really enjoyed that. >> thank you very much. >> caller: you're welcome. the stock is magna international. >> look, it's good.
3:49 am
and i'm not crazy about anything related to auto. i'm saying, listen, i don't think that business generates a lot of good growth, and i don't -- why need growth when i buy a stock. i'm taking one more. jerry in michigan, jerry?! >> caller: hi, jim. i'm calling from jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah. how can i help? >> caller: i'm -- i have a question, actually, a two-part question about jcpenney. i want to know what your take is on -- if you think it's a good turnaround, considering they just bought 50,000 shares of it. and if you think it's a good buy and turnaround basis -- >> i would buy it right here, under 10, i think it's terrific. i think that ellis is doing a great job. this is a terrific price to buy jcp. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round"!
3:50 am
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and, yes, i still have homework. every time you call me about a stock i can't give you a well-thought-out answer, i dive into it, in order to figure things out, respond properly. so let's get on with it. back on june 21st, jude in new jersey called in about gcp, applied technologies. i said, i need to do some more research. gcp is the maker of specialty construction chemicals and building materials that was created earlier this year by the breakup of the old w art grace. they're one of the alarmest players in the fragmented construction chemicals market. but gcp is not just a construction business. they have some exposure to the packaging and beverage industry through their steady eddy packaging division that i've always coveted during the old days. gcp's construction projects are pretty heavily weighted towards new buildings, rather than maintenance of hold ones, and later the architecture building index suggested that this
3:53 am
at the same time, gcp gets 37% of its sales from europe and the construction cycle over will is really just beginning. my one real concern here is gcp's balance sheet, it's less than i deal. they have a 9.5% interest rate. if i were them, i would clean them up asap. where do i come on gcp technologies, the stock has
3:54 am
even if it's only trading at 18 times earnings here. if you want to buy this, i would wait for one to be dragged down by the next market-wide pullback. next up, on may 25th, khamsi asked about puma buyback. it's a one-drug wonder. one of the hottest stocks in 2014. traded up to $280 at its peak, but since then, it's been nothing but a total disaster. it's one real drug for breast cancer initially caused the stock to soar into some very good-looking clinical trial data, but then this drug met with a series of delays and last year they presented some incredibly disappointing data at the big american society of clinical oncology. that's called asco meeting, that suggested it was less effective than originally thought, with severe side effects, including a severe grade iii diarrhea. since its 2014 peak, puma has punched from $280 down to $58 today. puma finally announced that they were submitting this drug for fda approval. that's how it went from $21 in may back to $58 right now.
3:55 am
this drug which suggests it could actually get approved. what now? puma's a high-risk, high-reward story. has the potential to treat multiple different kinds of cancer, which means the upside could be enormous if the thing gets approved, but the other is they've only got this one drug, and the company's track record is less than stellar.
3:56 am
high-reward biotech, puma might be worth money. but only buy this stock with money you're willing to lose. this is super mad money, because there's a decent chance that is exactly what is going to happen to your money. finally, last week, joe in my home state of new jersey called out mednax, symbol md, and i wanted to brush on what happened. mednax is a nationwide medical group who provide services related to pregnancy, childbirth, pediatrics, with a particular focus on premature babies. it works with doctors to provide more cost effective health care by using evidence-based tools and clinical research. they also handle backoffice functions like legal compliance and billing. the other thing about mednax, it's incredible acquisitive. this is how the company keeps fueling its growth. the last time i talked about this stock back in may, i told you to avoid it, because health it's come down about 4% since then. in particular, mednax got slammed after reporting its last quarter. the stock is far from expensive. mednax is the kind of company that remains out of style on the wall street fashion show. and after that latest quarter, i think you should stay away from this one for certain. stick with cramer. s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa?
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please tune in at 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight for a cnbc original, "ground zero rising."
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