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tv   12 News Noon  NBC  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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fans rejoice at the new stadium is up andp ready to g we are checking -- and is up and ready to go we are checking out what the new stadium has to offer. >> connecting arizona, this is 12 news. >> good afternoon and thanks for watching 12 news at noon i am tram mai. >> i am matt mauro we begin with a man being aggressive with a police officer even pulling a foot lopping knife out before the officer shoots him in north phoenix. >> this shut down a major road for most brian -- bryan west joins us from the scene. >> reporter: deer valley road was closed for several hours between 33 and 35th avenue due to a officer involved shooting. police telling us it happened before 3 a.m. when the officer who was on patrol noticed a person believed to have matched the description of a recent armed robbery suspect. the officer pulled over to talk to the suspect and that's when the suspect immediately began to be confrontational and refused to show his hands.
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kitchen knife. the suspect advance on the officer and officer fired shots at the man. >> you just doesn't know in some of the circumstance and in this days the suspect -- this case the suspect did show a weep a. >> reporter: police telling us the suspect was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and woofs officer involved who was force for -- and one officer involved who was on the force for 9 years has not hurt. the grand opening of the odyssey aquarium the largest in southwestern u.s. the state of the art facility has windows and rest rooms to watch the shark exhibit from there. a boy born would you -- a -- a family of jessica cox sent this new video overnight. take a look she is a
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claims that -- cube diva and -- cube diver and has a black belt and is a pilot but she claims she was not scuba diver and has blacka black belt and is a pilot but she claims she was not allowed to ride on a ride. they didn't have any problems with disney theme particles. police say they picked up 2 -- them parks. police say they 2,000 tips in the serial shooting case. the serial street shooter is responsible for 7 deaths. hillary clinton is focused on arizona. today the ads roll in the state and she is paying 6 figures to get the message on your tv and she and the democrats are attempt to -- attempt-- attempting to cut into et growing latino population.
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anddonald trump are off the campaign trail and donald trump is allegedly backing off one key part of his tough immigration speech he gave in phoenix this week. tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> reporter: one day after insisting all undocumented immigrants must be deported, donald trump seems to be backing off. >> the killers and drug dealers and all them are gone. then we are going to make a determination as to what we are going to do. >> reporter: mate tim kaine is questioning why trump didn't insist mexico pay for a wall at the border in private. >> he choked when he got to it. >> reporter: trump catching heat this morning after the new york sometimes published an internal document showing questions and answers for his appearance at black church in detroit this weekend are all scripted. >> vice president joe biden is addressing hillary clinton's ties to the family foundation. >> i think the clinton foundation found themselves in
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going to change. >> reporter: ap review of the public schedule as secretary of state found dozens of meetings with foundation donors and the state department confirmed that they will release the rest of her public schedule by october 17th before the election. tracie potts nbc news washington. and starting monday, hillary will travel on her official press plane and has been criticized for shutting the -- shunning the media and has not held one news conference increasing along the southeast coast as the storm heads east floods rains and tornado warnings are in effect from georgia to north carolina. it left a lot of flooding in its path and it's not done. jay gray is in savannah georgia with the latest. >> reporter: her con hermine slammed into the -- hurricane hermine slammed into the
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an-hour gusts and stronger. >> we will lose the power. >> reporter: the first storm to make landfall in florida in 11 years leaving a mark. >> just because it's clear outside doesn't mean it's safe. >> wow. >> reporter: snapping trees crushing cars and homes and knocking power out to tens of thousands. water pounding the coastline and surging inland leaving behind devastation. crews in cedar key are assessing the damage this morning. cinder block walls in the dock couldn't with stand thrashing. hermine dropped to tropical storm status and is heading up the east coast. parts of georgia and care linesan are -- carolinas are under a state of emergency. >> we expect winds between 30 and 40 miles per hour sustained. >> reporter: preparations are underway in hopes of preventing excessive damage. >> our goal is to be overprepared and underwind when it comes to the storm -- underwhelmed when it comes to the storm we want everyone to be safe. >> reporter: they are warning beachgoers that dangerous rip
