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tv   12 News  NBC  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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also a brand new policy about what you can and cannot bring into the stadium. this one mostly for the ladies. clear bags only. that means no oversized purses, no backpacks, you can bring those small clutch bags no more than 6.5 inches in length. anyone with a normal-sized purse, you have to bring it back to your car or leave it here. obviously that's getting mixed reviews around the tailgate this afternoon. some people will have to tell, not everyone aware of the new rule that it's all about safety and efficiency. obviously much easier to check bags in a timely manner if you don't have to open them but not everyone is so happy outside sun devil stadium. >> you're going to check back. does it really need to be see- through? make sure everyone is safe, but i don't think it's necessary that it needs to be see- through. >> it makes it easier for the staff to see what's in and not
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have all my things. >> reporter: you can bring a clear bag like this one. or you can buy one at the campus bookstore for around $20. you can always bring your own non-asu bag as long as it is clear plastic, up to a gallon, you can also bring those in. and your no more bleacher seat cushions, no problem as well. it's a rule they've had in lfl stadiums for about a year. university of phoenix stadium, obviously new here at sun devil stadium. gates just about open. not sure if it's been a problem or not. we'll let you know if it is later on. for now, the fans just ready for some football. that's kind of a sentiment a lot of people are talking about as we head into labor day weekend. right, cam? >> thanks a lot, ryan. it is the most wonderful time of year. college football is back. you are looking at the freshly
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phase two is complete right on schedule. lots of upgrades for fans, the seats are better, the concessions are better. so are the bathrooms, the new field looks perfect for tonight's opener. we will finally get to find out what type of team is down in tempe. lots of unknowns heading to this game which is why they are picked to finish near the bottom of the pac-12. manny wilkins is going to start. he is the only qb on the roster with gametime experience. but none collegiate pass. you also will see brady white and just because an au has not beaten asu since 1938 does not mean they don't respect them. >> we have a lot of respect for them and the job that they do. picked to be one of the best teams in the country in their division. they will be highly motivated and very capable. they've got a quarterback that is very impressive. we are concerned about our team this year and figure out a way
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>> kickoff is tonight at 8:00. ride across town, arizona ready to kick off their season, robbie baker on the field. tonight, at 10:00 game night, the best moments from an incredible first saturday of the college football season. >> thanks so much for that. our big story tonight, phoenix police are asking for the public's help in solving the brutal murder of a phoenix bartender, kevin or had just overcome stage four melanoma cancer. he was shnd team 12 monique griego has this saturday's silent witness alert. >> reporter: two years after the murder of kevin or his family is continuing their fight for answers and some sense of closure. >> i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. it is horrible. >> reporter: the family pleading for information that might help investigators find out who killed the phoenix
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family to do this. here we are two and a half year later, we don't know who or why. >> reporter: the night of the 35-year-old's death he helped a coworker close of the bar on seventh street. >> there were some interesting characters. he figured he would stay around for an extra set of eyes. >> reporter: police say he walked his normal route home in a residential neighborhood. he was later found shot to death by someone passing by. >> he was honest and real. >> in the prime of >> i miss hearing his last evening -- even if he was laughing at me. he had a good sense of humor and he loved to play jokes. 's. >> reporter: hoping someone may come forward with the missing piece of evidence needed to finally identify a suspect and stop that person from hurting anyone else. >> nobody should have to go through this. if this person or persons are still out there, seems like it was something pretty easy to do, to kill my brother and leave him there. what's to say he's not going to
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news essex. >> anyone with information is asked to contact silent witness at 480-witness. a $4500 reward is being offered in this case. be developed once in the primary election results here in arizona today. final numbers show there was only a nine vote difference between christian jones and andy biggs in the race for the fifth congressional district. biggs leading the way right now, biggs released a the most remarkable electoral turnarounds and the fight does not and now. we will focus on winning the general election. meanwhile the jones campaign releasing a statement indicating they want a recount and saying we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in the recount and we are confident that christine jones will be nominated to run. odyssey aquarium finally opened its doors off of the
