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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10, with mark and ss their principal. now resigned but no reason why. >> and a mesa couple in need of help after a strange set of circumstances. the mom giving birth prematurely while thousands of miles from home. the trail of destruction for hurricane hermine. dolphin debate.
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with the dolphins in scottsdale. three things to know before the home opener tomorrow night. >> do hot teachers help students learn more? >> 12 news at 10 starts now. first, another fire igniting flare a string of suspicious blazes in chandler. we flew over the scene and several other fires in that same area investigated as arson. >> a fight between two groups ended in a deadly shooting. officers called you to the scene near central avenue in dunlap, the victim was pronounced dead. >> 7 hours after a pickup truck catches fire, the backup is now up to 30 miles as people head to the high country. they're stranded on the road. this is happening in the northbound lanes from anthem,
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on the b-line as people head up north to payson. >> a mesa couple spends the night in the hospital after their newborn is born prematurely. this was a medical transport from maui. >> baby was born 8 hours ago. mom and the baby are resting and doing crazy 48 hours. >> it was supposed to be a quick getaway to hawaii. drop one son off at college and we had to get him set up and then jack and maria spent a few days in maui, but things changed. >> the contractions got worse
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going into labor. >> the baby was breech and doctors perform a c-section. born three months premature, the baby is 2-pound and several ounces. >> she's breathing with a normal c-pap machine. >> mom is doing well but the baby must stay two months in the hospital. >> make sure there's nothing developing like the baby is isolated and jack is happy the mom and baby are happy even if it means he can't bring them home. >> a gofundme page is set up. and we put a link to it at all right, developing now,
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to make landfall in florida is a tropical storm and growing concerns it could intensify over the weekend. reaching hurricane status. the first hit may have been the most violent last night, the wind ripped apart buildings and trees and power lines. the rain and feet in some areas. damage scattered for miles. the tropical storm pushed into georgia and shredded everything in its path. this long weekend could be anything but a holiday for some tourists. it's primarily focused on the virginias and north carolina.
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coming down towards kingston and most of it is you've the shoreline and then another string of storms into florida. we have the tropical storm warnings throughout coastline and flooding so the warnings and advisories. this pushes out to shore as we head through the next couple of days. dozens of students walked gilbert protesting their resignation of the principal and things are more heated as they accepted her resignation. no one knows why though. >> the acceptance of the williams field high school principal's resignation was a shock. >> it's necessary and
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decision without delay. >> boo! the vice president of the high school, announcing the resignation. >> the board deciding to accept the resignation leaving some in tears. >> they just ran away one school can have. >> i think we lost a big part of school. >> we're not able to represent our student body. >> it's a selfish decision. >> parents and teachers are frustrated. if you turn and look at the awards. last year the recipient was the principal. >> that's rare, the teachers and the students love her.
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messed up today. >> big time.. >> no one knows why and we haven't heard from the district on why she resigned and why it was accepted. right now, a woman from tucson born without arms is suing universal orlando for discrimination. she said the florida theme park refused to let because she doesn't have arms. >> experiencing that discrimination was very upsetting and it made me angry and frustrateds. >> jessica, is a pilot and black belt is using her story to remind others not to make
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but haven't heard back. the newest wildlife attraction is ready to make their debut. but not everyone is excited. the debate over dolphins in the desert. >> five bottle nose dolphins are at the center of the debate. they're getting acclimated new saltwater pool. they're learning new habitat and the trainers. not everyone feels the same. >> it's depressing to know it's happening here. >> people will be able to swim with them at dolphin areas. to put them in a pool that
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1/100000 of their natural habitat. they don't disagree. the difference is these particular dolphins have never lived in the open ocean. they were born in human care. they've only known the care and the training of their trainers their whole lives and part of the responsibility is to make sure they have environmental enrichment. >> no date when it's going to be opening but the time in mid-october. look at this, hundreds of sun devil fans camping out and trying to get the best seats for tomorrow night's big opener against nau. >> college football real estate and no sleep, it's a small price to pay. >> college football starts tomorrow, it's a great time of
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a newly refurbished stadium. here are three things you need to know. if you're a fan, one of the first things is that the benches are gone. the new and improved stadium has seats for almost everyone. there's a new concourse and new bathrooms. the project cost is 26 $8 million. and fans don't forget, following the lead of other teams. if you want to bring a bag, it has to be clear. security can see what you have insi bring in sealed water bottles. >> and game time, it's an 8:00 kickoff. gates open at 6:00. you can look at the new concession stands. before saturday night, we have to get through tonight's high school football action. and no one better to do it that than guy.
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up. >> it's friday night fever. >> well, thanks, we're locked and loaded. cameras and reporters throughout the valley. hitting high school from to the north and south and east, and west. here's some flavor of what is to come. all eyes are on the quarterback. max, the big win over christian last week other side. who will come out on time, find out on fever tonight. and now cameron cox. we're here at chandler high school. we've seen our first hail mary. i'm here in one of the craziest
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>> rodney baker is out here and the man is on the field. it's half-time. the scorpions play to the stampede. they told me they feel like they have something to prove. after tonight, they have nothing left to prove to me. >> all right, lots of great games on t catch the fever at 11:35. new pictures of the stanford student already out of the jail after sexually assaulting a woman. >> do hot teachers help
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>> and now here's jimmy.