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throughout the weekend. surfers taking advantage of the changing conditions ahead of the storm. the situation certainly is nothing to play around with and look the conditions here right now a bit deceiving. we are in between bands but we could see 10 to 12 inches of rain winds gusts of 40 to 45 miles an hour. jay gray, n about. c news -- nbc news, savannah georgia. >> thanks for the update. back in the valley we will look outside and there's a couple ds back. krystle will talk about the forecast but first back to hermine how bad will it be for folks on the east coast. >> it's a weekend to watch. let's show you what hermine is up to right now. packing 50-mile-per-hour sustained winds and currently lashing the georgias-carolinas with a ton of rain. a tore neighed hello, threat within the -- tornado threat within the red box as it pins and moves up the northeast
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threat will remain for heavy rain over the weekend as it continues to do so, and serious storm surge as well and coastal erosion. back here at home things are blowing up on doppler radar in the high country, 200 lightning strikes and some of these storms delivering a drenching downpour specifically in prescott and flagstaff where we have a flood advicery until 3:15 and that's where we are in the hot zone on the monsoon meter with 6 r mountains. a stray storm possible in the valley with the threat for blowing dust and gusty winds. more on the labor day weekend forecast coming up. >> look forward to that thanks krystle. football is back and sun devil fans have a renovated stadium to look forward to. we are checking it out coming up. >> and we are talking about the holiday weekend forecast. krystle will have more details
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welcome back. nfl player who is taking heat for sitting during the national anthem says he is taking his efforts one step further. >> before last night's final preseason game san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick dropped to one knee and says he is refusing to stand for the anthem until people of color are no longer oppressed in america. after the game kaepernick announced he is taking more action on the issue. >> yes i am planning to take a step further and am currently working with organizations to be involved. and making sure that i am actively in the communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help the people. >> kaepernick says he took a knee to continue the protest but to not disrespect the americans veterans and a teammate joined in a different game the seahawks player
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as well. right now hundreds of workers are at the university of phoenix stadium making it over at last night's big cardinals victory. the stadium needs to be ready for the first ever pack this kick off classic that game is university of arizona take on byu. it has been several years in the making but this weekend the second phase of renovations to sun devil stadium is complete. >> the starter quarterback was named and hours ago the team 12 jen wahl has >> reporter: wrapping up a 268 million dollar construction project we are on the west side of the stadium where there are a ton of brand new seats and fans at saturday night's game won't be disappointed. kick can off at 8 p.m. but sun devils can arrive early at 6 to check out all of the new renovations. the projects started in 2013 and phase 2 is finished. fans can look forward to new seats with chair backs and extra leg room on the west
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airflow and cool off the scorcher games. bath rooms and concessions also freshened up to move loons along faster. die heard students are camping out for tickets and are hooking forward to cheering in the new home stand tomorrow night. >> i think it's going to be great for the student body and for the students just having all that brand new open space and i think even though they took out some of the seating, i think it will feel bigger. >> reporter: phase three begins this season and fans can expect to see a brand new video board. don't forget asu implemented the clear bag policy and you will need something like this because oversized bags are not allowed in. in tempe jen wahl 12 news. >> i can't wait. college football is back and folks are headed to the game tomorrow the weather going to be decent. >> oh man it's going to be so perfect. so you can root on the weather and, of course, my sun devils. this weekend is all about
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games covered. let's start with a summit game. get there at 6 and it will be 101 at this timep we will be sporting more sunshine than anything all day and clear skies will follow suit at night. right around kick off temperatures will be in the mid- 90s and it won't be until midnight until we see the thermometer drop into the 80s. as much as i hate to do this i have to give you the wildcat forecast too. 103 at 4:30 if you are doing the tailgating. and then a the game plan is to have the roof closed it will be 97 degrees. outside with a nice breeze and then by the time the game wraps up, a temperature reading of about 90 degrees there. very pleasant evening will be instore for you. tonight we kick it off with friday night fever. we will go hour by hour here and now there is still an x factor to though into the forecast and that's the potential for a stray storm to make the way into valley and if not that, there's at the least
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and gusty winds from distant storm but other than that we are calling for partly cloudy skies and we will see temperatures drop into the double digits after sunset which is 6:52. great weekend to dive in the pool and make a splash. mostly sunny skies. and uv index will be very high so have a vons spf and have a cookout for labor day. nothing but sunshine each and every hour. 96 at noon and 99 degrees at 6. and perhaps you're pack up to the high country we will have the forecast for many areas so plage staff which is looking good. keep your eye to the sky for a storm after that. highs in the low 70s and as we make our way over to prescott again today, storms actually in progress but look at that sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s. throughout the holiday weekend, for payson it hocks like up to 80 on saturday back into the upper 70s after that. looking good as well again there's that chance in the high