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we're told it's the largest aquarium in the southwest. and can hold more than 10,000 but it -- of visitors day. we got an up close and personal look at the fish. take a look, even the bathroom his work talking about. you can get a shark show through massive glass windows. the founder says this place has been in the making for years. >> we believe that we built the center court that will act like the newtown square. that people will co time with lots of activities. >> these curtains open up and there's anything from sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and seals. very, very neat. >> it's amazing. >> what's your favorite animal? >> sharp. >> i think it's nice we have a place to go in the summer when it's really hot. to take the children where there's animals. >> there are more than 50 exhibits with animals from all over the world. the aquarium also offers unique interactive experiences like
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taking a look at today's hot headlines, a plane made an emergency landing on a dirt road in good year earlier today. good year police and fire say the plane had problems with the landing gear and couldn't make it to the good year airport. thankfully no injuries have been reported. right now phoenix fire is investigating an apartment fire where a man was found dead. it happened around 1:45 this morning near 43rd and thunderbird. and found a dead body inside. right now a man is in critical condition after being shot in the chest early this morning. this happening near 35th avenue and southern in phoenix. police see the victim got into a fight with two suspects. and then one of them shot that man. police are still looking for the suspect. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rocked north-central oklahoma
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high school caught some of the impact on video. no injuries have been reported. but some of the buildings sustained damage. according to the associated press, some people in arizona have reported feeling the quake. are you in need of a digital detox? right here on 12 news coming up next, we're going to look at some of the measures people are taking to help their tech ct some exciting news from the u.s. postal service. i'm excited for that one but the temperature out there today, 106 at phoenix sky harbor, a few degrees above average but a chance of rain is in our forecast.
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welcome back. are you one of those people that checks their phone every five minutes? turns out most of us and 55% of people say we want to unplug during vacation but we are just not able to do so. mark barger reports on the growing trend of the digital detox just in time for your labor day getaway. our daily connection with digital devices can be obsessive for many. even addicting for others. >> 66% of us suffer from a fear having access to your phone. >> reporter: this has led to a digital detox trend, people making time to disconnect. >> you may feel like you are going through a withdrawal from access to your device and information. >> reporter: for those without the willpower, there are retreats that structure time away from tech. >> it's an incredibly beautiful and sunny day. >> reporter: more than 100
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for four days of play. cutting off access to digital devices. >> a little anxiety but that's why i'm here. >> it's like a safety blanket. >> i live in san francisco. >> i'm freaking out. i have no idea what i'm going to do. >> reporter: the camp went through a tech check, trading in digital devices for analog activities. >> let go of some of the patterns of their daily life. like keeping track of time and schedule. an technology. >> participants say the digital detox has physical and psychological benefits. >> we are not saying that technology is bad or evil. everything is neutral and can be medicine or poison. >> reporter: taking time to smell the roses instead of just instagram instagram-ing them. mark barger, nbc news. we have a few phones going on up here. we are not on them but got to keep them close.
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mail and you always want to see what's happening on twitter. it's a problem. >> nomophobia. >> something like that. we'll keep that there. i won't look at it for the rest of the show. our weather was a little warm today. there's some good news, trisha. the average last day of 100- degree days in phoenix, october 3rd. that is one month from today. so at least something to look forward to out there. c that was our last 100-degree day. look at 2014 and 2013. we ended at the later part of september. it could happen early this year. certainly going to cool down in the valley but one thing we're not going to see is much weather. you can see absolutely nothing happening around the entire state. completely different picture than what we've seen over the past couple days. the only spot we had activity earlier today, up in the northwestern corner of our state, moved often towards utah before tomorrow, it's going to
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102 is our forecast high so we are dropping down below average and look at your morning temperature, 82 at 90 -- it's going to be perfect to get outside, no chance of thunderstorms. the monsoon meter sitting at zero in the valley. one for northern arizona and one for the might of -- white mountains as well. here's the pattern and why we are going to cool off. a jet stream dropping down over arizona. focus your eyes down towards the south, tropical system slowly going to make its way up the mexican coast and that could send moisture into the region by the time we moving towards wednesday, thursday and friday. seven-day forecast you can see exactly that chance of rain coming into the forecast. temperatures dropping into the upper 90s. thanks for the great weather today by the way. first saturday of college ball continues from out in tempe. let's head to glendale. the wildcats are playing at a non-asu, non-ball game here in the valley, the cactus kickoff,