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12 news at 10:00 continues. a company stopping sales on their phone and what you need to know. >> new pictures tonight, sexual assault trial for stanford student, brock turner. he walked out of a california
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6 months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. they show the marks back and stomach. two college students a tackled him, they show the area near a dumpster where the assault happened. he faced up to 14 years in prison but the judge sentenced him to 6 months causing a national firestorm. >> developing now, new developments for gun owners in arizona. if you have a medical federal judge ruling the ban doesn't violate their second amendment rights. a nevada woman filed the case after she was rejected selling her a gun. that's because marijuana is illegal under federal law. the ruling applies to the 9 western states under the jurisdiction, that includes
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taco trucks are the talk on the campaign trail. the founder of the group lat latinos for trump is under fire for comments he made. >> my culture is dominant. and it's imposing and causing problems. if you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks >> that remark exploding on social media. look at this, that's outside the headquarters. taco trucks on every corner is trending nationally. one of the most popular ones. if trump loses, we'll have taco trucks on over corner. that's the best idea in my life. election day is now taco
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doesn't sound like a bad idea. now a story only here on 12 news. swimming in a pool and then suddenly you need a cornea transplant. that happened to one woman. a warning for anyone who wears their contacts in the pool. >> your contacts are like a sponge. it absorbs bacteria and at happened next to casey fisher is something everyone should learn from. >> i told her, this is very bad. >> she can barely see out of her right eye. i was in the hospital, and my eye was swollen shut. it was hard to know whether a contact lens was in my eye. >> it was a corneal ulcer, it's a bacterial infection eating through the tissue.
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bacteria when she went swimming in a pool a few weeks ago. a shock to her. >> i have been good about cleaning them. >> now she'll need a corneal transplant to restore her vision. >> it's scary, and it's been a tremendous adjustment, i'm pretty active and i instructor. >> 99 of his patients that get corneal ulcers are from miss. from miss. using contacts. >> it doesn't make a difference
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>> right now, "consumer reports" is calling for a recall of samsung galaxy note 7 after battery fires. images like this surfaced online and they said it's putting a stop to sales of the note 7 and that it will replace customers phones. but 2.5 million phones have been shipped and "consumer reports" said shoppers finding them in stores and online. >> without on official recall, it's not illegal to sell them. >> it's a safety issue. >> "consumer reports" said disconnect it if it gets hot while charging and take it back to the retailer where it was purchased. >> also, the fda is banning
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found in those antibacterial soaps. doctors said the fda, simple soap and water is enough to kill bacteria. and there's really no proof that chemistry like those listed even work. research suggests the chemistry could interfere with your natural hormones. >> a few suggestions for for the holiday weekend. head to harkins if you want to stay cool. gene wilder died from alzheimer's complications for the theater on mill is airing four of his great hits. willy wonky and "blazing saddles" and the producers and
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they're going to benefit the alzheimer's association locally. >> it's the largest aquarium in the southwest and they have windows in the restroom so you can watch the exhibit. there's windows in the bathroom? >> can they see you? >> apparently so. >> once they see it, they can't unsee it. >> that's it looks like it's going to be low-key, let's look at the forecast. we'll go to the graphics. head to the high country. let's look at saturday. grand canyon, temperatures are nice, and we'll have a chance of rain on saturday but by sunday, that will be clearing out. and here's the look at the rest of the high country.
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temperatures in the 80s, and things clearing out by sunday. and up around show low, same situation. continue to have chances of storm on saturday but sunday, a high of 80. looking at the radar, not really much happening, we don't have storms, and not even down towards the southeast of us. the high country is dry. you can see here, dry air pumped from southwest. that is the trend here. and then the beginning of the next week. taking a break from the monsoon moisture. the lower deserts are looking
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in gila bend. tomorrow is the hottest day and the temperatures go down. 102 on labor day. and in the 90s by wednesday and then the storm chances return. do attractive teachers help kids learn or are they a distraction. >> 12
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12 sports. >> that time of the show, he with turn to coop. >> and i'm not highlighting an individual tonight. rather an entire organization. in pittsburgh, pirates hosting a cancer theme night at the ballpark. featuring the degrees. free tickets to the patients and families. i like it a lot. great idea. they're getting the mvp of the night. >> in colorado, the diamondbacks open with the rockies. pollack is back. and he hits his first home run, nick with his first career grand slam, that's the big blow
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rockies win, 14-7 and then stanford kicking off their season against kansas city. heisman trophy, christian, mc caphery, looking good. teacher go to great lengths to help their students learn. >> but according to experts to hire more attractive teachers, that >> in a university of nevada experiments, 130 students listened to a lecture while looking at two different pictures. one of a hot teacher and one, not so much around had to take a test. the students with the attractive students scored higher than those with an unattractive teachers.
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evaluations as well. >> it sounds like, i don't know, a group of 15-year-old boys did the study. >> meg ryan joins jimmy on "the tonight show" after the 12 news. and what a single mom did to make sure her son wasn't left out. that's after the break. america every patient gets their own care manager to coordinate every aspect of their care. the care manager is making sure everything is flowing well so the patient can continue to get their treatment. we are the link between the patient and the doctor. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... we can do paperwork or contact their employers or set them up with home health. that's what brings most people into nursing; you get to connect with people. that's what i love about being a care manager.
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ollette... lindsey jodi stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. cancer is a long journey and i want to do everything in my power to take the stress off of your shoulders so you can enjoy your life at home. learn more at
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it's our omg story of the night. a texas' mother response to a doughnuts with dad event. out. she went home and changed into a plaid shirt and fake mustache and joined in. you can like this on facebook. >> i like this story a lot. >> have a great weekend. 12 news is always on. be safe on this labor day and we'll see you back here.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- meg ryan --


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