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spotty storm. and in salveford 94. -- stafford heating up. count down continues for fall. 9 days until the cards opener first day of fall in 20 days. we will track highs in the 80s in 42 days and thanksgiving is 85 days away since labor day is kind of sort of the unofficial start to fall. here is that 7-day forecast keep your ears perked for a stray tomorrow and looking so, so good over the labor day weekend tracking more storms by tram and mattt. >> -- matt. >> you can zoom in on a instagram picture. the only way to get a chores look up until now was a screen shot and look at it in the camera roll. that will be available on android devices in the coming weeks. samsung is halting sales of the flagship phone all across the globe and recall one that is have been sold because of the potential of the battery to he can plod. customers who bought the gallon -- explode. customers who bought it will be
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they have confirmed 35 instances of the device catching fire or exploding. this have been no reports of anyone getting hurt because of the problem. samsung says they sold more than 1 million of the galaxy note 7 phones continues it lawn -- since it launched. a brave heaper -- helper got to work in the japan airport. the robot was developed by what tachy and started tosh hitachi and it's part of a trial that -- hitachi and it's part of a trial. the bo can engage with users in english and japanese and can communicate with other robots summoning them to assist travelers they hope to have it ready for commercial use everywhere in 2018. they are taking over the world. >> i was going to say that. hey if you are not heading out of town this holiday weekend, we have plenty of things for you to do right here in the valley. that's coming up next.
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delicious food and wine or an evening exploring the dbg there's plenty things to do. here's this week's things to do. >> reporter: tonight and tomorrow night kick back at desert ridge marketplace and listen to live local bands and musiciansch the fun starts at 7 p.m. every friday and saturday night. foodies can get together and feast for good cause from some of the valley's best chefs. the 12th annual phoenix cooks is tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 3 are 85 bucks in advance and 100 at the door. proceeds go towards helping banner children and enjoyexploration at desert botanical guard went flashlight tours tomorrow from 7 to 10. stroll through the gardens trails to discover areas tickets are 22 bucks for adults and 10 dollars for kids if you are not a member. >> looks like fun. >> it is. >> stick around and we will
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labor day weekend forecast after this. >> next on air zone ooh midday we are going to go on an extreme -- arizona midday we are going on a extreme adventure in flagstaff and take a break in sedona from a resort on the creek. to riding on the red rocks in a pink jeep tour but we will head south for wine and southern arizona and explore fun in the valley. explore is on
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say it ain't so this mark the last official holiday of summer. and not long after the holiday season, we will be in for full swing the christmas holiday season thanksgiving all that. walmart is ready to give customers a head start on the holiday shopping. they are launching the holiday lay away program today. walmart is put out the annual list of top toys for the holidays tested and by kids star wars i hear once again at the top of it. >> we will blink and christmas will be here. for this holiday weekend, if you are looking to buy a car shop around for the financing first. the rates can can vary widely depending on credit scores and where you borrow. according to a report from wallet, auto manufacturers are often the
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cadillacford hyundai and mini nissan subaru and toyoata -- toyota had the lowest waits it those arrive with alternative offers in hand. if you are planning to grill out over the labor day weekend, there's a hotline if you need help. long horn steak house had open the grill us hotline on sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern. the phone um grill. if you need help before or after text grill to 55702 through monday september 5th. labor day weekend is the final grilling holiday of the summer and the kick off to tailgate season. >> real quick krystle good grilling weather. >> why we have -- yeah we have it made nothing but sunshine as dry air takes over and you don't have to worry about storms enjoy being outdoors. >> thanks for joining us. 12 news is always on 12 and your favorite
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hello, and welcome to the special edition of arizona midday. we are exploring arizona. we are going take you all over the state from here at oak creek canyon to up north to extreme flagstaff d >> did you know arizona has its own wine country. i am going to teak you on a tour. if you are-- >> if you aboutr going toexplore you have to go to a frontier town this is where cowboys and cow girls hang out and there's a lot of shopping and fun and we will he can more it.


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