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>> welcome out to university of phoenix stadium. we're a week away from cardinals and patriots. tonight, things look different. college football taking center stage in glendale. university of arizona wildcats, byu cougars in the cactus kickoff tonight. arizona head coach rich rodriguez has never lost a season opener as the head coach of the wildcats. that streak on the line tonight, arizona like most teams has question marks going into their first game. but head coach rich rodriguez is used to os uncertainties. >> i have got some anxiety about certain things but i do that before the first game and i know i've said this every year, last 30 years you have more unknowns going to your first game than anytime else during the season. and this year is no exception. >> reporter: certainly question marks. wildcat fans hope get answered tonight. the 2008 las vegas bowl, it was a game the wildcats won but it
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tonight in glendale. university of phoenix stadium, robbie baker, 12 sports. >> things a lot. have fun. the wait is over, cardinals have finalized the 53 man roster. matt barkley did not make the team along with jaxon shipley, brittan golden and chris hubert. red bryant was also cut. so were running backs elijah penny and kerwynn williams. some players like berkeley, shipley, golden and hubert could end up on the practice squad. they have to clear waivers fi on 12 for sunday night football. how about sun devils in the pros? d.j. foster from sapporo high school, he made the patriots roster. they love him in new england. also mike bercovici, he was cut by the charges. he could end up on their practice squad or maybe here with the cardinals? wishful thinking. the biggest move of the day, vikings found the replacement for to do it -- teddy bridgewater trading for sam
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in 28 and to get him. will now play for his sixth offensive coordinator. in a move we saw coming, mark sanchez was cut by the broncos today. minutes after, espn started reporting sanchez is taking his talents to dallas. it will be his fourth team, the cowboys need a veteran backup with tony romo out eight weeks. friday night fever, there nominees, seriously. go to and vote for your favorite. also while you're there, vote for your fan vote game of the week. that play right there by t.j. green, just incredible. >> nice. are you a chick-fil-a fan? >> i am. >> me too. next on 12 news at six, how you can get free chick-fil-a this
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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the u.s. postal service has released trekkies out there. "star trek" forever stamps were launched this week. take a look here. four different designs to choose from and the stamps are available nationwide. usps is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show. getting your hands on free chick-fil-a is as easy as downloading a nap. the restaurant chain says it will thank users for making the app one of the top downloaded apps following its launch in june and help ease their busy
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offering a free breakfast item. through september 10, customers who have a chick-fil-a account or download the app and create a new account will receive the offer and will have until september 30 to redeem it. options are available, chicken biscuit, three count chicken minis or the egg white grill. they all sound good to me. the olympics may be over but there's a new type of harry competition happening right now. we'll have the details next
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if this doesn't catch your attention, i don't know what will. some people strive to win olympic gold medals. others want to win a harry competition in nashville this weekend. the national beard and mustache championships going on right now, check out that one. 300 people are hoping to get the title of world's best beard or mustache. doesn't take training, you are mistaken. >> they ask all the time if it's real. i say it's very real, five and half years. that's how long i've been growing it. >> it looks awful in the morning. looks like those trolls on the end of the pencil. it's going every which way. but after a couple hours, it settles in, put some coconut oil and electricity, hang upside down for a little bit, good to go. >> he is not kidding around.
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winners in 18 different categories. >> you are shaking your head. >> i couldn't do it. think of the food that gets caught in there. everything. >> i've got to go shave right away. >> just for that. wow. oh, boy. 12 news is always on, get the latest news as it happens on 12 we'll see you back
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southern arizona, where some folks are changing perception and pretention through art and hospitality. "we're just a small family business, it's me, my mom, my dad, no employees. if you see somebody in the tasting room, it's going to be one of us, or my neighbor paul or something." "what started off as a hobby in his kitchen, turned into a passion and is now a thriving winery and tasting room." winemaker keith manning gives a whole new meaning to housewine. "my bed, my kitchen, my garage on the other side of, my other garage. this is where i live, work and keep all my stuff." what may look like a fancy tasting room is actually
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allow people to come in, taste the different wines, get to meet us, get to know our wines and hopefully enjoy themselves, it's a hospitality industry like anything else. so we wanna hopefully, you know, whether or not you enjoy my wine or not, i want you to come down and have a good time." this is also literally the home of kief joshua vineyards in elgin. "i built it, i built all the furniture in it. we do have picnic areas where there's room for people to sit. we do live music every weekend through the summer and give some place to sit, hang out, you don't have to rush through it. we've been here for 12 years now, we started in 2003, we have about 18 acres planted, we plant two more acres every spring. doing a bit over


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